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(transcribed from microfilm)

Death Notices from Newspaper in Cleveland, TN
John Tassell Secures License to Marry.
Former wife Buried Week Before.
"John W. Van Tassel to Mrs. Amelia Taylor: License to marry. issued Feb. 16, 1909"
Thus reads an entry on the records in the county clerk's office of Moore Co.There is nothing about the entry to excite more than a passing notice. but behind it is an interesting story or unusual features. The groom is nearly 94 yrs. and recently moved from the north to the tenth district of this county, where he purchased a tract of land along the Colley road leading from Lynchberg to Tullahoma. The bride elect is a resident of Tullahoma and in her journey through life has passed the 55th mile stone. Last Saturday all that was mortal of the former Mrs. Van Tassel was laid beneath the sod. She had been a loving and dutiful wife, and borne her husband two children, a son who lives somewhere in the North, and a daughter now married whose home is in Turkey. On Monday the bereaved husband went to Tullhoma to settle the bills incident to his wife's last sickness and burial. While there he stated to a friend that because of his advanced age and pressing need of someone to look after the affairs of the household, he was anxious to supply the place of the dead Mrs. Van Tassel at the earliest possible moment. This friend replied that he believed he knew of a woman who favorably consider a partnership proposition from Mr. Van Tassel, mentioning Mrs. Taylor. Mr. Van Tassel insisted on meeting the lady at once, and was soon made acquainted with her through the offices of aforesaid friend, and at this, their first meeting, matters were arranged which resulted in the issuance of the marriage license Tuesday.
( 3/11/1990) Cleveland Banner Bradley Co , TN )
KIRBY- Mrs. Julia Kirby, mother of Mrs. R.W.Bovd of this county, died at her home two miles below Flint Springs. Feb 15 in the 75th year of her age. No further details were obtainable.
( 2/23/1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co TN)
HUMBARD- Mrs. Humbard, mother of J.A.Hilderbrand of Waterville pike, passed away Monday, April 5 aged 89yrs. (4/9/1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co, TN)
Dr. A.D.Scruggs, who for many years was a resident of Cleveland, died in his home in Knoxville last Friday night. A Knoxville dispatch says Knoxville, Tenn. April 19, - Dr. A.D.Scruggs died here tonight after an illness of three weeks. He was 67 years of age, and a native of Monroe County. He first practiced medicine in McMinn County, then Cleveland, and then moved to Knoxville. For nine years he has been engaged in the drug business at Sweetwater, but kept his residence here. He was a Confederate Veteran. (4/13/1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co, TN)
Harvey- Charles Harvey, aged 28 years, died at 4:30 o'clock Friday afternoon, death being due to an intestinal abscess. Mr. Harvey was a member of the Woodmen of the World and stood high in the satiation of his associates.
He leaves a wife and little girl about 8 years old; also a father and two sisters to mourn their loss. Deceased carried an insurance policy in the O.W. for $1,000. But he had been a member for only 8 months his loved ones will receive but $550 on it. The funeral was held Saturday afternoon under auspices of the Woodsmen of the World. The Rev. A/J/ Murphy officiating. (4/13/1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co. TN)
*CALLOWAY- John Calloway, who was for years porter at the old Ocoee house, died in Nashville last Friday. He was a son-in-law of Uncle George Inman. (4/13/1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co. TN)
*SWAN- Wesley Sawn , a brother of Gain Swan, died at his home in East Cleveland Saturday morning after a long illness. (4/13/1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co. TN )
*DAVIDSON- Reece Davidson, colored, died last Friday night. Deceased was a well-known and highly respected barber of the town. (3/25/1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co, TN )
HALL- Miss Rebecca Hall, the 17-year-old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C.M. Hall, died last Thursday evening. April15, death being due to tuberculosis, Interment was made in Liberty cemetery. Georgia. Deceased was a sister of Monroe Hall and Mrs. T.L.Davidson, of this city.
KERR- The nine month old child of Mr. & Mrs. Kerr, died on Wendnesday , April 7.
