Blount County Inmates at the TN Penitentiary, 1831-1850

The Tennessee State Library & Archives (TSLA) houses the surviving records of the Tennessee State Penitentiary.  The following list are individuals in the index from Blount County.  For information on how to get more information about these records, please contact TSLA.

Last NameFirst NameCrimeCountyAge
EstepEnochhorse stealingBlount35
EstepSquirehorse stealingBlount32
Jonston [Johnston?]James R.petit larcenyBlount66
MillsapJared B.grand larcenyBlount25
Reagle [Reayle?]WilliambigamyBlount37
SatterfieldHezekiahpetit larcenyBlount23
SmithPeterpetit larcenyBlount24
StephensAndrewgrand larcenyBlount18
WilsonJohnpetit larcenyBlount24