Bradley County, Tennessee
Chancery Court Case Files
1880 - 1900
File Number Index

Submitted by: Cleveland Public Library, Barbara Fagen

(Attention:  A Name and File Number DO NOT indicate the case is particularly about that name,
rather it indicates ONLY that the Name is found SOMEWHERE in the file of the case.)

CC5                 F.A. Lawson Vs George McClarey

16                                        O.B. McClarey Vs Hugh T. Inman, G.M. Batty, Atlanta Trust & Banking Co., George D. Sedden

20                                        Robert L. Hottell and wife Vs John J. Browder

CC68               Minerva Swafford Vs Jim Graves

86                                        Martha Jane Griffin, Executrix of Lewis Griffin, deceased, Vs John Shipley, Sarah Shipley, James Beaty, Emma Beaty, Lewis Griffin

            See also Case File #104z

95                                        V.A. Clemmer Vs Banner News Publishing Co., John T. Rogers, President, G.W. Day, Vice President, R.H. Carson Secretary & Treasurer, J.H. Bible, Jesse Rymer, William Clemmer

CC101             R.A. McClellen Vs Robert Harvy

101z                 J.A. Denton of the firm of Bradford & Denton Vs Hiwassee Savings Association, J.T. Bradford

CC102             W.H. Pattison V A.S. Smith, Road Commissioner

102z                 Ann C. McNelly, Administratrix of J.R. McNelly, deceased Vs Ann Bogle, Alex Bogle

CC103             Jacob Smith, Road Commissioner Vs Jerry Norman

103z                 J.L. Whitmire Vs N. D. Marler

CC104             John Shipley, Sarah Shipley. Griffin, James W. Beaty, Emma Beaty Vs Martha Griffin

                        See also Case File #86

104z                 Mrs. M.E. Wood Vs John C. Wood

CC105             E.L. Burns, Mark McCrosky, Lois McCrosky Vs Spencer McCrosky, Harriet McCrosky

105z                 M.W. Legg Vs H.M. Collins and wife

106z                 Nellie Smith Vs Lizzie Thompson, Richard Melton

107z                 Thomas Hull Vs Alexander Hull

108z                 David K. McKamy, W.H. McKamy, Sr., Thomas J. McKamy, Appointees

109z                 Thomas J.Wooten Vs C.A. Campbell

111z                 Mrs. Louisa E. Wood, Executrix of Jame Browder, deceased, Vs Z. Martin

112z                 H.A. Carter Vs George W. Farnsworth

113z                 Bell Bates Vs J.M. Bates, S.V. Bates

114z                 M.D. Frazier Vs G.W. Willis

115z                 Fite, Porter & Co. Vs T.J. Wells

116z                 W.H. Williamson, in the cause of J.N. Taylor and J.A. Paul, Administrators of P.L. Paul Vs G.H. Bible

117z                 D.A. Smith Vs Luther McCulley, Elizabeth McCulley, Joseph McCulley,

                        Thomas McCulley, all minors, defended by Samuel B. McCulley, their

                        regular guardian

119z                 W.C. Day, Administrator of James Coffman, deceased Vs J.C. Coffman Dave Coffman, Josephine Coffman, Green Coffman, Dan Coffman, and two minor children of Susan Thompson, formerly Susan Coffman, whose given names are unknown by their Guardian ad litum, W.L. Humphrey

120z                 William M. Bryant Vs Hiwassee Savings Association

121z                 R.A. Wilson Vs Kittie Wilson, James L. Kirby, E.J. Wilson

122z                 W.C. Day. Administrator of Mahala Cannon, Vs M.N. Cannon, J.P. Lea,

                        James Torbit, H.W. Bays, Pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church South at Cleveland and the succeeding Pastor of said church

123z                 John W. Cantrell Vs Malinda J.Cantrell

124z                 C.M. McCauley Vs E.S. Delaney, C.J.C. Noel, M.P. Hawk, W.H. McKamy

125z                 W.S. Carter Vs Nancy O. Goodner, Frank Goodner

126z                 William Simpson Vs Rena Simpson

127z                 Caswell Parks Vs Emma Bates

128                                    Hugh F. McClary, Administrator of John Morris, deceased, Vs Robert C. Morris, Martha Smith, Eliza Smith, Oney Boyd, M.C. Boyd, Rebecca N. Melton, Melvina Hemphill

128z                 J.F. Horne & Bro. Vs J.F. Montgomery

129z                 Elizabeth Denton Vs Letta Pickens, R.J. Cate

130z                 J.T. Igou and wife Vs John Boone, Administrator

131z                 A.D. Stewart Vs William H. Russell, G.A. Long, John B. Hoyl, D.S. Russell, Elizabeth S. Russell, M.C.A. Russell, Robert Russell, Sallie Russell, Henry E. Russell

132z                 W.A. Campbell, John A. Campbell Vs H.B. Henegar

133z                 John W. Patterson and wife Vs S.B. Boyd

134z                 S.T. Kelly, Administrator Vs W.G. Triplett

135z                 Elizabeth Russell, by her next friend, R.M. Edwards, Vs G.A. Long

136z                 Daniel M. McDowell, Administer of the estate of William Triplett, deceased Vs Ellen Harrold

137z                 Sallie McCoy Vs Gus McCoy

CC138             Knox & McKamy Vs J.R. Aiken, J.J. Aiken

138z                 Sarah E. Garrabrant, by her next friend, Otto Fisher Vs James L. Kirby, William F. Kirby, James Kirby

139z                 East Tennessee Telephone Company Vs J.H. Hardwick

CC140             Marshall & Bruce Company Vs T.J. Knox

141z                 John T. DeArmond Vs Robert Selvidge

142z                 Allen Marler Vs Newton Marler

143z                 M.A.F. Cate Vs R.J. Cate

144z                 W.H. Cannon, Willis Randolph Vs Samule Hicks, George Hicks, Easter Gray, William Gray, Sarah Hicks, Phelix Hicks, James Webb, John Webb,

                        Ann Leard, James Leard, George Webb, Martha J.Webb, Felix Webb, Alice May Webb, Bessie Cannon, Eva Keith, John Keith, Emma McDonald, formerly Webb, Clara Webb, Willis Webb, Lance Randolph, Jarrett Randolph, Loyd Puett, Claude Puett, Wash Randolph, Ella Randolph, Henry Kile, Spencer Kile, Caroline Pennal, William Pennal

145z                 Bank of Charleston Vs S.W. Divine, W.H. Bogle

146z                 John T. Johnston, J.A. Steed, L.D. Campbell, G.T. Hall, E.T. Johnston, Joseph E. Johnston, Anna Kelley, Rebecca Edward and husband B.A. Edwards, Mary Minton and husband A.B. Minton, Adelia O’Neal and husband Joseph O’Neal, J.E. Johnston, Jr., Mary Beard and husband M.L. Beard Vs Frank Johnston, Carrie Johnston, French Johnston

147z                 J.N. Taylor, John A. Paul, Administrators of P.L. Bible, deceased Vs G.H. Bible, Mary A. Bible

                        H.L. Bible Vs J.N. Taylor, J.A. Paul

148z                 J.H. Triplett Vs W.C. Barnett

149z                 J.T. Davis Vs Kittie Miller

150z                 Arthur Traynor Vs George T. Parker

151z                 Mrs. L.E. Wood, surviving Executrix of James Browder, deceased, Vs Z. Martin

152z                 H.J. Hays Vs Julius A. McClelland

153z                 John H. Parker, Guardian Vs Emma Jory

154z                 Smart & Oehring, J.P. McCall for the use of W.M. James Vs T.P. Chambers, H.D. Chambers, F.P. Chambers, Matilda H. Chambers

                        O’Bryan Bros. Vs T.P. Chambers, et al.

155z                 Andrew Fletcher Vs Joseph R. Taylor, G.A. Long, T.L. Cate, John B. Hoyl, C.L. Hardwick

156z                 William Berger Vs R.A. Triplett and wife, L.B. Triplett, G.D. Griffin, Henry Atchley

157z                 W.B. Lockett & Co., Cullen & Newman Vs A.T. Bayless, Horace Bayless

158z                 Charles R. Newell Vs Alice Newell, P.H. Walker

159z                 H.M. McClary, Administrator of the estate of John Morris, deceased Vs Robert C. Morris, M.C. Boyd

160z                 Jane Grigsby Vs Winny Fitzpatrick

161z                 H.B. Henegar Vs C.L. Carmack, W.P. Bryant

                        C.L. Carmack, by his next friend, W.B. Smith Vs H.B. Henegar

162z                 B.F. Minnis and wife Minnie Minnis Vs C.L. Hardwick

163z                 L.H. Barnhill Vs John A. Hood

164z                 A.C. Bates Vs S.V. Bates

165                                    A.M. Jacobs, by next friend, W.C. Jacobs Vs Banner News Publishing Co., John T. Rogers, G.W. Day, V.A. Clemmer, R.H. Carson

165z                 John M. McReynolds, T.A. Cowan Vs John L. Shultz, J.R. Taylor

166z                 W.H. McKamy, Oath of Office

167z                 A.D. Stuart Vs William H. Russell and wife Elizabeth S. Russell, D.S. Russell, Robert S. Russell, Sallie B. Russell, M.C.A. Russell, Henry E. Russell, Mary M. Russell

168z                 Thomas Crutchfield Vs Heirs of Thomas H. Callaway, et al.

169z                 E.J. March Vs  B.C. Benson and wife

170z                 Joseph A. McKamy, Oath of Office

181                                    Hubbard Popham, Eliza J. Popham, Cynthia Marsh, next friend and Guardian of Alice McAndrew Vs D.C. McDowell, Administrator of W.H. Mahoney, John L. Mahoney, A.F. Mahoney, Samuel Mahoney, Samule T. Kelly, Daniel McKamy, J.H. Rucker, et al.

193                                    Louisa E. Ellison, Mary S. Ellison, by next friend J.R. Campbell Vs B.W. Ellison, Thomas Ellison, Louisa Howell, Jesse Howell, Nancy Rollins, Enoch Rollins, J.W. Lawson, Isaac Luther Lawson, Sarah Skelton, John Skelton, Martha Lawson

201                                    Frances D. Rice Vs H.L. McReynolds, F.B. McElwee, Administrators of William L. Rice, deceased

207                                    H.B. Yearwood Vs James D. Cottrell, Columbus Cottrell

CC207             Deering Harvester Co. Vs F.T. Hall, Samuel Johnston

208                                    G.A. Long Vs Jame B. Carson, Mary C. Oviatt, William H. Cook and wife Mary A. Cook, Darcus E. Carson and husband W.C. Carson, James Carson

214                                    James Brayley Vs J.W. Goins

J.W. Goins Vs James Brayley, Daniel Goins, Henry P. Goins, Creed F. Bates

222                  Margaret Hancock Vs  John D. Hancock

223                                    William Raper Vs Mary Raper

224                                    James London Vs Joseph H. Manis

226                  Ellen Harold and husband F.M. Harold, Green Boon, Tennessee Huffacre, Rachel L. Winkler and husband Hiram Winkler, Samuel Boon, Susan M. Denton and husband Calvin Denton, Alice C. Hawkins and husband Charles Hawkins, John Boon, Daniel F. Boon, Harvey Vaughn, Nancy Vaughn, Julia Langston Vs Susan Boon, William O. Boon, Jane Boon, William D.McGriffm Martha Ellen Lewis and husband, Mary Ann McGriff, Millie E. Vaughn, Marian Vaughn, Wilson Vaughn, Manda Vaughn, Alice Vaughn, Nancy E. Vaughn, Franklin Pair, Francis Pair, William Pair, Millie Cohen, Hester Pair

A.     Moore, by next friend L.H. Cook Vs John Boon, et al.

227                                    A. Blizard, J.H. Gaut Vs James H. Hays, T.M. Osment, John H. Craigmiles, Walter Craigmiles

228                                    Asa Ambrister Vs Louisa E. Woods, surviving Executrix of James Browder, deceased, J.F. Woods, Executor of Jonathan Woods, deceased

229                                    Coffin, Wilson & Co., M.L. Ross & Co. Vs J.M. Cowan, T.A. Cowan, R.J. Cate, Mary J. Cate

231                  J.N. Swan, Mary R. Swan Vs L.H. Reeder, Executor of Sarah Green, deceased

234                  E.F. Johnston, Executor of James M. Cowan, deceased Vs Frank Johnston Cowan, et al.

J.E. Johnston, E.T. Johnston, J.T. Johnston, Executors of E.F. Johnston, deceased Vs Frank J. Cowan, Isaac Low, Administrators of J.M. Cowan deceased