(4/9/1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co, TN)
WOODEN-Mrs. Press Wooden died Wendnesday morning , aged about 35 years. Interment was made Thursday afternoon in the city cemetery. (4/9/1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co, TN )
WEATHERLY- Mrs. W. G. Weatherly, a sister of 'Esq. E. V. Morelock, died at her home in Buchannan, GA. Last Thursday after a prolonged illness. Deceased was 64 years of age. Interment was in the Flint Springs Cemetery, this county. (3/25/1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co. TN )
McLAIN- Thomas McLain, a cousin of D.G. McLains father, died last Sunday at the home of his son-in-law, George Snyder, at Ocoee, in the 70th year of his age. Interment was made in Murray Co. < GA on Monday at Center Valley. Deceased was a good citizen and prominent in Masonic circles.
( 3/25/1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co, TN )
MANES- Mrs. Mary J. Manes, wife of W.D. Manes, of Cleo, died at he home Sunday evening, March 21, at six o'clock. Interment was made at Blue Springs the 23rd.. She is survived by her husband and seven children.
The daughters are Mrs. C.L. Burnett, Mrs. H.R. McNabb, and Misses Kittie, Mayme and Clara while the sons are Messrs.. Charles and William. Mrs. Manes was 65 years, 6months and 13days old at the time of her death. Rev. E.K. Clayton officiated at the funeral. Deceased was a splendid Christian woman, loved and respected by all who knew her. She was a member of the Baptist church for 50 years. She was the daughter of the late Michael Howell, a pioneer settler of Bradley County, and a sister Lousia Howell, also survives her.
The family extend their sincere thanks to their many friends and neighbors for their kindness during the illness of their loved one.
(3/25/1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co.TN)
HARPER A Mrs. Harper, an aged lady residing near Georgetown, died last Thursday, April 5, No details obtainable. (3/25/1909 Cleveland Herald, Bradley Co. TN)
TREWHITT- Mrs. Sarah Trewhitt, of Cleveland, Route 4, passed away about daylight last Sunday morning, aged 72, death being due to heart failure. She awoke in the morning and was talking as usual but had not arose from her bed. Her husband, Levi Trewhitt Sr. , suddenly detected her difficult breathing and went to her bedside. But she spoke no more. In a few minutes the end came.
Deceased is survived by her husband and four sons, James ,Luther, and William of Cleveland Route 4, and Andrew of Big Rapids, Michigan- and three daughters- Mrs. Susan Wright of Shumach, GA-and Misses Harriet and Lena Trewhitt- and two sisters and one brother. She was a most excellent Christian lady and belonged to one of the oldest families in this section of the state. (2/23/1909 Cleveland Herald, Bradley Co, TN)
WHITE- The 18 month old child of Mr. & Mrs. J.W. White, of East Cleveland, died Monday. The remains of the little one were laid to rest at Macedonia on Tuesday, the Rev. T.S.Stivers officiating. The bereaved parents have sympathy of a wide circle of friends. (3/25/1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co, TN)
HIX- Mrs. Ignatius Hix died at her home in Chattanooga, Monday, Feb 22. She is survived by her husband and five children as follows, Harry Hix, Mrs. L.H. Hargis, J.Carter Hix, Gertrude Hix, and Richard Hix. Mrs Hix was 49 years old. She was the daughter of Capt. W.W. Giddens. Mr. & Mrs. Hix were married in Spring Place, GA Feb 20, 1883
After seven years of residence there , they went to Knoxville and resided seven years and then came to Cleveland, having lived here untill about 2 years ago when they moved to Chattanooga. Mrs. Hix was a splendid woman and beloved in a wide circle of friends in this city and else where. (2/23/1909 Cleveland Herald . Bradley Co. TN )
IGOU- Friends in the city were pained to hear of the death of Mrs. L. D. Igou which occurred at her home in Eustis, Flordia on last Saturday. Her death was quite unexpected, and a shock to her family and friends. Mrs. Igou was for several years a resident of Cleveland and news of her death will bring sorrow to many hearts. The surviving members of the family are: Will M. Igou and Miss Frankie Igou, of Eusist, Fla, Glen D. Igou of Malverna, Ark. And Mrs. Wayne Hays of Mena, Ark. All of whom have sympathy of a host of friends in Cleveland in their bereavement.
(2/4/1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co. TN )
PIPPINGER- Isaac Pippinger, of Polk County, aged 65 years, died at 8 o'clock Thurs, evening having suffered a stroke of apoplexy early in the afternoon while sitting on a mule which had ridden in to a stream near his home to water the animal . Mr Pippinger , when stricken fell headlong over the mule's head into the stream. His son saw his father fall into the stream and rescued him, carrying him home, where he died a few hours later. Mr. Pippinger stood high in Polk county and was well-known in this city. The funeral was held last Staurday afternoon at the Symrna church, Rev. W.H.Rymer , of Ocoee , officiating.
