7th Tennessee Cavalry Roster USA (Union)

This roster was donated by Dan Lanter. He is currently researching the 7th Tennessee Calvary USA and has information on some of the soldiers listed.

Field & Staff

Hawkins, Isaac Robert          Lt. Col.
McCall, Joseph William         A. Surg.
McCracker, Joseph              Private
Rowe, John M.                  Hosp. Stwd.
Smith, Thomas A.               Capt., Maj.
Travis, Frank                  Lt. Sgt.

Unknown Company

Ausmus, William "Bill"         Captain
Cowell, James F.               Private
Cracken, Joseph M.             Private
Doty, James Samuel             Private
Duke, J. P.                    Private
Gey,                           Captain
Hays, Jacob H.                 Captain
Gilbert, Michael S.            Private
Giles, John A.                 Private
Reed,                          Captain
Rodgers, R.             
Vane, R.                

Company A

Aber, Aaron                   Private
Adams, Archibald C.           Private
Adams, William H.             Corporal
Anglin, William               Private
Arnn, John M.                 Corporal
Ashby, Charles L.             Private
Aybill, John                  Private
Bailey, James T.              Private
Bailey, William B.            Farrier
Bartholomew, Edward A.        Private
Bartholomew, James O.         Lt.
Bartholomew, Milton B.        Private
Bartholomew, Thomas P.        Sergeant
Beaten, Christopher C.        Private
Beaten, William               Private
Blankenship, Caleb            Private
Blankenship, Martin           Private
Blankenship, Pleasant H.      Private
Boatwright, Ananias           Sergeant
Boatwright, Samuel            Private
Bolton, William P.            Sergeant
Boman, Wiley                  Corporal
Branch, Lewis K.              Private
Bratton, Alexander
Brent, John                   Private
Broddie, Thomas J.            1st Sgt.
Bullion, Joseph                 
Bunkett, Isaac R.             Corporal
Bunkett, James F.             Sergeant
Burns, Martin V.              Sergeant
Bush, Elisha P.               Private
Bush, William E.              Private
Butler, Alexander T.          Corporal
Campbell, Robert C.           Private
Christer, John W.             Private
Coffman, Samuel M.            Private
Cooper, Elbert Y.             Private
Cunningham, Willis H.         Sergeant
Dennison, Levy H.             Private
Dennison, William H.          Sergeant
Derryberry, Elisha H. T.      Private
Derryberry, John C.           Private
Derryberry, William H.        Private
Douglass, William A.          Private
Douglass, William H.          Private
Drury, Robert H.              Private
Eastwood, Wiley               Private
Entoe, Thomas E.              Private
Essany, John F.               Private
Evans, Eli C.                 Private
Everett, James K.             Sergeant
Everett, William H.           Surgeon
Forest, James S.              Private
Freeman, Thomas E.            Private
Gamon, I. A.                  Private
Garner, Isaac                 Private
Gibson, G. B.                 Private
Gilbert, Jackson J.           Corporal
Ginn, Benjamin                Private
Glosson, James                Private
Graves, Joseph S.             Private
Griffin, Thomas               Corporal
Grimsley, Marida M.           Private
Grizzard, John C.             Private
Hair, John                    Private
Halbrooks, Joseph             Private
Hale, John                    Private
Hall, James Newton            Private
Haney, H.                     Private
Harris, William B.            Private
Hart, Alexander T.            Lt.
Hawkins, Samuel W.            2nd Lt.
Hays, Henry                   Corporal
Hays, Isaac M. C.             Private
Hays, James E.                Private
Hefley, Samuel M.             Private
Hern, James M.                Private
Holmes, Miles F.              Private
Hooks, John L.                Private
Horne, J. F.                  Corporal
Hutchins, William C.          Private
Ingram, Dodson R.               
Ingram, Parker                Private
Jenkins, Kelly H.             Private
Johnson, Cary                   
Johnson, Charles              Bugler
Johnson, Charles J.           Private
Johnson, Eli                  Private
Johnson, James K.             Private
Johnson, James M.             Private
Johnson, Manley               Private
Johnson, Manuel         
Johnson, Rufus D.             Private
Johnson, Samuel               Private
Johnson, Therode              Private
Johnson, Willis               Private
Jones, Randelion              Private
Keen, Isaac                   Private
King, James A.                Private
Kirk, B. J.                   Private
Lane, Nathaniel M.            Private
Latham, Carter C.             Private
Lawler, James G.              Private
Lawler, John A.               Private
Lewis, Zacharias              Private
Lindsey, Berry G.             Private
Lindsey, James                Private
Lindsey, John L.              Private
Lindsey, William J.           Private
Little, Edward D.             Private
Little, George W.             Private
Lowe, James M.                Private
Mainess, Mark                 Private
Massey, Andrew W.             Private
Meales, Daniel J.             Corporal
Meals, Asa H.                 Private
Miller, James                 Private
Mizzell, Andrew               Private
Mizzell, Robert               Private
More, James J.                Private
Morgan, Francis M.            Private
Morgan, George W.             Private
Morgan, John                  Captain
Mulins, Richard               Private
Muncey, Peter                 Private
Nicelar, Robinson M.          Private
Nichols, William J.           Private
Park, Robert W.               Private
Peagram, William A.           Private
Perdew, John                  Corporal
Petty, Wesley                 Private
Phillips, Benjamin F.         Private
Phillips, Columbus P.         Private
Pickler, Jesse                Private
Pierce, Thomas                Private
Pinkston, Hamilton            Private
Powers, Henry M.              Sergeant
Powers, Ira                   Private
Powers, Joel                  Private
Powers, John                  Private
Powers, Stephen               Private
Powers, Willis                Private
Preslar, Minton T.            Private
Preslar, William C.           Private
Prewett, James                Private
Pritchard, Nathaniel C.       Private
Reed, George W.               Private
Read, Isaac S.                Private
Reed, F. M.                   2nd Lt.
Reed, John C.                 Private
Reed, Sirrenous               Corporal
Rhodes, James P.              Private
Rhodes, John M.               Sergeant
Rhodes, William G.            Private
Ringold, Warren               Corporal
Roberts, Charles              Private
Robinson, Samuel E.           Private
Rodgers, David C.             Corporal
Rodgers, James M.             Sergeant
Rodgers, John H.              Corporal
Rogers, Green W.              Private
Rogers, William F.            Private
Roland, Amos                  Private
Ross, Joseph A.               Private
Rowland, Amos           
Rowland, Elvin                Private
Rushing, William H.           Private
Scott, Jesse R.                 
Sellers, Leven M.             Corporal
Shaw, John P.                 Sergeant
Sisson, James R.              Private
Smith, John W.                Private
Smith, William M.             Private
Spires, John                  Private
Spires, Robert                Private
Steel, John T.                Private
Talley, Latimor Y.            Sergeant
Teague, James A.              Corporal
Teague, Jasper N.             Sergeant
Teague, Leander L.            Sergeant
Thomas, James H.              Private
Thomas, John R.               Private
Thomas, W. H.                 Private
Thompson,                     Captain
Townsell, George              Private
Tyler, John C.                Private
Vickers, Francis M.           Private
Vicory, John A.               Private
Wadley, James R.              Private
Waggoner, John W.             Teamster
Waites, Thompson              Private
Wallace, William              Private
Weaver, William M.            Corporal
White, Harmon L.              Corporal
White, Joseph                 Corporal
Whitehurst, William           Private
Wiley, Addison J.             Private
Williams, Burrell T.          Private
Williams, George W.           Private
Wilson, Martin V.             Private
Wilson, Thomas C.             Private
Wise, John                    Private
Wofford, William F.             
Wood, Jesse L.                Bugler
Wood, Jesse G.                Private
Wood, William H.              Private
Woods, James                  Corporal
Woods, J. M.                  Private
Woods, Gassen                 Private