236                                    Powell H. Low Vs J.T. Cate, G.H. Wood

238                  Frank P. Kelly, George J. Lea Vs Thomas D. Dodson, Archibald Clark, H.E. Dodson, Hugh Dodson, Sallie A. Hawk, M.P. Hawk, Rosina James, George N. James

239                                    Elizabeth C. O’Donald Vs William R. Fox, Sarah Romines, George Fox, J.H. Fox, Catherine Prince, Y.D.M. Prince, John Collins, Eliza Collins, Jane Collins, Johana Collins, Jeremiah Collins,Robert Cooly, Mary Cooly, Riley Barns, Malinda Barns, John Carruth, William Cannon

242                                    W.D. Smith, P.A. Lawson Vs Sarah A. Lawson, Mary E. Smith, John P. Smith, A.S. Smith, Myra B. Smith, Jacob Smith, Daniel G. Smith, James H. Smith

244                  Martha Bell Vs Jarrett Bell

246                  Walter Craigmiles Vs    James H. Hays, James M. Knox, A. Blizard, J.H. Gaut, Carter, Campbell & Co., J.T. Burns, A.J. Ratcliff, William Campbell, R.L. Graves, John G. Carter

247a                Simon Dixon Vs Joseph H. Manis

247b                Francis Stonecipher Vs Phillip Stonecipher, Jane Sherrill, Asberry Sherrill, Ezekiel Stonecipher, Mary Jane Stonecipher, James Stonecipher, Eliza Humberd, Samuel Humberd, Nathan Stonecipher, Mary Stonecipher

248                                    Jane Grigsby Vs Winnie Fitzpatrick, Lucinda Smith, Joseph Grigsby, Daniel McDowell, Mary M. Pearce, C.M. Pearce

251                                    Robert L. Hottell and wife Rhoda A. Hottell, John A. Simmons, Thomas M. Sanders and wife Phoebe B. Sanders, Isham F. Simmons, John H. Simmons, Julia G. Simmons, William H. Simmons, Mary C. Simmons, Manda C. Simmons Vs John J. Browder, Joseph M. Smith, Paul Smith, T.J. Collier, R.C. Parks, Isaac Parks, Martha A. Parks

254                                    John H. Craigmiles Vs Penelope Smith, B.W. Smith

255                                    A.D. Scruggs, J.A. Steed Vs R.A. Wilson, W.M. Rinkle, Joel Hall, F.E. Hardwick, B.J. Webb

256                                    T.J. Lacy, Guardian of Calloway Lacy, P.B. Mayfield, P.W. Lowe, William H. Langston Vs W.R. Hinch, James Hinch, Thomas R. Hinch in his own right and as Guardian of Alonzo Hinch and Mary Hinch, minors, all the children of J.N. Hinch, deceased, Daniel McDowell, Administrator of the estate of J.N. Hinch , deceased, A.R. Potts, Guardian of the minor heirs of Henry Price, deceased

263                                    Sarah Slayton Vs A.H. Slayton, Charles L. Slayton

264                                    John Gatlin Vs Philman W. Green

265                                    A. Blizard, J.H. Gaut Vs Walter Craigmiles, et al.

James H. Hays Vs Walter Craigmiles

267                  Elizabeth Armstrong Vs Gabriel Deford, Marion Goode, Sarah Frazier,    Lemuel Frazier, James Goode, Edward Goode, Lucy Lively, William Lively, Lizzie Goode, Margaret Goode, Lucy Goode

268-269           Fannie Brown, et al. Vs F.E. Hardwick

                        F.E. Hardwick Vs Fannie Brown, et al.

                        Minnie Low Vs F.E. Hardwick

                        B.F. Minnis and wife Minnie Minnis Vs C.L. Hardwick

                        Anderson McCampbell & Co. Vs F.E.Hardwick, John Foggett, et al.

                        R.M. Pomeroy & Co. Vs F.E. Hardwick, John Foggett

                        F.E. Hardwick Vs H.J. Parks, Sheriff

272                  Elizabeth Morris Vs John Morris, Robert C. Morris, G.A. Long

273                  S.Y. Pearce Vs Lucy Garner, O.N. Davis, Vie E. Davis

275                  John D. Lowery vs John Glaze

276                  J.W. Lewis, H.B. Carhart, J.T. McTee & Co., W.W. Woodruff & Co., J. Leopold & Co., R.S. Payne & Co., Vance & Kirby, Fishburne Bros., M.L. Ross & Co. W.W. Woodruff & Co., Holston Salt & Plaster Co., Pigue, Manier & Co., Fite, Porter & Co., Allen, Fairwood & Co., Alther Forwood & Co., J.S. Seeman & Co.Vs G.P. Billings, J.C. Billingsly, J.M. Knox, W.G. Stockburger

277                  J.T. McTee & Co., W.W. Woodruff & Co., E.T. Oates, James C. White Vs G.P. Billingsly

279                  J. Leopold & Co. Vs G.P. Billingsly, John C. Billingsly, Hiwassee Savings Association, W.G. Stockburger, W.H. McKamy, Cleveland National Bank, J.M. Knox, Fite, Porter & Co.

280                  P.W. Green Vs L.S. Kinnamon, Aaron Kinnamon

282a                Charles Raht, Matilda Raht, Executors of Julius E. Raht, deceased, Vs Adolphus Raht, Louisa Raht, William Raht, Julius Raht, Frederick Raht, Herman Raht, August Raht, Matilda Raht, Caroline Raht, Louisa Raht Genth, F.A. Genth, Jr.

282b                W.J. Davis Vs J.D. Lowery, John Glaze

286                  John R. Richey, William F. Richey, former partners doing business under the firm name of John Richey & Son Vs Hiwassee Savings Association

287                  C.L. Hardwick, J.H. Hardwick, John M. Hardwick, merchants and partners doing business under the firm name and style of C.L. Hardwick & Sons Vs H.J. Reid, Joseph M. Smith

288                  John J. Stevenson and wife Emma Stevenson Vs J.T. Cate and wife Mattie L, Cate, W.W. Low, John H. Parker, John H. Craigmiles, F.E. Hardwick, Hugh Low

289a                J.R. Chestnutt Vs H.J. Reid, C.L. Hardwick, J.H. Hardwick, John M. Hardwick, J.M. Smith

289b                L.L. Callaway, W.H. McKay, Trustee and Receivers of the estate of Thomas H. Callaway, deceased, Joseph Callaway, W. Crutchfield, et al. Vs Benjamin Callaway. Thomas H. Callaway, Maggie Carson, J.B. Carson, John L. Callaway, James Callaway, Annie B. Callaway

290                  Robert H. Brown Vs J.T. Johnston, J.E. Johnston, E.T. Johnston, Executors of E.F. Johnston, deceased

291 & 294       Alice Dickerson Vs E.O. Dickerson, Gideon Williams

                        E.O. Dickerson Vs Gid Williams

296                  William R. Montgomery, Lizzie L. Montgomery, Martha Montgomery, H.H. Montgomery, Mary E. Montgomery, Melinda Watenbarger, George Watenbarger, Anna C. Wattenbarger Vs Malinda E. Taylor, Isaac N. Taylor, William Taylor, Robert Taylor, James Taylor, Nancy E. Taylor

297                  Gideon Williams, John Sanders, A. Slover Vs H.W. Smnith, John Boone

298                  Lewis Williams Vs Jane Grigsby, Daniel McDowell, Administrator, W.H. McKamy, Clerk and Master of the Chancery Court

299                  John Patterson, Mary F. Patterson Vs Spencer B. Boyd

300                  Richard Hughes, William Tucker, Jackson Tibbs, Spencer Tibbs, J.W. Pugh, Turner Morgan, Peter Mathas, Trustees of the Colored Methodist Church of Zion, Peter Hoard, John McCrosky, Peter Lay Vs W.M. Willhoit

                        Major Brown, et al. Vs Richard Hughes, et al.

301                  Jacob L. McClary Vs R.H. McCrosky, T.L. Cate, P.H. Walker

302                  John W. Hope Vs Benjamin F. Butcher

305                  H.L. Hail, A.R. Potts, Mary Miller Vs Lucinda Stanton, John Stanton, Susan Wade, Isaac Wade, R.M. Hail, Telitha Carden and children of Jerry Hail as follows, Sallie Igou, wife of Samule Igou, F.Y. Hail, B.M. Hail

307                  Luke L. Harle, James T. Harle, Joseph H. Harle, John C. Haywood Vs Baldwin Haywood

309                  William Patrick Vs Charles E. Smith

                        Charles E. Smith Vs William Patrick

310                  James S. Hancock, William Hoyl, Emily Hoyl, Mattie Coulter, Suan Coulter Vs J.H. Gaut, Joseph Hardwick, James E.Surguine, S.W. Marshall, John T. Johnston, Lewis Williams, T.D. Steed, Mayor and Aldermen of the Corporation of Cleveland, Tennessee

312                  W.J. Hughes, Addie Hughes, Mattie Hughes, Adelia Hughes, John A. Steed, James H. Bible Vs Frank Hughes, by his Guardian ad litum, Arthur Traynor

313                  G.G. O’Bryan, J.B. O’Bryan Vs R.A. Dunlap

316                  Martha M. Pulliam, Robert Pulliam Vs Ruler Wooden, James H. Bible, W.J.D. Norton

                        Ruler Wooten Vs W.J.D. Norton, S.P. Gaut. John W. Ramsey, R.M. Edwards, A. Traynor

318                  Elijah Gates Vs Martha Gates

311                  John W. Boyd, Abraham W. Boyd, Sarah L. Dean, Robert Dean, Susan C. Boyd, Wilber B. Boyd, Amanda E. Boyd Norton, Warren Norton Vs Alice M. Boyd, Mary T. Pullen, Phillip P. Pullen, minors defended by James H. Bible, Guardian ad litum and soliticer, T.M. Pullen

319                  M.L. Ross, Administrator of Nathaniel Ross, deceased, et al. Vs T.J. Ross, et al.

320a                John W. Musgrove Vs Matilda Musgrove

320b                W.L. Carter, Nancy Carter, Mary L. Callaway Vs Charlotte Hardwick, Nathan Hardwick, Henry Joseph, Adaline Carter

                        Adaline Carter Vs W.L. Carter, Mary L. Callaway, Nancy Carter

321                  Joseph A. Smith Vs John B. Hoyl, Daniel McDowell, John Smith

322                  A.W. Fitzsimmons, Hettie Fitzsimmons, Dave Hix Vs W.M. Epperson, T.P. Epperson, Holloway Epperson

323                  East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad Co. Vs Bradley County

324                  Caroline Lowe Vs Lafayette Lowe

326                  Sarah A. Spencer Vs Joseph Spencer

327                  S.T. Igou, Alice Igou, Celia Hail, F.G. Hail, Mary Miller Vs W.L. Hail, J.B. Mitchell, John Boone, Gabriel North, H.W. Smith, Lucinda Stanton, John Stanton, Susan Wade, Bill Hail, Telitha Carden

328                  W.C. Day, Administrator of Mahala Cannon, deceased Vs Matthew Nelson Cannon, J.P. Lea, James Torbit,, W.W. Boyd, Pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church South at Cleveland, Mrs. Willie Craigmiles

329                  J.N. Aiken Vs H.B. Henegar

331                  Thomas J. Fielder Vs James G. Hays

332                  Mary W. Davis Vs Charles Davis, M.W. Legg, A.J. White

333                  Joseph R. Taylor Vs Mrs, Susan Nelson, Lavinia Earnest

334                  H.C. Norvell and wife Alice Norvell Vs Mrs. Clarinda Hays, John Hays, William Hays, James Hays, Mary Hays, George W.Sallie

335                  Lithgow Manufacturing Co. Vs Davis Whitman, John B. Whitman, J.B. Whitman, Hutcherson & Co., C.H. Hutcherson & Co., S.H. DeArmond, Cas Hutcherson, J.M. Crow

337                  E.J. Green Vs P.W. Green, John H. Parker, George T. Parker

338                  W.M. Bryant Vs Hiwassee Savings Association

339                  W.H. McKamy, Trustee Vs W.W. Stephenson

340                  A.L. Walker, W.T. Walker, by their next friend, L.E. Walker Vs J.J. Million

341                  Josie Oden Vs J.F. Oden

346                  John W. Cottrell Vs Malinda Jane Cottrell

347                  East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad Co. Vs George W. Sallie

348                  John W. Cantrell Vs Malinda J. Cantrell

349                  Benoni Prichard Vs Susan J. Prichard

351                  W.R. Hinch Vs Margaret Hinch, Daisy Hinch

353                  W.L. Pickens Vs J.P. Reynolds and wife

356                  M.L. Julian, James Julian Vs G.C. Cate, William Pursley as the Administrator of the estate of A.J. Cate

357                  Mary Ann McCarty Vs Thomas L. Bates, Executor of Benjamin McCarty, deceased, Kittie Bates, Cynthia Bates, Sallie McBraint, Dick McBriant, Mattie Miller, Tinie Miller, Nancy Morrison, Thomas C. McCarty, Martha Bell McCarty, Thomas J. Knox, Timothy McCarty, Martha Greer, Thomas Greer, Nancy Wilson, Dick Wilson, George Denton, Kate Shannon, Mr. Shannon, Joseph Denton, Benjamin Denton

358                  L.L. Callaway, James A. Johnston Vs S.H. Day, East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad Company, by their local agent

359                  J.B. Merriam, W.B. Mitchell, J.A. Mitchell, partners trading under the name of Merriam & Mitchell Vs Burton W. Smith, C.T. Campbell

360                  J.M. Cash Vs S.P. Maples, Jesse Rhymer

361                  John F. Martin and his wife Lizzie Martin Vs William McBrien and Martha McBrien, widow and Administratrix of Richard McBrien, deceased

                        Martha J. McBrien Vs John F, Martin, Lizzie Martin, et al.

