Bledsoe County Marriage Project

This project is an attempt to recreate some of the marriage records of Bledsoe County which were destroyed in the 1909 fire. Some records are from my research and some from the research of correspondents. Bible records, queries posted to the Bledsoe County Query pages, have been utilized. Some dates are merely estimates from census records and the age of the first child. Some wives surnames have been gleaned from land records, obituaries and other miscellaneous family records. Where possible a source is given as well as a contact person with whom the researcher can correspond.

The quality of the reference depends entirely on the source from which it was originally discovered. Despite the problems of documentation, I would very much appreciate input from fellow researchers. Not only may you find cousins, but by submitting your information, you will add to an archive which can be used by present and future family historians.

If you would like to help, please submit information on your Bledsoe County Marriages along with a source and your e-mail address.

Thank you,


P.S. Cumberland County was created from Bledsoe County and you may wish to visit the Cumberland County Marriage Reconstruction Project as well.

Bledsoe County Marriages

Suggestion: This list is alphabetized by Groom. If you are looking for a bride, try using the "find" feature on your browser.

ACUFF, James J. CARDER, Margaret abt 1866 Census/Family Nancy Cole
ACUFF, Jonathan CURVIN, Eleanor abt 1836 Census Nancy Cole
AGEE, Samuel Witt HOGE, Sarah Walker 30 Apr 1884 Bible Sara A. Goins
ANDERSON, James LOONEY, Esther "Hattie" 1815 Pension Record Jill Anderson Hackett
ANDERSON, William SKILLERN, Rebecca ca 1800(VA?) Deed Nancy
ANDERSON, William M. CARD, Margaret Jane ca 1870 Birth of First Child Imo Lee Card Greenwood
AUSTIN, Hezekiah BLEVINS, Jane abt 1810 Elizabeth Robinette Charles Austin
BARGER, Robert B. WHITE, Ellen 22 May 1831   Callen Swenson
BLAYLOCK, Hubbard NEWBY, Temperance abt 1833 Family Fred Salter
BRISTOW, William BROWN, Catherine Feb 1848 Family Records Barb
BROWN, Daniel Green ENGLAND, Alice Oct 1875 Family Records Barb
BROWN, Francis GIST, Elizabeth 1855 Family Records Barb
BROWN, James Street BROWN, Ann Victoria 13 Jun 1861 Family Records Barb
CARD, Abraham Byrd RIGSBY, Sarah Jane 8 May 1859 Pension Records Imo Lee Card Greenwood
CARD, Andrew Thomas WALKER, Melinda 7 Apr 1870 Family Records Imo Lee Card Greenwood
CARD, Joseph Alexander GREER, Nancy Matilda ca 1863 Birth of First Child Imo Lee Card Greenwood
CARD, Zemri SHEWMAKE, Catherine Feb 1833 Pension Records Imo Lee Card Greenwood
CARTER, Levi HOWARD, Elizabeth abt 1815 Cherokee Rolls Application Harry Redd
CLARK, Anderson JONES, Isabella 1 Sep 1820 White Co. Court Records Barbara Dooley
CLEMONS (CLEMENT,etc.), James HORN, Nancy Bef 1852 Age of Oldest Child Gladys Horn Brown
COLLIER, Joe MERRIMAN, Allie Elivira 25 Jun 1913 Marriage Record Judy Ogden
CORDER, John CARD, Catherine T. ca 1869 Birth of First Child Imo Lee Card Greenwood