Company B

Aaron, John P.                Private
Aaron, Wiley J.               1st Sgt.
Allen, Lewis A.               Private
Anderson, W. F.               Private
Andrews, James Harrisison     Private
Andrews, S. B.                Private
Andrews, William E.           Corporal        
Archer, Thomas                Sergeant
Ashby, Joshua F.              Private 
Atkins, Thomas J.             Sergeant
Baker, James W.               Private
Bane, Henry                   Private
Bane, Robert                  Private
Barnhart, Doctor F.           Farrier
Bell, William H.              Corporal
Bloodworth, William Rufus     Private
Bonds, Andrew Joseph          Private
Boyd, Jabez T.                Private
Boyd, Robert T.               Private
Bush, John J.                 Private
Bush, Richard                 Private
Butler, Ehas G.               Private
Butler, Franklin J.           Private
Butler, Henry H.              Corporal
Butler, John J.               Sergeant
Butler, Wiley W.              Private
Butler, William J.            Private
Carver, James W.              Corporal
Chambers, Aaron D.            Private
Clark, Richard                Private
Cleaver, Albert E.            Private
Cole, Jasper Newton           Private
Collins, James F.             Private
Cooper, Elbert Y.               
Cooper, George W. Jr.         Private
Cooper, George W. Sr.         Private
Copeland, Simpson             Private
Cox, Newton                   Private
Crauford, George W.           Private
Crauford, Martin V.           Private
Crews, William G.             Private
Crews, William                Private
Criswell, David               Private
Davis, William F.             Private
Dill, Stephen Francis         Sergeant
Dunaway, David C.             Private
Duncan, Henry                 Private
Edwards, John                 Private
Edwards, William R.           Private
Enloe, Thomas           
Feland, Lafeyette             Private
Finch, Isaac B.                 
Francisco, Robert             Private
French, Richard Eli           Private
Gaskins, Amos L.              Private
Gaskins, Thomas J.            Sergeant
Glossen, Alexander            Private
Gray, Robert                  Private
Green, James H.         
Green, William H.             Private
Greer, Benjamin F.            QM Sgt.
Greer, James                  Private
Greer, James O.               Private
Greer, William L.             Corporal
Grewett, S. P.                Private
Groom, William S.             Private
Gunter, Rudolphus Washington  Corporal
Hampton, Thomas Private
Harvey, Tollson               Sergeant
Hays, James R.                Private
Heathcott, William H.         Private
Hefin, Allen S.               Private
Heflin, Thomas H.             Private
Hicks, William G.             Sergeant
House, Tennessee              Corporal
Howell, David                 Private
Joiner, Moses                 Sergeant
Joiner, Nathan Green    
Jolley, Marion E.             Guidon
Joyner, James Milton          Corporal 8013)
Kirk, Ulyssus                 Farrier
Kyle, Robert Erastus          Private
Lewis, Moses B.               Sergeant
Lindley, William B.     
Lipe, James D.                Corporal
Lowery, Jesse H.              Sergeant
Lynn, Nathaniel               Private
Malone, Lawrence H.           Private
Marbry, Isaac Franklin        Private
Martin, James Franklin        Private
Martin, James M.              Captain
Martin, William H.            Private
Mathias, Spencer              Private
Mattox, Napoleon              Corporal
McFarlin, James               Private
McGee, William                Private
McGill, Jesse                 Private
Middleton, Alfred Weakley     Corporal
Miliway, Martin               Private
Mitchell, William             Private
Mizell, Andrew          
Mizell, Robert A.               
Moore, Alfred N.              Private
Morgan, Edward D.             Sergeant
Murry, Levander               Private
Nance, John C.                Private
Neighbors, John Ashley        Private
Nisler, James H.                        
Norris, P. N.                 Private 
Norvell, William R.           Comm. Sgt.
Ozier, Levi                   Private
Padgitt, Abraham              Private
Park, John Newton             Lt.
Parke, Luther R.              Private
Parker, Robert                Private
Parsons, Pleasant K.          Captain
Pastuer, Thomas E.            Sergeant
Patterson, Stokley            Private
Pickler, Jesse M.               
Pinckley, James T.            Private
Pinckley, Richard K.          Corporal
Pinckley, William C.          Private
Porterfield, Alfred D.        Private
Powell, Benjamin A.           Private
Powers, John                  Private
Pressen, Ellis T.             Private
Pressen, Richard L.           Private
Presson, Thomas               Private
Pruett, Robert M.             Sergeant
Pruett, Simpson B.            Private
Rafferty, William             Private
Ray, William                  Private
Regan, William          
Ridings, Thomas H.            Private
Roberts, William              Private
Robertson, Asa R.             Private
Robins, W.                      
Rodgers, Christian            Private
Rodgers, Levey                Private
Rogers, A. G.                 Private
Rogers, Green W.        
Rogers, William F.      
Rollins, Jesse E.             Private
Roney, Thomas J.              Private
Ross, James                   Private
Rowe, John D.                 Corporal
Rowe, William I.              Private
Rowland, Ebin           
Royal, Elbert N.              1st Lt.
Rushing, William R.           Private
Rust, John Y.                 Private
Saunders, Thomas              Private
Scott, Charles M.             Private
Scott, Daniel H.              Private
Scott, Jesse R.               Private
Sellers, Jesse L.             Private
Settemyer, John W.            Private
Shaw, James                   Private
Shelton, James B.             Private
Shook, N. A.                    
Simons, William B.            Private
Smith, Daniel                 Private
Smith, John W.          
Smith, William H.             Private
Spears, William               Private
Spellings, James Marshall     Sergeant
Spellings, John               Sergeant
Spires, Joseph                Private
Steel, James L.               Corporal
Stublefield, Dalis            Private
Taylor, James Franklin  
Taylor, Jarrett               Private
Taylor, Lindley M.            Private
Thacker, Simon G.             Private
Thinn, R. A.                  Private
Thomas, John W.               Private
Thornborough, William         Sergeant
Tice, Stephen J.              Private
Touhey, Stephen               Private
Townsend, Joseph R.           Private
Turner, Jesse T.              Private
Ward, Joseph R.               Private
Ward, Thomas A. Private
Ward, W. R.                   Private
Watson, William M.            Private
Welsh, James H.               Private
Welsh, William J.             Private
West, Edgar W.                Private
Wheeler, John L.              Private
Whitaker, James P.            Private
White, Enelroy C.             Private
Williams, Christopher Columbus  Private
Williams, George W.           Private
Wilson, John                  Private
Wilson, William B.            Private
Winn, Robert A.               Private
Wood, Thomas H. Private
Woods, William T.             Private
Wright, William J.            Private
Wyatt, William B.             Private