362                  Mrs. M.M. Eichhorn Vs W.H. Eichhorn

363                  Hiram W. Smith Vs Vasco Still, Ruby Still, James O. Still

365                  A.R. Potts, Executor and Devisee Vs Albert Potts, Nancy M. Kelly, Hiram D. Kelly

366                  Mary D. Oviatt, Sarepta Leeper Vs W.C. Dailey, Julia Dailey

368                  Elizabeth Denton Vs Letta Pickens, R.J. Cate

369                  J.B. Bean Vs T.J. Wells, et al.

371                  Joseph H. Hardwick Vs Nimrod Bell

                        Nimrod Bell Vs Joseph H. Hardwick

369                  Thomas D. Fite, William Porter, A.G. Fite, William J. Porter, L.F. Davis, R.J. Lyles, J.E. Bentley, partners doing business under the firm name and style of Fite, Porter & Co. Vs T.J. Wells, John Smith, Arthur Traynor

372                  John Callaway Vs Samuel Burch, Richard Mosby, Eliza Mosby

375                  Van Clark Vs James Keith, Samuel Westfield, Trustees of the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church and all other members of said church

376                  P.L. Johnston Vs James Cook

378                  Jesse H. Gaut Vs James H. Hays, W.G. Hays, William Moore

379                  Thomas L. Cate, P.H. Walker, J.A. Steed, J.H. Hardwick Vs Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Cleveland, L.L. Harle, Louis Williams, James E. Surguine, John H. Craigmiles

380                  W.H. Taylor Vs Robert Sutton

386                  Valentine Bennett Vs Albert Potts, Mariah Potts, John Boon

381                  Mary Jane Lee, William T. Lee, Jesse H. Lee, by his next friend James R. Lee, Samule A. Lee Vs Thomas J. Smith, W.C. Barger, Mr. McBanks, Annie Eliza Rinkle

382                  John McReynolds, Executor of Mary Hall, deceased Vs Samuel Hunt, Katherine Hunt, Mary D. Hays, G.B. Hays, J.R. Taylor

383                  John P. Hacker Vs Uri Haskins

384                  E.R. Betterton & Co. Vs James P. Sharp and wife, James T. Douglass

385                  L.D. Campbell, Administrator of the estate of John M. Campbell, deceased Vs J.W.P. Lawson, S.D. Lawson, Tim Cry and wife Samantha Cry, Doc Snyder and Laura Snyder

387                  B.F. Mitchell Vs Albert Potts, Mariah Potts, John Boon

388                  T.M. Burkett, Sarah J. Campbell wife of J.W. Campbell, Martha J. Hornsby wife of J.M. Hornsby Vs Virginia A. Carson, Thaddeus Burkett, Robert L. Burkett, T.L. Burkett

389                  Joseph Hyden Vs Ben Hyden, John Hickman

390                  John L. Shugart, William O. Shugart Vs Walter Shugart, Oscar Shugart, Maude Shugart, J.B. Alexander

391                  R.S. Payne, E.E. McMillan, Asa Hazen, M.S. McClelland, John A. Pigue, J.M. Manier Vs George P. Billingsly, James F. Bradford

392                  James M. Henry Vs August Trimble

393                  Robert Murphy Vs Margaret Murphy, William Murphy, Elizabeth Murphy, Sarah Mowery, James Mowery, Edley Murphy

394                  W.S. Beckner & Bro., J.S. Shaw Vs W.B. Lawson, Minnie Lawson

395                  John M. Hardwick, George T. Hall Vs R.M. Edwards, East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad Co.

396                  J.H. Gaut, et al., Trustees of Oak Grove Academy Vs Margaret E. Cowan, Frank J. Cowan

397                  Gus Cate and wife Rose E. Cate Vs J.S. Bell, Executor, et al.

398                  Lavinia Burton Vs Samuel Burton

399                  Cleveland National Bank Vs James M. Patrick, et al.

404                  G.M. Battey, A.M. Hamilton, D.B. Hamilton Vs J.T. Bradford, B.F. McClary, P.L. Johnson, Mary J. Bradford, N.B. Dunn

407                  Mrs. Tennessee C. Hayes, Eva Rains, George Rains, Ida Hayes, Joseph R. Hayes Vs William Hayes, William M. Bracket, Catherine Sewell, Malinda Taylor, Lula Hayes, Rig Hayes, Ruth Hayes, Blair Hayes

409                  James M. Biggs Vs J.A. Biggs, H.B. Henegar, Gussie Biggs

                        H.B. Henegar Vs J.M. Biggs

                        Hiwassee Savings Association Vs James M. Biggs

410                  J.F. Horner & Bro., W.A. Horner Vs Jeff F.Montgomery, T.M. Montgomery, Mattie Montgomery, John Trunk, Mollie Trunk, Eliza Montgomery, C.L. Stephenson, A.L. Stephenson

411                  John T. DeArmond, Thomas M. Montgomery Vs J.J. Million, T.H. Million, J.R. Million, M.M. Million, John S. Blackburn, B.F. Minnis

413                  Hiwassee Savings Association Vs R.L. Bright, Bearden & Thomas, A.S. Thomas

414                  Cleveland Lumber Company, J.E. Gryder, John F. DeArmond, T.M. Montgomery Vs Alfred Bristol, Nathan Williams, A. Stevenson, C. Hitchcock, H. Davis, Trustees of the Second Methodist Episcopal Church at Cleveland

418                  B.S. Ozias Vs J.S. Blackburn, J.O. Blackburn, J.R. Blackburn

419                  J.W. Willis, C.F. Carson Vs J.C. Lindsey, C.S. Lindsey

420                  John Richey, C.L. Cormack Vs Jabez Henderson, W.P. Bryant, A.D. Henderson

421                  Aaron Lea Vs James Cash

422                  William G. Hunt Vs John J. Million, George T. Parker, Daniel McDowell, G.M. Hunt

424                  O’Bryan Bros, Vs T.P. Chambers, H.D. Chambers, M.H. Chambers, Cleveland National Bank

425                  John S. Blackburn, J.O. Blackburn, J.R. Blackburn Vs B.S. Ozias, W.H. Ozias

426                  R.A. Wilson, S.J. Wilson, C.J. Wilson, John Cleveland, Mary Cleveland, William Deckert, Jane Deckert Vs Kittie Wilson, Noah Wilson, Jane Wilson, James L. Kirby, Sr., E.J. Wilson

427                  William C. Day, Administrator of Young Keebler Vs Joseph W. Keebler, Alice S. Keebler, Walter S. Keebler, Perry Jones, J. Nichols

428a                Caswell Goodner, John J. Goodner, R.A. Johnston, Talitha Johnston, formerly Talitha Goodner, William B. Lee, Sarah E. Lee, formerly Sarah E. Goodner, Joseph L. Goodner, Martha T. Browder, formerly Martha T. Goodenr, Charlotte B. McDade, Jacob W. Goodner, George Goodner, G.C. Hawkins, Mary C. Hawkins Vs James M. Goodner, Ira J. Ramsey, Champ Ramsey, Charles G. Johnston, R.C. Johnston, Mary C. Johnston, Oskar K. Johnsotn, M.O. Johnston, all minor children of R.A. Johnston and wife Jane, who was a daughter of Jacob Goodner

428b                Lewis Griffin Vs Holliday Spivey

429                  John D. Traynor, R.C. Morris and Kate Morris, for the use of W.D. Traynor and Arthur Traynor Vs Bibb Weir, Dafney Weir

431                  Susan H. Nelson, Lavinia Earnest, Sydney Henderson Vs George Saulpaw, Annie S. Nelson, Inez Nelson, John H. Nelson, Thomas A.R. Nelson, Luke Lea Nelson, W.E.McConnell, W.K. Sheddan, John H. Edwards, Lucinda Tonkin, Emma Steed

433                  T.L. Bates, Administrator of the estate of T.W. Brock. deceased Vs Lyda Brock, Mary A.Brock, Lou Brock, William Brock, March Brock, Floy Brock, Fletcher Brock, J.W. Brock

434                  D.H. Talley Vs Mary A. Lee, W.T. Lee, Jesse F. Lee, and James R. Lee by their regular guardian, Samuel Lee

435                  A.D. Stuart Vs William H. Russell, Elizabeth S. Russell, D.S. Russell, M.C.A. Russell, Robert S. Russell, Sallie B. Russell, Henry E. Russell, John B. Hoyl, G.A. Long

437                  John Trunk, Administrator of the estate of W.S. Montgomery Vs J.W. Goodner, John J. Goodner

440                  Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine Co. Vs Charles Montgomery, Lena Montgomery, A.E. Thurston

442                  Lizzie Newell, widow of G.C. Newell, deceased, Mrs. Mary M. Mooney, John A. Mooney, Mrs. Agnes Steed, T.D. Steed, Charles R. Newell, M. Blanch Newell, Frank C. Newell Vs Alice E. Newell, Fred E. Newell, Arthur B. Newell

443                  M.C. Hancock Vs M.G. Hancock, Nancy Hancock

444                  Cleveland National Bank Vs W.T. Williams

445                  Cleveland National Bank Vs James M. Patrick, Lucien L. Patrick

446                  Ezekiel B. Bancroft Vs Adoline A. Bancroft

447a                George W. Marler, Executor of  A.M. Allen, deceased, Vs J.B. Officer, T.S. Cawood, W.E. Grigsby, S.E. Dean

447b                William Humphreys Vs N.B. Haymes

452                  Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Co. Vs W.L. Carter, Vicy Carter, Ada Lewis, Richard Lewis, Leola Price, Daniel Price, Early Carter, Willie L. Carter, Adaline E. Carter

453                  Sarah L. Grant, T.P.P. Grant Vs Leander Grant, Samuel Hoyl, Susan Hoyl, C.A. Carmichael alias C.A. Bristol, George Callaway, Mary Callaway, Sarah Callaway, John Grant, A.J. White, Nathan Callaway, John C. Callaway, Thomas Callaway, Clinton Callaway

454                  Tobert T. Rutherford Vs James Myer, Joseph Gass and William Wolf, School Directors

455                  W.J. Davis, James Dixon Vs R.A. Wilson, E.J. Wilson, Thomas Taylor, G.W. Hinkle

456                  Knoxville Marble Co. Vs Bradley County Marble Co.

460                  Wiley Wattenbarger for B.L. Smalling Vs A.M. Bare, Administrator of S.W. Lee, deceased, Pauline E. Lee, John H. Lee, Albert E. Lee, Samuel E. Lee, Oliver O. Lee, Alpha O. Lee, Pauline E. Lee, Jr.