COWAN, Gideon BILBREY, Amanda ca 1866 Family Records
CRAWFORD, Johnathon Houston SMITH, Neoma 15 Sep 1819 Land Grant Applicaton
CRAWFORD, Johnathon SMITH, Fannie J abt 1865 Census Stanley L. Crawford
CRAWFORD, Johnathon MOYERS,Cansada Rowena abt 1898 Census Stanley L. Crawford
CRAWFORD, Johnathon BILBREY, Lela Myrtle abt 1904 Census Stanley L. Crawford
CRAWFORD, Preston H. MARSH, Edith abt 1847 Census Marlene Wilkinson
DAVIS, Joseph HEARD, Elizabeth Ann Bef 1828   Gladys Horn Brown
DORTON, Moses BROWN, Nancy ca 1852 Family Records Barb
FARMER, Samuel A. HEARD, Fanny Rebecca 9 April 1877 Heard Family Bible Judy Ogren
GIBBS, Larry NEWBY, Martha J. abt 1867-1870   Theresa Kingsley
GILBREATH, Hugh F. BLAKELY, Eliza Jane 1850 Pension file Davie Williams
GODSEY, William STEWART, Martha Susannah abt 1850 Divorce Papers Barbara Wilhite
GREEN, Allen HOWARD, Nancy abt 1842 Census Greg Gonzales
GREEN, James Morgan MARSH?, Mary abt 1840 Census Marlene Wilkinson
GREER, Alexander Campbell WALKER, Rachel Isabell 30 Nov 1870 Marriage Certificate Christine Hood
GREER, Alton C. THOMAS, Flora Mae 23 Jul, 1916 Family Christine Hood
GREER, Alton C. THOMAS, Laura Lou 24 Mar 1939 Family Christine Hood
GREER, Isaiah Stephen ACUFF, Anna abt 1839 Family Christine Hood
GREGORY, George Wesley KNIGHT, Rebecca Francis 21 Jan 1838 Laclede, MO History Marlene Wilkinson
HALL, John Marshall GREER, Nancy Jane 20 Nov 1881 Bible Yvonne Self
HAMILTON, Benjamin THOMAS, Amanda 5 Apr, 1863 Newspaper Mary Douglas
HAMILTON, James NAIL, Sarah abt 1842 Census Mary Douglas
HASSLER, Michael Thomas DEROSSETT, Easter Ann 12 Oct 1848 Pension Gayle Hassler
HATFIELD, James HEARD, Dora 16 April 1869 Heard Family Bible Judy Ogren
HEARD, James Clay WALKER, Sarah Adaline 16 Oct 1861 Family Bible and Marriage Record Judy Ogden
HEARD, John E. WHITTENBURG, Jane 2 Dec 1873 Bible Janice Price
HEDGECOTH, Gunn NARRAMORE, Julia Ann abt 1841   tony johnston
HOGE, Isaac Easterly GREER, Sara "Sallie" 30 Dec 1899 Family Records Connie Lehman
HOLLOMAN, John BROWN, Elizabeth Susan ca 1857 Family Records Barb
HOLT, Chyron Elbert CARD, Mary Adaline ca 1871 Birth of First Child Imo Lee Card Greenwood
HORN, David DAVIS, Rebecca c1826 Birth of 1st Child Gladys Horn Brown
HORN, David HORN, Melinda 29 Jul 1842 CW Pension Gladys Horn Brown
HORN, Jacob SIMS, Martha (or Malissa) Bef 1850 CW pension Gladys Horn Brown
HORN, John SKILES, Hannah (Mrs.?) Bef 1856 Implied - 1860 Census Gladys Horn Brown
HORN, Joseph SIMS, Ruthey 1855
HORN, Joseph SIMS, Ruthey Box 6 Nov 1855 CW Pension/Death Cert. Gladys Horn Brown
HORN, Sparling P. SIMS, Susanna 1855
HORN, Sparling SIMS, Susannah circa 1856 Age of Oldest Child Gladys Horn Brown
HUDDLESTON, Thomas SCARBORO (Scarbrough), Mossie 1846 son's death certificate Donna Huddleston
HUGHES, A. D HEARD, Dora 23 Dec 1880 Heard Family Bible Judy Ogren
HUGHES, Aaron D. HEARD, Melinda Jane 23 Dec 1880 Family Bible Judy Ogden
HUGHES, John SMITH, Elizabeth 12 Feb, 1826 Family Elizabeth Mason
HUGHES, William H. MYERS, Celia J.E 12 April, 1866 Bible Elizabeth Mason
