James Swindle Land Grant
Submitted by William Brackett

Seth Swindle Land

There is a land grant for James Swindle in the 12th District of Tennessee from 1829. It reads:

State of Tennessee
th District

James Swindle by virtue of the right of occupancy enters two hundred acres of land in Range 8 section 2 beginning 90 poles East of a point 800 poles north 28 West from the north east corner of 100 acre entry in the name of Samuel P M Full runs north 228 poles to a conditional line thence west 44 poles north 12 poles west 20 poles north 20 poles thence west & for compliment July 20 1829

J M Alexander &hellip


There is also a document in Benton County, Tennessee, which ties these Swindle families to those of Bladen/Columbus County, North Carolina. This record is in the Benton County Deed Book A, Vol. I, June 1830-April 1843 page 365 and reads:

&ldquoPower of Attorney from James P. Swindal, James Marshbanks and John Blakely to Aaron Smith We, James P. Swindal, James Marshbanks and John Blakely of Benton county, do appoint Aaron Smith of Columbus county, state of North Carolina, as our true and lawful attorney, to act for us and in our name, to demand and receive from all persons indebted to us by note, account or otherwise in the state of North Carolina, Columbus county, the amount of our claims and receipts in our name, and in case of failure to pay to bring suit against the persons not paying. We also empower him to sell and convey to any person who will puchase the land which we have in North Carolina in Columbus or Bladen counties. Given under our hands and seals this 4th day of july 1842 Twst: John W. Utley Nathaniel Newry signed James P. Swindal, James Marshbanks John Blakely Powere of Attorney was acknowledged in open court on the 4th day of July 1842, and registered on the same day. Signed G.R. Kelsey, Clerk and J.W. Utley, register&rdquo