461                  John G. Carter Vs Wiley Mee

462                  Thomas L. Cate, J.B. Hall, Executors of Caswell Hall, and Julia T. Hall, Guardian Vs Fannie Hall, Frank B. Hall, Mary Hall

463                  J.D. Pair, Nancy Ann Lowery Branham, Anderson Branham, Samuel A. Pair, Sarah Catherine Pair, Elizabeth Burns Vs Addie E. Julian, J.B. Julian, Lemmon Cooper, William Cooper, Ellen Johnston, William Johnston, Luther Pair, James Pair, Charley Pair, Alexander Pair, Rebecca Pair, Miller C. Cohen, Fannie Tyler, Thomas Tyler, Hester Reish, John Reish

464                  Arch Cooper, J.T. Cooper Vs Martha Cooper, W.L. Cooper, William Smith and wife Margaret Smith, formerly Margaret Cooper, Dempsey Williams and wife Lydia Williams, formerly Lydia Cooper

465                  J.R. Hope Vs John Rush

466                  W.K. Shadden, F.P. Kanester Vs Mary Shadden, Lizzie Shadden

467                  Edley Murphy Vs Margaret Murphy, William Murphy, Eliza Murphy

468                  T.J. Knox, W.H. McKamy Vs James A. Biggs, Gussie Biggs, James M. Biggs

469                  H.B. Henegar, James C. Murphy, William A. Latham Vs C.L. Carmack, A.F. Carmack, W.P. Bryant

472                  K.C. Walcott Vs B.C. Benson

473                  John S. Lewis, D.A. Wesnors & Sons, W.H. Smith & Bros. & Ruggles Vs

                        B.C. Benson, C.L. Benson

474                  M.W. Legg, A.J. White Vs H.M. Collins, Mary A. Collins

475                  R.W. Price, C.C. Anderson Vs W.E. Boskette and Anna Reed, a minor defended by J.N. Aiken, Guardian ad litum and solicitor

476                  Brewster C. Benson and wife Martha D. Benson Vs Charlie L. Benson and wife Esther Benson

477                  W.L. Carter Vs Nancy O. Goodner, Frank Goodner

478                  H.M. McClary Vs Robert C. Morris, Onie J. Boyd, Rebecca Melton, Malvina Hemphill, Martha Smith, Elijah Smith, Mary Morris

479                  William C. Mansfield Vs John S. Witt, D.H. Murphy, J.J. Wehunt

480                  A.D. Reynolds, E.E. McMillan, Asa Hagler, M.S. McClellan, R.W. Payne, Littleton Thomas Vs John S. Witt, D.H. Murphy, J.J. Wehunt, William Witt

481                  John McDowell, Administrator of Daniel McDowell, deceased Vs Matthew  J. McDowell, Daniel P. McDowell, B.C. McDowell, A.L. Davis, Eliza Jane Davis, Martha McDowell, Jr., J.C. Poindexter, Martha E. Poindexter, Eliza Pointeseter, James McDowell, S.A. McDowell

485                  Caswell Parks, Guardian of Emma Botts, Ella Botts Vs A.D. Cate

486                  J.P. Southerland VS George W. Birchfield, M.D. Manes, John Birchfield

490                  M.F. Hancock Vs W.R. Harper, William Thomas, Lillie A. Thomas

492                  Gus A. Cate, Arthur Traynor Vs C.T. Orr, John T. DeArmond, Alice S. DeArmond, T.M. Montgomery, Jennie H. Montgomery, John Trunk, Mattie O. Montgomery, E.A. Montgomery

                        C.T. Orr, et al. Vs G.A. Cate, et al.

                        Gus Cate Vs Cleveland Lumber Co.

                        C.T. Orr, et al. Vs Cleveland Lumber Co.

493                  William C. Townsend Vs Louis Williams, J.E. Hartdgen, Arthur Traynor, John G. Brown, J.E. Mayfield, Hugh Lisson & Sons

494a                J.D. Pair Vs Allen Marler, Newton Marler

494b                Mart J. Bates Vs J.M. Bates, et al.

495                  R. Walters & Sons, J.T. McTeer, C.E. McTeer, R.S. Payne, Charles Burger, W.M. Hood Vs W.J. Hartdegen & Son

496                  Goldstein, Friedman & Co. Vs J.E. Hartdegen

498                  Mary J. Bates Vs Sterling V. Bates, et al.

499                  Samuel T. Kelly, Administrator Vs W.G. Triplett, S.N. Winkler, Sarah Winkler, John Triplett, James Lacy, Rebecca Lacy, J.H. Triplett, W.C. Barnett, Ella Barnett, Julia Smith, John Price, Milly A. Price

501                  J.P. Taylor Vs G.W. Webb, J.P. Willhoite

502                  Walter Craigmiles Vs H.B. Henegar

                        H.B. Henegar Vs Walter Craigmiles

504                  George M. Beeler and wife Laura A. Beeler Vs W.G. Hunt and wife Annie M. Hunt, James L. Whitman, T.J. Beeler, Minnie Beeler, Ida Beeler, John Beeler, Arthur Beeler

506                  W.O. Peeples, S.C. Peeples, R.B. Peeples Vs Lawrence Hacker, Charles H. Seward

507                  Celia Eldridge Vs Andrew Bowman

508                  J.N. Varnell, Executor of L.W. Crowch, deceased Vs James F. Varnell, James S. Varnell, William Varnell, D.W. Richardson, J.N. Aiken, Martha D. Varnell. Mary F. Varnell, J.M. Crowch

509                  John C. Ramsey, Administrator of the estate of John W. Ramsey, deceased Vs Mary J. Ramsey, widow of John W. Ramsey, L.M. Stegall, formerly L.M. Ramsey, R.A. Stegall, W.E. Ramsey

510                  S.H. Scott Vs Mary Scott

511                  Bill Carter, E.W. Carter, Wilson Lea Vs Mary Shepherd, Jerry Shepherd, Quitta Lea

512                  E.S. DeLany, C.J.C. Noel Vs M.P. Hawk

513                  J.W. Holt, Administrator of the estate of Frank A. Holt Vs Frank B. Holt, Mrs. M.D. Holt, Sarah E. Holt, Annie Sharp, J.F. Holt, William F. Holt

514                  Eliza C. Rucker, Lula C. Rucker, M. Ava Prater, formerly Ava Rucker and husband J.L. Prater Vs James W. Rucker, Walter Rucker, Frederick Rucker, Effie Rucker, Turnley Rucker, all minors and without regular guardian, George Carlyle

                        Eliza C. Rucker vs Cleveland Fire Brick Co.

515                  Abe Block & Co. Vs Theodore L. Rogers, H.N. Rogers, H.M. Rogers

516                  G.A. Long Vs Emma E. Fletcher, Guardian

517                  W.A. Alford, Cullen & Newman Vs George D.McAndrews, William Allen

518                  Myra Thompson, Administratrix of the estate of Gideon Thompson Vs Jane Wood, Samuel T. Wood, Russell R. Wood, Louisiana R. Wood, Minerva J. Wood, Flora Wood, Henry Wood, Samuel Wood

519                  Mary F. Shugart Vs John C. Chestnut, B.D. Dempsey, Mary E. Chestnut

522                  Mary H. Davis Vs W.R. Davis, Joseph Lusk, Adaline Lusk, Robert Hambright, Martha Hambright, Arthur Mulkey, George Grafton, Maggie Grafton

524                  Martha A. Morrison, Hettie Morrison Vs R.L. Morrison, T.J. Morrison, T.J. Knox, J.N. Aiken, Guardian ad litum

525                  Susan Lorterage Vs Tom Lorterage

526                  J.B. Morris Vs H.J. Parks, M. Cook

527                  Frances Hale Vs J.W. Willingham

528                  Thomas L. Cate, Executor of Amanda Thompson, deceased and Trustee for Fanny Triplett Vs Fanny Triplett, et al.

529                  M.H.F. Hancock Vs Ed Langston

531                  J.M. Crow, Fossick & Co. Vs Lewis Williams, East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad Co., W.P. Campbell, Agent, R.H. Carson, J.E. Hartegen, Arthur Traynor, W.C. Townsen

532                  Leander Grant Vs Albert Giles, George Inman and Henry Brown, Trustees of the African Methodist Episcopal Church of America in Cleveland, Tennessee

535a                Elizabeth S. Russell, wife of W.H. Russell, M.C.A. Russell, Robert S. Russell, Sallie B. Russell, Henry E. Russell, minor children of W.H. and Elizabeth Russell, sue by their next friend R.M. Edwards Vs G.A. Long, W.H. Russell, M.M. Russell, David S. Russell, J.G. Stuart, Administrator of Jane Russell, deceased, W.H. McKamy, Clerk and Master

                        Jane Russell, by her next friend William R. Borden Vs G.A. Long, John B. Hoyl

535b                John H. Parker, G.A. Cate, W.C. Mansfield, M.J. O’Brien, W.C. Thatcher, J.D. Thatcher, W.C. Thatcher, Jr., H.B. Carhart, W.B. Carhart, W.E. Carhart Vs Jackson T. Hale, Winston McNabb

536                  John K. Scott and wife Jane Scott Vs J.D. Pair, Frank Mitchell, B.F. Mitchell, Susan M. Mitchell, Alice Huffacre, B. Pair, James Reese, Orlena Huffacre

Bernice Pair and husband J.D. Pair Vs B.F. Mitchell

537                  E.J. Marsh, Merchants & Manufacturers Bank Vs Brewster C. Benson and

                        wife Martha D. Benson

538                  J.E. Johnston, J.R. McNeely, Trustees Vs D.R. Miller

539                  W.H. Howard, Elizabeth Howard, Augustus Howard, Lewis Howard, Clementine Howard, the four last named are minors under 21 years of age who sue by their next friend W.H. Howard, Evaline Howard and husband Elbert Howard Vs Barton Howard, Dora Howard and her child John Luther Howard, William H. Burgess, T.L. Cate

541                  W.C. Thatcher & Sons, J.H. Parker Vs T.A. Childers, J.E. Surguine Grand Commander of the Legion of Honor, Fanny Hancock, James Childress, Arthur Traynor

542                  B.H. Cook & Co., Harding, Furguson & Hill, W.B. Dowell, H.B. Crutcher, Pigue, Manier & Co. Vs R.A. Dunlap

543                  Joseph T. McTeer, C.E. McTeer, R.S. Payne, Charles Burger, William Hood, composing the firm of McTeers, Payne, Burger and Hood Vs Ed Hartdgen, Mrs. A.E. Hartdgen mother of defendant Ed Hartdgen, Eugene Johnson, Stonewall Rogers, James Kirby and the firm of Kirby & Johnson

544                  J.N. Aiken, Administrator of the estate of Lewis Williams, deceased Vs Mary A. Williams, M.M. Cate, G.B. Cate, Gould Manufacturing Co., D.R. Thomas

                        J.N. Aiken, Administrator of Lewis Williams, deceased Vs Arthur Traynor, Administrator of May A. Williams, et al.

545                  J.A. Wardlaw & Co. Vs Frank Hall, J.E. Mayfield

546                  William Dixon and wife Roxey Dixon, James L. Kirby, Jr., Executor of the last will and testament of Thomas Batt, deceased Vs Dempsey Cooper, Executor of the last will and testament of Bennett Cooper, deceased

547                  J.R. Taylor Vs Callie Alexander, Mimmie Alexander, Mattie Alexander, John Alexander, Lizzie Alexander, Tom Alexander, Arnold Alexander, Ed Alexander

548                  George W. Cofer Vs S.F. Geren,. T.M. Caldwell, James Johnson, R.L. Cleveland

550                  J.L. Kirby Vs W.G. Hunt, J.J. Million, J.L. Whitman, Henry Joseph, W.F. Barnett, J.A. Steed

553                  Gus Cate Vs J.O. Blackburn, J.S. Blackburn, J.R. Blackburn

554                  C. Aultman & Co. Vs J.A. Kinser, H.R. Kinser, M.H. Coile

555                  William Carter, Joseph Carter Vs Richard Keer, A.J. Smitherman

556                  H.B. Carhart & Co., H.B. Carhart, W.B. Carghart, W.E. Carhart Vs A.T.Bayless, Horace Bayless

559                  W.P. Chambers Vs Judy Chambers, Ida Chambers, William Chambers, Elizabeth Chambers, John Chambers, children of H.D. Chambers, deceased, and the living heirs, if any, of Lydia Davis, deceased, Fanny Lydia Chambers

560                  W.Y. Oehering, J.A. Johnston, J.W. Johnston, J.F. Johnston Vs William J. Walsh, Sarah E. Walsh, L.M. Walsh, Maggie Bain

561                  John L. Schultz Vs Abbie F. Webb

562                  Produce Marble Co. Vs J.N. Aiken, Administrator of T.J. Knox

                        Produce Marble Co. Vs J.V. Aiken, Administrator of Lewis Williams, deceased, T.J. Knox

564                  John H. Parker Vs John B. Reid, L.W. McCants, August Reid, Mrs. E.C. McCants, Benton Land & Iron Co.

