History Of The Farrars School

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Farrars School

The Farrars School was located in the Flatwoods Community about seven miles northeast of Camden, on the Flatwoods-Harmons Creek Road. It was bordered on the east by Harmons Creek and Cherry Grove Schools, on the West by Ebenezer School, on the south by Chestnut Hill School, and on the north by Pafford School.

The property for Farrars School was bought by Lender Farrar from D.B. Holland and two acres was reserved for a school about 1916.

Some of the teachers were: Edward Vech, Priestley Farrar, Windolin Cole, Wilmoth Davidson, Mary Rushing, Loura Beasley, Alene Spence Henderlight, and Ford Hollingsworth.

Farrar School

At the Farrars School, pictured left to right, top row: 1. Queen Cuff, 2. Vick Townsend, 4. A.B. Warrick, 5. Flossie Cuff Wright. Second row: 4. Mack Warrick, 8. a Farrar, 9. Freeman Warrick. On bench: 5. J.D. Warrick, 6. Donnie Warrick, 7. Mason Berry, and 8. Jewell Cuff.

The last teacher before the school closed permanently in 1953 was Grace Rushing. The first record I found of the teachers annual property report of the Benton County Education Department was in 1942-43. The teacher was Alene Henderlight. The following is her report.

Date of erection - 1920, frame, 1 room
Heating - ordinary wood stove
Floor Area - 27 ft. by 29 ft.
Ventilation - door and windows
Number of Patent desk - 12 single
Water - Well, not on property, on Billy Farrars
Toilets - Two
Area of ground - 2 1/2 acres
Valuation of building and heating - $1000, grounds $200
Number of books beginning of year - 27
Number added during the year - 25

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