Blount County, Tennessee Queries

June 1997


E-Mail:Jim Baker

Date: Mon Jun 30 1997
Searching for ancesters of Lewis Stover Jones, believed to have been born in TN 1822; Later, said to have take Wagon Train from Blount Co to Iowa abt 1840.


E-Mail:Hazel Rasar

Date: Sat Jun 28, 1997
Looking for information on RASAR (all variant spellings), PETERS, BLEVINS/BLEVENS or GRINDSTAFF/GRANDSTAFF in Blount Co., post Civil War era.
Daniel RAZOR (RASOR) & Sarah PETERS moved from Carter Co to Blount Co sometime aft 1849. Daniel was a blacksmith in Co. L 2nd Cav during CW. Lived in the Happy Valley region of Maryville. Son Peter moved to WA State aft 1885; m Doshia BLEVINS 1898, da u of Nick BLEVINS & Caroline GRINDSTAFF. Have information to share on Peter's family.

Kinser, Magill, Bicknell, Tucker, Bible, Cobble, Johnston, Johnstone, Barb, Moore, Messemore, Neas, Britten, McMeans, Rankin, Fain

E-Mail:James Kinser Weeks

Date: Sun Jun 29 1997

I am serching for direct anscestors in Eastern TN: Kinser, Magill, Bicknell, Tucker, Bible, Cobble, Johnston(e), Barb, Moore, Messemore, Neas, Britten, McMeans, Rankin, Fain. Will trade gedcom files as I have substantial info on some lines.
I am serching for info on Sam Johnston(e) b 1794, wife Margaret b 1791 and daughter Margaret Emaline b 19 Feb 1830 who married James Franklin Magill. I have substantial info on the Magill line.


E-Mail:Nancy Howland Date: Fri Jun 27 1997
Seeking any information on parents or children of William SCOTT, b. 1780 (where?), d. 24 Aug 1855 Tuckaleechee Cove, Blount Co. TN, buried Meyers Cemetery, Townsend, Blount Co. TN. William married 2 Mar 1801 in TN (what county?) to Phoebe MARR or LaMAR wh o was born 1780 (where?), died 1866 in Blount Co., buried Meyers Cemetery, Townsend, Blount Co. The only child that I know about is Daniel SCOTT, b. 17 Jan 1834 (where?), who moved to Johnson Co. MO and married 17 Jan 1860 to Mrs. Rebecca (GWINN) MARR (b. 22 Feb 1825, d. 7 Dec 1907). Both Daniel and Rebecca are buried in Johnson Co. MO. Did William and Phoebe SCOTT have other children? Who were William's parents and siblings?


E-Mail:Joe James

Date: Sat Jun 28 1997
I am researching Elisha K. James who was born about 1793 in VA. By 1814 he shows up in an East TN Militia Regiment and is shown as of Blount Co. By about 1819 he and his family had moved on to AK. His son, Elijah James, my great-great grandfather was I be lieve born in Blount Co in July of 1816. There is an aprocrophal story in my family that Elisha K. James' wife's maiden name was Cartwright. I would certainly appreciate any information. Joe Philip James


E-Mail:L. McInturff

Date: Sat Jun 28, 1997
I am seeking information on the giant elm tree that grew in Blount County. It died in the last twenty years and a cross section of it is now on display in Maryville. Hope for estimated age of tree, when it dieded and any other relevant or interesting info rmation pertaining to this tree.


E-Mail:Barbara Harrell

Date: Fri Jun 27 1997
Am researching family of WILLIAM ADAMS who married SARAH, daughter of ISHAM BLANKENSHIP. They had children ELIJAH born 1799; JOHN 1801 who married REBECCA (maiden name believed to have been MICHELL or MICHEL); ELIZABETH (Twin) born 1801 who married JAMES MICHAEL, a son of BARNABUS MICHAEL; NATHANIEL born 1805 who married MARY MARGARET STEELE; SUSANNAH J. born 1807 married WILLIAM JOHN McRAE; ANNA born 1808 married DANIEL McRAE; ABSALOM born 1810 who married first a HUNT (their first child was named EDMUND HUNT), and secondly, ELIZABETH REID.


E-Mail:Marti Stout

Date: Fri Jun 27 1997
Looking for info. on John David DAVIS who lived in Blount Co. in 1840 according to the census. He was married to Sally Buchanan. Their children were: William, Jake, John, Peggy, Betty and James. John was born in Avery co. NC. Thank you for any info.