565                  M.W. Legg Vs W.G. Hunt, Annie Hunt, J.L. Whitman

566                  C.L. Hardwick, A.D. Scruggs, P.B. Mayfield Vs James Cash

567                  J.Q.A. Lewis, Susan J. Lewis Vs Cleveland Mutual Life Association

568a                W.H. Taylor Vs J.H. Pemberton

568b                George W. Etter Vs John Swafford, W.L. Doss, W.J. Walsh, Lawrence Swaffer, William A. Denton

569                  P.B. Mayfield Vs M.N. Cannon, J.J. Sullivan, John Sullivan, J.S. Miyhton, Press Milliand

570                  Peter Lacewell Vs George Parsons and wife Harriet Parsons

571                  Nicy Hancock Vs M.G. Hancock

574                  Elwell Eastman Vs John L. Harrell

575                  B.T. Walsh Vs John B. Reid, Augusta Reid, Benton Land & Iron Co.

576                  B.T. Walsh Vs T.M. McCants and wife E.C. McCants, Benton Land & Iron Company, John S. Harrell

577                  William W. Climer Vs I.H.T. Climer and wife Jane Climer, Minerva Baker and husband J.J.W. Baker, James Climer, minor, John W. Climer

578                  W.H. McKamy,Nancy M. McKamy, James G. Stuart, Mary A. Stuart, John C. Williamson, Susan J. Lewis, J.Q.A. Lewis Vs Benton Land & Iron Company, John B. Reed, L.W. McCants, John L. Harrell, Cleveland National Bank

580                  C.L. Hardwick, J.H. Hardwick, George L. Hardwick, Frank E. Hardwick, J.O. Hardwick, Nora J. Ramsey formerly Hardwick and husband J.C. Ramsey, Maggie Caldwell formerly Hardwick and husband J.L. Caldwell Vs Anna Bell Hardwick, Julius H. Hardwick and Houston L. Hardwick, minors defended by their Guardian ad litum and solicitor, S.J. Aiken, Esq.

582                  A.H. Rogers Vs Werner Falk

585                  Ella Carter Vs Will Carter

586                  G.M. Reeder Vs C.T. Campbell

587                  Jerry Hughs and wife Nannie Hughs, J.E. Maples Vs W.J. Maples, Jane Cash formerly Jane Maples and her husband J.M. Cash, Hannah Maples widow of A.P. Maples, Sr., deceased

588                  Arminda McCausland Vs J. Blackmon

589                  O’Bryan Brothers Vs Blackburn & Morrison

590                  J.M. Million & Company Vs J.S. Shaw and wife Frances Shaw

591                  George B. Hays, Administrator of George P. Welchell, deceased Vs John Richey and A.B. Minton, Executors of Mary A. Welchell, deceased

592                  A.W. Raht, W.E. Raht, Executors Vs Louisa Warnecke, Herman Warnecke, A.W. Raht, William E. Raht

593                  A.W. Raht, William E. Raht, J.D. Raht, F.A. Raht, C. Augustus Raht

                        Vs Matilda C. Raht, resident of Coffee County, Tennessee, who is a minor and for whom Charles Raht of the City of New York is Trustee, East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad Company

594                  Rebecca Bowman and husband Jacob Bowman Vs Benjamin H. Haley

595                  R.J. Cate Vs Henry Dawson

596                  Malinda J. Longly Vs John L. Longly

597                  Sarah M. Russell widow of A.B. Russell, T.G. Russell Vs G.W. Russell, Katherine Russell, Earl Russell, Andy Russell

598                  G.T. Watkins and wife H.R. Watkins Vs J.M. Moore

600                  M.W. Legg Vs W.A. Denton and wife Mary Denton, John H. Parker

601                  M.W. Legg Vs John H. Parker

602                  Rebecca Stout Vs N.T. Stout

603                  J.B. Haskins, J.C. Haskins, B.D. Haskins, Executors of D.C. Haskins, deceased Vs Miles Montgomery

605                  S.E.Browder Vs Westley Ball

606                  E.L. Knox, E.T. Knox Vs M.C. Morehead, F. Morehead

607                  Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Company Vs G.W. Parsons, G.W. Day, E.J. Pirkle, William Webb

608                  W.R. Smith Vs H.H. Frayer

CC611             N.B. Haymes Vs Ben Moor

612a                John V. Jordan Vs H.L. Watkins, Carr Gates

612b                Maud Pendergrass Vs Tom Pendergrass

CC612             T.L. Hudson Vs Southern Railway Company

613                  N.E. Burns Vs John H. Parker, John T. Parker, D.C. Goff, S. Sanders, Cleveland Woolen Mill

614                  Joseph R. Taylor Vs John H. Parker, Bank of Charleston, Cleveland Woolen Mill

615                  L. Shugart Vs John H. Parker, George T. Parker, M.N. Swan, S.G. Sanders, D.C. Goff, Cleveland National Bank, C.L. Hardwick, Cleveland Woolen Mill

616                  John H. McDowell and wife Vs William Wooden, Thomas Wooden, James Wooden, Julia Geren, Malissa Johnson, Jacob Johnson, John Lauderdale, Angeline Lauderdale, heirs of Henry Wooden, deceased, William Wooden 23-years old, Nannie Cooly, Vince Cooly, Emma Wooden, Elijah Wooden, et al.

617                  S.W. Marshall & Company Vs Silas F. Hoxsworth

618                  G.W. Day Vs Banner News Publishing Company, R.H. Carson, Jr., V.A. Clemmer, J.H. Bible, Jesse Rymer, “Wid” Clemmer

619                  Alice Shelton Vs H.W. Shelton

620                  M.A.F.Cate, formerly Hancock, Administratrix of the estate of J.S. Hancock, deceased, and Trustee for his heirs and children, husband William Cate, William N. Hancock Vs Rena L. Hancock, Clarence L. Hancock, Albert L. Hancock, James L. Hancock, Daisy Hancock, children and minor heirs of J.S. Hancock, deceased

621                  Gus Cate Vs J.H. Parker, George T. Parker, C.L. Hardwick

622                  R.M. Sutton & Company, et al. Vs Charles T. Campbell, W.P. Campbell, Cleveland National Bank

623                  Frank & Adler Vs C.T. Campbell, W.P. Campbell, Cleveland National Bank

624                  James Wood Vs C.T. Campbell

625                  Bay State Shoe & Leather Company, Alms Darpke Company Vs C.T. Campbell, W.P. Campbell, Cleveland National Bank

626                  S.H. DeArmond, E.C. Rucker Vs C.T. Campbell, W.T. Campbell, John G. Carter, Cleveland National Bank

627                  Herman Brothers, Lindener & Company, Daniel Briscoe Company, John Shillito Company, O’Bryant Bros., Joel J. Bailey & Company, Will Biedler & Company, Thomas W. Fritts & Company Vs C.T. Campbell,  Bank of Charleston, W.P. Campbell, C.T. Duff, S.M. Paul

628                  J.M. Crow Vs R.A. McClelland, Sarah A. McClelland

629                  Herman Bros., Witz, Beidley & Co., Lindaner & Co. O’Bryan Bros., Joel J. Bailey & Co. Thomas W. Fritts Co. Vs C.T. Campbell, W.P. Campbell, L.H. Reeder, A.W. Rogers, Cleveland National Bank, Bank of Charleston, L.CV. Walker, C.T. Duff, S.M. Paul, A.W. Rogers, J.W. Manier & Son, Lee, Tweedy & Co.

630                  Joseph R. Taylor Vs William Johnson and wife F.E. Johnson, J.C. Harvey, John Harvey

631                  J.T. Davis, N.H. Davis, Elijah Davis, Sarah E. Davis, Lunda Lewis, Joseph Lewis, Hettie J. Talent, Mary E. Lewis, John W. Lewis, A.T. Davis Vs Katie Miller, formerly Davis and husband Lewis Miller

641                  J.H. Gaut, et al. Vs Ada Lewis, Richard Lewis, Lela Price, Daniel Price, Early Carter, William L. Carter, Frank Goodner, Nancy O. Goodner, Adaline E. Carter

642                  John L. Langly Vs Cleveland Life Mutual Association, C.L. Hardwick, J.H. Craigmiles, P.B. Mayfield, W.H. Tonkin, A.D. Scruggs, J.H. Parker, John T. Rogers, Samuel Reese, W.R.Marshall

643                  James D. Richardson and Edmund Cooper, surviving partners of Richardson, Cooper & Palmer Vs H.H. Hamer

645                  Sallie Wilson Vs Ed R. Wilson

646                  Joseph Scott Vs Maranda L. Scott

648                  Carrie Gass Vs Milton Gass

649                  H.R. Coe, Thomas Dodd, H. Roland, E.W. Duckett, Russell Lawson and L.H. Barnett, citizens of the 4th School District Vs J.M. Birchfield, W.M. Clounts and Joseph Lusk, Directors of the 4th School District

650                  George T. Parker Vs S.G. Sanders, D.C. Goff

652a                Bank of Charleston Vs J.H. Pemberton, John H. Parker, J.L. Kirby, Jr.

652b                John K. Hysinger, Samuel Hysinger, Mary Bacon, formerly Hysinger, only child of Madison Hysinger, one of the heirs of Jacob Hysinger, deceased and husband Charley Bacon, Sarah Willhoite, formerly Hysinger and husband William Willhoite Vs Andy Goodman, Lizzie Goodman, formerly Hysinger

655                  Manier Co. Vs C.T. Campbell, George Willis

657                  Esther D. Fox, Administrator of the estate of W.R. Fox, deceased Vs J.R. Pennington

                        J.R. Pennington Vs Esther R. Fox

658                  B.E. Hall and wife Mary E. Hall Vs C.C. Gentry, Maggie Gentry regular Guardian of Daisy Hinsh

659                  J.L. Ledbetter Vs L.F. Schumacher, C.A. Gholston, Martin Mickey

662                  Delia C. Famber Vs Charles H. Famber

663                  A.J. White Vs Amanda McDowell, G.C. Owenby

664                  D.H. Murphy Vs Elizabeth Murphy

665                  S.H. Day Vs Nannie Boyd, Arthur Traynor Executor of the will of S.B. Boyd, deceased

666                  R.C. Bates, J.M. Bates, James P. Bates, Jennie Bates, W.F. Bates Vs S.V. Bates, John McReynolds and wife Mary McReynolds, Tom McCarty and wife Madge McCarty, Haywood Harris and wife Kate Harris, Martha E. Denton, J.F. Bowman and wife Ella Bowman, R.L. Groves and wife H.B. Groves, K.C. Atkins and wife Annie B. Atkins, Lilie Brazelton, W.C. Bates, Bell Bliss and husband W.W. Bliss, Eva Bates, Cynthia Bates, William Bates, Mary Burk, Annie Binsly and husband, Charlie Brazelton

667                  Emily McBryant Vs William McBryant

668                  M.D. Frazier Vs G.W. Willis, J.W. Manier, W.R. Manier, J.W.Manier, Jr.  Manier Company, C.T. Campbell

669                  Samuel Teague and wife Sarah Teague Vs Jesse Wells

672                  W.P. Campbell Vs Samuel Shannon

673                  Martha Morris Vs George Morris

674                  East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad Co. Vs James Bennett, W.H. Burgess

675                  J.R. McNelly Vs Alex Bogle and wife Mary Bogle

676                  Callie Billings Vs Oscar Billings

677                  Daniel T. Brown Vs W.J. Watson, E.L. Johnson, H.F. Brown

678                  Arthur Traynor, Administrator of Mary A.William, deceased Vs J.H. Parker, Guardian of Anna, Jennie, Lula and Louvinia Williams, R.H. Carson

679                  A.B. Green, Administrator, E.J. Green Vs G.M. Reeder

681a                William H. Goodrich Vs Arthur A. Campbell, Charles Gallaher, William Grant, John A. Campbell

681b                R.J. Cate, Administrator of William Cate, deceased Vs M.A.F. Cate

682                  P.H. Walker Vs John Webb

683a                Mahala B. Beard Vs George H. Lowell

                        George H. Lowell Vs Mahala B. Beard

683b                Soloman Griffith, Cory A. Griffith Vs W.D. Montgomery, M.D. Montgomery, Solomon Hardin, John Hardin, William Hardin, Cary Hardin, Charlie Hardin

684                  C.W. Gray Vs William Johnston, Cora Johnston, Bascom Johnston, et al.

685                  Mary E. Langly, formerly Mary E. Williams, and husband Andrew W. Langly Vs Sarah C. Gass, formerly Sarah C. Williams, and husband James Gass

686                  W.C. Day, Administrator of Jesse Odom, deceased Vs G.W. Odom, Lace Poteet and wife Clarinda Poteet, W.J. Odom, et al.

