History of this website

The following history of the Blount County TNGenWeb site was written in by Cecil Stockton in 2000. 

The Blount County Genealogy Page was brought to the World Wide Web by Denise Waterworth in 1996. During that time she has gathered information relating to the history and genealogy of the county from sources all over the country and created a band of volunteers willing to contribute their time and their own knowledge. They brought that information together into one place for those of us seeking our ancestors in Blount County.

That task would have been a daunting enough for a person who was free to devote their efforts full time. However, in addition to bringing being the creator of this page she is a mother of three, she teaches classes at her church, she is a Brownie leader, she works on the Web Pages of her daughter’s school, and she has her own business bug testing software. This is in addition to following her own genealogical pursuits (and we all know how much time that can take, just ask our families).

My own genealogical path led me to Blount County and to this page over two years ago. I was impressed right away with the depth and the quantity of information I found here. Unfortunately the key to solving my own “Brick Wall” is well hidden in the depths of the history of the County and I have not yet found it. But because of that Blount County has become special to me, and I have come back time and again to this page seeking answers.

Additionally there is the fact that although I live in San Diego, California, and have for most of my life, I was born in a town called Millington in Shelby County, Tennessee. And I am proud of my Tennessee roots.

In February of last year Denise found she had reached the point where she was going to need help with the page if she wanted to have a life outside of it, and she posted a request for a Co-Host on the TNBLOUNT-L Mail List. I immediately answered and began my relationship with the site.

Eventually Denise decided that she was going to have to turn over the responsibility of maintaining the page and asked if I would be willing to take it on, and I accepted.

I also am a parent, however my child is all grown and off to college. Now that she is I have found that there is a very important principle relating to the state of human existence. That principle is that children are to personal time as Black Holes are to light. While I cherish the memories of my daughter’s childhood and was saddened beyond end to see her leave the nest, I found that I suddenly had time to do the things I wished to.

The time I spend with my wife and life’s partner, my job as MIS/LAN Administrator for WebSideStory, and my search for my family history are the only things that occupy me now. And I am delighted to be able to spend some of my time continuing what Denise has created.

Whatever I may do with while hosting the Blount County Genealogical Page it can only be considered as adding to an outstanding source of information. My efforts and those of whoever may follow will simply be building on the foundation that was placed here by Denise. And though she is stepping back from the role of County Coordinator she will be continuing to add to the store of knowledge that exists here.

—Cecil Stockton, January 24th, 2000

I can only add, that I agree with Cecil, this is a wonderful site for those who search in Blount County. — Kay Snow,  21 Oct 2005


  • Martha Burrows

    I was searching the records for my great aunt Ora Edith Crouse, your database has a different birth and death date from what is on her Social Security Death Index. I was trying to find the correct date of death, before sending off for a copy of her death certificate. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

    Martha Burrows

    • Taneya

      Hi Martha – Ms. Crouse did indeed die on November 22, 1966. This is the date that the state of TN has on her death certificate. I was able to verify that by searching the death database at the Shelby County Register of Deeds at http://register.shelby.tn.us/. Best of luck in ordering her certificate!

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