Harmon's Creek School

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Harmon's Creek got its name from Adam Harmon who is thought to have been one of the first settlers there. The oldest picture that is known of the Harmon's Creek School was taken of the 1898 class. There were thirteen Meltons attending that year, also Blanks, Phifers, and Wilsons. This school was located near the Harmon's Creek Methodist Church. The land for the church was deeded in 1869 by Etheldred Melton. It is possible that he owned the land where the school was built, but there is no proof. This school burned.

Two acres of land were deeded for the new school in 1911 by Buck Blanks and A.J. Melton. This school was located one-half mile on what is now called Harmon's Dock Road. The school was on the right of the creek bank, and when it came a big rain and the creek got up, school was dismissed.

When the Work Progress Administration was enacted in May 1935 one of its projects was to set up a hot meal program for the Benton County Schools. It was a soup kitchen. The Harmon's Creek School Lunch Room was built in 1938 by the community. WPA paid for the material, the school fathers hewed the logs, and the trees were donated by "Uncle Jack" A.J. Melton.

The school closed around 1944 or 1945.

The first teachers annual property report, that I could find was by Irene Bain, dated July 21, 1942 - April 9, 1943. It reads:

Date of erection - 1911 - 1912
Heating - Woodstore
Water - Well-not on grounds
Toilets - Two
The rest of the report was not filled out.

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Harmons Creek School 1923

It was the year 1923, Harmon's Creek School. Shown top row, left to right, are, E. Melton, Hazel Phifer, Francis Phifer, Bettie Melton, Ora Melton, Ora Melton, Tommie Mathis, Ernest Phifer, teacher, Frank Corbitt, Doyle Melton, Virgie Blanks, Lillie Mae Melton, Bessie Melton, Carie Mathis, and Tom Farmer.

Second Row, left to right, Zorabele Wilson, Marylee Melton, Ruby Melton, Jewel Phifer, Jessie Cole, Ada Cole, Lennie Farmer, Jimmie Laylock, Marie Coaley, Louise Trepplett, Leo Berry, and Roy Melton.

Third row, left to right, Sadie Ruth Phifer, Marybell Cole, and Cecil Melton.

Fourth Row, left to right, Glyn Farmer, Aron Mathis, Bud Cole, Edley Tripplett, Johnie Wilson, Donley Melton, a Sterling boy, Ray Laycock, a Sterling, Leon Farmer, and Ray Farmer.


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