(2/4/1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co. TN )
STEPHENSON-M.T. Stephenson, aged 74, died at his home in Murray county, GA on Monday. Feb. 1st, tuberculosis being the cause of death. Deceased is survived by his wife, ten married children, and 81 grandchildren. Interment was made Tuesday at Deep Springs, GA Mr. Stephenson was a former resident of this city, having left here about five years ago. He was a Mason and an honored and respected citizen.
(2/4/1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co. TN )
Fired Bullet Into His Brain Saturday Morning and Died Monday Night as Result--- Was Sick and Discouraged.
Ed Maples is the latest victim of self destruction, of which Cleveland has had her full share of late. At 10:05 o'clock Saturday morning he shot himself through the head in the shoe shop on the west side of the Public Square, inflicting a wound that would ordinarily would produce death instantaneously. The brain oozed out of the wound on each side of the skull, yet the unfortunate man lived until Monday night. The skull where the bullet left it, was crushed and mashed completely all around the wound and is the wonder that the man lived any time at all after the deed.
Will Maples, the shoemaker, a cousin of Ed Maples, had just left his shop on the west side of Public Square and gone to Fillauer Bros. Hardware store to get some leather. Just as the unfortunate man entered the shop, Ben Crox, the young son of Sheriff W. H. Crox, left it and had not gone 75 feet before he heard the crack of the pistol that sent a bullet crashing through the skull of the discouraged man. A passerby first discovered him but before he entered the shop Will Maples had returned and made the discovery of the deed himself. Maples had fallen in a heap upon the floor and blood was spurting from the wounds in his head. In a few moments an excited crowd had gathered among them Sheriff Crox and John Craig who placed the dying man, as they believed, in the front of the shop and tried to render him assistance. A great pool of clotted blood marked the spot where Maples head lay as he fell, stricken by his own hand.
Sheriff Crox, noticing that the vital force of the lite had not yet been spent, began to question Maples, and he was able to give a fairly coherent story of the awful deed. He said he was "having trouble", by which he probably referred to his having suffered several years from an incurable disease, and it may be he had in mind his dismissal from the Woolen Mills, where he held a job until recently as a spinner. He was addicted to strong drink and used drugs in considerable quantity and he may have had reference to his disordered nervous system and mental condition. So far as could be learned no other possible cause can be assigned for his deed. Questioned further he said he snapped the pistol once and it did not go off. He pulled the trigger again and this shot produced two holes in the skull the ball entering the right temple and leaving the skull above the left. He told the Sheriff Crox he "shot a little higher up" than he intended other wise death would have resulted instantaneously. As soon as it was known what had happened, several in the crowd ran in various directions about town in search of a doctor and it was fully 15 minutes before one could be found. Dr. C.T. Speck was found and summoned. On arrival he found Maples breathing heavily. He made a hasty examination and at once arranged for his removal to the home of Jerry Huges on South Church Street, Mrs. Huges, being the man's mother and because of Mrs. Huges condition the patient was removed to the home of his cousin, Will Maples , who resided on Church Street. Although Maples was out of work he was well supplied with cash for all his present needs. He had $117 in cash in his pocket at the time he shot himself and a check on his person drawn against a deposit of $180 in the bank. Ed Maples was married to Miss Vena Kile ten years ago.  One son, Percy, a lad of about 7 or 8 years of age, survives his mother, who died two years ago. The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon.
( July 13, 1909 Cleveland Herald, Bradley Co. TN)
Called From Earth's Activities Last Sunday Morning.
Mrs. S.R. Lee , aged 45, died at her home in East Cleveland Sunday morning after lingering iliness, her death due to tubercular trouble. She had been helplessly ill for several months , and the end was , therfore, not unexpected. Deceased is survived by her husband and eight children- five sons and three daughters. The sons are Felix, J.F. , Flavius, Will, and Romie Lee, and the dughters are Mrs. Thomas McLain and Mrs. Fate Million, of this city and Mrs. Will Rymer , of Polk County. The funeral was held at the Chatta Valley Baptist Church Monday afternoon and was attended by a large number of friends and relatives.
(July 13, 1909 Cleveland Herald, Bradley Co, TN )
Death of a Child
The two year old child of Mr. And Mrs. Bowen Taylor, of Duckstown, died very suddenly Wendnesday afternoon, The body was taken to River Hill, N.C. for burial.
