Lowry Family Holds 14th Annual Reunion

On August 20, 1000 the descendants of John Jefferson Lowry got together for an outstanding 14th annual family reunion. As usual there was plenty of food, good conversation, and catching up since last year. There were some new faces to mix with the old ones this year. Everyone enjoyed looking at the old photographs that were brought and tracing their line back on the genealogy chart. If anyone found information missing on their family please send it to Diane Holland. She will try and have it added for next year.

This year showed an excellent turnout as follows. First our family members that traveled the longest distance. From Colorado City, Co., Tanky and Dee Dee Lowry; from Gulfport, Miss., Jimmy Lowry; from Maryland, Edith Pannel and Marvin and JoAnn Goldberg; from Collierville, Tenn., Bobby and Betty Hartley; from Nashville, Tenn., Carrie Lowry and Cleveland Garrett; from Gleason, Tenn., J.C. and Patricia Lowry, Janice Lowry Divans, and Sara Beth; from Dyersburg, Tenn., Monette Carlton, form Cuba Landing, Tenn., Kick Howard and Linda Buchanan, from Bruceton, Tenn., Ronald and Michelle Lowry; from Big Sandy, Tenn., R.T. Lowry, Jerold and Lawanna Johnson, LeJune and Marie Berry; from Camden, Tenn., Hazel Lowry, Christine Borchert, Clara Nell Morisette, Scott, Tammy, Bristol, Lexus, Timmy and Brittany McKee, Benny Lowry, Weldon and Judy Lowry, Bessie Mitchell, Terry Mitchell, Andrew Cochran, Paul and Rubye Lowry, Carlton, Berry and Carla VanCleave, Anthony, Lisa, Kimber, and Katie Troutt, Louis Lowry, Robert Lowry, Jeff and Mary Wood, Sandra Mitchell, James and Reba Cunningham, Mike, Tabitha, Destiny and Jake Cunningham, Mildred Lowry, Larry and Diane Holland, Richard and Adreonna Daniel, Ralph Farmer Ras and Emmer Bain, Linda Sanders. I hope I haven't left anyone out, because that's all that signed the register plus the ones that I could remember.

We want to say a special thanks to the members of the band, Ralph, Linda, Kick and Linda, R.T., Ras, and Pat for making the effort to come and play for us again this year.

Everyone be sure and mark your calendar for the next year, it will be number 15 on the 3rd Sunday in August at the Bank of Camden Community Building. Hope to see everyone back again and bring more new faces.


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