Index to obituaries from the Shelbyville Gazette in 1942

This index abstracts the obituaries that appeared in the Shelbyville Gazette in 1942. Selected obituaries will eventually be transcribed. These obituaries were abstracted, indexed, and transcribed by Martha Mendez. Translated for the web by Steve Carson, GSC Associates Historical Record Products. Click a name below to go to the transcription of that obituary. Only obituaries that have been transcribed have active links.

Adams, Clarence S. Sr.,,56,Aug 13,,1942,pg 1,Buried at Willow Mt. Mother; Mrs. John D. Adams. Daughter Mrs. Leroy Adams of Pensacola Fla. 2 sons; Woodward Adams of Shelbyville and Clarence Adams Jr. of Gulfport, Miss. 2 sisters; Mrs. Sam Woodward and Miss Arthur Shaw. Wife not named.
Adams, George E.,,85,Sept 24, ,1942,pg 3,Buried at Moores Chapel. Parents; Ben and Martha Bailey Adams. Wife; Sallie Wheeler Adams. 2 daughters; Mrs. W. A. Winford and Mrs. C. M. Robinson.
Adcock, Joe Sauer,,,Jul 9, ,1942,pg 8,Buried at Bethel Cemetery in Rutherford County. Lived & died in Rutherford County. 2 sons; Frank of Truscott, TX, C. M. Adcock of Bethel. 5 daughters; Mrs. H.I. Pinkston of Sulphur Springs, Miss Bell Adcock , Miss Oma Adcock who live at home, Mrs. W. J. Pinkston of Wartrace, Mrs. Milton Toombs of Nashville; one daughter in law, Mrs. A. E. Adcock of Shelbyville.
Alexander, Robert F.,,,Jun 4, ,1942,pg 8,Died in Paris Illinois. Daughter; Miss Frances Alexander. wife; Miss Nannie Davis a native of Wartrace and daughter of Sam B. Davis.
Allison, Thomas ,,51,Aug 13, ,1942,pg 1,Daughters; Mrs. William Woodfin of Bell Buckle and Mrs. Grandville Crockett of Belfast. 2 sisters; Miss Sally Allison and Miss Ruby Allison of Dublin Georgia. Brother; Julian Allison.
Armstrong, James O.,,47,Oct 8, ,1942,pg 1,Died at Hotel in Middlesboro KY. Mother; Mrs. J .O. Armstrong of Shelbyville. Wife died in June. Lived in Middleboro KY and was an insurance salesman. Buried at Willow Mt. Sister; Mrs. Foster. 3 Aunts; Mrs. Frank O'Neal and Mrs. W. N. Bradshaw of Shelbyville and Mrs. Ed Gammill of Nashville. 2 Uncles; W. D. and D. W. White of Fayetteville. 2 nieces; Virginia and Jean Foster.
Arnold, R. S.,,33,Oct 8,,1942,pg 7,Buried at Bedford Cemetery. Wife not named. 2 small daughter; Bobbie Jean Arnold and Shirley Sue Arnold. Mother; Mrs. Una Turner Arnold of Lewisburg. 2 sisters; Mrs. Mamie Garrison of Shelbyville and Mrs. Sue Curtis of Detroit Michigan.
Arnold, Thomas Farris,,21,Jun 11,,1942,pg 1,died from a motorcycle accident. Buried at Horse Moutain.
Arnold, William B.,,67,Sept 17, ,1942,pg 2,Buried Willow Mt. Wife; Mrs. Webble Arnold. 3 daughters; Mrs. Annie Lee Crowell, Miss Kathleen Arnold and Mrs. Betty Coope all of Shelbyville. Son; Raymond. Sister; Mrs. Thomas J. Davis of Chicago. 3 brothers; Moody Arnold, P.N. Arnold and Bracie Arnold of Shelbyville. Parents; Ben K and Bettie Webb Arnold.
Ballinger, August,,,May 14, ,1942,pg 1,Had infantile paralysis and travelled in a specially constructed wagon. Was ran over by a car driven by Thomas W. Bynum of Atlanta Georgia. Miss Helen Montez Ray was also in the car and also killed. Parents; T. D. Balinger. 6 brothers; Arless of Bedford County, Aubrey of Cleveland, Arnold of Marshall County, Albert a soldier at Camp Forrest, Anderson and Alva of Bedford County. 3 sisters; Mrs. Ida Mae Stepp of Charleston SC, Mrs. Alma Neal and Miss Aline Balinger of Wheel.
