More On The Court Square

By Nell Morisette
Camden, Tenn.

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Lots 33 and 57

East of Lots 11 and 12, leaving the square going toward Eva on the left were lots 33 and 57.

In Deed Book A, Page 190, the same Commissioners I have named in previous writings sold to James and C.K. Wyly Lot 13, on October 16, 1839. C.K. had a house on this lot and lived there for a time. First John K. Hatley, then Dr. T.W. Hubbs, bought this lot and built a nice residence. After the death of the Hubbs, it was sold to Mr. Alma Fry who also lived here. Than Mose Jordan had a furniture store on Lot 33. I don't know but I think he owned the store and house. This was a block store. Mike Henry lived in a house somewhere on this lot. This building housed Lawson's Furniture. Jerringan ran a restaurant in this building.

Olivia Swearingen opened Mom's Kitchen in late 1963 or '64. Zula Shannon graduated May 12, 1967 Joseph (Joe) Swearingen, Mom's son, and Zula, went to Mom's Kitchen after her graduation and got married. Rev. Floyd Cold performed the ceremony. Olivia didn't buy the building, but Laura Glover bought her equipment and ran it for a period. Later Vickey Phifer ran a used furniture and rag store. It is now owned by the Methodist Church and is a parking lot.

Lot 57 was between Poplar and Magnolia Streets. I can't find much information on this lot. The same fine commissioners that I listed before sold the west half of Lot 57 to C.M. Serratt, on December 3, 1838, as recorded in Deed Book A, Page 109. In Deed Book A. Page 112, the commissioners sold to James Beard the east half of Lot 57 on December 4 1838. Serratt paid $50 and Beard $50.20.

Mr. Hugh Bivens owned and lived on part of this lot as did Mr. Finley Lindsey. Tommy Brooks bought part of Lot 57 and build a brick home there. Tommy's wife Gay Herndon was a sister-in-law to Finley Lindsey. Dr. Milton L. Travis was a physician in Benton County for 30 years and lived in the H.F. Stigall Subdivision northeast of the square, leaving the impression this was Lot 57. Dr. Travis' daughter was the first wife of A.R. Brooks and one of their sons was Travis Brooks. Mr. Brooks served as Circuit Court Clerk from 1890 to 1898.

Lots 32 and 56 were across E. Lake St. from Lots 33 and 57. On Page 215 in Deed Book A you can find a deed from Thomas Jones, Sheriff, to Daniel Steele that reads: "Thereas Daniel Settle obtained a judgement against Westly Fleming, for the sum of two hundred ninety one dollars and thirty-seven cents. In order to satisfy the judgement, five town lots in the town of Camden, known in the plan of the town by Lots number 7, 10, 32, 49, and 56 was sold at Public Auction. The lots were purchased by Daniel Settle, the highest bidder, for the sum of two hundred thirty-nine dollars. Given under my hand and seal this 4th day of February, 1840. Thomas Jones, Sheriff."

Judge George M. Leslie lived on one of these lots as did Verlie (Sleepy) Smith and Hazel McCauley.

At present on Lots 32 and 56 is a residence and BellSouth's subsidiary station.

If anyone likes to read and has time on their hands, I find a good place is at the Recorder of Deeds office, with Deeds from June 1830 - April 1843.

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