The History of Voidton

By Nell Morisette
Camden, Tennessee

Hello Tribune readers. Hope all is right in your world. Got to let everyone know what good neighbors I have. Wouldn't trade them off for anything. Gary came over, helped burn leaves. Larry keeps my hillsides mowed and a few days ago Roy was over trimming limbs off the house. I do appreciate them.

Thanks to Linda Wheatley Stockdale and Raymon Lindsey for their on my news this week. Linda is the great granddaughter of Mr. J.K. Wheatley and Raymon is related to Mr. Harvey Lafette Lindsey.


Voidton was a small community located about 200 yards northeast of the Irish Cemetery sometimes called Fitzsimmons. This location is on a ridge top on the south side of Crooked Creek near the mouth, being south of Bass Bay Resort. At the intersection of Jerry's Grove Road and an unnamed Westvaco Road and Boat Dock #2 road, turn left off Boat Dock #2 onto the unnamed Westvaco Road, travel about 1.3 miles across the Westvaco and T.V.A. property, ending at the cemetery. Voidton, 200 yards from this point, is now under water.

In the May 12, 1887, issue of the Camden Herald appeared the community news from Voidton, which was; "Mr. Carrol Greer was knocked off the trestle by train No. 4 on the Louisville and Nashville Railroad last Friday A.M. and was instantly killed. He was about 60 years of age and could not hear the train in time to escape." (The trestle was across the Crooked Creek, through Faxton. The trestle was about one mile from Danville Bridge between Voidton and the river, close to Voidton.) Then the June 6, 1887 Herald reported; "Suit is being instituted against the Louisville and Nashville Railroad to recover the damages for the killing of Uncle Carroll Greer, and aged citizen of this county near Faxton several weeks ago."

We have no proof as to where Mr. Greer is buried. The crooked Creek Cemetery was established prior to 1887. Some think he is buried in this cemetery in an unmarked grave.

Also in this issue of the Camden Herald, it was noted that "Mr. Harvey L. Lindsey will move his stock of goods near Faxton tomorrow." mr. Lindsey ran a store in Voidton and the Post Office was in the store. Following was listed in the same paper; "The first Assistant Postmaster of Voidton has resigned his most high position and will give his attention to making corn rows in the future. It all came about on account of our high Postmaster, who wanted to do all the big business and let the assistant do nothing."

Another item in the paper read, "Hon. J.K. Wheatley is sick this week with chills. A man named Clifford Dean who has been working for J.K. Wheatley went to hunt for a yoke of oxen last Monday morning and has not been heard from since."

This obituary was in the Benton County Enterprise, 5 April 1888: "The honorable J.K. Wheatley died at his home near Voidton in this county Monday evening, April 2, 1888, aged about 55 years. For a long while he had served as Magistrate of the 9th district and in 1885086 was Chairman of the County Court of this County. He was at the time of his death the Representative in the legislature having served in that body in 1887. Mr. Wheatley was true to is friends and generous to his enemies. No man has died in this county for a decade who will be more sadly missed. The pangs of parting with such bright mind and brave spirit will go to the hearts of many friends. In common with the multitude of his admirers, we shed the tear of sympathy with his distressed family and trust we will see him again in a better land than this. Peace to his ashes."

In the Camden Herald, April 26, 1888, issue: "Voidton Post Office changed to Wheatley to honor the late J.K. Wheatley."

Mr. Wheatley's oldest son Duncan opened a store in Wheatley (Voidton) and the post office was in the store. Could this be the same place that Mr. Harvey Lindsey had his store?

In the Benton County Post Office's information there is an entry for Voidton: W.D. Wheatley April 15, 1886. Name changed to Wheatley April 12, 1888.

Wheatley Post Office: Homer Parker July 21, 1887, discontinued February 1, 1888. Mail to Camden. Name changed from Voidton. William D. Wheatley, April 12, 1888; James Akers, October 19, 1889l Sarah Wheatley, February 10, 1890; Eliza C. Wynn, May 1, 1890; John H. Mathny, May 21, 1890; Eliza Wynn, June 26, 1895, Discontinued to October 15, 1904l Mail to Faxton.

If anyone knows more about Voidton and Carroll Greer's family and where he is buried, please call 584-4608 or write to me: Nell Morisette, 225 E. Lake St. Camden, Tenn. 38320

Thought for the week:

Contentment is soil in which true joy thrives.


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