Company C

Ables, John F.                Corporal
Acox, Francis M.              Private
Aldridge, G. W.               Private
Allen, John W.                Private
Allender, William F.          1st Lt.
Alton, John                   Private
Atkinson, Richard A.          Private
Atkinson, William             Private
Autry, James P.               Private
Baker, William                Private
Balinger, John                Private
Barnes, James H.              Private
Barnes, William C.            Private
Barnhart, Jacob C.            Private
Bass, James                   Corporal
Bellew, Aaron                 Private
Biggs, James T.               Private
Bledsoe, John                 Private
Bollard, David C.             Private
Boren, John                   Corporal
Boren, Lawson B.              Sergeant
Bowman, Jonathan              Private
Bowman, Simeon  Private
Box, Edward                   Private
Box, William B.               Private
Bradfield, Elisha L.          Private
Brandon, James M.       
Britt, Green L.               Saddler
Britt, Pinckney         
Brodie, Lud                   Private
Bullion, Joseph               Private
Burchum, James D.             Private
Burchum, John A.              Private
Cantrell, James K. P.         Private
Carliles, Franklin            Private
Carpenter, Emanuel            Private
Cash, John J.                 Private
Caviness, Mathew C.           Private
Caviness, William D.          Comm. Sgt.
Chasteen, Benjamin            Private
Chummey, Ben A. Private
Chummey, Beverly R.           Private
Clark, Nelson                 Private
Cleary, William               2nd Lt.
Coffrey, James                Private
Cole, George W.               Private
Collins, Frank                Private
Cottrell, George W.           Private
Cox, William David              
Craig, George W.              1st. Sgt.
Crenshaw, William             Private
Cuttman, Charles              Private
Davenport, Isaac Noah         Private
Davenport, J. P.              Private
Davis, James                  Private
Davis, Meridith L.            Private
Davis, Samuel                 Private
Delaney, Josepheus            Private
Derrossett, William E.        Private
Duke, G. B.                   Private
Duke, James K.                Private
Duke, W. D.                   Private
Dunn, George R.               Private
Edwards, Lint B.              Private
Evans, Druw                   Private
Evans, Wiley                  Private
Forshee, William R.           Private
Fowler, Green L.              Private
Freeman, Daniel D.            Private
Freeman, William              Private
Frizell, Abraham C.           Private
Frizell, G. N.                Sergeant
Frizell, Thomas J.            Private
Garner, James W.                
Gilbert, Jesse                Private
Gilbert, John T.              Private
Gilbert, Thomas Jefferson       
Gilbert, William              Corporal
Golden, J. H.                 Private
Gray, Thomas P.               Captain
Grevett, S. P.                Private
Griffin, William A.           Private
Hale, J. Ira                  Private
Hale, J. I.                   Private
Hays, Jason J.                Private
Hallmark, John                Private
Hampton, Charles B.           Corporal
Hampton, Hiram H.             Private
Harney, William H.            Private
Hart, Absolom                   
Hartley, Hardin               Private
Hays, Asa N.                  Captain
Hays, Jackson J.              Private
Hays, James M.                Private
Hays, John B.                 Private
Hays, John Crockett           Corporal
Hays, Samuel L.               Sergeant
Hays, William                 Private
Hays, William H. H.           Corporal
Hazzle, William         
Hedges, Henderson             Private
Henry, William          
Hicks, John                   Private
Hill, Elijah                    
Hill, E. P.                   Private
Holt, Wiley                   Private
Johnson, Edmond W.            Private
Johnson, Samuel J.            Private
Jowers, J. H.                 Private
Keen, Elisha                  Private
Keen, George W.               Private
Keen, Hoza                    Private
Keen, James Thomas            Private
Keen, William R.              Private
Kelly, I. N.                  Private
Kenn, J. J.                   Private
Kennard, Thomas Private
King, Stephen S.              Private
Kinman, Moses                 Private
Lamphey, James M.             Private
Leathers, F. F.               Private
Ledbetter, Isaac J.           Private
Lee, Berry D.                 Private
Leonard, Isaac M.             Private
Loftus, Thomas                Private
Logan, Preston                Private
Mackey, Henry T.              Private
Manley, Jasper                Private
Maracle, James P.             Private
Maxfield, G. W.               Private
McClum, George                Private
McCollum, Samuel F.           Private
McDonald, Francis M.          Private
McNealey, W.                  Private
Medlin, Robert L.             Private
Melton, William T.            Sergeant
Miller, Benjamin F.           Corporal
Miller, George W.             Private
Moore, James D.               Private
Morgan, Jonathan B.           Private
Myracle, Chesterfield F. C.   Private
Myracle, James P.               
Neely, James Matt             Private
Nelson, Robert W.             Private
Owens, Redding                Private
Page, William C.              Private
Pate, Thomas J.               Private
Patterson, Isaiah D. "Zade"   Private
Patterson, Isaiah M.          Private
Peck, Francis M.              Private
Pinkston, Napoleon B.         Private
Port, John                    Private
Preslar, James                Corporal
Pulley, James W.              Sergeant
Reeves, Richard T.            Private
Reives, Elisha G.             Private
Renfro, Mark M.               Lt.
Renfroe, Thomas J.            Private
Renshaw, Henry G.             Private
Riggs, James                  Private
Riles, Alfred                 Private
Riles, James C.               Private
Roberson, John T.       
Robinson, Andrew J.           Private
Robinson, James               Private
Rossett, W. D.                  
Rowe, John W.                 Private
Rowsey, John                  Private
Rushing, John G.              Private
Scates, Green                 Private
Sharp, John F.                Private
Singleton, James W.           Private
Singleton, John               Private
Smith, Brittain               Sergeant
Smith, Francis A.             1st Lt.
Smith, Isaac M.               Private
Smothers, James Franklin      Sergeant
Spears, John W.               Private
Stamps, Daniel                Private
Steward, R. H.                  
Stone, Ruben                  Private
Stone, William Jr.            Private
Taylor, Archibald F.          Private
Teague, James                 Corporal
Townsend, Nathaniel           Private
Trauburger, Benjamin F.       Private
Tubbs, Elijah                 Private
Via, Simpson Harper           Private
Waller, William               Private
Watson, John                  Private
Watson, John C.               Private
Watson, Simon                 Private
Whittle, Hartuell W.          Private
Whittle, John J.              Private
Wilkins, Henry J.             Private
Williams, William F.          Private
Woods, John N.                Private
Woods, William                Private
Wooley, Alexander J.          Private 
Word, Huston G.               Private