Barber, William Blevins,,1 day,Oct 29, ,1942,pg 5,Infant son of Mr and Mrs. Clyde Bleavins Barber. Grandparents; Mr and Mrs C. B. Barber and grandmother; Mrs. Beulah McLaughlin. Buried Burns Cemetery
Barry, John,,77,Dec 3, ,1942,pg 8,Died at Antioch (Davidson County). Wife; Sarah Dotson Barry. 3 daughters; Mrs. J.E. Tittle of Chattanooga, Mrs. Lillie Harwood of Antioch, Mrs. D.E. Clark of Shelbyville. 5 sons; S. Barry and R. E. Barry both of Chattanooga, W. E. Barry of Stevenson Ala, J. M. Barry of Knoxville, J. O. Barry of Grantwood N.J.
Bartlett, Ida May,,21,Aug 20, ,1942,pg 2,Buried Willow Mt. Grandmother; Mrs. Fannie Bartlett. Aunt; Miss Lula Bartlett. 3 Uncles; Walter Bartlett and Earnest and Neal Bartlett.
Bearden, Edd B.,,81,Oct 1, ,1942,pg 1,Buried at Willow Mt. Parents; Mr and Mrs. Winn Bearden. 2 daughters; Mrs. Fred Reed and Mrs. Allie Hasty of Nashville. Son; Hubert Bearden of Shelbyville. 1 sister; Mrs. Josie Williams of Winchester.
Bearden, Jim,,74,Dec 24, ,1942,pg 1,Buried Booneville in Lincoln County. Wife; Ida Bearden. 3 sons; Clifford and Clavin of Lynchburg, Raleigh of near Booneville. 2 sisters; Mrs. Cora Gardner of Flat Crek and Mrs. Carrie Hobbs of Lynchburg. 3 brothers; Bob of Lynchburg, George of Tulsa Okla and Sam of Shelbyville.
Bearden, Walter,,66,Sept 3, ,1942,pg 1,Buried in Rose Bank Cemetery in Flat Creek. Married to Miss Zula Parker of Flat Creek in 1901. Son; Walter Jr. 5 sisters; Mrs. Ruby Jones of Lewisburg, Mrs. Womack of New Market Ala, Mrs. Eura Williams, Mrs. Cora LeCroy and Mrs. Ed Long of Birmingham Ala. 2 brothers; Roscoe of Nashville and Cecil Bearden of Flat Creek.
Bearden, Walter S.,,60,Jul 23, ,1942,pg 7,Nashville executive of the Nation Life and Accident insurance co. Buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery Parents; the late Chancellor and Mrs. W.S. Bearden. Wife; Elizabeth Thomas of Nashville. Son; Walter S. Bearden Jr. Daughter; Mrs. Mary Louise Bearden Harwood all of Nashville. 2 sisters; Mrs. Hans Gebers of Murfreesboro and Miss Mary Bearden of Shelbyville.
Bearden, Willie S.,,58,Dec 17, ,1942,pg 2,Died in Monroe Hospital in Toledo Ohio. Wife; Julia Powell Bearden. Daughter; Mrs. Ralph Sathum. Son; Paul Bearden of the U.S. Coast Guard. 2 brothers; Albert and Clarence Bearden of Singleton. Sister; Mrs. J.W. Johnson of Old Hickory
Belefant, Nicholas D.,,66,Jul 9,,1942,pg 7,Buried Shumate Cemetery near Cottage Grove in Marshall County. Wife; Mrs. Addie Belefant. 5 daughters; Mrs. Annie D. Dalton of Lewisburg.
Biggs, Carrie,Leftwich,,Apr 16, ,1942,pg 1,Died in Nashville. Buried at Mt. Olivet. Husband; Dr. Ernest R. Biggs. 3 sons; Dr. H. Leslie Biggs and Frank W. Biggs of Nashville, Charles W. Biggs of Shelbyville. Sisters; Mrs. Lena Kimbrough of Nashville and Mrs. Willie Alexander of Atlanta.
Bingham, Martha G.,,85,Aug 20,,1942,pg 2,Widow of C.C. Bingham. Buried at Woodfin Cemetery 3 daughters; Mrs. Lizzie Williams of Toledo Ohio, Mrs. Mary Smith of Fosterville and Mrs. J. F. Evins of Petersburg. 2 sons; Tom Jacobs of Denison Texas and Jack Bingham of Fosterville.
