Heritage Century Farms of Blount County

From 1975-1978, the Tennessee Department of Agriculture gathered information on farms in the state that had been in operation for more than 100 years. For most of these records, the data was verified by Blount County historian Inez E. Burns.  The microfilm collection is held at the Tennessee State Library & Archives (TSLA) and includes records for several Blount County farms.  More information about the records are available at the TSLA website

These records contain a varying amount of family history going back to the origins of each farm. I have digitally scanned these records and will make them available here over time via a “View file” link next to each family. Until I have the opportunity to get them all linked, please contact me if you would like to see the records for any particular family.

ANDERSON, Herbert Floyd (Mr. & Mrs.) – Herbert was the grandson of the original farm owner, James R.C. ANDERSON.  Original land purchase in 1807 was by Joshua HANNAH.  This file contains a history of the Anderson farm from 1887-1975.  Farm located in Rockford. [View file]

BEST, Cora F. (Mrs.)Daniel BEST/BOEST (died 1845) was the first family member to have owned this land, purchased prior to 1809.  Cora’s husband was the great-great-grandson of Daniel. This file contains details on several generations of the BEST family. Farm located in Maryville. [View file]

BRICKEY, Jackson C. –  Land originally purchased by Peter & Nancy (Smith) BRICKEY  in 1808. Peter was from Westmoreland County, Virginia. Peter is the great-great-great-nephew of Peter.  Farm located in Townsend. [View file]

BURNS, Herbert Victor (Mr. & Mrs.)On land originally owned by Peter & Nancy (Smith) BRICKEY. Located in Townsend. [View file]

CALLAHAN, George (Mr. & Mrs.)Land originally owned by Amos & Lucy (Taylor) CALLAHAN; founded in 1871. George is the grandson of Amos & Lucy. Located in Louisville. [View file]

DAVIS, Blanche GambleFarm founded in 1809 by Samuel & Rebecca (Davidson) WALKER. Blanche is a 3rd-great-granddaughter of Samuel. Located in Walland. [View file]

DAVIS, George Joseph (Mr. & Mrs)Original land grant given to a KOONTZ. Farm founded in 1871 by George C. & Betty Ann (Koontz) DAVIS  from Sevier County.  George Joseph DAVIS is his grandson. George is the grandson of the original owner. Located in Maryville. [View file]

DAVIS, Elmer & EarnestFarm founded in 1867 by James DAVIS III, a Blount County Justice of the Peace. James was originally from Greene County. Land now owned by Elmer & Jama DAVIS, Earnest R. DAVIS, Mrs. Mildred D. DAVIDSON, and Rowena D. WYRICK. Owners were great-grandchildren of James. Located in Maryville. [View file]

DAVIS, Reese Tip (Mr. & Mrs.) Farm founded in 1867 by James DAVIS III, same land as Elmer & Earnest Davis above. Reese is James’ grandson. Located in Maryville. [View file]

FARMER, Clark (Mr. & Mrs.) –  Farm founded in 1824 by John MYERS of Greene County. This application has a lot of supplemental documentation about the family history.  Located in Maryville. [View file]

GAMBLE, Amanda (Mrs.) Farm founded in 1809 by Samuel & Rebecca (Davidson) WALKER of NC. Amanda’s husband Howard was a great-grandson of Samuel. Part of land donated to establish Walker’s Chapel. Located in Walland. [View file]

GARNER, J. LloydFarm founded in 1839 by William & Dolly (Williamson) GARNER. William served in the War of 1812. Daughter Martha donated some of the land for Williamson United Methodist Church. J. Lloyd is great-grandson of William & Dolly. Located in Maryville. [View file]

GAMBLE Jr., J.R. – Farm founded in 1859 by Moses GAMBLE. Moses was killed during the Civil War.  Land also owned by Roma Lois GAMBLE and Christine Gamble DAUGHERTY. All 3 owners are great-grandchildren of Moses. Located in Maryville. [View file]

HAIR, Lillian (Mrs.) Farm founded in 1815 by John & Ann (Stewart) MCCONNELL. Samuel fought in the War of 1812.  Lillian was the wife to Earnest, who was a great-great-grandson of Samuel. Located in Greenback. [View file]

HENRY, Margret (Mrs.) & HENRY Jr., William GarnetFarm founded in 1808 and first owned by Samue& Polly HENRY.  Noted family events include being appointed by Governor to select county seat of Maryville.  Located in Greenback [view file]

HENRY, Oscar P., HENRY, Earl Winston & HENRY, Harold WilkersonLand for farm acquired by family in 1824 & 1826 by John WILKINSON.  WILKINSON was a lawyer and served as Attorney General for parts of Tennessee, Kentucky & Virginia. Noted family event includes circumstances surrounding a slave, Violet Montgomery. Farm located in Maryville. [view file]

JEFFRIES, ArthurFarm founded in 1816 by William JEFFRIES, who moved to the area due to the “restless spirit of the times.” Located in Seymour. [view file]

LEFFELL, Katherine Warren (Mrs.) – Louisville

McCONNELL, William Fred (Mr. & Mrs.) – Maryville

McMURRY, Joe Drinnen – Maryville

PHELPS, Walter Ralph (Mr. & Mrs.) – Louisville

RAULSTON, Edward Lee – Maryville


  • Linda Mills/Jeffries

    I have just been made aware of this site. I am very interested in any info you can share with me on any farms belonging to the JEFFRIES families. I moved to Tennessee in 2006 and have felt like this is where I belong. I found that my Great-Grandfather and Great-Great-Grandfather were born and lived here til about the 1880’s. My e-mail will hopefully come to you with this reply. Thank you for your hard work in this project. If I can help you in any way please let me know. Thanks again.

    • Taneya

      Hi Linda – thanks for your comment. That is so great to hear that you are able to be back where your family is from. I am going to email you.

  • T. Thompson

    Linda, just saw your post. My gfather Benjamin Authonile Reed was born on Keener Rd. in Seymour/Blount Co. line and one of his teachers was Auther Jefferies. He regarded him highly. The area between Prospect Rd. and Dripping Springs/Ellijoy Rd. was where Auther Jeffries lived. This was around 1880-1910. Don’t have much but thought I would share what I had. If you see a posting by Tiptons or Davises in that area, you can pretty much know it is the truth. They have been there for years.

  • Connie Ward

    Hi Taneya, Just saw your posts here. WOW!! My (4) great grandfather was Daniel Best. =) Very interesting paper posted here. As far as I know, I still have Best relatives on that land? My grandmother was a Best married a Ward of Monroe Co. I think those bushwackers we also related on my grandfathers side, if the bushwackers were the Kirklands?

    • Taneya

      Hi Connie – you posted right before I’m off to bed. Glad that you found the post of interest. Yes, I do believe there are Best families still on the property. Who was your grandmother if I may ask? Email me at taneya@gmail.com

  • Margaret Hougland

    Great to see the posts about the Jeffries. I’m looking for the parents of Malisie [Malissa] E. Jeffries who was the first wife of Anderson Morgan Davis. She died 3 May 1874. Any leads?