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Transcribed by Rick Chambers

Many thanks to Rick for transcribing the census and
donating a copy to the Campbell County TNGenWeb Project.

Below is an surname index into the 1850 Census for Campbell County, TN. Clicking on the link will take you to the top of the page where the name is found. You may have to scroll down a screen to find name you are looking for. If you find a broken link, please let me know.

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Red Line

~ E ~
Earles, Elizabeth
Earles, Garland
Earles, George
Earles, James
Earles, John
Earles, Joseph
Earles, Mary
Earles, Nancy
Elkins, Alfred C.
Elkins, Emily Jane
Elkins, George W.
Elkins, James P.
Elkins, Jesse
Elkins, Joseph L.
Elkins, Joseph W.
Elkins, Louisa
Elkins, Mariam
Elkins, Mary M.
Elkins, Menite
Elkins, Sarah
Elliot, James M.
Elliot, Jane
Elliot, Nancy
Elliot, Thomas
Evans, Anna
Evans, David H.
Evans, David
Evans, Jane
Evans, Jemima
Evans, John
Evans, John
Evans, Martha J.
Evans, Minerva
Evans, Nancy

~ F ~
Falkner, Daniel
Falkner, Elizabeth
Falkner, George
Falkner, Isaac D.
Falkner, King Hiram
Falkner, Lewis M.
Falkner, Martha
Flatford, David
Flatford, Elizabeth
Flatford, Elizabeth
Flatford, George
Flatford, Levin
Flatford, Orleana
Fleming, Byrd M.
Fleming, Emily L.
Fleming, George W.
Fleming, Minerva
Fleming, Rachel
Fleming, Sarah
Fleming, Stephen C.
Fleming, William
Ford, Aaron
Ford, Akins
Ford, Alvis
Ford, Anna M.
Ford, Anna
Ford, Anna
Ford, Catharine
Ford, Catharine
Ford, Catharine
Ford, Catharine
Ford, Daniel M.
Ford, Harriette
Ford, Henderson
Ford, Isaac R.
Ford, Isaac
Ford, Isaac
Ford, Isaac
Ford, James
Ford, James
Ford, John
Ford, John
Ford, Lavina
Ford, Mary E.
Ford, Melinda
Ford, Melinda
Ford, Nancy J.
Ford, Sarah
Ford, Stephen D.
Ford, Stephen
Ford, Stephen
Ford, Thomas W.
Ford, Wilson
Forester, Alcy
Forester, Benjamin F.
Forester, Daniel
Forester, Edmund
Forester, James M.
Forester, Mary
Forester, Rebecca
Forester, Robert
Forester, William A.
Forester, William
Foust, Daniel
Foust, Daniel
Foust, Esther
Foust, George
Foust, John
Foust, Melinda E.
Foust, Nancy
Foust, William R.
Fox, Allen
Fox, Arlela
Fox, David
Fox, Edy
Fox, Eliza
Fox, Elizabeth
Fox, Franklin
Fox, George
Fox, Henry
Fox, Henry
Fox, James
Fox, Martha
Fox, Mary
Fox, Mary
Fox, Melinda
Fox, Minny
Fox, Nancy
Fox, Rachel
Fox, Rachel
Fox, Rachel
Fox, Sampson
Fox, William
Fry, David
Fry, Elisha
Fry, Elizabeth
Fry, Hugh K.
Fry, Minerva
Fry, Nancy
Fry, Tabitha
Fry, Winfield S.
Fults, David
Fults, Nancy
Fults, Sarah
Fults, William

Red Line


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