Blakemore, Lester,,,Jul 16, ,1942,pg 4,Step mother Eugene Blakemore. Died in Amarillo TX. Youngest son of Eugen and Ludie Newton Blakemore. 2 brothers; Frank and Winston Blakemore of El Paso, TX. Buried in TX. Wife not named.
Blanton, Ruth,,49,Oct 15, ,1942,pg 8,Buried at Simpson Cemetery Husband Sam Blanton. Daughter; Jean Blanton and 2 sons; Sam Jr. and James. 2 sisters; Mrs. A. C. Heath of Rover and Mrs. John Harris of Albuquerque New Mexico. Brother; Rev. Paul Elmore of Wagon Wheel, New Mexico.
Bowen, Ernest Martin,,54,May 7, ,1942,pg 2,Buried Confederate Cemetery in Tullahoma. Mother; Mrs. Rufus M. Bowen of St. Petersburg. 6 sisters; Mrs George Crick of Tullahoma, Mrs. James Harris of Shelbyville, Mrs J.M. Bowen of Dallas, TX, Mrs. Jesse Newsom of Manchester, Margaret Bowen of Kingston N.Y. and Mrs. Clarence Tarwater of Nashville.
Brantley, Leland,,68,May 28, ,1942,pg 4,Brother; B. B. Brantley. Died in Nashville. Buried in Nashville. wife, 3 sons, 3 daughters not named. 3 brothers; Floyd of Nashville, Joe of Washington D.C. and B.B. Brantley .
Brasseale, Elbert,,,Aug 20,,1942,pg 4,5 daughters; Abbie Brasseale of Evansville Ind, Mrs. Richard Arthur of Corpus Christi TX, Misses Ruby Annie and Hazel Brasseale of Shelbyville. 4 sons; Webb Brasseale of Evansville Ind, Claude Brasseale of New Orleans, Elbert Brasseale Jr. of Shelbyville, and Prentice Cooper Brasseale of Corpus Christie. 2 brothers; T. E. Brasscale of Gadsden Ala, his twin and N.M. Grasseale of Walnut Grove Ala. Worked at Huntsville arsenal. Born in Etawah County Ala on March 10, 1882. Parents; John C. and Sue Martin Brasseale. 1st wife not named but died before he moved to Shelbyville. 2nd wife; Sallie May Wilhoite of Shelbyville who died Feb 14, 1939. Buried in Willow Mt.
Bullock, Thomas,,17,Jul 23, ,1942,pg 5,Father; W. H. Bullock. Died July 18. 2 sisters; Willine and Claudine Bullock. Brother; Edward Bullock. Grand parents; Mr. adn Mrs. Thos Brown and Mr and Mrs. B.F. Bullock.
Byrd, Ella ,Davis,69,Sept 17, ,1942,pg 2,Widow of John Byrd. Buried at Willow Mt. No relatives survive.
Caldwell, Lula ,Lee,63,Sept 3, ,1942,pg 4,Died in Chattanooga hospital. Buried in Powell Cemetery where her husband Charlie Caldwell who died in 1929. 5 sons; Charlie Caldwell of Tullahoma, Albert and Ernest Caldwell of New York, Henry Caldwell of Shelbyville, Ray Cladwell of Detroit and three daughters, Mrs. A. E. Bills of Farmington, Mrs. R. P. Moore of Penn. and Miss Elizabeth Caldwell of Chattanooga.
Carpenter, Tennie ,Snell,86,Oct 1, ,1942,pg 5,Widow of L.L. Carpenter. Buried at Willow Mt. Brother; Jim Snell of New York. Grandsons; Fred Williams who she raised, Billy Shofner of Louisiana. . Daughter; Mrs. Williams. 2 step daughters; Mrs. Sam Cannon Sr. and Mrs. Pleas Moon. Step-son; Warner Carpenter of near Shelbyville.
Carroll, Elizabeth Ellen,Sims,30,Aug 13, ,1942,pg 5,Husband Paul Carroll of Normandy. Died in Chattanooga. Native of TX. Buried in Wartrace Cemetery 2 children; Enid Lanette age 11 and Edwin Gareth age 10. Father, 4 sisters and four brothers residing in TX and not named.
