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Cleveland Public Library - History Branch
The generosity of Barbara Fagen and the History Branch - Cleveland Public Library is greatly appreciated!

This index was prepared from microfilmed copies of original Bradley County deeds. It contains an alphabetical list of those selling property and those purchasing property, the year of the transaction and the book and page number on which the original record will be found.
Deed Books A and B were found to contain final decrees from Bradley County Chancery and Circuit Courts involving land. In order to include them in this work, the court will be listed in the "From" column of the index. All of those named in the decree will be listed in the "To" column. The names of churches and campgrounds are also included in this index.

Deed Book B contains the names of those who reregistered property after a fire on November 25, 1864 destroyed the records of the County Clerk's office, including the books of the Registrar's office and many of the books of the Entry Taker's office.
Special note should be taken of names followed by an asterisk (*). The asterisk indicates the owner of property being sold by the court, the sheriff or the tax collector.  In some instances it was necessary to abbreviate information deemed necessary to clarify a transaction. Those abbreviations are:

Adm. = Administrator, Administratrix
Comm. = Commissioner
Dec. = Deceased
Exec. =  Executor
Executrix Guard. = Guardian
N.d. = No date

This microfilm is available at the History Branch of the Cleveland Public Library, 833 North Ocoee Street, Cleveland, Tennessee, the Tennessee State Library and Archives and other locations.

Jane Colmenares - County Coordinator
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Bradley County, Tennessee
Index Deed Book A 1862 - 1869
& Deed Book B 1839 - 1927