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Prominent Benton County Man Dead
Last Sunday night, at his home on Rushings Creek, in the 5th Civil District of this county, Anderson Mayfield FRAZIER passed away.  In the taking of this man, one of Benton County's oldest citizens, passed to the Great Beyond.  He was born March 28, 1842 in Williamson County, Tennessee, near Franklin.  He was a second child of a large family and is a brother of Joseph Lee FRAZIER, who still survives him, at the ripe age of near 91.  In about 1854, the father and mother of Anderson Mayfield FRAZIER moved to this county from Williamson County, where they settled near where the deceased passed away.
Anderson FRAZIER as he was known by hundreds of people in this county was a Confederate soldier who served the Southland with distinction during the Civil War between the north and the south.  After the war he took up the ways of peace like all good southern men and followed the farming profession, in which he was successful until his death.  He was a practical farmer, well versed in history or protession.
He was honest and absolutely reliable in every undertaking and his word was his bond.  Perhaps there are a few men of this generation that were better known than Anderson FRAZIER was in this county.  For the last number of years he has remained close around the old homestead, the place that he loved and near where he grew to manhood.
His health began failing some years ago, but until the last three or four months it wasn't thought his affliction would be fatal, but because of his age the disease that took a hold of his body soon took away his strength and he lasted only a short while.  His funeral was held at his old home place last Monday eve at two o'clock, which was attended by a large number of friends.  Rev. Phillips, a baptist minister, conducted the funeral services.  Anderson Mayfield FRAZIER leaves the following children who survive him, Tom FRAZIER, Camden; Joe FRAZIER, Big Sandy; Mrs George Evans, Big Sandy; Mrs Will RUSHING, Camden; Mrs Ila Matheny, Big Sandy.  A daughter who married Alex Bivens and died years ago.  These were the children of A.M. FRAZIER, deceased.
A.M. FRAZIER's wife died some 30 years ago and he has remained a widower until his death.
The whole life of Anderson FRAZIER was spent in industry.  He was an industrious, hard working man.  He took the greatest interest in his farm work and as a practical agriculturist he had no superiors in this county and but few equals anywhere.  Today the farm that he has been living upon most of his life is more productive than it was when he took charge of it.  He studied the soil and the plant life before and made his farming a success because he put his whole life in it.
But the message of death came and whispered gently to this old man and called him away.  He answered the summons like all that have passed his way have answered, and like all in the future will answer the summons of death.  Silently as the falling snow, swift as the eagle in his flight, he passed to the Great Beyond.
In the passing of this splendid ole man his children have lost a kind father and his neighbors a true friend.
   Peace to his Memory
(taken from the November 7, 1926 issue of the Camden Chronicle)
submitted by
Tim Bell