Chambers, Mollie Beatrice,Henley,77,Dec 17,,1942,pg 2,Widow of Samuel Chambers. Buried Burns Cemetery Parents; James Harvey Henley and Janie Clardy Henley. Born April 3, 1865. 2 sons; Rev. Robert Chambers of Greenville SC and Eakin Chambers of Deason. Sister; Mrs. S.R. Crutchfield. Brother; J.W. Henley.
Clark, Anne,Frierson,72,Jun 18, ,1942,pg 1,Widow of Robert W. Clark. Parents; Albert and Felicia Cowan Frierson. Brother; Dr. Guy Frierson. Nephew; Richard Frierson. Buried in Willow Mt.
Clayton, George (Mrs),Wardlaw,,Jun 25, ,1942,pg 1,Died in Calif where she was on a business trip. Father; Rev. T. D. Wardlaw. Resided in TX until 10 years ago. Dauther; Mrs. Glenn Mitcchell of Los Angeles. Son; L. J. Clayton of Washington D.C. 3 sisters; Mrs. A. R. Alley of New York, Mrs. D. V. Williams of Fort Worth and Mrs. George L. Burke of Sapulpa Okla. Nephew; P. J. Scudder the manager of the Shelbyville Power and Water.
Cleveland, Margaret C.,Cleveland?,,Oct 22,,1942,pg 1,Husband; Jesse F. Cleveland of Wartrace. Buried in Wartrace. Mrs. Cleveland was a member of a prominent Pioneer family of Spartenburg SC. 2 daughters; Elizabeth Bomar and Jane Stone Cleveland. 3 sisters; Mrs. Carry Tower, Brevard NC and New York City, Mrs. W. M. Reynolds of Marietta Georgia, Mrs. Screven of Pryon NC. 2 brothers; Jesse and Henry Cleveland of Spartenburg of South Carolina.
Cloud, Ollie,,33,Jun 25, ,1942,pg 4,Died in Huntsville Ala. Mother; Mrs. John A. Cloud died last Friday. Buried in Maple Hill Cemetery in Huntsville. Widow; Mrs. Earline Seal Cloud. 2 sons; Rodney and Charles Cloud. 2 sisters; Mrs. Bob Wilder and Mrs. Audrey Thomas of Huntsville. Brother; Oscie Cloud.
Coleman, Mary,Sutton,28,Oct 8, ,1942,pg 1,Shot herself at her employers Thomas Turpin near Flat Creek. Buried in Willow Mt. Daughter; Dorothy Coleman. Sister; Mrs. Carl Baltimore of Bedford Co. Brother; Claude Sutton of Nashville.
Cook, Nannie Lou,Muse,,Oct 1, ,1942,pg 5,Husband; W.W. Cook. Buried at Mr. Lebanon Cemetery 3 sons; W. T. Cook and R. W. cook both of Shelbyville. A. E. Cook of Meeker Oklahoma. 2 daughters; Mrs. T. D. Harrison and Mrs. Della Grogan of Shelbyville. Brother; R. L. Muse and one sister; Mrs. Tennie Hannah of Jonesboro Ark.
Cooper, Annie Morton,Neal,84,Aug 20, ,1942,pg 2,Widow of William Cooper. Daughters; Mts. T. W. Locke of the 10th District of Shelbyville and Mrs. L. B. Davis of Shelbyville. 3 sons; W. L. Cooper and J. L. Cooper of Coopertown and N. L. Cooper of Longview. 2 brothers; George Neal of Russellville, Ark and Fate Neal of Longview.
Cunningham, J. M.,,64,Sept 24,,1942,pg 3,Born Dec 28, 1877. Parents; John & Elizabeth Helton Cunningham. Wife; Alice Ethridge Cunningham. 4 daughters; Mrs. Argie Welch of Nashville, Mrs. Lucile Granger and Misses Nell and Belle Cunningham of Shelbyville. 8 sons; 4 are serving in the United States Army; Raymond, Robert, Marvin and Douglas. Hubert, Albert, Harold and Fred Cunningham. 1 sister; Mrs. Mattie Helton of Lafayette Ga. 4 brothers; Joe, Will, Bert and Dick Cunnigham.