687                  Julia T. Hall Vs J.B. Hall, Fannie Hall, Mary Hall

688                  John Boyd, B.F. Minnis Vs W.J. Walsh, W.M. Willhoite, Lenileoti Willhoite, Amanda J. Aiken, S.J. Aiken           

690                  W.L. McKnight, Administrator of A.L. Dorsey Vs Helen Dorsey, Lena Snyder and husband William Snyder, Frank Dorsey, Lou Dorsey, Robert Dorsey, Lillian Dorsey, Mary Fretwell and husband John Fretwell, Mary A. Bayless and husband, Mary A. being the late widow of A.L. Dorsey, deceased

691                  James L. Whitman Vs Nick D. Marler, N.D. Marler, J.L. Whitman, W.G. Hunt

692                  John T. Johnston, J.A. Steed, L.D. Campbell, George T. Hall, E.J. Johnston, Joseph E. Johnston, Anna Kelly and husband J.J. Kelly, Rebecca Edwards and husband B.A. Kelly, Mary Minton and husband A.B. Minton, Adaline O’Neal and husband Joseph O’Neal, J.E. Johnston, Jr., Mary Beard and husband M.L. Beard, and C.M. Johnston’s widow Vs Frank Johnston, Carrie Johnston, French Johnston, by his Guardian ad litum and solicitor S.J. Aiken

693                  J.J. Million Vs D.C. Goff

694                  N.W. Epperson Vs Samuel Shannon, W.P. Campbell

695                  A.A. Pierce Vs J.H. Hooper

696                  Incorporation of Cleveland, Tennessee Vs J.M. Million, Frank Wimberly

697                  W.D. Johnson Vs Alfred Evins

698                  C.L. Hardwick, J.H. Hardwick, G.L. Hardwick, James L. Caldwell Vs John A. Thomas, Malinda Thomas

700                  Springfield Engine & Thresher Co. Vs T.L. Lasater, W.M. Bryant, C.L. Carmack

701                  W.H. Howard Vs Henry S. Nipper, James Nipper

702                  Arthur Traynor Vs John H. Parker, George T. Parker, Samuel H. DeArmond, Frank Julian and wife Hattie Julian

703                  Nancy Tennessee Garrett Vs James Garrett

706                  David Todd Vs T.H. Gilbreath, Charles Runyon, A.H. Gilbert

707                  John Mabry Vs Rebecca Mabry

710                  G.A. Rose Vs Ida J. Edmonds and husband J.L. Edmonds

711                  Joseph Kelly Vs Lizzie Kelly

712                  Amelia Maples Vs James Maples

714                  George W. Eads, Martha Baker and husband Joshua Baker, James Witt, Luther Witt Vs A.F. Eads, Susan Ferguson and husband Thomas Ferguson, John Wrinkle, Susan Low, formerly Susan Wrinkle, and husband John K. Low, Thomas C. Wrinkle, Dennis Wrinkle, John Eads, Merline Wrinkle, G.W. Eads, John Wrinkle

715                  Mrs. Mary E. Wood, Julia Wood, Grace Wood Vs Aurelia Hartley, Kittie Hartley, Jame Hartley, Jennie Alexander and husband, all lawful children of Sarah Hartley, deceased, (formerly Sarah J. Woods), John D. Howard, Alonzo H. Howard, George Howard, Joseph W. Howard, W. Howard, Mabelle Howard, Mary D. Anthony and husband, Sarah Short and husband Leonard Short, children of Margaret D. Howard (formerly Margaret D. Wood), now deceased, James C. Wood, Elizabeth Hope (formerly Elizabeth Wood) and husband James Hope, Edgar L. Wood, Walter A. Wood and Emma B. Wood, children of W.W. Wood, deceased, James Wood, Mary Thompson (formerly Mary Whitman) and husband Charley Thompson, Lorina DeArmond (formerly Lorina Whitman) and husband Sam DeArmond, children of Mrs. M.P. Whitman, formerly M.P. Wood, John C. Wood, B.S. Wood

716                  A.A. Stokes Vs Bessie O. Stokes

717                  Mrs. A.K. Hughes, Guardian of Thomas Olin Hughes and Rebecca Hughes in her own right Vs J.L.Hughes, Orlando Hughes, Thomas Olin Hughes, Rebecca Jane Hughes

                        Jerry Hughes and wife Vs W.J. Maples, Jane Cash and husband J.M. Cash, Hannah Maples

718                  A.J. Carson Vs John Carson, Hannah Jane Lawson, Jesse Lawson, Belle Lawson, A.J. Lawson, Luther C. Lawson, William C. Lawson. Laura Lawson

719                  J.N. Taylor, J.A. Paul, Administrator of P.L. Bible, deceased, Vs G.H. Bible, H.L. Bible, John T. Bible, Maggie M. Bible

720                  J.H. Gaut Vs James M. Patrick, Camile Patrick by her Guardian ad litum J.E.Mayfield

721                  Minnie Runions Vs James Runions

724                  Lucy Nelson Vs Joseph Nelson

725                  W.S. Henderson, E.J. Patterson wife of John Patterson, John A. Henderson Vs James Garrett, Gilmore Randolph and wife Mary Randolph

726                  Nellie Smith, G.W. Smith Vs Lizzie Thompson, Richard Nelson

727                  J.A. Hoxworth and wife Maggie Hoxworth Vs P.A. Abner

728                  S.A. Dodson, Executor of the last will and testament of Riley J. Waters, deceased Vs Eliza Kite, Rufus Kite

730a                James Mahoney Vs Thomas Clark

730b                A.R. Potts Vs John Wolf, Mary M. Wolf

731                  W.C. Day, Administrator of the estate of Almon Guinn, deceased Vs W.L. Guinn, J.W. Guinn, James Guinn, Charles Guinn, T.J. Knox regular Guardian of James and Charles Guinn, Mrs. A.Guinn, John L. Guinn, Mary Pierce, formerly Guinn and husband A.A. Pierce, Rosa Hammond, formerly Guinn and husband Fred Hammond, Willis Guinn, Robert Guinn, Sarah Jenkins, formerly Guinn and husband John W. Jenkins, W.S. Palmer, Charles Palmer, the firm of W.S. Palmer & Bro.

732                  W.S. Tipton Vs Walter Craigmiles, P.M. Craigmiles by his Guardian ad litum S.J. Aiken

734                  James L. Kirby Vs W.F. Kirby

735                  Matt Darr and wife Terissa Darr Vs Samuel Reese

736                  W.J. Cheek, Margaret Priddy formerly Cheek and husband Mack Priddy, George J. Cheek, Charles W. Cheek, Ruth Ann Cheek, Margaret E. Humphries and husband William L. Humphries, David M. Cheek Vs Mederith Cheek, Lizzie M. Malone formerly Cheek and husband George Malone, Minerva J. Bettis formerly Cheek and husband Sam Bettis

737                  T.L. Lasatar Vs Ambrose England, H.B. Henegar

740                  Sarah J. Scarlett and husband J.A. Scarlett Vs Leonard Chew

743                  Mary Simmons Vs Joe Simmons

744                  P.H. Walker Vs East Tennessee Telephone Co.

745                  Colemand McReynolds Administrator of John McReynolds, deceased Vs Mary McReynolds widow of John McReynolds, Raymon Cowan, Mary Cowan, John McReynolds, James McReynolds, Alice McReynolds, Luke McReynolds, Sarah Sharp and husband Frank E. Sharp

746                  Chattanooga Brewing Co. Vs Alex Campbell, T.L. Lowery

747                  P.H. Walker Vs W.F. Wimberly, J.M.illion

748                  Martha J. Griffin, Executrix of Lewis Griffin, deceased Vs Sarah Shipley and husband, Arthur Griffin, Emma Beaty, James Beaty, Lewis G. Griffin, B.C. Hinkle, Ann Hinkle, Martha S. Griffin, John Mowery, Martin Griffin, Lula M. Griffin

749                  C.L. Hardwick Vs John H. Parker and wife Mary K. Parker, E.T. Hall, Centenary Female College

750                  Cleveland Woolen Mill Vs Mutual Reverve Fund Life Association, John H. Parker, Mary R. Parker

751a                Thomas King Vs May King

751b                C.W. Raymond & Co. Vs Cleveland Fire Brick Co., J.W. McQuillan, C.J.C. Noel, as President, Secretary and General Manager

752                  Alford H. Clark Vs Catherine Clark

753                  John Sanders, G.P. Wells, Executors of William Sanders, deceased Vs W.A. Guille, J.B. Milligan, George W. Howard

745                  John C. Ramsey Vs W.F. Smith

755                  R.A. Young Vs R.S. Abeel, J.W. McQuillan, W.H. McKamy, Jr. M.F. Mosher

756                  S.L. Ingle Vs M.E. Stout, T.R. Preston

757                  C.W. Raymond & Co. Vs Cleveland Fire Brick Co.

758                  Cleveland National Bank Vs William Morrow, Centenary Female College

759                  Cleveland National Bank Vs Lucy V. Stowe, Pauline Stowe, Beatrice Stowe, A.D. Reynolds, J.G. Owen, S.T. Grimes, Robert Levitz, W.R. Reynolds

760                  State of Tennessee and Bradley County Vs J.L. Ayers, Mrs. S.J. Beavers, C.N. Payne, Wells Baker, John N. Blackburn, Mrs. G.A. Bryant, A.L. Cowan, M.N. Cannon & Co. E.P. Durand, Louisa Ford, William Henderson, Susan Hoyal, Lon High, H.C. Jackson, W.L. Langford, Gloss Johnston, H.T. Madison, Carrie Morrison, J.P. Smith, William Hankins, J.D. Cuddle

761                  Andrew J. Southerland Vs R.S. Abeel, W.H. McKamy, Jr., J.W. McQuillan, M.F. Mosher

762                  Dora Hawshaw Vs Grant Hawshaw

764                  State of Tennessee Vs J.P. Smith, Whig Davis, E.S. Rowlan, unknown heirs at law of Elizabeth Ross, deceased, unknown heirs at law of James Hawk, deceased, unknown heirs at law of Mary Martin, deceased, unknown heirs at law of J.H. Bridges, deceased, unknown heirs at law of James Matthews, deceased, unknown heirs at law of James Smith, deceased, Van Davis, William Brown and wife Jane Brown, John Quinton and wife Sallie Quinton, James Richards and wife Gussie Richards, Lish Baker and wife, and all other unknown heirs at law of Rachel Davis, deceased, H.H. McNabb. Charles Teeters, T.R. Hinch, Elwood Harold, William Haskins, Dan Matthews, H.P. Pritchard, John Sherman, John Schneider, John Davis, George Sherman,  L.H. Reeder, Tom Tucker and wife Rebecca Tucker

765                  State of Tennessee and Bradley County Vs G.W. Farnsworth, Mrs. M.E. Freen, Mack Holcomb, William Holcomb, George Holcomb, Clem Holcomb, Mary Holcomb, Jane Holcomb, Cal Towns and wife Rosa Towns, Rittie Holcomb and all other heirs of  Holcomb, deceased, Isaac Swartz, J.W. Birchfield, J.W. Moyers, W.A. Norton, Mrs. M.M. Pullam and husband Robert Pullam. “Bug” Shields, J.G.W. Mills, Lucinda Donohoo, A.P. Gladden, Minnie Johnston, Sarah Ball, W.P. Roberts, M.J. Madison, John E. Officer, the unknown heirs at law of Joel White, deceased, and the unknown heirs at law of J.H. Huff, deceased, the unknown heirs at law of Sam Bates, deceased, and the Matthews’ heirs, Katie Manus, Howell George, J.A. Smith, J.L. Tallent, C.P. Willhoite, R.T. Humphries

766a                State of Tennessee Vs Henry Climer, M. Jane Good, formerly Mary Jane Smith, Mr. Good, Jasper Kelly, Sarah Kelly, formerly Sarah Clark, John Clark, deceased,  and other unknown heirs at law of James Jackson, deceased, Malinda Russell, William Brunnel, S.J. Smith, the unknown heirs at law of M.N. Clayton, deceased, T.C. Carter, J.C. Harvey, R.E.S. Palmer, C.W. Bayless

766b                State of Tennessee Vs James Jackson heirs

767                  State of Tennessee and Bradley County Vs John Butler, M.M. Brake, heirs at law of Thomas Bates, deceased, heirs at law of J.M. Goode, deceased, Mary Cansler, Martha Gilbert, Mrs. G.W.Cooper, J.A. Duval, H.M. Hyde, Will Callaway, James Hoyl, all other heirs at law of William Hoyl, deceased, Isiah Cate, Ephriam Henderson, India Hawshaw, the heirs at law of H.C. Jackson, deceased, Mrs. H.C. Jackson, Charles Mee, Hannah Martin, the heirs at law of Hannah Harvey, deceased, William Barnett, Mary Cansler, Martha Gilbert, Isiah Cate, G.D. Cate, D.A. Douglas, G.R. Hatcher, J.H. Parker, Ephriam Henderson, P.W. Jones, Rachel Bates, Sue McRay, Alex Spriggs,

768                  State of Tennessee and Bradley County Vs John Spriggs, unknown heirs of Henry Scott, deceased, Charles Swan, Henry Shuler, Commodore Underwood, Emannuel Wiley, Sallie Wilson, E. Gerber, R.H. Henderson, David Todd, W.J. Ingle, Crabtree & Andrews, F.M. Harold, Murray & Trotter, David Dodson and wife and other unknown heirs of Riley Walters, deceased, the unknown heirs at law of Leander Frazier, deceased, T.M. Grisham. James D. Collins, Caroline Smith, R.T. Rutherford, J.B. Merriam, W.N. Griffith, the unknown heirs at law of J.L. Swan, deceased, John W. Young

769                  John Kerr Vs G.C.C. Kerr, Phebe Kerr

770                  Mahala B. Beard Vs George H. Lowell

                        George H. Lowell Vs Mahala B. Beard

771                  Bank of Charleston Vs Cleveland Fire Brick, Mattie T. Long, O.W. Miller

772                  Arthur Traynor Vs W.J. Walsh, James McKamy, H.W. Horner, J.W. Chambers, J.C. Bernard, W.H. McKamy, Jr.