JONES, Elijah B. CHILDRESS, Lucy A. 26 Sep 1861 Bible Jim and Mary
JONES, William Lee STEPP, Adaline 2 Oct 1884 Diary Kathy Lindenmeier
KELLEY, John CARTER, Sarah 1837 Cherokee Rolls Application Harry Redd
KEMMER, John I. LOWE, Elizabeth 1820 Family Records Jim
KNIGHT, Franklin M. SIMMONS, Mary 19 Sep 1865 Pension Janice Price
LASATER, Burton DAVIS, Susannah Bef 18326 Age of Oldest Child Gladys Horn Brown
LAWSON, Jesse SIMMONS, Clementine Stype 14 Apr 1867 widow's pension Janice Price
LAWSON, Pleasant MORGAN, Rebecca 7 Apr, 1820 Pension Record Lonnie Fink
LEE, Darius DAVENPORT, Anna Jane 30 Nov 1898 Bible Becky
LEE, William BROWN, Elizabeth 20 Oct 1853 Bible Becky
Lowe, Andrew R. RANDOLPH, Amy Emerine 13 Oct 1833 Circuit Court Records Jim
LOWE, Andrew (son of Andrew R. WITTEN, Jane abt 1815 Family Records Jim
LOWE, Samuel C. (son of Andrew R. McKINNEY, Elizabeth abt 1820 Family Records Jim
LLOYD, James ANDERSON, Elizabeth ca 1800(VA?) Deed Nancy
McWILLIAMS, Daniel GRAHAM, Mary Ann 19 Sep, 1850 Pension file Lynn Gilmore
MAJORS, Elias BROWN, Minerva ca 1843 Family Records Barb
MAJORS, Thomas BROWN, Martha 1855 Family Records Barb
MERRIMAN, Hoyt Basil SMITH, Susie Marie 17 Oct 1917 Family Bible Judy Ogden
MERRIMAN, James William HEARD, Melinda Jane 10 Jan 1889 Heard Family Bible Judy Ogren
MILLER, Jessie H. RUTLEGE, Nancy J. 25 Sep, 1850 Certificate Evelyn Grimes
MILLS, Floyd J. HUGHES, Loucinda H. 1870 Bible Elizabeth Mason
MOYERS, Albert H. DAVIS, Isabel 15 Nov 1864 Bible Stanley L. Crawford
MOYERS, Albert H. DODSON, Marey 7 Feb 1884 Bible Stanley L. Crawford
NEWBY, Bill SWAFFORD, Nancy 8 Oct 1907 Marriage Book 1 Debbie Barnes
NEWBY, Elisha MERRITT, Pearline Eliz 27 Jan, 1876 Family Theresa Kingsley
NARRAMORE, John ADKINS, Nancy 1803 Crossville Chronicle article Cambria Jane Cook
NEWBY, ELISHA JR. BROKE, Martha A. abt 1876 Family Theresa Kingsley
NEWBY, James Frank NEAL, Rosa J. abt 1877 Family Theresa Kingsley
NEWBY, John Riley THURMAN, Ruthie abt 1885 Family Theresa Kingsley
NEWBY, William Robert CHILDS, Frances Caroline abt 1875 Family Theresa Kingsley
PAINTER, James HOWELL, Sussanah 1836 Bible Alfred C. Ellis
REAVIS, Charles Roddy BROOKS, Mary/Mecia ca 1895 Family Records Barb
REAVIS, Franklin Brown BROWN, Harriet ca 1875 Family Records Barb
REAVIS, James Lunsford BROWN, Iantha Jane ca 1844 Family Information Barb
REAVIS, Tolliver NARRAMORE, Sophia Oct 1831 Family Information Barb
REAVIS, William Green Harriett ca 1875 Family Records Barb
REEL, Charles Henry TURNER, Margaret Louise 14 Mar 1861 Family Bible Deb Reece
ROGERS, Elisha THURMAN, Sarah abt 1809 Estimate & articles Mary K. Kozy
ROLLINS, David CARTER, Rutha 1841 Cherokee Rolls Application Harry Redd
ROTHWELL, William T. CARD, Adalade Elizabeth Dec, 1869 Family Records Imo Lee Card Greenwood
SEALS, James KNIGHT, Nancy Ann 23 Jul 1873 widow's pension Janice Price
SELF, Jessee NARRAMORE, Mary J. 6 Feb 1812 Pension Larry Brown
SHERRILL, Henry Hunt LOWE, Rebecca bet. 1816-1828 Estimate from Family Records Jim
SIMMONS, James M. KNIGHT, Nancy Ann 28 Jan 1862 widow's pension Janice Price