Curtis, Helen,,45,Sept 3, ,1942,pg 4,Died in route to Nashville. Buried in Bell Buckle. Moth4er; Mrs. T.R. Curtis. 2 sisters; Mrs. J.D. Campbell of Tullahoma and Mrs. Ada Kirkmna of Birmingham Ala. Brother; Tom Curtis of Chicago Ill. Deceased father; Rev. Tom R. Curtis a former pastor of the First Methodist Church.
Curtis, Marvin,,30,Apr 16, ,1942,pg 1,Burned to death at Camp Stewart Near Savannah Georgia. Buried in Richmond Cemetery Wife not named. Child; John Marvin Curtis. Father and Step mother; Mr and Mrs. J.C. Curtis. Brother; Raymond Curtis of Nashville. 3 half brothers; J.W. Loyd and J.C. Curtis Jr all of Richmond.
Davis, J. E. (Mrs),,79,Nov 26, ,1942,pg 7,Buried at King Cemetery near Rover. 3 daughter; Mrs. W.E. Turner of Nashville. Sons; A. C. Davis of Rockvale, other son not named. half sister; Mrs. Viola Leatherwood of Atlanta Georgia. half brother; Poley Maddox of Palestine, Illinois.
Davis, James Harvey,,74,Jul 9, ,1942,pg 2,Franklin County Farmer. Son; Reuben Davis of Bedford County, Dewey Davis of Winchester. Daughter; Mrs. Will Eslick of Winchester. Brother; Bud Davis of Memphis. Half brother; John Davis of Fayetteville. Buried Mt. Hermon Cemetery
Davis, Kenneth Howard,,21,Sept 17, ,1942,pg 2,Parents; Mr and Mrs Oscar Davis. 4 sisters; Mrs. Bill Ghee of Rover, Mrs. Marl Holland of Cornersville Misses Esther Mae and Reta Davis of Holtland. Brother; Norman Davis of Holtland. Grandparents; Mr and Mrs Will Davis of Rover and Mrs. Eliza Lamb of Chapel Hill.
Davis, Sallie ,Wade,75,Oct 8,,1942,pg 7,Died near Christiana. Widow of George Davis. Son; George Davis. 3 sister; Mrs. John Ward of Columbus GA, Mrs. J. R. Kirkpatrick of Canton Miss and Mrs. E.C. Taylor of Fresno Calif and 2 brothers; W. A. Wade of Nashville and Ben Wade of Shelbyville.
Davis, Thomas,,65,Jul 16, ,1942,pg 4,Accidently shot with his 12 gauge. Buried in Rosebank Cemetery in Flat Creek. parents; William Marion and Pertina Parks Davis. Wife; Mrs. Edna Snell Davis. Daughter; Miss Mable Davis of Missouri. Sister; Mrs. Charlie Ward of Lynchburg. 2 brothers; Willie and Albert Davis of Tullahoma.
Dean, Mary ,Scott,,Apr 16, ,1942,pg 7,Husband; James M. Dean. Parents; Jim Scott of Petersburg and the late Mrs. Maggie Eakes Scott. Lived in Maury County for the past 9 years. 2 sisters; Mrs. Claud Stacey of Petersburg and Mrs. Ocie C. Miller of Shelbyville. . Buried at Wilkes Cemetery at Culleoka.
Douglas, Sarah Adaline,Carlton,64,Sept 17, ,1942,pg 2,wife of Thomas Benton Douglas. Born; April 10, 1877. Parents; David C. Carlton and (Martha) Angeline Stem Carlton. 5 daughters; Mrs. Kitty Lee Burge of Huntington Claif, Mrs. J.Frank Smith of Fosterville, Mrs. Eddie Mai Lovvorn of Fosterville, Mrs. Mitchell Lovvorn of Salem and Mrs. Cassie Jo Trott of Bedford County. 5 sons; Evin Douglas of Unionville, Bob Douglas of Flat Rock, John Douglas of Midland. Leonard Denton Douglas of the Vannatta Community of this county and Frank Edison Douglas who lived with his parents.
Dozier, Elliot L.,,82,Sept 10, ,1942,pg 1,Born Aug 12, 1860 the son of Joseph and Mary Ann Reeves Dozier. Wife; Mrs. Ella Williams Dozier. 4 daughters; Mrs. Myra Stabbler of Detroit Mich, Mrs. Jewell Chapman, Mrs. Marvin Mallard and Mrs. Mullins of Shelbyville. 2 sons; Roy Dozier of Detroit and Alvis Dozier of Shelbyville. Buried in the Reeves family Cemetery on the Unionville Hwy.