Company D

Arbuckle, Edwin               Captain
Bateman, Green                Private
Benton, William B.            Corporal
Bibbs, Alexander              Private
Birdwell, Albert              Private
Bostie, Edmond D.             Private
Bowlin, John W.               Private
Brandon, Charles(Chronicle) S.  Private
Brewer, Edmond                Private
Brewer, Henry                 Private
Brewer, Isaac Newton          Private
Brewer, John F.               Private
Brewer, Patrick B.            Private
Brewer, William T.            Private
Brinkley, Silas W.            Private
Bryant, Charles         
Bryant, James L.              Private
Buchanan, Duncan L.           Private
Burton, James Allen           Private
Butler, Henry Clay            2nd Lt.
Cagle, Benjamin F.            Private
Cagle, Henry C.               Private
Campbell, Artes               Private
Cary, Harrison H.             Private
Cary, James M.                Private
Clark, William H.             Private
Clemons, J. D.                Private
Clemons, Stephen              Private
Dakenfelt, J.                 Private
Davis, Samuel                   
Davis, William                  
Dodd, Benjamin F.             Private
Dodd, Charles                 Private
Dodd, Harbert H.              Corporal
Dodd, John C.                 Private
Dodd, Samuel F.         
Dodd, Thomas J.               Private
Dorety, Asa H.                Private
Douglass, Henry               Private
Edwards, Felix Jefferson      Private
Ellis, John                     
Esra, Thomas N.               Private
Gooch, Littleton O.     
Gooch, Pomphrey W.            Private
Gooch, Willis C.              Private
Graham, John D.               Private
Greenway, James               Private
Hall, James Riley             Sergeant
Hall, William Riley           Private
Hallowell, Stephen            2nd Sgt.
Hampton, Andrew B.      
Hampton, Elvis S.             Private
Hampton, James E.             Private
Hampton, William H.           Private
Harover, John                   
Harris, Alexander C.          Private
Harris, William R.            Corporal
Hatch, George D.              Private
Hatch, Sidney I.                
Haywood, Henry H.             Corporal
Haywood, William T.           Private
Herald, Luke K.               Private
Higgs, Levi                     
Higgs, Louis                  Private
Hollowell, Hensley            Private
Huistis, Andrew T.            Private
Huistis, Stephen W.           Private
Johnson, James                Corporal
Johnson, Silas W.             Private
Jones, Gaston L.              Private
Jones, Green A.               Private
Jones, Henry T.               Private
King, James T.                Private
Manuel, Alexander H.          Private
Marcum, William C.            Private
Matheny, D. C.          
McArthur, William Alexander   Private
McCaslin, Riley               Private
McCaslin, W. H.               Private
McCauley, James C.            Private
McDonald, W.                    
Miller, Alfred H.             Private
Miller, John A.               Captain
Moore, James T.               Private
Mullins, Francis M.           Private
Nolan, Pearl D.               Blacksmith
Norwood, William        
Parish, Sion                  Private
Parish, Samuel                Private
Pendergrass, John W.          Private
Perdew, Irwin                 Private
Pettigrew, Alfred             Private
Phillips, James               Private
Pope, F.                      Private
Prewett, John E.              Private
Quillian, J.                  Private
Reed, Robert J.               Corporal
Roberts, James                Private
Roberts, James M.             Private
Roberts, John                 Private
Roberts, Tayatt M.            Private
Robertson, Henry L.           Private
Robertson, Willie D.          Sergeant
Robinson, Alfred B.           Private
Robinson, James A. B.         Private
Robinson, Lemuel W.           Private
Robinson, William V.    
Rogers, Alexander G.          2nd Cpl.
Rogers, James F.              Sergeant
Sanders, Benjamin Armstead    Sgt. Maj.
Sanders, Furman C.            Sergeant
Spoon, Elijah                 Private
Umstead, Daniel               Private
Umstead, Squire               Private
Uptigrove, Elijah               
Westerman, Richard            Private
Woods, Samuel Citizen         Private
Woods, Thomas                 Private

