1870 Campbell County Census

Transcribed from
Nation Archives Microfilm
M593 - R1516

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Column Headings

Dw: Dwelling Number
Fam: Family Number
Last, First: Last Name, First Name of each person whose place of abode on the 1st day of June 1870 was in this family
Age: Age
Sex: Sex
Race: Color - White (W.), Black (B.), Mulato (M.), Chinese (C.), Indian (I.)
Profession: Profession, Occupation, or Trade of Each Person male or female
VALR: Value of Real Estate
VALP:  Value of Personal Estate
Birth:  Place of Birth
FFB:  Father of Foreign Birth
MFB:  Mother of Foreign Birth
BWY:  Born within the year
MY:  Married within the year
AS:  Attended school within the year
CNR: Cannot Read
CNW:  Cannnot Write
DDB:  Whether Deaf and Dumb, Blind, Insane, or Idiot

Page No. 6

SCHEDULE 1. -- Inhabitants in the 4th Civil District, in the County of Campbell, State of Tennessee, enumberated by me on the 18th Day of June, 1870.

Post Office: Careyville Tennessee
Wm Madden, Ass't

Dw   Fam  Last, First            Age    Sex  Race  Profession          ValR   ValP   Birth         FFB  MFB  BWY       MY        AS  CNR  CNW  DDB
37   36   Smith, William         26     M    W     Coal Miner                        Wales         X    X
          Smith, Elizabeth       22     F    W     Keeping House                     Wales         X    X
          Smith, Charles         14     M    W     At Home                           Wales         X    X
          Smith, William         9 mo.  M    W                                       Tennessee     X    X    October
38   37   Newman, James          45     M    W     Blacksmith                 50     Ireland       X    X
          Newman, Mary           38     F    W     Keeping House                     Ireland       X    X
          Newman, Margret        16     F    W     House Keeper                      New York      X    X
          Newman, John           28     M    W     Coal Miner                        Ireland       X    X
          Newman, Cathrine       14     F    W     House Keeper                      New York      X    X
          Newman, Peter          12     M    W     At Home                           New York      X    X                        X
          Newman, Mary           10     F    W     At Home                           S. Carolina   X    X
          Newman, Anna           8      F    W                                       N. Carolina   X    X
          Newman, Elizabeth      5      F    W                                       Tennessee     X    X
          Newman, Ellen          2      F    W                                       Tennessee     X    X
39   38   Johnson, Martin        34     M    W     Carpenter                         Tennessee
          Johnson, Sarah         25     F    W     Keeping House                     Tennessee
          Johnson, Mary          11     F    W     House Keeper                      Tennessee                                       X    X
          Johnson, Parlina       9      F    W                                       Tennessee
          Johnson, Samuel        5      M    W                                       Tennessee
          Johnson, Eliza         3      F    W                                       Georgia
          Johnson, Maggie        1      F    W                                       Tennessee
40   39   Hamblin, Joseph        45     M    W     Farm Laborer                      Tennessee
          Hamblin, Martha        34     F    W     Keeping House                     Tennessee
          Hamblin, Lizey         14     F    W     House Keeper                      Tennessee                                   X
          Hamblin, Musedor       11     F    W     At Home                           Tennessee                                   X
          Hamblin, Mary          9      F    W                                       Tennessee
          Hamblin, Sarah         6      F    W                                       Tennessee
          Hamblin, Eullet        3      F    W                                       Tennessee
          Hamblin, William       2      M    W                                       Tennessee
          Cox, John              34     M    W     Clerk in Store                    Tennessee
41   40   Wheeler, J. F.         35     M    W     Coal Miner                 200    Tennessee
          Wheeler, Nancy         35     F    W     Keeping House                     Tennessee                                       X    X
          Thomas, Mary           20     F    W     House Keeper                      Tennessee                                       X    X
42   41   Gray, Robert           54     M    W     Farmer              500           Tennessee                                       X    X
          Gray, Francis          47     F    W     Keeping House                     Tennessee                                            X
          Roach, Sarah           19     F    W     House Keeper                      Tennessee                                       X    X
          Roach, Mary E.         1      F    W                                       Tennessee
43   42   Bruce, William         28     M    W     Coal Miner                        Scotland      X    X
          Bruce, Anna            22     F    W     Keeping House                     Tennessee                                       X    X
44   43   Shears, David          26     M    B     Farm Laborer                      Tennessee                                       X    X



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