Nathan Bedford Forrest Park In The 1930s

Nell Morisette
NewsTribune Special Columnist

Good morning to all you readers. I hope all are well and happy and ready to take a trip back in time with me, through the park.

A Trip Through The Park As I Remember During The 1930s And Early 40s

You are now entering the Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park. The NBF State Park sign is on the left. At the entrance of the park, just behind this sign, was the home of Doss B. Thomas. This home was later lived in by Tip and Louise Roberson Pafford.

This area was called Thomas Beech Grove. Doss Thomas, Tip Pafford, and Hildon King organized and held several July 4th celebrations at this site. There were pits dug in the ground for barbecuing pigs. They also took out insurance and hired singers from the Grand Ole Opry to perform for the day.

At the site where the Information Center now stands lived Sildon and Vinnie Durdin and two sons. Around Fossil Point, Arthur and Etta May Bullen and family lived.

Turning left into Happy Hollow on the right was where David B. and Elsie Sanders Pafford and four children lived. David B. was the first caretaker of the park. Prior to their residing there, James Marion ("Jimmy") and Sarah ("Sally") Pafford and some of their children were at this residence between 1813 and 1896. This house was originally built for Jimmy and Sally. After David B. left, his brother Nolan and Ileta Craig Pafford moved in, and Nolan was caretaker.

There was a barn where Shelter I now stands. Just before you got to where the house where the current Park Manager lives is a thicket on the left; at this place Joe and Mary Goodman and family lived. The next residence was on the left in the curve; their son Joe Jr. ("Hawk") and Ethel Goodman lived there.

Next on the right lived Henry and Minnie Browning; later their daughter Hallie Wilson lived there. Next on the right was a nice home that was built new for Willie Cecil Pafford Warrick and son J.D. up and on the same side lived Att and Marie Pafford Warrick and daughter Ruth; Arthur and Etta Mae Bullen lived here during that period also. Next still on the left lived Frank and May Carney Pafford and sons Lindell and Tilford ("Tip").

NOTE: Prior to this time, a son of William and Mourning Pafford, David Dare, and wife Delphia Herndon Pafford built a log cabin at the site of the Frank Pafford residence and lived there around 1863. Jimmy Pafford, Cecil Pafford Warrick and Frank Pafford were children of David and Delphia. David B. and Nolan Pafford, J.D. Warrick and Marie Pafford Warrick were some of their grandchildren.

Another son of William and Mourning, Henry Pafford, served as a guide for General Forrest. I am very proud to add that I am a great-grandchild of David and Delphia Pafford and in doing research I have quite a lot of ways of David and our feelings of "Pilot Knob."

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