773                  John L. Schultz Vs J.M. Boyd, William Minnis, B.F. Minnis

774                  Mary Francis Osment Vs Stephen Osment

777                  Charles Geren and wife Rhoda Geren, J.L. Marr, Administrator Vs James Hamilton and wife Theresa Hamilton

778a                State of Tennessee Vs William Barnes, Mary Boyl, Lee Cox and wife Sarah Cox, J.M. Baker, A.D. Cate, C.J.C. Noel, et al.

778b                Fannie Cate Vs Equitable Fire Insurance Co. of Nashville, Tennessee with agency in said Bradley County

780                  State of Tennessee Vs Theodore Bain, unknown heirs of E.J. Williams, deceased, Lon Roberts, Mrs. E.C. Duckett, L. Simon, Frank Goodner and wife, J.S. Robertson, William Payne, Maggie Hughes, Abner Bain and wife Mollie Bain, James Garrett and wife Lura Garrett, Ed Hughs, Alice Hughs

781                  State of Tennessee and Bradley County Vs William Bluford, A.H. Brown, Wells Baker, J.M. Cash, C.M. and Elizabeth Collins, E.H. Davis, Thomas Shumacher, C.A.Gholston, Ella Batt and Lena Batt, of unsound mind, heirs at law of Joseph Batt, deceased, Henry C. Beck, J.A. Stubblefield, William E. Cavitt, Becken Hanshaw and other heirs at law of William Hanshaw, deceased, whose names and numbers are unknown, M. Pitman, P.W. Jones, and all other heirs at law of Hannah Jones, deceased, E.R. Nelson, J.F. Maxwell, S.T.M. McPherson, D.L. Gritman, R.C. Gaylord, William Igou, George Inman, Henry Kerr, E.A. Langston, Mary E. McGhee, J.C.W. Miller, J.F. Mason, Carrir E. Morrison, A.D. Cate, William Payne, A.D. Reynolds, Jacob Bowman, J.W. Burton, Alf Beck, Mary Clark, John E.Goodner, Charlotte Hardwick, William Bryant

782                  State of Tennessee, et al. Vs A.L. Moore, William Maples

784                  D.A. Gallaway, B.J. Ingram, Matt Galloway, Will Brice, Samuel Langston, Robert Justis, Robert Harvey, Charles Harvey, A.W. Rogers, W.R.Taylor, F.M. Varnell, Charles Jenkins, W.T. Jones, J.H. Sanders, Thomas Parkinson, W.J. Morris, John Poindexter, Rueben Sewell Vs Blue Springs Mining Co., S.W. Divine, W.D. Caswell, Trustee, J.B. Sizer, Trustee, W.H. Cocking, Charles Alliel, Walburn Lumber Co., H.H. Ward

785                  Sim Hicks Vs Ann Rhodes

787                  Mary Boyd, Ida Boyd, Ella P. Boyd, S.J. Boyd Vs Brazil Boyd, Perry G. Boyd, W.C. Boyd, Minors defended by their Guardian ad litum and solicitor P.B. Mayfield

788                  Wesley Ball Vs William Norman, David Norman, Sarah Norman, J.A. Johnston, George Battle

789                  John T. DeArmond Vs Robert W. Selvidge, J.P.Cash, D.N. Kelly, J.A. Johnston, C.C.Moyers, members constituting the Board of Work House Commissioners for Bradley County, Tennessee, J.K. Brown, F.M. Ruth, James Nipper, members constituting the Commissioners of the Poor for Bradley County, Tennessee and Judge Cooper

790                  S.L. Hysinger, Cleveland National Bank, M.L. Beard, G.T. Hall, John K. Seaborn Vs L.L. Mowry and wife N.A. Mowry, D.H. Mowry, H. Rains, John G. Lea

791                  F.J. Myers Vs John K. Randolph, Administrator of Sarah D. Randolph, deceased

792b                John Winn Vs A.L. Persons, Emily D. Persons, Thomas Deering, Carrie Winn, Henry Winn


793                  Mattie Wilks Vs Charles Wilks

794                  George P. Goodner, Mary C. Hawk formerly Goodner and husband G.C. Hawk, Tabitha A. Johnston formerly Goodner and husband R.A. Johnston

                        Charles G. Johnston, S.H. Bean, Mary C. Wattenbarger and husband William Wattenbarger, Carroll E. Goodner, Elbert Goodner, et al. Vs J.Wade Goodner, T.M. McDonald and husband A.J. McDonald, C.B.V. McDade formerly Goodner, James M. Goodner, Oscar K. Johnston, et al.

795                  J.W.Millioin Vs D.T.Lee, Arthur Million, Luther Million, Ora Million

797                  Alice Green Executrix of Eliza Green, deceased Vs A.A. Roberts, W.P. Roberts, P.J.C. Green

798                  E. Dean Dow, W.H. Thomas Vs T.J.Knox, George J. Lea, Samuel Reese

799                  John H, Thatch Administrator of the estate of Sarah Henderson, deceased Vs J.I.B. Henderson, Cleveland National Bank

801                  Bank of Charlesleston Vs S.W. Divine, W.H. Bogle

802                  Mary E. Stoops Vs William Stoops

805                  Wilson Lea Vs Mary Shepherd, Jerry Shepherd, Belle Lea

806                  A.M. Guinn Vs Isaac Hughs, Callis Hughs, L.G. Hughs, W.R. Hughs, Deese L. Hughs, D.H. Hughs, J.P. Hughs, E.L. Hughs, Louisa Hughs wife of Frank Hughs

807                  W.H. McKamy, Clerk and Master Vs J.J. Million, Will Million, M.M. Million, L.A. Million, Nora Million, J.R. Million

808                  C.L. Hardwick, Executor of Joseph Tucker Vs C.A.Mee, Francis Mee, Belle Hardwick, Jane Hall and husband John Hall, Caroline Johnston (widow), Horace McGhee

809                  O.P. Gaut Vs J.M. Million, W.F. Wimberly

810                  J.R. Brown, G.W.Brown Vs J.T.Helms, R.L. Bryan, T.J. McDaris, James G. Stuart, J.M. Bryan

811                  Rhoda Parris formerly Rhoda Cate and husband John Parris, Annie Garret formerly Annie Cate and husband John Garret Vs Henderson King, Benjamin King

812                  Cas Parks Vs National Water Works & Construction Co. of Pittsburgh, Penn., T.E. Kelton, A.A. McCorkle, W.W.Cunningham

813                  Wiley M. Wrinkle and wife M.E. Wrinkle Vs David Wrinkle, T.J. Wells, Walker Nelson, S.F. Gerenn, J.A.Barger

814                  George P. Faunce, B. Frank Spivy, Frank C. Spivy

Vs W.S. Abraham

815                  John U. McCammon Vs T.L. Rogers, John F. Bowman, J.S. Aiken, Trustee, W.M Bryant, Mary A. Johnston, W.H. Mock and wife Susan Mock

816                  Cleveland National Bank Vs W.A. Denton and wife Mary Denton, George L. Saulpaw, George W. Saulpaw

817                  Susan L. Mock and husband W.H. Mock Vs W.M. Bryant and wife Nannie E. Bryant, T.L. Rogers

818                  Mrs. Mattie Hain and son George Hain Vs D.B. O’Neil, George R. Stuart

819                  Cleveland National Bank Vs J.D. Grigsby, T.D. Lee, J.H. Craigmiles, J.M. Million

820                  Bank of Charleston Vs W.S. Abrams, A.J. Abrams, James McKamy, Kirby, Lea & Co., a proprietorship compose of J.L. Kirby, J.P. Lea nd S.J. Rogers

821                  Joseph R. Taylor, JohnL. Schultz Vs Maria Louise M. Noel

822                  W.R. Stith Vs W.E. Stith, Grover Stith, Raymond Smith

823                  Lottie M. Evans Vs E.A. Evans

824                  Louisa E. Miller Vs Fred B. Miller

825                  M.A.F. Cate Vs R.J. Cate, Mary Spriggs and husband Ezekiel Spriggs, Gus Cate, Lura Edwards and husband John Edwards, Henry Cate, Malcena Waddell and husband L.C. Waddell, Amanda Broyles and husband Arch Broyles, Bank of Charleston, Mrs. E.C. Rucker, G.B. Hays, and all others interested in the estate of William Cate, deceased

826                  John Wolf Vs A.R. Potts

827                  Wesley Ball Vs William Norman, David Norman, Sarah Norman, J.A. Johnston, George Battle

829                  W.E. Grigsby Vs T.J. Wooten

830                  Luke Harle, nominated Executor, J.E. Johnston, C.D.McTeer and C.L. Hardwick, Trustees Vs Emma Wood, Edgar Wood, Walter Wood, T.J. Knox, Administrator, an Miss Lana Spriggs

831                  Mrs. T.C. Rector Vs James Rector, Rich Rector, Nancy V. McCarty, Margaret V. McCarty, Edwin McCarty, James W. McCarty, John McCarty, Minie M. McCarty, Hattie C. McCarty, Betsy McCarty, Martha A. McCarty, Hannah J. Thatch and husband James I. Thatch, Martha Poindexter and husband Sam Poindexter

832                  J.H. Craigmiles Vs F.M. Flenner

833                  S.A. Johnston Vs James Whitten

834                  Southern Railway Co. Vs B.A. Edwards, G.W.S. Saulpaw

835                  Margaret Westfield Vs Richard Westfield

836                  Matilda Keith Vs Luther Keith

837                  Fannie Avans Vs John W. Avans

838                  F.M. Wolf, James Wolf, G.W. Wolf, Isaac Wolf, Sallie Post Vs Henry Mizer, Eliza Mizer, Joseph Wolf, Mamie Wolf, Lizzie Wolf, Onie Wolf, Lula Wolf, Daisy Wolf, Flemine Wolf, Oscar Green, James Green, Nancy Lewis, Marida Wolf, Anna Callahan, John Essman, Fanny Essman, William Johnson, Hart Good, Fanny Good, William Wolf, Jr., John Wolf, Bertie J. Harris

839                  Mrs. Mary Fanny Swan, Lizzie Swan, Mrs. Mattie Rowan and husband Edward Rowan, Fannie Lee Swan Vs Sam Swan, John Swan, Buna Swan, Hannah Swan, Hugh Swan

840                  John W. Boyd Vs James M. McKamy, T.J. Knox, J.W. McQuillan, W.A. Latham

841                  S.S. Lawson Vs Samuel Reese, T.J. Knox

844                  Louisa Coffee Vs James Kincheloe, Nancy Gibson, Pleas Gibson, John F. Kincheloe, Nannie Kincheloe, Mary Kincheloe

