History Of The Luterton Church

By Nell Morisette
Camden, Tennessee

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Thanks are given to Mr.s Mary Belyew for the information she gave me, then sending me to talk to Mr. Allie B. Belyew for more information on this week's article.

Luterton was named after Dr. R.T. Luterton. Besides being a doctor he was an attorney and a minister. He was a former resident of Hazek, KY.

Luterton was a rural area east-sourheast of Big Sandy on Sulpher Creek Road. Farming was what most of the residents' occupations consistedof. The main crops were corn, wheat tobaccl, and cotton. Livestock was raised as well.

Some of the families in this community in the very early days were: Berry Melton, William Holland, John Holland, John W. Jones, William Belyew, and Simon Nobles. As the community continued to grow, more families began to clear land and move in, to build a church, stores, and other businesses.

Andrew Pafford and John Nobles operated a sorghum mill. John had a brick kiln; the bricks he produced were made for his own use. I was told there is still evidence of this kiln. Brice Belyew owned a gneral country store and grist mill. Brice operated the store and his son Wyly operated the grist mill. John Holes operated a sawmill and was a cabinet maker.

Luterton Church
Dr. T.R. Luter gave land in 1902-1903 for a church. This church burned the same year it was completed. The second church was built on land owned by Mr. M.A. Garner. This was in 1904. In 1908, the Methodist Conference bought the land and organized a Methodist Church there. The third church was built in 1910 and was blown away in 1940 by a tornado.

The Luterton Church closed in 1968 due to a decline in membership. The church building still stands and is owned by mrs. Mary Belyew. There were no cemetereies in the community, however the Old Calvin Reddick Cemetery is located approximately 1-1/2 miles from the luterton Church, north of Sulpher Creek Road. A no-name cemetery is approximately one mile west of the old Luterton Church, south of Sulpher Creek Rd.

Luterton never had a school. Rev. W.T. Pafford organized a subscription school in his home and taught the children. He later donated land for a school. The Pafford School was built (although not in the Luterton Community), and the children attended the Pafford and Sulpher Creek Schools.

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