History Of The Court Square's South Side, Part 2

By Nell Morisette
Camden, Tennessee

courthouse 1918
This is what the south side of the Court Square looked like around 1918.
Photo courtesy of Tony Robinson

Lots 2, 3, and 4 were owned by several people. At one time A. Fry owned lot 2. Anderson Lashlee owned 2, 3, and 4 at one time. In Deed Book A, on page 149 there is recorded a deed from the commissioners to Anderson Lashlee which reads, "We, the Commissioners for the town of Camden, have sold to Anderson Lashlee, for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred and eighty-five dollars and twenty five cents to use in hand paid by Lashlee, for three town lots in the town of Camden, known in plan of the town as lot numbers 2, 3, 48. Given under our hands and seals this 2nd day of November 1838. Test: W.H.H. Burton, George Camp, Green Flowers, A.H. Burton, E.Perkins, Lewis Brewer, and John F. Johnston. Deed was acknowledged in open court on the 14th day of May 1839. G.R. Kelsey, Clerk, G.W.L. Hudson, Register."

In Deed Book A on page 334 a Deed from the commissions to Anderson Lashlee reads, "We the commissioners for the town of Camden have this day sold to Anderson Lashlee, for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and eighty one dollars to us in hand paid by Lashlee, a town lot in the town of Camden, known in the plan of the town by lot 4. Given under my hand and seal this 22nd day of September 1841. Test: R.W. Alton, R.S. Collins, Green Flowers, E. Perkins, John F. Johnson, and Lewis Brewers. Deed was acknowledged in open court on 25th day of September 1841 and registered on the same day. G.R. Kelsey, Clerk."

Some of the business on lots 1,2, 3, and 4 were: Arnolds Saloon, a livery stable owned by Lewis O. Lashlee, Peck Rushing's Grocery, Murry Roberson Grocery, M.C. Bowls Hardware, the Otosco store run by Brad Taylor, Charles Davis Furniture and Electric, Jimmy Carey Jewelry, Younger Department Store, F. and S. Store, H&R Block Tax Service, U.Tate.Em, J.N. Jones & Sid Adam, James Beasley, French, All Grocerys, Livery Stables, W.E. McCullough Grocery, John M. Holladay Confectionery, J.M. Smith Repair and Watch Shop, Carey's Jewelry, J.J. Wheatley, A.V. Bowles and Company, Crawford-Gatlin Co., Gatlin and Redick Co., Band D. Store, Julian L. Marks, Herrin and Bateman, John W. Bateman, T.J. Lowry, O.W. Lashlee all had stores, Scrap Williams Western Auto, Medlin Clothing, Reed's Mens Shop, Jerry Thompson General Store, George W. Sheltionn Grocery, T.H. Bateman Shoe Shop, Mike Fry, Moffett and Herndon all drug stores, Rushing Brothers and Co. Dry Goods, Evans and Sons General Merchandise, W.E. Wesson Mercantile, Mrs. G.B. Holladay Millinery, Mary Whitfield Dress Shop, Johns Jewelry, Pat Taylor and Daughters Hobby Shop, Terry Hudson's Baseball Cards, Joe Webb Jewelry, Trish Travis' The Gettin' Place, E.E. Fry, E.S. Byrd, Ernest Fry, Rubie Farrar, Lashlee and Hall all grocerys, A.O. Paschall, B.F. Davidson, E.D. Davidson all had dry goods, clothing and shoes, E.D. Davidson and Son Electrical, Appliance and Furniture store, Swindell's Dress Shop, Williard Earl's Appliances, Harlon Brewer Electric and Appliances, Fay's Cloth Shop, Laundry, Val Jean's Bowling Alley, July 15, 1901 M.F. Holland opened a butcher shop and restaurant, Smith Realty, Bob Smith Veterinary, C.L. Barker Jewelry, H.H. Anderson Saloon, J.F. Bateman Saloon, Rushing Bros. Dry Good, Redicks Dry Good, National Store, Jordans Shop, Merle Norman Cosmetics, White's Mens Store.

The businesses which operate today on the south side of the court square are, starting on Lot 1 through 4 are: H&R Block (vacant building), Kris' Kafe, Wiseman Realty, The Gettin' Place, Quality Jewelry, The Insurance Center, Arnold's Insurance, Walker's American Karate, and Merle Norman Cosmetics.

I would like to note that in 1872 Arnold's had a business on the south side of the square as well as one in the present day.


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