History of Campbell County, Tennessee

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By Dallas Bogan

Reprinted with Permission from Dallas Bogan.  This article was published in the LaFollette Press.


     Many, many years ago, in 1883, there were about 50 Campbell Countians receiving pensions from the Federal Government, either as veterans or widows or parents of veterans. In 1883 the amount of money received for pensioners ranged from $2.00 to $18.00 per month. Names of these pensioners are familiar to many present day Campbell Countians. Some of the names listed are the Sharps, Dagleys, Dossetts, Mozingos, Wilson, etc.

     There were three of the War of 1812 survivors living in Campbell County in 1883, and several women receiving pensions as widows of veterans of the War of 1812. Some reasons for awarding the pensions were gunshot wounds, bronchitis and frozen feet.

     The survivors of the War of 1812 still living in 1883 were John Sharp of Fincastle, Thomas Chapman of Jacksborough (Jacksboro) and James Bailey of Well Springs. Each of these men received $18.00 per month. Mr. Sharp started receiving his pension in February of 1872, Mr. Chapman in March of 1872, and Mr. Bailey in September of 1872.

     Besides Mr. Chapman, eight other Jacksboro men and 18 Jacksboro women received Federal pensions in 1883. Eight of the 18 women were widows of veterans of the War of 1812.

     All the women on the pension roll received $8.00 per month. The Jacksboro women, widows of veterans of the War of 1812 were: Zemah Gardner, Barbara Dagley, Jennie Dossett, Sarah Stepp, Sarah Smith, Elizabeth Bullock, Dolly Ellison, Nancy Mozingo, and Rebecca Cooper. Other Jacksboro women receiving pensions were Easter Hicks and Mainda Sweat, listed as dependent mothers, and Esther Smiddy, Elmira Sharp, Barbara Stout, Nancy Walton, Lydia Williamson, Ada Cooper, and Hannah H. Gray, all listed as widows, probably of veterans of the Civil War.

     Besides the War of 1812 veteran, Mr. Chapman, other Jacksboro men receiving pensions in 1883 were John M. Hayes, who drew $2.00 per month for a wound in the right thigh; John C. Hollingsworth who also got $2.00 per month for a gunshot wound in the left arm; Franklin Maples who drew $2.00 per month for a wound in the right thigh; Sylvester Cooper got $6.00 per month for a fractured left leg; John Smiddy who got $2.00 for a gunshot wound in the right hip; Stephen A. Woods who got $8.00 per month for chronic rheumatism; Preston Willoughby who got $4.00 per month for an abdominal injury; and Israel Wilson who got $2.00 per month for a gunshot wound in the left thigh.

     The person drawing the largest pension was Elisha Joy of Fincastle who got $18.00 per month for a gunshot wound in the neck.

     Besides Mr. Joy and Mr. Sharp, one of the three surviving veterans of the War of 1812, the only other person at Fincastle drawing a pension was Nancy Ivey, a widow of a veteran of the War of 1812.
In the number of people receiving pensions, Well Springs was next to Jacksboro. Nine women and seven men living at Well Springs were pensioners in 1883.

     Of the seven men one was the above mentioned James Bailey, a veteran of the War of 1812. The other men were: James Chadwell, receiving $2.00 per month for gunshot wound of the right foot; Marion Hubbard, receiving $2.00 per month for frostbitten right foot; Andrew J. Henegar, receiving $2.00 per month for gunshot wound of the right leg; John McLane, who received $6.00 per month for an unspecified cause; John W. Dossett was receiving $8.00 a month for a gunshot wound in the right arm; and James E. Smith was getting $3.00 a month for a gunshot sound in the left hand.

     Of the nine women at Well Springs receiving pensions, two were widows of veterans of the War of 1812. They were Sophia Bailey and Wealthy Dossett. Two, Elizabeth Turner and Lena Mozingo, were dependent mothers. The others were all widows of veterans, presumably Civil War veterans. They were Mary Green, Nancy Miller, Phebe Lumpkins, Sarah Butler and Mary Elmore. 

Time Line

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