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Transcribed by Rick Chambers

Many thanks to Rick for transcribing the census and
donating a copy to the Campbell County TNGenWeb Project.

Below is an surname index into the 1850 Census for Campbell County, TN. Clicking on the link will take you to the top of the page where the name is found. You may have to scroll down a screen to find name you are looking for. If you find a broken link, please let me know.

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Red Line


~ U ~
Usher, David Usher, Elizabeth Usher, Mary E.

~ V ~
Vanderpool, Amy
Vanderpool, David
Vanderpool, Nancy
Vanderpool, Samuel
Vansel, Elias
Vansel, Elias
Vansel, John
Vansel, Roland
Vansel, Samuel
Vansel, Terlitha
Vinsant, Amanda M.
Vinsant, Ann E.
Vinsant, Daniel W.
Vinsant, Daniel
Vinsant, Elizabeth
Vinsant, Elizabeth
Vinsant, George W.
Vinsant, George W.
Vinsant, Henry L.
Vinsant, Hiram C.
Vinsant, James M.
Vinsant, James
Vinsant, John H.
Vinsant, Joseph D.
Vinsant, Lemuel
Vinsant, Lovina
Vinsant, Lumuel
Vinsant, Margaret
Vinsant, Mary E.
Vinsant, Mary E.
Vinsant, Milton C.
Vinsant, Richard
Vinsant, Sarah L.
Vinsant, Sarah
Vinsant, Susannah
Vinsant, William F.

~ Y ~
York, Absalom
York, Allen
York, Catharine
York, Cressey
York, Elizabeth
York, Elizabeth
York, John M.
York, Joseph
York, Joseph
York, Lewis
York, Lucinda
York, Manuel
York, Martha
York, Martin
York, Mary
York, Nancy
York, Rachel
York, Rebecca
York, Reuben
York, Sarah
York, Thomas
York, Thomas
York, William
York, William
York, William
Young, Hannah
Yount, Dilly
Yount, Jacob
Yount, John F.
Yount, Joseph H.
Yount, Mary S.
Yount, Rebecca A.
Yount, Robert E.
Yount, Thomas J.
Yount, William R.

Red Line


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