Campbell County Tennessee Cemeteries
Seiber Cemetery

  Submitted by Mildred Collins Wasser


LOCATED ON STONY FORK ROAD IN THE NEW RIVER SECTION OF CAMPBELL COUNTY, TENNESSEE. TEN GRAVES ARE MARKED ONLY WITH FIELD STONES. CEMETERY IS WELL MAINTAINED. SURVEYED JULY 11, 1998 BY SHEILA M. COLLINS FUHR AND H. L. (LOU) EVANS. SUBMITTED BY MILDRED COLLINS WASSER. NAME DATE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH SPOUSE PARENTS Bunch, Henry Miller 4-5-1908 8-28-1967 Josephine Bunch, Josephine 9-17-1909 8-14-1958 Henry Miller Burchfield, Dewey Lee 2-5-1930 9-15-1985 Verna Burchfield, Venia 9-22-1932 ? Dewey Lee Byrge, William 7-31-1895 8-6-1953 Carroll, Inez 3-2-1935 ? Wayne Carroll, James Noah 6-8-1961 7-10-1993 Carroll, Wayne 7-10-1908 9-1-1988 Inez Duncan, James Daniel 1-19-1953 1-21-1953 Jimmy Lee & Cora Martin, Clyde Herman 1-20-1924 2-3-1994 Patterson, Lillie 9-10-1912 4-8-1985 Phillips, Dora V. 3-7-1931 ? Hoye Cub Phillips, Hoye Cub 9-24-1925 5-26-1991 Dora V. Seiber, Ada 7-31-1933 7-13-1968 Mitchell Seiber, Angela alice 7-26-1977 7-27-1977 Seiber, Arnold 10-19-1940 12-15-1940 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Seiber, Catherine 1872 11-19-1913 Seiber, Charlie 1-23-1924 3-25-1924 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Seiber, Charlotte 3-14-1883 1-6-1918 Seiber, Daniel 11-28-1883 7-7-1970 Sallie Seiber, Elizabeth 10-14-1830 5-4-1902 Seiber, Haskel Lee, Jr. 10-19-1943 9-29-1971 Seiber, Helen Mae 3-1912 9-1915 Seiber, Jack 5-22-1875 7-29-1958 Mira Seiber, Jackson 6-2-1830 6-25-1908 Seiber, Louvernia 12-8-1808 1-29-1995 Seiber, Matthew 9-14-1896 2-11-1917 Seiber, Mike 2-14-1838 9-1-1949 Seiber, Mira 3-20-1882 1-26-1949 Jack Seiber, Mitchell 9-3-1894 11-20-1968 Ada Seiber, Mitchell 12-27-1934 12-27-1934 Seiber, Mitchell 12-27-1924 12-27-1924 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Seiber, P. L. 2-28-1861 6-18-1915 Seiber, Sallie 3-22-1893 10-12-1986 Daniel Seiber, William 2-7-1954 5-7-1914 Seiber, William 2-7-1854 5-7-1914 Ward, Melissa Ruth 11-17-1972 11-17-1972 Mr.& Mrs. Charles



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