845                  J.H. Lemons Vs William Lemons, G.W. Lemons, M. Susan Ayts formerly Lemons, John Ayts, Jane Lemons, M.S. Lemons, A. Lemons, Eliza Swanson formerly Lemons and husband, George Lemons, Amerine Killensworth formerly Lemons and husband William Killingsworth, Martha Coe formerly Lemons and husband Riley Coe, Nettie Longwith formerly Lemons and William Longwith, Nelson Hammontree former husband of Maniley Hammontree who was born Lemons but is now deceased, George Hammontree, Robert Hammontree, Mary Bowers, Thomas Hammontree, Manda Hammontree, Kayla Hammontree, Arie Ann Lemons, widow of G.W. Lemons, deceased

846                  William L. Waterhouse, Fred L. Waterhouse, Cornelia F. Waterhouse

                        Vs Euclid Waterhouse, Fannie May Waterhouse, M.L. Galloway, Martha E. Galloway, Clinton Waterhouse, Mark T. Waterhouse

850                  Jacob Bowman, Rebecca Bowman Vs Cleveland Building & Improvement Loan Association

853                  C.L. Burten Vs Lizzie Burten

854                  Zorah C. Ford Vs E.S. Delaney

855                  James M. Charles and wife Callie Charles, F.M. Cawood and wife Fannie A. Cawood Vs R.C. Davis, Jessie Cleveland, Carrie A. Davis, R.H. Jewell

857                  Edom Henson, Betty Henson Vs Pearl Byrd, Cas Parks, George W. Byrd, W.C. Day, Administrator of Allen Henson, deceased

858                  R.R. Johnson, W.S. Johnston Vs W.L. Taylor, John W. McCarty, Martha Alexander, William Alexander, John Browder and all his children who are heirs of their mother Rose Ann Browder formerly Johnson, W.C. Johnson’s heirs who are unknown and are residents of Missouri, heirs of S.H. Johnson, his wife Lucy Johnson

859                  W.H. Cocking Vs. H.H. Ward

861                  Howard Mynott Vs James Smartt, et al.

863                  Hattie Miller Vs George Miller

864                  Eliza McAmis Vs James McAmis

866                  T.A. Cowan, Guardian Vs C.C. McReynolds, John G. McReynolds, James L. McReynolds, Luke McReynolds, Mary McReynolds, John R. Cowan, Mary Cowan, Alice Cantrell and husband Columbus Cantrell, Sallie Sharp and husband E.F. Sharp

867                  W.T. Adams Machine Co. Vs H.H. Ward, S.W. Divine, Blue Springs Mining Co.

868                  Mattie A. Long, Executrix of G.A. Long, deceased Vs J.H. Gilbert, James L, Giles, Alexander McMillan

869                  Lillie J. Denton Vs Joe L. Denton, J.E. Johnston, J.C. Denton

870                  J.J. Kelley, Sallie Kelley, D.N. Kelley, G.W. Kelley, G.M. Kelley, W.J. Kelley, H.D. Kelley, Andrew McDonnell, Jennie Siler and husband Jacob Siler, Victoria McDonald, Callie Card and husband Walter Card, Mr. Whitehead husband of Anna Whitehead

871                  B.A. Edwards & Son Vs C.C. Murphy, Continental Fire Insurance Co.

872                  G.W. Melton Vs J.C. Lauderback, Will Lauderback, Dave Lauderback, Will McCollough, L.L. Parks, Road Commissioners of the12th Civil District of Bradley County, J.C. Aiken, James Everheart

873                  W.S. Knox, Annie Knox  Vs C.L. Carmack

874                  Gilmore Randolph, Isaac Slaughter husband of Mahala Slaughter deceased formerly Mahala Randolph, Mary Worley, W.P. Worley, Ellen Ownby, L.C. Ownby, Sarah Davis, Elizabeth Edmonds, Rebecca Slaughter, Martha Slaughter, Henry Williams, Rosa Williams, Adolphus Williams, Maggie Williams, John Williams, et al. Vs Malissa Randolph, Howard Slaughter, Cordelia King, Fannie Von Buettner, James Von Buettner, Gerite Slaughter, Aubrey Slaughter, Dister Slaughter, et al.

877                  Thomas Hagler Vs J.P. Fitzsimmons, Flora Fitzsimmons, James Fitzsimmons, John Fitzsimmons, Bula Fitzsimmons, Park Ivester, Alice Ivester, T.M. Montgomery Guardian ad litum

879                  W.C. Day, Administrator of G.W. Turner, deceased Vs Alonzo Turner

880                  W.H. McKamy Vs C.D. Henley

881                  J.H. Stamper Vs James M. London

882                  W.F. Wimberly Vs A.J. Carden, Administrator, et al.

883                  John McClanahan Vs Ella McClanahan

884                  R.J. Kirby Vs Katie Lea, John Lea, Mabel Lea, Frank Lea

885a                Cleveland  Woolen Mill Vs John T. Moody, G.S. Brewster, Southern Pacific Guano Co., John Black & Co., C.L. Hardwick & Co.

885b                Joe Evans Vs Jerry Norman, Martha White, Florence Norman, Gus Cate, T.E. Thatch, Trustee

887                  T.H. Triplett Vs R.A. Triplett and wife L.B. Triplett, A.J. Duncan

888                  Sarah E. Pursley, etal. Vs J.C. Pursley, et al.

889                  Mary E. Boyd, Ella Burnett and husband P.W. Burnett, Sarepta J. Hughs and husband Lee Hughes, Brazil Sloan and husband James D. Sloan, Ida L. Dyche and husband W.H. Dyche

890                  J.W. Lawson, M.A. Lawson, Ben Pritchard, Richard Lawson, Jennie Lawson, Neal Lawson, Leonidas Pritchard, Martha Ann Lawson, Luther Pritchard, Lena Pritchard, Arthur Pritchard, Nelson Lawson, Hettie Jane Pritchard, Theodore Pritchard, Johnnie Pritchard Vs James M. London, Samuel Osment

891a                D.H. Hambright, B.B. Rose Vs J.J.Merrit, Frank Triplett, S.W. Marshall, in th capacity as Commissioners of Elections for Bradley County, Tennessee and all returning offices, clerks and judges

891b                E.C. Atkins Vs J.J. Boyd

892a                Charles Jenkins, T.P. Fowler Vs H.H. Ward

892b                John F. Ayars Vs Mary Ann Bryant, Harrison Bryant, Adelbert Bryant

898                  N.L. Ownby and wife Mary Ownby Vs James H. Dutcher

899                  W.A. Moore, G.B. Hays, William Hays Vs N.H. Blizard in his proper person and as Administrator of the estate of A. Blizard, deceased, Jane Blizard widow of said A. Blizard, deceased, Nellie Keith and husband C.F. Keith, William Blizard, Lon Blizard, N.H. Blizard and wife Julia Blizard, J.F. Campbell and wife Sallie B. Campbell

900                  State of Tennessee at the relation of J.L. Lacy and wife Imogene Lacy Vs W.T. Bean, F.A. Johnston, Enoch Denton, School Directors of the 11th School District of Bradley County, Tennessee

901                  R.A. Triplett, Lula B. Triplett Vs William Berger, John C. Ramsey

902                  Augustus Raht, Trustee Vs Patrick Larkin

903                  W.H. Cannon, Willis Randolph Vs Samuel Hicks, Josie Spence, M. Spence, Felix Webb, Ann Leard, James Leard, J.H. Webb, Willis Ross, Laura Ross, John Webb, Pleas Ross

905                  E.L. Knox, Tennie Knox, W.S. Knos Vs Andrew Gilbreath, Will Boles

906                  L.H. Lasater Vs R. Henry McPherson, Frank H. Johnston, Sammie Green, Dollie Green, Amanda Green

908                  Isaac Varnell Vs Caroline Gaddis, Mr. Gaddis, Phoenix Insurance Co. of Connecticut

910                  E.L. Knox, W.S. Knox Vs Abe Prewitt, Margaret Jane Prewitt, Martha E. Fitzgerald, Ludd Fitzgerald, Mary Swaggerty, Newton, Swaggerty

911                  Knox Bros. & Co. Vs Mary C. Anderson widow of  J.C. Anderson, deceased, W.C. Day, Administrator of said J.C. Anderson, deceased

914                  S.V. Bates, Martha Denton, Margaret McCarty, Mary McReynolds, John Bates, James Bates, Ella Bowman, John Bowman, Helena B. Graves, R.C. Graves, Anna Adkins, K.C. Adkins, Jennie Shugart, Eva Luty, James Luty, et al. Vs J.S. Varnell, Haywood Harris, Thomas Bates, Ony Bates, Samuel Bates, Willis Bates, Bessie Bates, Emma Lee Bates, Chester Brazelton, Isaac Brazelton, and all other heirs of Kate Harris, deceased

917                  Samuel Branan Vs Nancy Branan

919                  Arch Kinser next friend of Nancy Kinser Vs J.M. Crow, J.A. Kinser, J.M. Hambright

922                  Alex Young, Guardian of Mamie Young and Kitty Young, widow Vs Mamie Young, minor, John C. Ramsey, Guardian ad litum of said minor, Jerry Shepherd, Frank Spriggs

923                  T.J. Knox Vs James G. Stuart

924                  Arthur Traynor, W.D. Traynor Vs J.E. Ratcliff, A.B. Ratcliff

927                  U.J. Hays, Administrator Vs Julius A. McClelland, Luke Hays, Lizzie Davis, Claud Davis, James W. Hays

929                  J.C.C. Garner, Administrator of the estate of J.C.C. Garner, deceased Vs H.P. Goins, Elizabeth Goins, Emaline Johnson, William Johnston, Harrison Goins, Rebecca Johnson, Jesse Goins, Sarah Goins, Isham Goins, Arthur Goins

930                  Barto Martin Vs Mollie Martin

931                  W.L. Ledford Vs James Perry, Albert Perry

932                  W.L. McKnight, Eliza F. Moore, Administrator of John Moore, deceased Vs Mary Belle Martin and husband Samuel Martin, J.K. Moore, William McBryan, Elizabeth Martin, William Moore, Wat Moore, John A. Moore, Henry Moore, Alvin McBryan, Allen Moore, Nancy Ann Larrison and husband

933                  Emma Haynes Vs Washington P. Haynes

935                  Champion Wagon Co. Vs Hall Brothers

938                  J.E. Surguine and wife S.S. Surguine, J.W. Browder, J.E. Mayfield Vs Winston McNabb and wife Hattie McNabb

939                  Z.L. Foster Vs James M. London

943                  Sarah A. Smith Vs D.M. Smith

944                  W.D. Traynor Vs S.W. Marshall, John Lea, Mrs. M.E. Lea, Mrs. Lou C. Fitzsimmons wife of Dr. Fitzsimmons

1085                Arthur Traynor Vs W.F. Wimberly, Callie Wimberly, Gus Cate, James G. Cate, W.H. Wimberly, John Hargis, B.F. McCleary, W.J. Lawson

1100                L.L. Callaway, James Callaway, John L. Callaway, Annie B. Callaway, Ben Callaway, Mrs. Maggie Carson formerly Callaway and husband J.B. Carson, Susie M. Callaway widow of Thomas H. Callaway, deceased, Carrie Callaway, Luke Callaway, minor children of Thomas H. Callaway, deceased, by their next friend and regular guardian John L. Callaway Vs Julia E. Callaway widow of Joseph Callaway, deceased, Sue L. Callaway, J.J. Callaway, children and heirs at law of Joseph Callaway, deceased, the said children of J.J. Callaway being minors without a regular guardian, Betty M. Johnson, a person of unsound mind confined to the hospital for the insane at Knoxville, Tennessee, S.D. Reynolds, regular guardian of the said Betty M. Johnson, John B. McGhee, C.C. Jones and wife Margaret W. Jones, J.R. Jones and wife Lavinia M. Jones, G.H. Holliday and wife Mary E. Holliday, B.B. Wright, J.J. Wright, Dixie L. Wright, George P. White and wife Nannie P. Alexander

1119                Mattie Johnson Vs W.S. Henderson

1364                Monroe Henderson Vs M.R. Wimberly

1866                J.H. Bible Vs Banner News Publishing Co.,  John T. Rogers, President, George W. Day, Vice President, R.H. Carson, Secretary and Treasurer, V.A. Clemmer, J.H. Bible

CC6112           Judah Clabough, Elizabeth Clabough, Sarah Clabough, Nancy A. Chance formerly Nancy A. Clabough Vs John R. Sanders, Elizabeth Fortner formerly Elizabeth Henderson and her husband J.H. Fortner

(Attention:  A Name and File Number DO NOT indicate the case is particularly about that name,
rather it indicates ONLY that the Name is found SOMEWHERE in the file of the case.)