Company E

Adams, Green                 Private
Autrey, Durgan T.            Private
Autrey, Jacob                Private
Autrey, John P.              Private
Barnhart, George W.          Private
Batey, John                  Private
Batten, Daniel               Private
Blakely, Benjamin            Farrier
Bond, John                   Private
Boswell, Jesse T.            Private
Boswell, John I.             Private
Boswell, William M.          Private
Bosworth, W. H.              Private
Boyd, Thomas B.              Corporal
Bradford, Ellison            Corporal
Bradford, Hugh A.            Private
Bradford, Robert N.          Private
Bradford, Robert Y.          1st Lt.
Brewer, Cornelius C.         Private
Britt, Pinkney               Private
Browning, Robert C.          Corporal
Butler, Clark S.             Private
Cantrel, Andrew J.           Corporal
Carden, Alexander K.         Private
Carden, James E.             Private
Carden, Wiley F.             Private
Cary, Alexander              Private
Cary, Elbert William         Private
Cary, Felix                  Private
Cary, Thomas                 Private
Childers, William E.         Corporal
Childers, Zachariah          Private
Clark, James                 Private
Clark, John                  Private
Clark, Nelson C.                
Dodd, Benjamin L.            Private
Dodd, Samuel F.              Private
Dodd, Stanley                Private
Dort, R.                        
Duke, Benjamin               Private
Duke, William D.                
Elkins, A. E.                Private
Ellis, John E.               Private
Garrison, Elbert W.          Corporal
Hail, Charles N.             Private
Hall, J. L.                  Private
Halliwack, John R.           Private
Hammett, John Wesley         Private
Harris, James M.             Private
Haulmark, George W.          Private
Haulmark, Phineas            Private
Hedge, Isaac                 Private
Hedges, Benjamin F.          Private
Hedges, Henderson C.    
Hedges, Isaac           
Higden, William F.           Corporal
Hill, John L.                   
Hill, Robert C.              Private
Holmark, George W.      
Hood, Franklin               Private
Johnson, James M.       
Killbreath, George W.        Private
Kirby, Samuel C.             Private
Lawrence, Haywood J.         Private
McCord, James T.                
McCord, Jesse T.             Private
McMullin, Robert L.          Sergeant
Medearis, Joel Bug           Sergeant
Melton, Beverly N.           Private
Melton, R. R. H.             Private
Melton, William Tiley   
Moody, Ely A.                   
Moore, Robert M.             Private
Moore, Thomas                Private
Morgan, James Wylie          Lt.     
Morgan, Pleasant G.          Private
Morris, Eli Martin      
Morris, Richard Harvey       Private
Morris, William E.           Corporal
Mullins, James R.            Private
Neighbors, Henry             Private
Newhall, E.                             
Noles, Edmond                Corporal
Norden, John N.              Sergeant
Norwood, Thomas J.           Private
Norwood, William             Private
Owens, Charles               Private
Palmer, William G.           Private
Park, James                  Private
Parsons, Vincent                
Pinkston, Elijah             Corporal
Prichard, William D.         Private
Qualls, Lankin P.            Private
Radford, William P.          Private
Rainey, James H.             Corporal
Richardson, Jasper Noah      Sergeant
Richardson, William          Private
Ritter, Henry                Private
Ritter, James                   
Ritter, John                            
Robinson, William M.         Private
Russell, J. S.               Private
Short, Leonard H.            Private
Singleton, James Wyatt  
Smothers, Isaac              Private
Smothers, James Franklin        
Smothers, Sebert             Private
Townsend, Joseph H.          Private
Trout, Granville             Sergeant
Victory, James               Private
Walker, James A.             Private
Webb, Henry                  Private
Webb, John R.                Private
Webb, Theophilus             Private
Winbery, George W.           Private
Wyatt, Henry H.              Private
Wyatt, John P.          
Wyatt, William B.       