(July 13, 1909 Cleveland Herald, Bradley Co, TN)
Death of an Infant
The 14 month old child of T.J. King died Monday, death being due to pneumonia.
(July 16, 1909 Cleveland Herald, Bradley Co, TN)
Death of a Child
Jimmie, the five year old daughter of Mr. And Mrs. James McKillop, died last week in Napense, Miss. After an illiness of tow days. Interment was made at the Prospect Cemetery in this county.
(July 16, 1909 Cleveland Herald, Bradley Co, TN)
Daniel Scruggs
Daniel H. Scruggs, of Sweetwater, son of the late Dr. A.D. Scruggs, a former resident of this place, died Sunday night in Knoxville, death being due to typhoid fever.
Mr. Scruggs was well-known in this city, having spent his early life here. He was 34 years old and is survived by his mother and two sisters. The funeral was held at Sweetwater, Tuesday.
(July 16, 1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co. TN)
Well Known Young Man Dies in Chattanooga Hospital After a Brief Illness.
William W. Morgan, the well known ball player , died Wendnesday morning in Chattanooga. He was well known in this city, having been a member of the Cleveland baseball team and was a very heavy hitter and able baserunner.
It is said that Morgan caught a sever cold at Trion, Ga which caused his death. He wore a red uniform which faded on his body when he perspired and after the game he missed his train and consequently had to ride to Chattanooga, a distance of 40 miles in an auto. He did not have a chance to take a bath and remove the stain, for several hours . It is said that the red dye poisioned him. Mr. Morgan, for the past four yearshad been a clerk in the Chattanooga postoffice, and was a great favorite with his fellow workers.
He is survived by his father, mother, and two sisters, who live in James County. The remains were taken to Ootewah to Wendnesday morning, and the funeral services were held at that place Thursday morning at 10 o'clock. A number from this place attended.
(July 16, 1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co. TN)
Death of Mrs. Ball.
Mrs. W.M. Ball died Tuesday morning at her home near Old Fort in Polk Co, after a short illness. Her death was due to heart failure. She was 85 years old and universally liked and respected. The funeral was held Wendnesday afternoon.
( July 16, 1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co. TN )
William Luther Keith, a former Bradley county boy, died in Cleburn, Texas last week and remains were brought back to this city Saturday morning for burial. His death was due to typhoid fever and hehad been ill for several weeks.
Deceased was a son of Mrs. Mary Fulbright of the third district, He had lived in this county the greater part of his life, having left here about a year ago for Cleburn, Texas. Besides his mother he is survived by one brother. He was 21 years old and unmarried.
( July 20, 1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co. TN )
Death of a Child.
The six year of child of Faith Sandwich died Sunday morning after a long illness. Interment was made Monday afternoon.
(July 20, 1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co TN )
James Layne, for Many Years Express Agent, Died in Memphis Sunday Morning.
James Layne, one of Cleveland's most highly esteemed citizen's and for many years express agent of this city, died Sunday morning at the home of his brother, Joseph F.Layne, in Memphis. He had been in poor health for several months, having resigned his position last winter. His death is thought to have been due to Bright's disease. About a month ago Mr. Layne, knowing that his health was failing him, went to Memphis for treatment and also to be with his step mother and brother.Deceased was born in Virginia, November 3,1854 and came to this county in 1865. He was apponinted express agent at this place in the year 1881, succeeding his father, and held this position with credit for 28 years. He is survived by his step mother, Mrs. Patrick Layne, of Memphis who formely conducted the Layne House, now known as the Stamper House, and one brother, Joseph Layne, also of Memphis. He had the confidence and esteem of all man and his death will be regretted by a large number of warm personal friends. As express agent he discharged his duties well. He was correct in his work and the books in his office were modles of neatness. He was a good citizen and faithful official. No face has been more missed from the Southern Railway Depot than that of Mr. Layne since the time when failing health forced his retirement. The funeral services were held from the Stamper House Monday afternoon, conducted by Father Mauratti of Chattanooga, deceased being Roman Catholic. The business men closed their doors during the funeral.
