Bradley County, Tennessee

Chancery Court Case Files



Submitted by: Cleveland Public Library, Barbara Fagen

(Attention:  A Name and File Number DO NOT indicate the case is particularly about that name,
rather it indicates ONLY that the Name is found SOMEWHERE in the file of the case.)


Nail, C.J.C.                                          757                  Debt

National Water Works Co.                   812                  Debt

Neal, John R.                                       559                  Estate settlement

Neel, C.A.                                           825                  Estate settlement

Neel, F.F.                                            509                  Estate settlement

Neill, Samuel                                        263                  Divorce, fraud

Nell [Browder slave]                            228                  Estate settlement

Nelson, Annie S.                                  431                  Estate dispute

Nelson, D.M.                                       300                  Sale of church lot

Nelson, D.M.                                       333                  Debt

Nelson, E.R.                                         781                  Deliquent taxes

Nelson, Inez                                         431                  Estate dispute

Nelson, John H.                                    431                  Estate dispute

Nelson, Joseph                                     724                  Divorce

Nelson, Lucy                                        724                  Divorce

Nelson, Luke Lea                                 431                  Estate dispute

Nelson, Richard                                    726                  Request to appoint administrator

Nelson, Spacey                                    724                  Divorce

Nelson, Susan (d)                                 333                  Debt

Nelson, Susan H.                                  431                  Estate dispute

Nelson, T.A.R.                                     289b                Estate settlement

Nelson, Thomas A.R.                           431                  Estate dispute

Nelson, Walker                                    481                  Estate settlement

Nelson, Walker                                    813                  Injunction dispute

Nesaht, N.P.                                        311                  Estate settlement

New Garden Nurseries                         419                  Business dispute

New Opera House Co. Chattanooga    798                  Debt

New River Manufacturing Co.              592                  Estate dispute

Newberry, P.C.                                    242                  Petition for land sale

Newell Heirs                                        431                  Estate dispute

Newell, Alice                                        158z                 Financial interest in land

Newell, Alice E.                                   442                  Estate settlement, land sale

Newell, Arthur                                      901                  Debt

Newell, Arthur B.                                 442                  Estate settlement, land sale

Newell, Charles R.                               442                  Estate settlement, land sale

Newell, Charles R.                               158z                 Financial interest in land

Newell, Frank C.                                  442                  Estate settlement, land sale

Newell, Fred E.                                    442                  Estate settlement, land sale

Newell, G.C.                                        442                  Estate settlement, land sale

Newell, Lizzie                                       442                  Estate settlement, land sale

Newell, M. Blanch                                442                  Estate settlement, land sale

Newell, William                                    282a                Estate settlement

Newman, Daniel                                   440                  Debt

Newman, John                                     440                  Debt

Newton, E.J. (d)                                   559                  Estate settlement

Newton, J.B.                                        437                  Debt

Newton, J.B.                                        291&294         Divorce, land dispute

Newton, J.B.                                        320b                Property title

Newton, J.B.                                        514                  Petition for land sale

Newton, J.B.                                        CC6112           Estate settlement

Newton, J.B. (d)                                  289b                Estate settlement

Newton, J.B. (d)                                  464                  Land dispute

Newton, J.B. (d)                                  794                  Petition for land sale

Newton, L.B.                                       226                  Estate dispute, land sale

Newton, Nancy                                    431                  Estate dispute

Newton, Washington                            431                  Estate dispute

Nichol, M.J.S.                                      328                  Estate settlement

Nicholas, James L.                               728                  Estate settlement

Nichols, Jones J.                                   427                  Estate settlement

Nichols, M.J.S.                                    486                  Debt

Nichols, M.J.S.                                    CC102             Request for road change

Nichols, M.J.S. (d)                               469                  Debt

Nicsly, Henry                                       282a                Estate settlement

Nipper, Henry (d)                                 299                  Debt, land dispute

Nipper, Henry S.                                  701                  Insufficient information

Nipper, James                                      407                  Estate settlement

Nipper, James                                      627                  Debt

Nipper, James                                      696                  Injunction to block construction

Nipper, James                                      701                  Insufficient information

Nipper, James                                      CC102             Request for road change

Nipper, James (d)                                 769                  Partition of land

Nipper, James (d)                                 789                  Contract dispute

Nipper, James (d)                                 827                  Debt, possession of mule

Nipper, James (d)                                 890                  Land dispute

Nipper, John (d)                                   890                  Land dispute

Nisbet, Malvina                                    830                  Estate settlement

Nixon, E.S.                                          880                  Debt

Nixon, Ed                                             880                  Debt

Nixon, William                                      201                  Stock certificate ownership

Noel, Amond                                       840                  Debt

Noel, C.J.C.                                         512                  Real estate contract dispute

Noel, C.J.C.                                         514                  Petition for land sale

Noel, C.J.C.                                         751b                Debt

Noel, C.J.C.                                         771                  Debt

Noel, C.J.C.                                         778a                Deliquent taxes

Noel, C.J.C.                                         840                  Debt

Noel, C.J.C.                                         124z                 Debt dispute

Noel, Maria Louise                               840                  Debt

Noel, Maria Louise M.                         821                  Possession of house and lot

Noll, Adam                                          282a                Estate settlement

Norcott, W.T.                                      193                  Estate settlement, land sale

Norman, David                                     296                  Estate dispute

Norman, David                                     788                  Insufficient information

Norman, David                                     CC612             Damage to personal property

Norman, David (d)                               570                  Land dispute

Norman, David (d)                               827                  Debt, possession of mule

Norman, Florence                                885b                Land dispute

Norman, Jerry                                      778a                Deliquent taxes

Norman, Jerry                                      CC103             Opening a public road

Norman, Jerry (d)                                 885b                Land dispute

Norman, Sarah                                     788                  Insufficient information

Norman, Sarah (d)                               827                  Debt, possession of mule

Norman, William                                  788                  Insufficient information

Norman, William (d)                             827                  Debt, possession of mule

North, Gabriel                                      327                  Estate dispute

North, Gabriel                                      387                  Debt

North, Gabriel (d)                                 454                  Teaching contract dispute

North, Gabriel (d)                                 872                  Conspiracy

North, Henry                                        891a                Election irregularities

North, J.                                               882                  Land dispute

North, Mr.                                           365                  Estate dispute

North, P.N.                                          685                  Partition of land

North, Pearl (d)                                    831                  Property dispute

North, Pryor (d)                                   872                  Conspiracy

North, S.B.                                          891a                Election irregularities

Norton, A.B.                                        242                  Petition for land sale

Norton, A.B.                                        805                  Partition of land

Norton, Amanda E. Byrd                      311                  Estate settlement

Norton, Beverly                                    888                  Estate settlement

Norton, George C.                               626                  Debt

Norton, W.A.                                       765                  Deliquent taxes

Norton, W.J.D.                                    316                  Land dispute, stabbing

Norton, Warren                                    311                  Estate settlement

Norton, Wilson                                     248                  Estate dispute, property sale

Norvell, Alice T.                                   334                  Estate dispute

Norvell, G.W.                                      620                  Land sale

Norvell, H.C.                                       334                  Estate dispute              

Norwood, P.W.                                   268-269           Estate dispute, debt

(Attention:  A Name and File Number DO NOT indicate the case is particularly about that name,
rather it indicates ONLY that the Name is found SOMEWHERE in the file of the case.)