Company F

Ball, David J.               Private
Bennett, Benjamin F.    
Bennett, Samuel H.           Private
Branch, Joseph J.            Private
Branch, William M.           Private
Britt, Dempsey B.            Private
Britt, Wiley A.              Private
Britt, William A.            Sergeant
Browning, John K.            Private
Buchanan, Daniel A.          Private
Bullington, Robert           Private
Burnes, James H.             Private
Butler, John T.              Private
Cannon, Joseph F.            Private
Carter, John Wesley          Private
Carter, William H.           Private
Cook, Lycurgus D.            Private
Cooley, Joshua J.            Private
Darnell, Nathaniel           Private
Darnell, Thomas H.      
Drummons, Joseph             Private
Dunning, James M.            Private
Dunning, William H.          Private
Evans, James F.              Private
Everett, James Kinchen       Corporal
Everett, William H.          Private
Freeman, Elisha C.           Surgeon
Fry, George W.               Private
Gardner, William R.          Private
George, Ezekiel              Private
Giles, Enoch Jefferson       Private
Goodman, Thomas T.           Private
Green, James C.              Corporal
Hawkins, Ashton W.           Captain
Hawkins, Samuel W.           2nd Lt.
Hester, James A.             Private
Hicks, John P.               Private
Hood, Wiley Allen       
Huckby, Robert               Private
Jarred, Thomas Jonathan      Private
Jenkins, Henry K.            Private
Johnson, Alexander           Corporal
Kee, John W.                 Private
Kemp, Bazil D.               Private
King, Alfred                 Private
Laycock, John Sims           Sergeant
Ledsinger, George Lewis      Private
Lemmons, Archibald H.        Private
Lemmons, William C.          Private
Lindsey, W. J.               Private
Little, George M.            Private
Livingston, Mark             Private
Martin, Hunter P.            Private
Mathis, Hugh H.              Farrier
Matthews, Melvin R.          Sergeant
McCaslin, James Riley   
McCrackin, Josephus     
McElyea, Robert D.           Private
McKinney, James H.           Private
McKinney, John P.            Private
McKinney, Lafayette A.       Private
McKinney, Napolean B.   
McLeod, John A.              QM Sgt.
McLeod, Norman H.            Private
McMullin, Cullen D.          Private
McMullin, Dempsey            Private
McMullin, Robert L.     
Montgomery, Samuel J.        Private
Morgan, Benjamin F.          Private
Morgan, Edward D.       
Morgan, Granville H.         Private
Murray, William M.           Private
Neely, Columbus C.           Private
Oer, John                    Sergeant
Perdew, Ervin T.             Private
Perdew, Walter C.            Private
Perdew, William C.      
Pickett, John D.             Private
Pickett, Joseph D.      
Porter, John Robert          Private
Pugh, John                   Private
Pugh, Walter Crandell        Corporal
Rainwater, A.                   
Redding, William A.     
Rhodes, Edward H.            Corporal
Rhodes, William B.           Private
Roberson, Jeptha Lafayette   2nd Lt.
Roberts, Fanteroy R.         Corporal
Rollins, Jesse E.               
Rust, John R.           
Shaw, John P.           
Simmons, Samuel C.           Private
Simpson, Charles B.          Private
Smith, Joseph                Private
Spain, Abner H.              Private
Thomas, Jackson              Private
Thomas, John H.              Private
Thompson, John C.            Private
Travis, Franklin                
Tucker, George W.            Private
Tucker, John Wesley          Private
Tucker, Thomas I.            Private
Vickers, Thomas J.           Private
Walpole, Benjamin F.         Private
Waugh, Stanfield J.          Private
Wilkes, George W.            Private
Williams, John F.            Private
Williams, Robert C.          Private
Williams, Sanford N.    
Wilson, Charles M.           Private
Wilson, Columbus Thomas      Private
Woodard, Peter H.            Corporal
Woods, Peter H.         
Worsham, William S.          Private

Company G

Altom, David C.              Private
Autry, Samuel Walter         Private
Belew, John Greene           Private
Belew, Thomas                Captain
Bell, William H.             Corporal
Bennett, Samuel F.           Private
Bevel, David R.              Private
Brandon, Allen K.       
Brandon, Harrison S.         Private
Brandon, John D.        
Brewer, William W.      
Bridges, William A. C.       Private
Britton, Charles                
Brodie, Thomas J.            Sergeant
Brown, James W.              Private
Brown, Joseph S.             Private
Chambers, Joel W.            2nd Lt.
Curtis, Charles F.           Private
Derryberry, William A.       Private
Eubanks, Edward              Private
Evans, Samuel D.             Private
Gooch, L. O.                 Private
Gordon, Pleasant W.          Private
Grogan, John H.              Corporal
Hampton, Irvin R.            Private
Hampton, Thomas Private
Hardy, Milton W.        
Harris, W. B.                Private
Harris, William H.           Private
Hawks, William H.            Private
Hendricks, William H.        Private
Holbrook, John H.            Private
Holmes, Albert C.       
Holmes, G. P.                Corporal
Holmes, James F.                
Holmes, William E.           Private
Hood, Robert Franklin   
Huey, William M.             Private
Hyett, David                 Private
Johnson, William F.          Private
Johnson, William Henry       Private
Jones, Ammond                Private
Jones, George B.             Private
Joyner, Nathan G.            Private
Kee, John                    Private
Laycock, John C.             Corporal
Lovell, Lindolph             Private
Martin, S.                   Private
Maxwell, James               Corporal
McDonald, Allen              Private
Moore, John P.               Private
Morgan, George H.            Corporal
Osburn, Robert F.            Private
Parker, Henry O.             Private
Pate, Edmond                 Private
Pate, Joseph B.              Private
Pearson, James N.            Private
Pendegrass, John Wesley      Private
Pendegrass, William M.       Private
Phelps, George W.            Private
Phillips, Andrew Franklin    Corporal
Phillips, Neil S. Brown      Private
Pinckly, Allen               Sergeant
Pinckly, Clark               Private
Pinckly, Scott               Sergeant
Porter, John R.              Private
Presson, Henry F.            Corporal
Presson, W. J.               Private
Reves, Jesse                 Private
Roark, Henry Marion          Sergeant
Roberts, William             Private
Rose, W. M.                  Private
Scott, Henry Clay            Private
Scott, James J.              Private
Scott, John                  2nd Sgt.
Shlass, Isaac                Private
Slater, Andrew J.            Private
Smith, Addison R.            Private
Smith, Edward H.             Private
Smith, James M.              Corporal
Springer, Ben B.             Sergeant
Springer, Hosea              Sergeant
Suggs, Joel M.               Private
Tate, John William           Private
Tosh, Lafayette Mancil       Private
Traywick, Edward H.     
Vaughn, Henry Clay      
Vaughn, Mathew H.            Private
Webb, Martin L.              Private
Williams, S. N.              Private
Williams, William M.         Private
Wilson, A. A.                Private
Wilson, Erastus E.           Private
Wilson, Matthew M.           Private
Wilson, Nathan C.            Private
Woodside, Miles M.           Private