(July 23, 1909 Cleveland Herald Bradley Co, TN)
G. W. Melton
One our best known men died Monday, July 12, 1909 and was taken to the Bethel for burial Tuesday afternoon at 5 o'clock. Mr. Melton was known by a large circle of friends and greatly will be missed. He was born July 14, 1830, in Hamilton Co, Tennessee. Married Miss P.J. Nichols, September 15, 1860, in Florence , Lauderdale Co. Alabama. He obtained faith in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at Hopewell, Ga. September 15, 1870. Joined the Union Baptist Church the same year. Our dear friend and husband is gone from earth; he has gone to dwell above, where he will have no sickness there.There was a sad mistake and it was written that he was a widower; he leaves behind a wife and grandson to mourn the loss of a broken home. We will meet him ; we will greet him where the roses bloom again; he has gone from us but we know he has gone to dwell with the angles above where parting and death will not enter; don't weep for the lost one, for the Lord doeth all things well. A Friend
(July 23, 1909 Cleveland Herald, Bradley Co. TN)
Mr. John Johnson died at his home today at eleven o'clock after a illness of a few hours. Mr. Johnson, Mr. Johnson, being in his usual health till Sunday evening when he was complaining of a pain in his jaw until late in the night it moved to his breast and his left arm which caused a great deal of pain until the end came. Mr. Johnson was the oldest citizen in this part of the country. He was seventy odd years old and was an honest herd working man and a member of the Christian church for many years. He leaves an aged companion to mourn her loss. She has the sympathy of her many friends and neighbors in her sad bereavement.
It was a great shock in this community to hear of the death of Isaac Pippenger , Thrusday night at Smyrna. The bereaved family have the sympathy of the entire community in their sad bereavments.
(2 / 1 /1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner )
Mrs. Elizabeth Nankivell , wife of James Nankivell, of Ducktown, died Tuesday morning, after a short illness. Deceased was born at Pretin Port , Cornwell, England. April 10, 1821, and was married May 16, 1853. To them eight children five boys and three girls- were born. Of these only three survive. Dr. James R. Nankivell, of Athens. Mrs. Hasson A. Rodgers of Knoxville. and Octavious Nankivell of Isabella. Her husband also survives her. The funeral was held Thursday morning at nine o'clock in the M.E. Church, South, conducted by Rev. Gay Bryant.
(July 23, 1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)
Mrs. Tine North , sister-in-law of D.A. North , and sister to Jerry Mowery, died in her home in East Cleveland Wednesday morning ,after a long illness.
She is survived by three daughters- Mrs. Clifford Martin, Mrs. Pearl McKinney, and Georgie North. The remains were taken to Polk County, her native home. Thursday morning and the funeral was held from Cookson Creek church Thursday afternoon.
(July 23, 1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)
Miss Sallie Carter died Friday afternoon at her home near Big Spring, after a shory illness. She was a member of the ME church and Rev. a. j. Murphey conducted the funeral service at the family home Sunday afternoon.
(July 27, 1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner )
Mrs. Oscar Dickson died Friday afternoon at her home a few miles below town, after a short Illness. She is survived by her husband. Interment was made Saturday.
(July 27, 1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)
Elsie , the little daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W.D. Caudle, died at Lauderback Springs Saturday afternoon and the remains were interred in the Ooltewah cemetery Sunday. She was three years and eight months old. She ahs been iil for several months and her death was not unexpected.
(July 27, 1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner )
Answers Summons of the Death Angle  and Goes to Her Reward
Mrs. Rose Ann Rymer, widow of the late James Rymer, died Saturday at her home in East Cleveland after a long and painful illness. Deceased was born in Polk County, near Benton on May 18, 1841 and was therefore 68 years at the time of her death. Before her marriage Miss Rose Ann Kerr. She was married to James Rymer in 1860. Her husband, it will be recalled , died about a year ago. She is survived by five children, two boys and three daughters. The daughters are Mrs. Serepta Howard, of Benton; Miss Niva Rymer, of this city; and Mrs. Rodha Bowens of Ala. The sons are Fate and Robert Rymer, both of this city.
The funeral was held at Hopewell Sunday afternoon, being conducted by Rev. L.B.Stivers, after which interment at Hopewell cemetery.
(June 29, 1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner )
HOMER CARR and Team Struck by Lighting Late Saturday Evening and Instantly Killed.
Homer Carr, who resides four miles above Charleston on the river, and his team of two mules, were struck by lighting during the storm Saturday evening and instantly killed.
