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John and Nancy HUCKABY
Submitted by Janet Perdue King

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John Huckaby was born about 1790 probably in Bedford Co., VA....John was listed along with William Huckaby on the 1818 tax list for Campbell  County...William Huckaby who may have been the father of John. John was taxed  for 1 poll and 100 acres of land along Indian Creek....Indian Creek is only 
four or five miles east of LaFollette and Jacksboro and much of this property  is now covered by Norris Reservoir. In Sept 1815 John was sued by the state  of Tennesse for support of a child he had fathered with Polly is  believed this was about the time he married his wife Nancy (maiden?name). 

Nancy Huckaby was received by experience into Longfield Baptist Church in  April of 1842....she is listed as a member of Indian Creek Church being  received Oct of 1849....John Huckaby's Inventory and Estate was presented to  Campbell County Court on the 19th of August is believed Nancy was 

Their children:
1) John Huckaby b about 1813 in Campbell Co., TN married Mary Webb 1 August  1840 in Campbell Co., TN 2) Jincey Hawkins
2) Presley Huckaby b 19 May 1815 in Campbell Co., TN married 3 May 1840 Mary Bullock d/o John and Elizabeth Hatmaker Bullock
3) Elisha Huckaby b ca 1823 Campbell Co., TN married Salitha Adkins d/o John
4) Commodore P. Huckaby b ca 1825 Campbell Co., TN married Seripta Adkins 21 Nov 1847 in Campbell Co., TN
5) Nancy Huckaby b ca 1826 Campbell Co., TN m Samuel Walton 27 Jan 1856  Campbell Co., TN
6) Haywood Huckaby b ca 1827 Campbell Co., TN married 1) Sarah Queener 17  April 1856 in Campbell Co., TN 2) Mary Freeman 12 Jan 1883
7) Almarine Huckaby b ca 1831 Campbell Co., TN married Mary (maiden?name)
8) Alfred Huckaby b ca 1833 Campbell Co., TN married Melissa David 26 March 1857 in Campbell Co., TN
9) Armstrong Babe Huckaby b ca 1836 Campbell Co., TN m 1) Mary J. Dial 28 Nov  1857 Campbell Co., TN 2) Amanda Jane Houser Turbonville 12 Nov 1873 Campbell  Co., TN

Second generation.
John and Mary Webb Huckaby's children
1) Nancy Huckaby b ca further info
2) Elizabeth Huckaby b ca 1844 TN m Samuel Haskins 25 Nov 1870 in Anderson  Co., TN
3) George Huckaby b ca 1845 TN m Peggy Ann (maiden?name)
4) Emiline Huckaby b ca 1846 TN m Alexander Miller 29 Nov 1868 in Campbell  Co., TN
5) Saripta S. Huckaby b ca 1848 further info
6) Adeline Huckaby b ca 1851 TN m Alexander Vowell 12 Sept 1867 Anderson Co.,  TN
7) Laney Huckaby b ca 1854 further info
8) Elmiry Huckaby b ca 1857 further info
9) Serelda Huckaby b ca 1858 further info
10) Salina Huckaby b ca 1860 TN married Peter Byrd 25 March 1880 Scott Co., TN
11) James Huckaby b ca 1864 further info
12) Mary E. Huckaby b ca 1867 further info

John and Jincy Hawkins Huckaby's children:
13) John Thomas Huckaby b ca further info
14) Marshall Huckaby b ca further info

Presley and Mary Bullock Huckaby's children:
1)Elizabeth Huckaby b ca 1841 Campbell Co., TN m Jackson Purcell
2) Nancy Huckaby b ca 1843 Campbell Co., TN m Obadiah Purcell
3) Sarah Huckaby b ca 1845 Campbell Co., TN m John VanGuilder
4) John A. Huckaby b ca 1847 Campbell Co., further info
5) William T. Huckaby b ca 1849 Campbell Co., further in
6) Commodore Perry Huckaby b ca 1850 Campbell Co., TN m Nancy Ramsey 19 Dec 1876 in Arkansas
7) Rhietta Huckaby b 13 Oct 1853 Campbell Co., TN m Moses Harvey 12 Dec 1871  Green Co., Arkansas

Elisha and Salitha Adkins Huckaby's children:
1) Mary Ann Huckaby b ca 1848 Campbell Co., further info
2) John M. C. Huckaby b ca 1850 Campbell Co., TN m Mary Boshears 24 Nov 1872  Campbell Co., TN
3) Mary Huckaby b 1853 Campbell Co., TN m Jacob Boshears 4 Jan 1874 Campbell  Co., TN

Commodore and Seripta Adkins Huckaby's children:
1) Nancy Jane b ca 1849 Campbell Co., TN m John Burras 13 Sept 1869 Campbell  Co., TN
2) Emily Huckaby b ca 1852 Campbell Co., further info
3) Mary Huckaby b ca 1853 Campbell Co., further info
4) James Huckaby b ca 1855 Campbell Co., further info
5) Presley Huckaby b ca 1856 Campbell Co., TN m Aletha Cross
6) Sterling Huckaby b ca 1857 Campbell Co., TN m Ann (maiden?name)
7) Salinda Huckaby b ca 1858 Campbell Co., TN m Robert Miller 10 Jan 1875 
Campbell Co., TN 8) Alfred Huckaby b ca 1860 Campbell Co., further info
9) Parsidia Huckaby b ca 1862 Campbell Co., further in
10) Commodore Perry Huckaby b 5 Feb 1867 Campbell Co., TN m Martha B. Hale 23  Oct 1890 Campbell Co., TN

Haywood and Sarah Queener Huckaby's children:
1) William Huckaby b ca 1857 Campbell Co., TN
2) Franklin C. Huckaby b ca 1859 Campbell Co., TN
3) John Huckaby b ca 1861 Campbell Co., TN

Almarine and Mary (unknown) Huckaby's children:
1) Nancy Huckaby b ca 1862 Campbell Co., TN
2) Joseph Huckaby b ca 1868 Campbell Co., TN
3) John Huckaby b ca 1869 Campbell Co., TN

Alfred and Licey David Huckaby's children:
1) Martha Huckaby b ca 1858
2) Armstrong Huckaby b ca 1860

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