Bradley County, Tennessee

The following list of 103 Cemeteries in Bradley County, Tennessee, are found on USGS maps.
This listing has been abstracted from the USGS Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) site.

This is not a complete listing of all Cemeteries in Bradley County but a
listing only of those whose locations are marked on the USGS maps.

Links to sites offering map viewers are provided from the USGS Mapping Service Home Page to enable a geographical
display of the cemetery's exact location. Use the GNIS Query feature to locate these and other features of interest.Other
features noted on the USGS maps include populated areas, streams and rivers, lakes, schools, churches, post offices and
another 50 or so items. There is location information about each feature as well as a link to a map showing its exact location.

You can also use the GNIS QUERY form to find similar features of interest in all Tennessee counties.

The maps indicated below are the standard 7.5 minute X 7.5 minute USGS Topographic Maps.

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map Name
Antioch Cemetery 350223N 0845922W McDonald
Bancroft Cemetery 350856N 0845819W South Cleveland
Barger Cemetery 351552N 0845559W Birchwood
Barner Cemetery 352217N 0844809W Charleston
Beaty Cemetery 351217N 0845430W South Cleveland
Beech Springs Cemetery 351923N 0845155W Charleston
Bellefounte Cemetery 351436N 0844736W East Cleveland
Bethel Cemetery 350642N 0845638W McDonald
Blevins Cemetery 352115N 0845029W Charleston
Blue Springs Cemetery 350532N 0845524W McDonald
Candies Creek Company 351618N 0845120W Charleston
Carr Cemetery 351239N 0845302W South Cleveland
Cedar Springs Cemetery 350358N 0844802W Felker
Center Point Cemetery 351839N 0844926W Charleston
Chambers Cemetery 351526N 0845212W Charleston
Charleston Cemetery 351705N 0844514W Charleston
Charleston Community Cemetery 351710N 0844542W Charleston
Chestuee Cemetery 350908N 0844351W Benton
Chestuee Cemetery 350741N 0844655W East Cleveland
Chilcutt Cemetery 351110N 0844437W Benton
Davis Cemetery 351609N 0845404W Birchwood
Earls Cemetery 351037N 0845908W South Cleveland
East View Cemetery 351807N 0845346W Birchwood
Eldredge Camp Cemetery 351338N 0844952W East Cleveland
Fletcher Cemetery 351105N 0845347W South Cleveland
Flint Springs Cemetery 350203N 0845425W McDonald
Fort Hill Cemetery 350912N 0845257W South Cleveland
Fransico Cemetery 351722N 0845558W Birchwood
Funderburg Cemetery 351502N 0845610W Birchwood
Gee Cemetery 352158N 0844924W Charleston
Goode Cemetery 350310N 0844812W Felker
Goodner Cemetery 351019N 0845702W South Cleveland
Graham Cemetery 351731N 0845409W Birchwood
Hambright Cemetery 350331N 0845342W McDonald
Hennegers Chapel Cemetery 351622N 0844906W Charleston
Henry Cemetery 351431N 0844626W East Cleveland
Hill Crest Cemetery 350847N 0845313W South Cleveland
Hinkle Cemetery 351635N 0845634W Birchwood
Hopewell Cemetery 351434N 0845320W South Cleveland
Hunter Cemetery 351723N 0845618W Birchwood
Johns Cemetery 350538N 0845428W McDonald
Kelley Cemetery 350436N 0845739W McDonald
King Cemetery 351558N 0845216W Charleston
Lebanon Cemetery 350902N 0844615W East Cleveland
Lebanon Cemetery 350257N 0845713W McDonald
Lee Cemetery 350632N 0845940W McDonald
Lee Cemetery 351449N 0845657W South Cleveland
Liberty Cemetery 350607N 0844931W Felker
Loftis Cemetery 350525N 0845936W McDonald
Lowery Cemetery 350906N 0844348W Benton
Lusk Cemetery 350024N 0845508W McDonald
Macedonia Cemetery 350731N 0844944W East Cleveland
Macedonia Cemetery 350652N 0844954W Felker
Maddux Cemetery 351752N 0844605W Charleston
McBrien-Burdett Cemetery 351521N 0844433W Calhoun
McCarthy Cemetery 351639N 0844730W Charleston
McClure Cemetery 350111N 0844927W Felker
McKamey Cemetery 350401N 0845542W McDonald
McKinney Cemetery 351650N 0845333W Birchwood
Moores Chapel Cemetery 350510N 0844730W Felker
Mount Bethel Cemetery 350106N 0845042W Felker
Mount Carmel Cemetery 350119N 0845613W McDonald
Mount Olive Cemetery 351120N 0845619W South Cleveland
Mount Zion Cemetery 351610N 0845533W Birchwood
Murphy Cemetery 351721N 0845244W Birchwood
New Friendship Cemetery 351217N 0844625W East Cleveland
Oklahoma Cemetery 350133N 0845334W McDonald
Phillips Cemetery 350428N 0845856W McDonald
Pine Hill Cemetery 350410N 0845845W McDonald
Pirkle Cemetery 350950N 0844916W East Cleveland
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 351305N 0845150W East Cleveland
Price Cemetery 350916N 0845706W South Cleveland
Prospect Cemetery 351032N 0845512W South Cleveland
Purselley Cemetery 351246N 0844311W Benton
Ramsey Cemetery 351127N 0844840W East Cleveland
Red Hill Cemetery 350432N 0845251W McDonald
Renslow Cemetery 351829N 0845008W Charleston
Saint Elmo Cemetery 351655N 0845435W Birchwood
Samples Memorial Cemetery 350230N 0844749W Felker
Seaborn Cemetery 351306N 0845753W South Cleveland
Shannon Cemetery 350329N 0844507W Felker
Shields-Harris Cemetery 345930N 0844650W Beaverdale
Spriggs Cemetery 351600N 0844712W Charleston
Standfield Cemetery 351743N 0845448W Birchwood
Stone Cemetery 351008N 0845801W South Cleveland
Straw Hill Cemetery 350118N 0845225W Felker
Sugar Creek Cemetery 350037N 0844915W Felker
Sunset Memorial Gardens 351459N 0844741W East Cleveland
Swafford-Davis Cemetery 351655N 0845317W Birchwood
Swan Cemetery 350408N 0844606W Felker
Tasso Cemetery 351238N 0844825W East Cleveland
Tasso Cemetery 351245N 0844820W East Cleveland
Taylor Cemetery 350138N 0845823W McDonald
Thompson Springs Cemetery 350637N 0844653W Felker
Triplett Cemetery 350720N 0845537W McDonald
Tucker Cemetery 350628N 0845730W McDonald
Union Cemetery 350051N 0844837W Felker
Union Grove Cemetery 351250N 0844344W Benton
Union Grove Cemetery 350725N 0844741W Felker
Unity Cemetery 351031N 0845033W East Cleveland
Ware Cemetery 350321N 0844521W Felker
White Oak Cemetery 351325N 0845728W South Cleveland
Williamson Cemetery 351948N 0845108W Charleston