Two Nobles Children

By Nell Morisette
Camden, Tenn.

Good Morning Tribune Readers! By the time you read this we will be into a new year. Hope all of you had a good Christmas. I did even with the devil trying to interfere. My car went out on the 16th, and it's still in the shop on the 30th, and oh, the cost! Then I was in a fender bender, then my faucet in the bathroom started leaking. I still have no complaints; I have too many things to be thankful for.

Last time I write about Katherene Rooks Cherry and family. This is about two of John and Milley Cherry Nobles children.

Harold (Harrel) Nobles was born January 15, 1825, in North Carolina. He traveled to Tennessee with his family. He married Sarah Wheatley on September 15, 1853. Sarah was born November 23, 1831, in Big Sandy, Tenn., to William W. and Mary Ann (Cherry) Wheatley. From this marriage were nine children.

Harold was a farmer and grew crops of corn, cotton, and tobacco. He raised livestock, hunted, and sold pelts. The property he owned was on Point Mason Road, down toward Little Crooked Creek on top of a hill.

The house was on one side of the road and his well was on the other, so Harold invented a way to get the water to the house without having to carry it a long way. He suspended a rope across the road on pulleys with two buckets on it at opposite ends. When one of the buckets reached the well it would fill with water, then it could be drawn back across the road.

During the Civil War he had built a corral in the woods bordering his house to hide his livestock from the soldiers.

Sarah died March 16, 1885, and is buried in the Wheatley Cemetery in Big Sandy. Harold died March 11, 1902, from typhoid fever and is buried at McRaes Chapel Cemetery in Big Sandy.

Simon was born in 1823 in North Carolina and also came to Tennessee with his family when he was five years old. He could remember his father making far and turpentine before moving to Tennessee. His parents died a few years later after the move. Simon went to work for W.W. Wheatley, who paid him $3.00 a week.

He married Mary Ann Benton on March 20, 1856. She was the daughter of David W. and Elizabeth Farmer Benton.

Simon built a comfortable log structure on Sulphur Creek, where he raised his family. Simon and Mary Ann had seven children.

Simon went to Mississippi late in life. When he returned to Tennessee he brought his earnings in gold.

Mary Ann died in 1930. Simon died in 1926. They are buried at McRaes Chapel cemetery.

This information came from Mary Lillian Henderson and S.H. Hall.

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