Duncan, Dan,,14,Nov 5, ,1942,pg 1,Father; E.O. Duncan. Mother; Mrs. Lucy Thompson Duncan. Grandmother; Mrs. W.E. Duncan. Survived by Step mother not named. Grandmother; Mrs. Mary Mary Thompson. Grandfather; J. A. Thompson of Shelbyville. Brother; Sam Duncan of Springfield who leaves today for the Navy. Sister; Betty Jean Springfield. Aunt and Uncle; Claude and Walter Thompson of Shelbyville.
Dunnaway, Mary Matilda,Nichols,78,Nov 12, ,1942,pg 8,Husband; John Newman Dunnaway. Buried Willow Mt. Native of Smith County. Father; Joseph R. Nichols of Bedford County. Mother; Pantheah Overby Nichols of Lincoln County. 2 daughters; Mrs. Ethel Thompson and Mrs. Marietta Harrell. 2 sons; Powell and Newman Dunnaway. 2 sisters; Mrs. Nellie Duncan of Texas and Mrs. Katie Philpot. 2 brothers; Lee Nichols of Nashville and T. F. Nichols of Murfreesboro.
Elam, Harry,,51,Oct 1, ,1942,pg 2,Buried in Willow Mt. wife not named. 4 sons; Robert Elam of Shelbyville, William and Martin Elam of Baltimore Maryland, Elbert Elam of Camp Roberts, Calif. 3 daughters; Misses Mary, Dorothy and Emma Jean Elam of Shelbyville. 4 sisters; Mrs. Esther Thompson, Mrs. Henry Tribble, Mrs. Oscar Whaley of Dallas Texas and Mrs. Tom Martin of Shelbyville.
Evans, Ida Bell,Snell,63,Oct 1, ,1942,pg 2,Buried in Maplewood Cemetery in Tullahoma. Husband; Emmett Evans. Parents; William and Maggie Mae Elkins Snell. 3 daughters; Mrs. J.N. Davis of Atlanta GA, Mrs. Fred Anthony and Mrs. Hollis Stone both of Tullahoma. 4 sons; Alvis, Bernice and Virgil Evans of Tullahoma, and Wallace Evans of Boaz Ala. 5 sisters; Mrs. Clarence Shoffner of Raus, Mrs. Horace Bartlett of Singleton, Mrs. Roy Rainey, Mrs. Lester Bridges, Mrs. Henry Hix of Shelbyville. 3 brothers; Elmer Snell of Flat Creek and Everett and Ernest Snell of Singleton.
Farrar, Jack,,59,Sept 10, ,1942,pg 6,Farmer of Lincoln County. Buried in Rose Hill Cemetery Wife; Daisy Haslett Farrar. Daughter; Miss Sarha Farrar of Huntsville Ala. Sons; Wade Farrar of McMinnville, Paul Farrar of Mulberry, Dick and James Farrar of Fayetteville. Sisters; Mrs. Georgia Waite of Aberdeen, Miss. and Mrs. Lula B. Farrar of Dalton GA. Brothers; Thurston and Joe Farrar of Flat Creek, Tom Farrar of Shelbyville, and Wade Farrar of Chattanooga.
Farrar, O. (Mr),,,Jul 2, ,1942,pg 4,Died at his home in Nashville on Jun 22, 1942. Wife; Mrs. Lydia Farrar. 4 sons; Steve Farrar of Harrisburg Fred Farrar of Ava Ill, R.C. and W. G. Farrar. 2 daughters? Miss Anna Farrar and Mrs. J. L. Witt of Nashville. Brother; J. R. Farrar of Wartrace. Buried at C. P. Cemetery at Beech Grove.
Farrar, Robert L. (Sr),,76,Jul 9,,1942,pg 2,Died in Lincoln County. Buried in Mulberry Cemetery beside the grave of his wife; Mrs. Cora Shfner Farrar who died 3 years ago. Parents; James Farrar and Mrs. Sarah Parker Farrar. 3 daughters; Mrs. Percy Holland of Fayetteville, Mrs. H. A. Mitchener and Mrs. Robert Fields of Nashville. Son; R.L. Farrar Jr. of Near Fayetteville. 2 sisters; Mrs. J. K. Farrar of Dalton GA, Mrs. W. S. Waite of Miss. 5 brothers; W. H. Farrar of Chattanooga, Joe Farrar and Thurston Farrar both of Flat Creek, Tom Farrar of Shelbyville and Jack Farrar of Fayetteville.