Mr. Carr was plowing in a field and thinking the clouds would soon pass by and evidently not considering them threatening paid no attention to the approaching storm. There was no witness to the scene. When Mr. Carr did not return home in good season his wife sent an uncle to the field to ascertain the cause of his delayed return, and this uncle made the awful discovery. Mr. Carr was 24years old and married. The funeral was held Sunday afternoon and interment was made in the country cemetery on the McMinn county side near his late residence.
(June 29, 1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)
Miss Eva Randolph , a niece of Attorney John K. Randolph, died Saturday at her home in East Cleveland, her death being due to typhoid fever. She had been ill about six weeks and her suffering was intense. She was well known in this city, having lived her all her life. A mother and two sisters survive her . The funeral was held at Union Grove Sunday afternoon. A large number of sympathizing friends and schoolmates were present. Rev. Glaze officiating.
(June 29, 1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)
Rev. R. F. Lawson Responded
to Call of Death Angle
Saturday Afternoon
Rev. R.F. Lawson died at his home near Big Spring Saturday afternoon after a long illness. His death was due to a complication of diseases.
He was 69 years old. And lived in this County the greater part of his life. He resided in the Flint Springs neighborhood 15 or 20 years, but for the past two or three years he lived in Big Spring. He was a Cumberland Presbyterian Minister and a Federal Veteran.
A wife and five children , one son and four daughters survive him. The daughters are Mrs. Charles Bacon, Mrs. Poley Petite, Mrs. John Musgrove and Miss Adeline Lawson. The last named, with her brother Houston lived with their father. The funeral was held Monday afternoon.
(July 13, 1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)
Lizzie Lawson, best known as Sis Lawson, died at the residence of Mr. Newt Lillard Wednesday morning at six o'clock after several weeks of sickness. She contracted a severe case of fever a few months ago and its effect probably was the cause of her death. She was laid to rest July 8th at the Baptist Cemetery. She had lived at Mr. Lillard's since she was a young girl and was much loved by his family on account of the long association and her lovable disposition. Polk County News Gazett.
(July 13, 1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner)
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Mayfield Answers Call of Death Angle Thursday Afternoon.
Thursday afternoon shortly before two o'clock the death summons came for Mrs. Elizabeth C. Mayfield, at the family home on Worth street, death being due to heart trouble. Mrs. Mayfield had been in poor health since last fall. In early winter she went to Florida in the hope to regain her health but to no avail. While in Florida this spring she had a severe spell of illness and for a while it was feared the end was near, but she rallied and was able to be brought home in April.   For a time it was thought she would ultimately recover, but hope was soon shattered and the end came Thursday afternoon, as stated above.  Mrs. Mayfield was a daughter of the late Elliot McConnell of Polk county, and was born March 15, 1842, and was, therefore, in the 68th year of her age at the time of her death. In 1861 on the third of October, she was married to the late Judge P.B. Mayfield, then a young rising lawyer of Benton. In 1867 the family came o Cleveland and since then have resided here. Eight children were born to Judge and Mrs. Mayfield, of whom five sons and a daughter survive their mother. The daughter is Mrs. John T. Rogers and the sons are Mesrss, James E., Edward, Percy B., Charles S., and Frank M. Mayfield. One son William died several years ago, being at the time of his 19th year, likewise a daughter, Miss Lillian aged 23, also preceded her mother to the grave several years ago. A granddaughter, Miss Carrie Rogers, is also a member of the surviving family, all of whom have the sympathy of the entire community. Deceased was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and was held in highest esteem by all who knew her.   And to know her was to love her.   No woman ever lived in Cleveland who had more devoted friends than had Mrs. Mayfield, and it is also true that no woman of more retiring manner and disposition ever resided in this city.   The funeral will be held at 2:30 o'clock Saturday afternoon and the Rev. R.L. Mason pastor of the Oak Street Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Chattanooga will conduct it.
(July 9, 1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner )
Prominent Citizen of Cleveland
Passes to the Great Beyond
At Age of 57
John Cochran, one of the best known citizens of Cleveland , died at his home in East Cleveland Wendnesday night, after a illness of several weeks duration. He attended the May term of Federal Court in Chattanooga and caught a severe cold, it is said , and had since been confined to his room. Deceased was 57 years old and had lived in this city 15 or 20 years, coming here from Georgia. He is survived by two children a son and a daughter, Mrs. John Rymer, of this city and John Cochran, of Georgia. For a number of years he was proprietor of the famous depot saloon. The funeral was held Friday morning.