Company H

Autry, William               Private
Barker, Rufus G.             Private
Barker, Samuel A.            Corporal
Bartholomew, John O.         Private
Bishop, Wiley                Corporal
Bodkins, Weakley             Private
Campbell, William P.         Sergeant
Cleek, John R.               Corporal
Conner, Asberry B.           1st Lt.
Derryberry, M. Wesley        Captain
Edward, Elisha               Private
Esra, Nathan                 Private
Gallison, John W.            Wagoner
Garner, Franklin C.          Private
Green, Rolon                 Private
Grice, William R.            Private
Haggard, John W.             Private
Hinson, John                 Private
Hodgin, David M.             Sergeant
Hortin, W. C.                Private
Hyett, Leonard B.            Private
Ingram, Dolson               Private
Jenkins, William             Private
Johnson, Alexander           Private
Johnson, Edwin W.            Private
Johnson, Henry K.            Private
Johnson, William             Private
Martin, James L.             Private
McGinnis, Andrew             Private
Parker, Wesley               Sergeant
Parrett, John                Bugler
Parrett, Reuben L.           Private
Patterson, Robert H. "Bob"   Private
Powers, Henry M.             Corporal
Powers, Riley                Private
Robeson, J. T. C.            Captain
Rogers, Tavner               Private
Small, Andrew J.                        
Stone, William Sr.           Private
Swafford, John W.            Farrier
Wallace, George W.           Private
Webster, Daniel              Private
Webster, William             Private
Whicks, N.                              
Wilkerson, John              Private
Williamson, George W.        Private
Williamson, William          Private

Company I

Allen, G. W.                    
Allen, John E.               Private 
Allen, S. R.                 Private
Alton, William               Private
Baley, Elisha                Private
Baley, John T.               Private
Barnhart, Doctor F.     
Barnhart, Jacob C.      
Barnes, Frederick B.            
Bateman, J. J.               Private
Bennett, William R.          Private
Bond, Jacob M.               Private
Bond, Robert J.              Private
Bonds, James K.              Private
Boyle, R. C.                 Private
Brewer, Joseph C.            Private
Brewer, Patrick              Private
Brewer, William W.           Private
Britton, Charles             Private
Burton, George Wade     
Burton, James A.             Private
Butler, Galston W.           Private
Butler, John R.              Private
Caldwell, Hugh D.            Private
Caldwell, John A.       
Calhoun, Thomas C.           Corporal
Case, Alden P.               Private
Cleaver, William             Private
Crain, Louis                 Private
Cruise, E.                   Private
Darnell, Thomas H.           Private
Derryberry, M. W.            Private
Doss, Charles Wesley         Private
Drummonds, Joseph M.         Sergeant
Edwards, Miles B.            Private
Edwards, Nathaniel James                
Edwards, William A.          Private
Elinor, Benjamin T.          Sergeant
Elinor, Robert N.            Private
Elinor, Wade E.         
Finch, Hampton               Sergeant
Finch, F. B.                 Private
Fisher, Henry B.             Private
Gardner, Samuel G.           Private
Gatlin, William              Private
Giles, Marcus C.             Corporal
Gill, George W.                 
Goff, Edmond                 Private
Green, B. F.                 Private
Green, James H.              Private
Green, J. D. R.              Private
Green, John C.                  
Green, Joshua G.             Private
Green, Richard/Robert F.     Private
Greer, Jesse C.              Private
Grooms, Isaac R.             Private
Grooms, James M.             Private
Gwinn, James E.              Private
Hall, Edward G.              Private
Hall, James R.               Private
Hamilton, Samuel             Private
Hamilton, William J. M.      Private
Hardy, Milton W.             1st Lt.
Harris, James W.             Sergeant
Haywood, James R.            Sergeant        
Haywood, Jefferson Green     Private
Herrington, John W.          Sergeant
Hester, James T.             Private
Hickman, William             Private
Hodge, James M.              Private
Huffman, James F.            Private
Johnson, Cary                Private
Joiner, John A.              Private
Jones, J.                               
Jones, Thomas E.             Private
Kee, William Riley           Private
Killbreath, M. A.            Private
King, Alfred                 Sergeant
King, William Priestly       Private
King,                        Captain
Kirk, Alvin H.               Private
Kissinger, F.                           
Lacy, William S.             Corporal
Lambert, Thomas Private
Lawton, W. H.                Private
Liston, W. H.                Private
Mathews, Melvin R.      
McCallister, Thomas          Private
McNeely, T. W.               QM Sgt.
Meare, J. H.                 Private
Miller, Joseph C.            Lt.
Moore, John H.               Sergeant
Moore, J. W.                 Private
Moore, Nelson M.             Private
Moore, Thomas                Private
Morgan, George H.            Private
Morgan, Hugh Joyner          Sergeant
Morgan, John A.              Private
Morris, William              Private
Murray, William W.           Lt.     
Nanington, W. J.             Private
Neighbors, J. P.             Private
Nelson, John A.              Private
Newbill, William G.          Private
Norwood, William C.          Private
Palmer, D. P.                Private
Palmer, Edmond B.            Private
Park, Robert Wilson     
Parker, Ross J.              Private
Parker, William Green        Private
Pope, James E.               Private
Porter, David Granville      Private
Purdom, Benjamin C.          Private
Roberts, J. G.               Private
Rust, J. R.                  Private
Saudling, J. H.              Private
Scarlett, Shaderick M.       Private
Scott, Henry Gabriel         Private
Searens, Joel B.             Private
Smith, Sidney                Private
Stewart, Edward              Sergeant
Stewart, Thomas J.           Private
Tarpley, Francis P.          Private
Tate, Elisha                 Private
Tate, Jesse M.               Corporal
Taylor, Green D.             Corporal
Taylor, James T.             Private
Teddar, James                Private
Vannov, Cornelius R.         Sergeant
Vickers, Francis M.     
Walker, W. J.                Private
Ward, J. S.                     
Warrell, John W.             Corporal
Watson, James A.             Private
Waugh, James Willis      
Weakly, R. L.                Private
Williams, Benjamin F.        Private
Williams, Burrell T.    
Williams, John F.            Private
Williams, Samuel             Private
Winn, Alvan E.               Private
Wood, Jesse Lee              Private
Woods, James M.              Corporal
Worrell, Hardy H.            Corporal

