History of Campbell County, Tennessee

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By Dallas Bogan

Reprinted with Permission from Dallas Bogan. 

Information for this article was gathered from The Goodspeed Publishing Co., History of Tennessee , 1887


     M. D. Kincaid was born in Powell’s Valley, September 80, 1842, being the son of William and Susan (Wilson) Kincaid, the former of English-Irish origin, born in 1798, in Powell’s Valley, Campbell County, and the latter of German stock, born in 1807 in Claiborne County, and deceased May 10, 1880. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The father was a successful trader and farmer, and died April 3,1855. Our subject, the eleventh of thirteen children, was educated at Tazewell Academy, and Emory and Henry College, Virginia. He then superintended the iron works for his mother until January 6, 1869, when he married Mary E., a daughter of J. G. Palmer. Of their four sons and two daughters, two sons and one daughter are deceased. In 1870 our subject bought his present farm, and in 1874 was elected circuit clerk, and then became trustee for two years. He is a farmer and miller, and is engaged in manufacturing lumber, flour and meal. Since 1882 he has been a merchant at Effie, where he is postmaster. He and his wife are Methodists, and he is a Mason and Knight of Honor.

     William Irwin, farmer and stock dealer, was born in Campbell dounty, January 18, 1826, the son of John and Jennie (Sharp) Irwin. The former was born in Knox County, and deceased in this county, in 1837, aged thirty-nine years. The latter was born in Anderson, (now Union) County, and deceased May 27, 1843, at the same age as her husband. They were both Methodists. The father engaged in farming and stock dealing. Our subject, the third of ten children, worked on the farm until February 5. 1850, when he married Rachael Loy, of Anderson (now Union) County, born March 18,1832, and deceased June 29,1887, leaving five sons and five daughters. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. After farming on his father’s place four years, our subject bought his present farm. which he has enlarged and improved. He is a member of the above church, and is a Prohibition Democrat.

     William Duke, farmer and stock dealer, was born in Granville County, N. C., June 10, 1815, the son of Nelson and Polly (Longmire) Duke, the former of English descent, born in Franklin County, N. C., and deceased in this county about 1862 at the age of 8eventyyears. He was a farmer and teacher. For several years he served as Magistrate, The mother, born in Granville County, N. C., died in this county about 1859. Our subject, the third of ten children, came to Tennessee when he was ten years old, and is the only living one. When nineteen years old he engaged with Jacob Sharp, and worked for over five years, his first salary going to his father. He was in ill health for about two years. In 1843 he married Tinsy, a daughter of Isaac Sharp, of Campbell County, and she died in May, 1860, aged thirty-eight years, and a member of the Baptist Church. Of two sons and six daughters, one son and four daughters are deceased. In 1862 he married Martha, a daughter of John T. Harden, of Anderson County. Of their three sons and two daughters, one son is deceased. About seven years after his first marriage he rented land, and afterward bought his present home. He and his wife are Baptists, and he is a Republican in favor of prohibition.

     A. L. Leinart, merchant, was born near Clinton, Tenn., January 16, 1829, the son of Jacob and Elizabeth (Queener) Leinart, the former of German descent, born January 25, 1805, in Anderson County, and deceased in 1887, and the latter of like origin, born in Campbell County, and deceased in Anderson County, in 1847, a member of the Baptist Church. The father was a successful farmer. Our subject, the second of ten children, was educated at Clinton Academy, and Strawberry Plains College, and taught school for four years. When eighteen years old he joined Company D, Fourth Tennessee Volunteers, and was one year in the Mexican war. In 1856 he erected the first house in Maynardville, and became a merchant until 1861, when he entered Brazleton’s battalion, as second lieutenant in the Confederate Army, and remained for a year. He was wounded while on picket duty near Pinesville, Ky. After the war he became a merchant, as at present. In 1885 he became postmaster. He is a Democrat. March 10, 1857, he married Mary, a daughter of Mark Monroe, who is a member of the Missionary Baptist Church. Of four sons and four daughters, three of the former and one of the latter are living.

     Capt. John Wilson, farmer and stock dealer, was born in Anderson County, October 28, 1813, the son of Augustus and Barbara (May) Wilson, the former a soldier in the Revolution, a farmer, and a noted hunter, who is said to have killed deer on the site of Knoxville. He went to Knox County, a young man, and afterward to Anderson County. He was born in the Potomac Valley, Md., May 4, 1759, and died February 28, 1851, while the mother was born in Virginia, and died in the same county. They had two children, our subject and a sister. The former was fairly educated, and remained on the homestead, caring for his parents, until about 1855; then bought a farm in Anderson, (now Union) County, but in 1884 moved to his present farm. He was a recruiting officer, and in September, 1863, was made captain of Company M, but afterward Company L, Eleventh Tennessee Federal Cavalry, serving until June, 1865. April 27, 1837, he married Lydia, a daughter of Isaac Wilson, and born in Campbell County, in May, 1816. They have five sons and two daughters. For seven years our subject was postmaster at Hurricane Branch, and for twelve years was magistrate. He is a Republican, and a member of the G. A. R

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