History of Campbell County, Tennessee

Time Line


By Dallas Bogan

Reprinted with Permission from Dallas Bogan. 

     A brief outline of the Irwins of Union, Campbell, Anderson and Knox Counties, Tennessee, as compiled by William H. Irwin, Jr.

     Francis Marion Irwin, born in 1777 in what is now Tennessee, most likely in Washington County, can be considered the progenitor of a large percentage of the Irwins of Union, Anderson, Campbell and Knox Counties, Tennessee. The ancestors of Francis Marion Irwin can be traced to the Kingdom of Scotia (now Scotland) during the time of King Malcolm II, who reigned during the years 1005 - 1034 AD. In the year 1323, as a reward for his allegiance to King Robert de Bruce, William de Irvine, son of William Irvine, Lord of Bonshaw Castle, was awarded the lands and castle of Drum. Twenty-five generations later, his descendant, Francis Marion Irwin would find his way into the Walnut Grove (Forkvale) section of Campbell County.

     Francis Irwin, son of Robert Irwin, married Eleanor "Nellie" Lyon in Knox County, Tennessee on March 20, 1797. She was a daughter of Nathaniel Lyon and Margaret Armstrong. They lived on land purchased from his brother George in what is now the Mascot area of Knox County. In 1813 Francis moved with his wife and four children to Anderson County near the Loys Cross Roads area. In 1816 he would move to Campbell County, near the old Walnut Grove area. His land encompassed what was later to become Stout Dossett Cemetery. Francis and Nellie Lyon Irwin were the parents of four children, all born in Knox County.

I. JANE "JENNIE" IRWIN, first born child of Francis Irwin, was horn in 1798, died Nov13, 1864. Married to William "Station Bill" Sharp, she was his second wife, about 1818. William Sharp's first wife was Rachel Stoener (Stiner), by whom he had five children: Jane Sharp, who married John Irwin, Lucinda Sharp, who married Jacob Miller, son of Raccoon Miller, Alfred Sharp, who married Elizabeth Loy, daughter of "Fisher" John Loy and Nancy Miller, Louisa Sharp, who married Jacob Loy, son of "Fisher" John Loy, and Caswell Sharp, who married (1) Hannah Duke and (2) Nancy Lovell.

The nine children of Jane Irwin and William Sharp, were:

1. Hamilton Sharp, born ca 1820, married Mary Ann Baker, dau of Soloman Baker and Susannah Bayless. Eight children:

a. Elizabeth Sharp, married Isaac Stooksbury
b. Parley Sharp, married J.T. Loy
c. Sarah Sharp
d. Orlena Sharp, never married
e. Henry Sharp, married Louisa Hill
f. Isaac Francis Sharp, married(1) Mahalia Longmire, married(2) Mary Alice Longmire
g. Susan Sharp, married Rice Witt
h. Rebecca Florence Sharp, married John M. Irwin

2. Eli Sharp, born ca 1821, married Cynthia Miller, daughter of John Miller, Jr. and Eleanor " Nellie" Davis. There were six children:

a. Lucy Sharp
b. Ruftis Sharp
c. Pharoah Sharp, married Delana Gibbs
d. Frederick Sharp, married Parley Turner
e. Nancy Sharp
f. William Sharp

3. Orlena Sharp, born Jan 1, 1823, died Aug 14, 1900. Married Alvis Craig, son of Reuben Craig and Elizabeth Snodderly. There were twelve children:

a. Elizabeth Craig, married Robert Longrinre
b. Pharoah Craig, married (1) Louisa Longrinre, married (2) Elizabeth Graves
c. William Craig, married Haney Longmire
d. Reuben Craig, married Matilda Stooksbury
e. Louisa Jane Craig, married John Irwin, son of Frank ~' and Elizabeth Baker
f MeHenry Craig, married Licy ( Elizabeth) Weaver
g. John C. Craig
h. Nancy Craig, married Elvis Duke
i. Mary Craig, died at live months
j. Lucy Craig, married Malon "Joe" Longmire
k. Parley Craig, married Luther Clear
L. Sarah Craig, married Jacob Stooksbury

4. Nancy Sharp, born 1825, married John Lea (Lee). Two Children

a. Horace Lee, born 1855
b. William Lee, born 1857.

Note: Nancy Sharp was the mother of two children before her marriage to John Lea; Angeline Sharp and Rebecca Sharp, who married Winfield Scott Wallace.

5. Eleanor "Nellie" Sharp, born ca 1827, married Fred W. Miller, son of John Miller, Jr. and Nellie Davis, There were six children

a. Mary Jane Miller
b. Nancy Miller
c. Louisa Miller
d. Lea Miller
e. Francis Miller
f. Minnie Miller

6. Sarah "Sallie" Sharp, born November 8, 1829, married John Stooksbury, son of Isaac Stooksbury and Sarah Loy. Eleven children

a. William Stooksbury, married Martha Hill
b. Samuel Stooksbury, married Nola Loy
c. Sarah Jane Stooksbwy, married John O. Irwin son of Edward Ned" Irwin
d. Isaac Stooksbury, married Serelda Jane Hutchinson
e. Nancy Stooksbury, married Frank Hill
f Eli Stooksbury, married Mary Jane Mitchell
g. Henry Stooksbury, married Parley Fox
h. Joimnie Stooksbury, married Mary Stooksbury
i.Lewis Stooksbury, married (1) Mossie Fox, married (2) Lucy Welch, married (3) Mayme Boyd
j. Milburn Stooksbury, married Elizabeth Irwin, dau of Horace M. Irwin
k. Rufus Stooksbury, died young

7. Francis Sharp, born ca 1834, married Elizabeth Longmire. Seven children

a. Mary Ann Sharp, married Jessie Cates
b. Angeline Sharp
c. Siothia Sharp
d. Jourdan T. Sharp
e. William H. Sharp
f. Charles Sharp
g. Elijah Sharp

8. McHenry Sharp, born September 27, 1836. Married (1) Mahala Walker. Five children.

a. Harvey Slrarp, married Mary Witt
b. William Gipson Sharp, married Josephine Irwin
c. Elijah Sharp, married Louisa Snodderly
d. Martha Sharp, married Jacob Duke
e. Marcellas Sharp, died young

McHerry Sharp married (2) Orlena Stooksbury. Three children

f. Lassie Sharp, married John D. Sharp
g. Mirirlie Sharp, died at age 16
h. Reuben Sharp, married (1) Hettie Stout, married (2) Mary Welch

McHenry Sharp married (3) Mary Jane Loy. Four children

i. Lon Sharp, married Lertie Hodges

Time Line

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