E-Mail:Edna Clack

Date: Tue Jun 17 1997
Looking for help on the ROGERS and BLAIR families that were in Blount at least by 1800. Does anyone have anything on them? One James ROGERS married Anna BLAIR there in March of 1800. Siblings or parents of James or Anna would be appreciated. Any idea whe n they first came to Blount? Thank you.
Does anyone have a copy of the book "Rogers Relatives & Orgins in Blount Co, TN" by Brabson?? Would dearly love to have a copy of a few pages.
Thank you Edna Clack


E-Mail:Diane Drogich

Date: Tue Jun 17 1997
I'm looking for the parents of my ggrandmother, Iowa Texas WOOD, b. 22 November 1868 in Blount Co., TN. Parents were Rubin Wood, no other info, except that his mother's name was Barbara, and Mary Emaline HICKS, b. 12 August 1848 in ?, d. 14 August 1928 in ?GA?. Any information would be appreciated


E-Mail:Judy Gregg

Date: Tue Jun 17 1997
Interested in information on William REAGAN b 1811 and his wife Sarah H. b. 1815. They married ca 1834 and had the following children all born in Knox Co, TN: James M.1835, Mary Elizabeth 1836, John Black 1837, Joseph P. 1839, Leah B. 1840, William W. 184 1, Sarah Caroline 1844, Henry V. 1846, Prince Edward 1849, Smauel A. 1851, William W. 1853, Andrew Johnson ca 1856. William and Sarah are buried in the Beaver Ridge Methodist Church Cemetery in Knox Co. I would like any information, but am especially sear ching the parents of William REAGAN and Sarah,s maiden name.


E-Mail:Charlotte Lucas

Date: Sun Jun 15 1997
I am looking for information about the KEELON/KEELING and HACKNEY families. They were in Blount County until the mid to late 1800's. LEONARD KEELON/KEELING married ELIZABETH M. HACKNEY in Blount Co. on Dec. 31, 1848. Martha KEELING married Josiah WALKER on May 20, 1852 in Blount Co.
I am looking for any information about Levi KEELING. He died between 1830 and 1850 probably in Blount County. One son, Carlton, has been identified. Carlton KEELING married Charlotte SMITH KEEING and children: Jesse; Leonard; Lewis; Susan; Mary; Elijah Mi lton; Campbell Wallace; William and Eliza. They were in Blount Co. in the early to mid 1800's.
Thanks. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Charlotte Lucas


E-Mail:Bryant Pitner

Date: Sun Jun 15 1997
I am looking for information on John Pitner b. circa 1780 or 1790, he served in the war of 1812 in the TN Malitia. He was married to Dortha Cresswell they had nine children. I am looking for the names of there children I have some but some have been omitt ed from my document. He owned land along Lake Ellejoy in Blount County but resided in Sevier CO. He had a brother named Adam. He died in Hamilton Co. in 1836. If you know any family history, family origin, names of parents, siblings, or children please e- mail me. Thank you for your time and consideration. P.S. If your a PITNER please e-mail me even if the family I am looking at seems to be different than yours. Thanks again...


E-Mail:Terri Craig

Date: Fri Jun 13 1997
DAVID CRAIG. Served in TN State Leg. Helped write TN constitution. I have date of death(1825 in Williamson Co.) but need date of birth and any info you might have.


E-Mail:Josephine Lindsay Bass

Date: Sat Jun 14 1997
Gideon, Michael, Joseph, Jesse, James, Benjamin, John HARRISON migrated to N. AL - Madison Territory in 1806. Joseph m. to Nancy dau of John Craig (Craigs also migrated) settled in Limestone Co. AL. Their dau m. Zilpha BELL. Gideon in battle of Kings Mtn - Michael, Sheriff of Jonesborough. Craigs Fort - now Maryville - he donated land. Wife of Gideon Harrison or John Craig may have been WHITE or GLASS???


E-Mail:Tom Street

Date: Wed Jun 11 1997
DRAKE FAMILY - EUSEBIA CEM. & ELLIJOY. Interested in contacting anyone researching the DRAKE family in Blount Co. or other near counties. Does anyone have any information on EUSEBIA ELLIJOY, Blount Co. JAMES M. DRAKE & wife JANE HAMILTON &q uot;DRAKE" were burried there in about 1880. I can not find ELLIJOY on a map. Is it still a town? I am specially interested in son CHARLES C. DRAKE. Any info is appreciated.


E-Mail:D. E. Shockey

Date: Tue Jun 10 1997
John W. Taylor married Mary Britt probably in VA. They were living in Greene Co. about 1850. Need to know the names of their children and where John W. was born. They later lived in Blount Co.



Date: Tue Jun 10 1997
I am researching these people W.M.TUCKER,REBECA STEEL and daughter MARY JANE TUCKER and the rest of their family. They were on the 1860 Census of Bradley Cty. along with a JOHN age abt.17 yrs.