SIMMONS, James S. HEARD, Sophia Tullus 2 Apr 1893 Bible Janice Price
SIMMONS, James S. PANTER, Lilly Ann 12 July, 1891 Bible Janice Price
SIMMONS, Mathew STYPE, Clementine abt 1854 census - widow's pension Janice Price
SIMMONS, William Matthew SMITH, Eliza 20 Apr 1852 Family Sam
SIMMONS, William Travis STYPE, Lucinda Abt 1860 census - widow's pension Janice Price
SIMMONS, William Travis DEBORD, Elizabeth 16 Aug 1879 widow's pension Janice Price
SMITH, Jesse Layton ROBERSON, Nelie Grace 25 Dec 1900 Harris Family Bible Phil Puckett
SMITH, William CALLAHAN, Mary Ann 27 Mar 1859 Family Sam
STANDIFER, Skelton Carroll KING, Nancy 14 Mar 1830 Family
STANDIFER, Thomas Alexander HITCHCOCK, Sarah Elizabeth 2 Oct 1887 Family
STANDIFER, William Carroll AUSTIN, Elvy Jane 2 Oct 1867 Family
STANDIFER, William Carroll MOFFITT, Nancy 12 July, 1892 Family
STEPP, James David MERCER, Elizabeth C. 27 Jan 1889 Census - Bible Mary Stepp DeVault
STEPP, John (b. 1801) SMITH, Elizabeth abt 1827 Census Mary Stepp DeVault
STEPP, John (b. 1840) TUCKER, Melvina 3 March 1868 Census - Bible Mary Stepp DeVault
STEWART, John DAVIS, Sarah bef 1819 Age of Oldest Child Gladys Horn Brown
STEWART, John DAVIS, Sarah 1815 War of 1812 Widow's Pension Jim Wilson
STEWART, Joseph HORN, Delilah Abt 1832/33 Leaves From The Family Tree Gladys Horn Brown
SWAFFORD, Thomas James Roberson LEE, Rachael E. 15 Dec 1880 Bible Becky
TAYLOR, James David REED, Louisa Jane 9 Oct 1855 Pension Record Jackie Taylor Zortman
TAYLOR, Joshua KELSEY, Sarah 1825 Census - Age of 1st Child Jackie Taylor Zortman
TAYLOR, Lewis COONTZ, Mary A. 21 Nov 1867 Pension Record Jackie Taylor Zortman
TAYLOR, Thomas REED, Elizabeth 24 Jan 1858 Pension Record Jackie Taylor Zortman
TEETERS, Gordon DAVENPORT, Ada 21 Dec 1913 Marriage Book 1 Debbie Barnes
TEETERS, Theron BILLBREY, Annie 10 Dec 1909 Marriage Book 1 Debbie Barnes
THOMAS, Evan MITTS, Matilda abt 1847 Census Mary Douglass
THOMAS, James F. HEARD, Rachel Matilda 18 Oct 1900 Heard Family Bible Judy Ogren
THOMAS, William O. HEARD, Mary Lou 18 Oct 1900 Heard Family Bible Judy Ogren
THOMPSON, John Henry PAYNE, Emily Louise 1 July 1846 Notes of John Hamilton Thompson Jan Chapa
THURMAN, Perry Estel WORTHINGTON, Flora Ann 29 July, 1913 Family Bible Bettye Tinker
THURMAN, William Zachariah MITTS, Nancy Jane 10 Aug 1902 Family Bible Bettye Tinker
VERNON, Thomas HICKS, Nancy Harrison 21 Jan 1817 Laclede, MO Gen. Soc. Marlene Wilkinson
WALKER, James Wayne CARTWRIGHT, Charity 8 Feb 1851 Pension Wendell Walker
WALKER, John HUNTER, Elizabeth 9 May 1818 Bible Records Sharon Allgood
WATERMAN, Western KNIGHT, Bethena 4 April, 1825 Pension Record Marlene Wilkinson
WHITECOTTON, Lindley M. HORN, Susan 5 Dec 1843 CW Pension Gladys Horn Brown
WHITTENBURG, Samuel GOFF, Susan abt 1829 Census and Family Records
WILEY, Andrew Parker SMITH, Sarah Ann 8 June 1856 CW Pension Joyce Hines Stone
WIMBERLY, Linchfield LASATER, Diadama 10 Oct, 1819 Widow's Pension Brenda Schwall
WILEY, Andrew Parker SMITH, Sarah Ann 8 Jun 1856 Pension Records Joyce Hines Stone