1915 - 1952

Nell Morisette
NewsTribune Special Columnist

The years is unknown when some of these teachers taught.

Finley Lindsey 
Ruby Devault 
Bessie Dobson 
Frank Lesley 
Bertha Johsnon 
Sammie Blanks 
Emma Spense
Eulah Holland 1920 - 1921
Walter Vick 
Ida Fry 
Minnie Davis 
Mabel Gullett 
Leonard Hatley 
Valeria Rushing 
Emma Davis 
Glenn McGill
Glaydas Melton 
J.D. Melton (Sub.) 
Verla Robinson 
Queen Cowell 
Mary Morris 
Bessie Scoll 1923 - 33
Ramona Jordan 
Lovell Thompson / 1/2 year Ammie Mae Hamer
Cyrus Presson 
Pearl Woods / Lorene Melton Ott 1938
Blondell Walker / Hazel Utley1939 - 40
Clarice Walker 1941
Locelle Thompson 1943 - 44
Allie Penick / Geraldine Walker 1943 - 44
Geraldine Walker 1944 - 45
Geraldine Walker1945 - 46
Bessie Phifer 1946 - 47
Herbert and Ann Tippitt1947 - 48
Ford Hollingsworth / Annie Mae Hamer 1948 - 49
Audrey House 1/2 year / W.C. Herndon 1949 - 50
Helen Bell 1949 - 50
Edith Nunnery 1950 - 51
Talmadge Hudson 1951 - 52


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