E-Mail:peggy west ford

Date: Sun Jun 8 1997
I need information on the parents of william bud west and margaret lane, margaret called {maggie }was born in sweetwater tn, william called{ bud} was born in blount co tn, they were married in maryville tn, may 5 1886, I have found several ,West's that co uld be his parents, but have no way of knowing which one ,no one in the family seems to know,if any one knows how i can find out, I would to here from you, I have heard one of them had a sister named sarah,



Date: Thu Jun 5 1997
Seeking information on WILLIAM C RUPE born about 1818 moved to Adair Co Ky . I need his parents and brothers/sisters. I will exchange what information I have. His daughter MAHALA Rupe, was my gr grand mother. She married ISHAM C DOOLEY somewhere in Tn. De c 12, 1859. Will appreciate any information I can get.


E-Mail:Margie Croney

Date: Fri Jun 6 1997
Andrew and Nicholas Neal were in Blount Co. Tn. 1812. Any info on who were wives of these two men?

POWELL, MULKEY, Self, Chastains, Browns, Phillip, Mark

E-Mail:F. Crowe

Date: Fri Jun 6 1997
ABRAHAM W. (1790/95-1866), Trying to validate marriage to daughter/granddaugher of Jonathan Mulkey while A.W. was circuit preacher in TN. There was one Abraham W. Powell on 1840 census of Blount Co TN. My Abraham W. Powell is found in Gilmer Co. GA in 185 0 census and later moved to Walker Co. AL. Are these two men the same? Associated families include: SELF, CHASTAINS, BROWNS, Phillip & Mark &


E-Mail:Barbara Harrell

Date: Thu Jun 5 1997
Am researching the family of John Adams b. 1801 who married Rebecca (Mitchell?) in Monroe Co. ca 1822. Their issue: Laura married Thompson Siniard; William m.(1) Millie Hooper (2)Mary Ann Folds; James married Jane Siniard; Sarah married Wm. Charles Tucker ; Alfred; John J. married Mary (?); Nathaniel; Jesse Carroll; Henry Roberts married Sara Jane Aikins; and, Jefferson Moore Adams. John and his siblings were born in the Blount/ Monroe Co. area. Their parents were William and Sarah Blankenship Adams from V A.


E-Mail:Vickie Elam White

Date: Tue Jun 3 1997
Looking for proof of birthdate and parentage of William T. HOOD. His tombstone in Blount Co. AL and census records show that he was born in 1841 in TN. Some HOOD researchers say that he was born in Blount Co. TN (near Maryville)to Daniel R. HOOD and Marga ret L. J. SWAN. The family moved to Cherokee Co. AL ca 1844 (Daniel sold land in Blount Co. TN he had inherited from his father, Nathaniel HOOD in October 1844). Does anyone have access to Blount Co. TN birth records or baptismal records (Presbyterian) fo r the early 1840s?
Looking to confirm birthdate of Daniel R. HOOD, son of Nathaniel HOOD and Abigail RAGAN of Greene Co. TN and Blount Co. TN. Daniel's tombstone in Spring Garden, Cherokee Co. AL says he was born in 1811 (which agrees pretty much with census records, too) b ut most of the HOOD researchers I've spoken with say he was born in 1820. Does anyone have access to Blount Co. TN birth or baptismal (Presbyterian) records for the early 1800s? I appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks.


E-Mail:Jean Sharp

Date: Tue Jun 3 1997
Searching for parents of: JOHN SHARP, 17 Feb. 1780 - 6 May 1840, Monroe Co, Tn. Married Polly Tullock, 21 May 1810, Blount Co, Tn.



Date: Tue Jun 3 1997
Looking for information on the family of Michael Harvey and his wife Sarah, he appears on the 1860 Census of Blount Co. I have his descendants, but would like to try to find more information on him his wife and family and his ancesters. He had two childre n: Clark Harvey and Sarah Harvey,


E-Mail:Charles S. Miller

Date: Tue Jun 1 1997
Interested in learning about Col. Alexander Kelley, his wife, and children. He supposedly migrated to west Tennessee where court house burned. His daughter supposedly married John Cox of Louisville area.


E-Mail:Dorothy McKee

Date: Sun Jun 1 1997
Am searching for info on Burgess Ward and Elizabeth Ayers or Ayres Ward. She was born 9-8-1824 and died 9-13-1903. They are my GGGrandparents and I have always been told they were full blood Cherokee. They had 10 Children: James, Susannah Permelia(my ggra ndmother Married to James D. Stout), Sarah J., Martha A., Samuel C., John, William, Richard J., George W., andBurgess(Virgil). I believe Elizabeth is buried in Blount Co. but I don't have a clue who her parents or his parents were. Any info would be great ly appreciated. Thank You.

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