(July 9, 1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner )
Death of an Infant
The infant son of Mr. And Mrs. Boon Whitmore, of James county, died Wendnesday morning of typhoid fever. Interment was made Thursday.
(July 9, 1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner )
Answers Summons of Death Angle and Passes into Great Beyond.
John Hickman, who was , perhaps the oldest citizen of Bradley County, died Wednesday afternoon in the old Tenth District, near White Oak Mountians, after a short illness. His death was due to old age. He was 97 years old and had lived in this county the greater part of his live. He leaves five children- two sons and three daughters. Only one son , Jack resides in this countyand he was with his father at the time of his latter's death. The funeral was held Friday morning and was attended by a host of friends and relatives.
(July 2, 1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner )
Mr. Asa Bean, a Prominent Farmer of the Prospect Neighborhood, Dropped Dead
Wednesday Evening
Mr. Asa Bean, a prominent farmer of the Prospect neighborhood, a father of Dr. R. L. Bean of this city and uncle of City Marshall S.H. Bean, went after the cows Wednesday evening and dropped dead, death being due to heart failure. Deceased was 77 years of age. Mr. Bean did not return as soon as the members of the family thought he should and a daughter went in search of him and the cows he had gone for and made the discovery of her fathers death.
Deceased was a fine man and well known citizen. He was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian church and stood high among all who knew him. He is survived by three sons- Dr. R.L., Charles and John Bean and three daughters- Mrs. Wrinkle, Mrs. Bacon, and Miss Fanny the latter residing in California. The funeral was held at four o'clock Thursday evening.
(May 14, 1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner )
Mr. Rattcliff
Jaust as we go to press we learned of the death of Mr. Ratcliff of the Bates pike, who is an uncle of J.H. Ratcliff, the jeweler.
(May14, 1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner )
Prominent Young Man Called  to His Home on High
Shortly before nine o'clock Wednesday morning occurred the death of French Johnston, son of Mrs. Caroline Johnston, at the family home just west of town. The surviving members of the family are Mrs. Caroline Johnston, Miss Caroiline , a sister, and three brothers, as follows, Col. Eugene, Frank, and Joe Johnston. Deceased was 31 years of age and the funeral was held Friday afternoon.
Mr. Johnston was a splendid young man. Several years ago he was injured in a railroad accident and a complication of diseases resulted from this in the end causing his death.
(May 21, 1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner )
Neil Browder Answers the Summons  of the Death Angle.
Early Tuesday morning Neil Browder, a popular and highly esteemed young husband answeres the summons of the Death Angle. He had been ill of tubercular trouble for some time. He leaves a wife and five small children to mourn their loss.  Deceased carried $1,000. Insurance in the W. O. and his brethren, as well as a wide circle of friends mourn his death.
(May 21, 1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner )
Death Of a Little Girl
The entire community joins in the sorrow of Mr. And Mrs. L.D. Arnold over the loss of their little daughter, Elizabeth. She was in her usual good health last week but Sunday she was taken ill and the end came early Monday morning. She was two years old and an exceptionaly bright little girl. The funeral was held at the residence Tuesday afternoon, conducted by Rev. Herndon, of the Presbyterian church.
(June 8, 1909 Cleveland Journal & Banner )
The two month old child of Sam Humberd, who lives about seven miles below town, died Wednesday. Interment was made at the city cemetery on Thursday. (Journal & Banner Cleveland, TN June 25, 1909) ALFRED RODGERS Alfred Rodgers, a former resident of Bradley Co. died Monday in Chattanooga. His remains were shipped to this place Tueaday and interment was made at his old home near Blue Springs. (Jornal & Banner Cleveland , TN June 25, 1909)
Mrs. Nerve Gadd died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Griffith, today. (Journal & Banner Cleveland, TN June 25, 1909)
MISS. BELLE HICKEY Miss Belle Hickey, youngest daughter of Thomas Hickey died yesterday with heart trouble. (Journal & Banner Cleveland , TN June 25, 1909) Mrs. Myrah Christian Mrs. Myrah Christian died at her home 3 miles north of Benton on the 21st, after several weeks of suffering, and was interred at the Benton cemetery on the 22nd. Rev. D. N. Crumley conducted the funeral at grave which was well attended. The deceased is survived by her husband, Uncle Dick Christian; two daughters and four sons who have the sympathy of the community in their sorrow. -----Polk County News Gazette. (Journal & Banner Cleveland, TN June 29, 1909)
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