History Of The Sulphur Creek School

Nell Morisette
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Sulphur Creek School

This was a scene from Sulphur Creek School back in 1907 or 1908. The photo belongs to Mrs. Manie Lowry Jones. Seated on the ground, left to right: Edgar Pierpoint, Marvin Phifer and Tom Phifer. Seated, second row: Charlie Phifer, Elsie Pierpoint, Veatrice Guynn, Westell Pierpoint, Teacher, Mr. Will "Bill" Wyatt. Johnnie Lowry, Ivelen Holloman, Manie Lowry, Maude Garner, Lizzie Holloman and Esther Garner. Back row, left to right: Carlie Brewer, Earl Holloman, Laudie Holloman, Jessie Holloman, Vivian Guynn, Bennie Cherry, Vergie Guynn and May Brewer.

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Sulphur Creek School

Early settlers on Sulphur Creek were the Garners, Wheatleys, Lowry, Cherry, Nobles, and Bullock families. Your write is from a branch of the Cherry, Lowry, and Nobles.

The community was in the old seventh district. Its location is seven miles from Big Sandy or from Camden, it's below Harmons Creek.

A deed was made on August 26, 1909, to the Sulpher Creek Methodist Church and School for one acre of land by J.L. Garner and T.N. Garner.

The first church and school was a log structure. The school was later moved form the location of the church about two miles west across the creek from Sulphur Springs. In later years the frame building on this site was replaced by native stone (rock). The school closed about 1940. It was then used for a voting precinct and a church.

The first report I could find at the Benton County Board of Education office was July 13, 1942 - March 12, 1943. Bertha Jean Corbitt was the teacher. Her annual property report was as follows:

Date of creation: 1936-37.
Kind: stone.
Heating: ordinary wood store.
Floor area: 600 sq. ft. one room.
Number of patent desks: single 7, double 5.
Toilets: two, sanitary.
Valuation: building and heating $1,600.

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