December Term 1844


December Term 1844

At a County Court began and held for the County of Benton at the Courthouse in the Town of Camden on the first Monday in December it being the 2nd day of said Month in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred & forty four and 69th year of American Independence, there being present and presiding the worshipfuls, Esqrs. D.P. Hudson, Chairman, Elijah Alsop, Geo. W. Farmer.

D.P. Hudson Esqr. one of the Commissioners who was appointed at a former term of this Court to pay off and set apart a year's provisions for the widow & family of James Hansel deceased appeared in open Court and Made report which was ordered to be recorded.

On Motion it is ordered by the Court that Alford Ballard be appointed overseer of the Paris road in room of John A. Browning to work from the forks of the road east of Willis Rushing to the four Mile post and that the following hands shall work under the said Ballard ( to wit) John Bell, James Bell, Charles Bell, J.A. Browning, J.R. Browning, John M. Browning, Geo. W. Ballard, James H. Holmes, Mathew Hefner, Berry Whitley, James Alston, Wm. Markham, E.D. Wheatley, James Morris and all other hands in the bounds shall work under said Ballard in said road which is established in the 2nd Class.

Issued 5th of Dec.

On Motion of Daniel Graham & Robert M. Graham who Made oath according to law and together with them. Wm. J. Greer and William Warmack their securities who appeared in open Court and entered into and acknowledged the due execution of their bond in the penal sun of six hundred dollars conditioned as the law directs.  Whereupon it is ordered by the Court that the said Daniel & Robert M. Graham have letters of Administration upon the estate of John Graham deceased to be Made out in due form of law when required.






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December Term 1844

The Court then proceeded to appoint Revenue Commissioners to take in a list of Taxable property & polls in Benton County for the year 1845 and the following persons were appointed ( to wit)

1st Dist.    Jesse Hammonds                                                                                        2ndDist.    Burrel Beard                                                                                                       3rd Dist.   Wm. Barnes                                                                                                         4th Dist.    John W. Davidson                                                                                              5th Dist.    D.P. Hudson                                                                                                       6th Dist.    John D. Rushing                                                                                                 7th Dist.    Geo. W. Farmer                                                                                                  8th Dist.    Thos. L. Floyd                                                                                                    9th Dist.    Jesse D. Hall

The Motion it is ordered by the Court that Lilly Crocker be appointed overseer of the Lexington road to work from the Town of Camden to said Crocket’s hands as follows; John T. Holland, Bennett Holland, Joseph A. Pope and Jonathan Jordan shall work under said Crocker said road which is established in the 2nd Class.

The Clerk of this Court presented a settlement prorata Made of the Estate of George Bell deceased which said settlement was examined and now concured in by the Court.  It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that said estate has not been fully administered on there being real estate which the administrators have not administered upon or given due account of it   it is therefore ordered by the Court that the proceedings in this case be set aside.

Court then adjourned until Court in Course.

D.P. Hudson                                                                                                                  Elijah Alsop                                                                                                                     Geo. W. Farmer, J.P.

Camden, Tennessee





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