Company K
Adams, Harmon                Private
Anderson, B. C.         
Akins, George W.             Corporal
Arbuckle, Samuel T.          Private
Beatty, John W.              Captain
Birkett, William D.          Corporal
Brewer, Lucian               Private
Britt, George W.             Private
Britt, Noah                  Private
Browning, Robert L.          Private
Bueff, Greenville M.         Private
Camp, W. W.                     
Campbell, William T.         Private 
Carllyle, George W.          Private
Carter, George H.            Private
Carter, Graves               Sergeant
Carter, Jesse Madison        Private
Cazey, Edward                Private
Churmey, John F.             Private
Collins, Richard             Private
Cox, John H.                 Private
Cox, Thomas                  Private
Creacy, Stephen P.           Private
Davis, John                  Private
Davis, Leroy                 Private
Davis, Levi                  Private
Davison, William             Private
Dear, Milton     B.          Private
Dunn, Benjamin C.            Private
Dunn, Tilman J.              Private
Dunn, William R.             Private
Dyer, William P.             Private
Dyer, William Winship "Winch"  Private
Dyer, Winship                Private
Edmondson, James             Private
Flowers, James               Private
Gaitley, Isaac               Private
Gaitley, William             Private
Gilbert, Thomas J.           Corporal
Goff, Edmond                 Private
Goff, Elias Perry            Private
Goff, Robert                 Private
Goff, Thomas M.              Private
Gooch, William M.            Private
Gooch, William P.            Private
Gowers, George W.            Private
Griswell, Thomas J.          Private
Griswell, William H.         Private
Haney, Absalom C.            Private
Hare, Francis M.             Corporal
Hart, Absalom                Private
Hart, G.                        
Hedgepeth, Daniel S.         Private
Helmer, Robert W.            1st Lt.
Herinden, Thomas             Sergeant
Hilton, Duncan B.            Private
Hodgins, Asberry N.          Private
Hoffman, Charles D.          Private
Hoosier, Thomas J.           Sergeant
Horn, Major B.               Private
Hornbeck, Josuay             Private
Ingram, David C.             Private
Johnson, C. F.                  
Johnson, Charles M.             
Jones, William H.            Private
Joplin, Lucian F.            Private
Lawler, Robert J.            Private
Lowing, John                 Private
Madison, John                Sergeant
Martin, Benjamin M.          Private
Maye, Joseph H.              Private
McMackin, Wesley             Private
McMorris, James A.           Private
Meals, Samuel J.             Private
Medlin, John A.              Private
Minus, James W.              Private
Mitchell, James L.           Private
More, John A.                Private
Moss, Thomas                 Private
Owens, Joseph                Private
Parham, W.                      
Paris, Henry S.              Private
Patterson, Isaiah            Private
Patterson, Robert            Private
Phillips, Abner L.           Private
Pomeroy, Isaac M.            Corporal
Pomeroy, John A.             Corporal
Powell, Aaron N.             Sergeant
Roach, John W.               Private
Ross, Dugall M.              Private
Singleton, James P.          Private
Singleton, John W.           Private
Singleton, Leonard           Corporal
Smith, Thomas                Private
Spain, Hasekiah              Private
Spain, Samuel                Private
Spain, William               Private
Spear, James D.              Private
Stewart, James R.            Private
Stewart, Levi                Sergeant
Stricklin, Peter             Private
Sutten, George W.            Private
Tatague, Samuel J.           Private
Thompson, George W.          Private
Thompson, James Private
Tidwell, John F.             Private
Wadley, Thomas M.            Private
Wallace, John J.             2nd Lt.
Wallace, Robert R.           Private
Watson, Lyman P.             Private
Wheatley, George W.          Private
Willy, Thomas W.             Private
Wilson, Francis A.           Sergeant
Wise, George F.              Corporal
Wise, George W.              QM Sgt.
Woodson, Thomas K.           Private

Company L

Blackner, Thomas             Private
Cooley, Joshua J.            Private
Finch, Adam                  Private
Garrett, M. J.               Private
Gibbs, J. A.                 Private
Jackson, James               2nd Lt.
Krus, Cannon                 Private
Krus, Jacob M.               Private
Puckett, Walter E.           Private
Robbins, Joseph A.           Private

Company M

Able, John T.                   
Adkison, James               Corporal
Aldridge, Thomas             Private
Barrow, John Jackson         Private
Barnes, James T.             Sergeant
Barnes, William B.           Private
Barrow, John J.              Private
Bentley, Franklin E.         Private
Binum, William               Private
Box, James A.                Sergeant
Brown, John W.               Corporal
Bryant, Needum J.            Private
Burns, James A.              Private
Childers, James              Private
Dear, Harvey                 Private
Deer, John                              
Deer, Richard                Private
Doss, John                   Private
Doss, William M.             Private
Evans, James M.              Private
Gamble, James                Private
Gamble, Moses                Sergeant
Hellard, John                Private
Hicks, Jasper A.             Private
Higgins, William T.          Sergeant
Hipkins, James G. H.         Private
Ivy, Joseph W.               Private
Johnson, Andrew              Private
Johnson, Charles M.          Private
Johnson, Tarlbon             Private
Keen, Jeptha                 Private
Lester, James L.             Private
Maness, Richard              Private
Maness, Stephen              Private
McGuire, Merriman            Private
McGuire, Morrison            Private
Mercer,                      Captain
Moore, John W.               Private
Muse, Caleb                  Private
Neely, James M.              1st. Lt.
Perry, Allen M.              Private
Pickens, George M.           Sergeant
Pickens, Richard C.          Private
Quick, Richard L.            1st Sgt.
Seay, John C.                Private
Seery, Henry L.              Private
Smith, John                  Private
Snow, W.                     Private
Stephens, John               Private
Stewart, John K.             Private
Stratten, John M.            Private
Tedford, George W.           Private
Tedford, William E.          Private
Thomas, Andrew               Private
Thompson, Calvin L.          Sergeant
Thompson, William J.         Corporal
Tomlin, Albert               Private
Tucker, Erasmus              Private
Vettoe, Albert J.            Private
Wall, John W.                Corporal
Wells, John                  Private
Wineberry, James             Private
Workman, William             Private

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