Anderson County 1850 Census

Transcribed by Rick Chambers

Many thanks to Rick for transcribing the census and
donating a copy to the Campbell County TNGenWeb Project.
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Schedule I - Free Inhabitants in 16th Subdivision in the County of Anderson
State of Tennessee enumerated by me, on the 14th day of September 1850. John Black Ass't Marshal.

1     2     3                           4      5   6   7              8      9   10  11  12  13
            Bailey, Mary Ann            5      f                             TN
            Bailey, Doctor F.           2      m                             TN
380   380   Bailey, Richard D.          23     m       farmer                TN
            Bailey, Martha J.           22     f                             TN          X
            Bailey, Wilie D.            2      m                             TN
            Bailey, William L.          1      m                             TN
381   381   Jarnagin, John              48     m       farmer         7000   TN
            Jarnagin, Mary              46     f                             TN
            Jarnagin, Richard J.        21     m       deputy                TN
                                                       p. master
            Jarnagin, John S.           20     m       farmer                TN      X
            Jarnagin, William C.        16     m       farmer                TN      X
            Jarnagin, Mary E.           13     f                             TN      X
            Jarnagin, Rufus A.          11     m                             TN      X
            Jarnagin, Sarah E. M.       8      f                             TN      X
            Jarnagin, Samuel W.         5      m                             TN
            Hendrix, Jackson W.         25     m       deputy                TN
            Scruggs, William J.         15     m       student               TN      X
            Scruggs, Richard J.         13     m                             TN      X
            Scruggs, Elizabeth P.       11     f                             TN
            Seivers, Charlotte          21     f                             TN          X
382   382   Portwood, Richard           33     m       farmer                TN
            Portwood, Katharine         30     f                             TN          X
            Portwood, Mary              8      f                             TN
            Portwood, Sarah             7      f                             TN
            Portwood, Micagah           5      m                             TN
            Portwood, Nancy             3      f                             TN
            Portwood, James             1      m                             TN
            Henderson, Vicy             31     f                             TN          X
383   383   Cruse, James                60     m       farmer                VA
            Cruse, Lennis               35     f                             VA          X
            Cruse, Ellison              33     m       farmer                TN          X
            Cruse, Lucinda              27     f                             TN          X
            Cruse, Sarah Ann            25     f                             TN          X
            Cruse, Mary J.              23     f                             TN          X
            Cruse, Campbell             20     m       farmer                TN      X
            Cruse, Nancy                16     f                             TN      X
            Cruse, Susan                14     f                             TN      X
            Cruse, James                17     m       farmer                TN
            Cruse, Mandy                9      f                             TN      X
            Cruse, Liza                 6      f                             TN
            Milligan, Armstead W.       26     m       farmer                TN          X
            Milligan, Martha            21     f                             TN          X


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