Flippo, John H.,,76,May 21, ,1942,pg 5,Wife; Laura Flippo. Daughter; Mrs. H.C. Arnold of Wartrace. Son; W. H. Flippo of Nashville. 2 sisters; Mrs. Sarah Scively of Tullahoma and Mrs. Mantie Patterson of Lynchburg. 4 brothers; S.E. of Shelbyville, W. A. and W. J. Flippo of Lynchburg. 4 brothers; S.E. of Shelbyville, W. A. and W. J. Flippo of Lynchburg and G. A. Flippo of Nashville.
Forrester, Robert L. Jr.,,,Aug 13, ,1942,pg 3,Lt. of the Army Air Courps and pilot. Airplane crashed on Pinson Island in the South Pacific. Parents; Mr and Mrs. Robert L. Forrester Sr. 3 sisters; Mrs. Richard M. Hawkins of Lebanon, Mrs. Clifford Sargent of Nashville and Miss Frances Forrester of Watertown. 3 brothers; Howell Forrester of Crossville and Eugene and Nelson of Watertown. Uncle3; Judge C. W. Phillips, State Commissioner of Highways and Public works, formerly of Shelbyville.
Foster, Hattie,Freeman,66,Nov 12, ,1942,pg 1,Buried at Willow Mt. Native of Lincoln County. Parents; Martha Barham and Moses Freeman. Husband; Newton Jones Foster. 2 daughters; Mrs. Sewell Kingston, Mrs. James B. Parson. Son; Estill Foster. Sister; Mrs. Ruth Foster.
Freeman, James Calvin,,79,Jul 9,,1942,pg 2,died near Petersburg. Buried in Family Cemetery near the house. Wife; Mrs. Sarah Jane Marr Freeman. 2 sons; John and Henry Freeman. Daughter; Mrs. Jim Williams. Brother; W. Golie Freeman. Sister; Mrs. Lee Hunt. Parents; William and Elizabeth Davis Freeman.
Freeman, Susan,William,73,Oct 1, ,1942,pg 2,Died Sept 23, 1942. Buried in Mt Herman. 2 daughters; Mrs. Daisy Moore of Nashville and Mrs. Bertie Farrell of Little Rock, Ark. Brother; Dixie Williams. Widow of Daniel Frazier Freeman.
Gambill, Gloria,,2 days,Dec 17, ,1942,pg 5,Infant child of Harry Gambill. Born in Toledo Ohio and died there. Brought to Willow Mt to be buried. Born on Dec 3, 1942. Died Dec 5, 1942
Gilliland, Sara Jane,,97,Dec 3, ,1942,pg 1,Brother; L. F. Gilliland. Parents; W. B. Gilliland and Martha Webb Gilliland who where natives of Ala. Father was killed in the Battle of Chicamauga. Buried at the Old Flat Creek Cemetery
Gordon, Mary E.,Fletcher,94,Nov 5, ,1942,pg 5,Died at Lynchburg at her apartment in the Bobo Hotel. Widow of W.W. Gordon. Parents; G. G. and Ann Fletcher. Son; Russell Gordon who is deceased. Nieces and Nephews; Mrs. Anna Stanton of Detroit, Mrs. Nell Slater of Moberly, Missouri, Mrs. Gus Yutz of Dalieo Missouri, Mrs. Kate Bantom of Moberly Missouri and Hal London of Dalico Missouri.
Gragg, Avery,,,Oct 29, ,1942,pg 5,Infant of Lt. and Mrs. Logan Gragg. Grandparents; Dr and Mrs. Logan Gragg Sr. of Lexington KY and Dr and Mrs. W. H. Avery grandparents. Buried at Willow Mt.
Haggard, John H.,,67,May 7, ,1942,pg 4,Wife; Mrs. Fannie Mae Warner Haggard. 2 daughters; Miss Ruth Haggard of Wartrace and Mrs. Clayton Overcast of Shelbyville. 3 sons; Cecil Haggard of Wartrace, Clarence Haggard of Chattanooga and Horton Haggard of West Point Mississippi. Buried in Wartrace Cemetery
Hall, Ed W.,,,May 28, ,1942,pg 4,Died in Forte Meade Fla where he went to regain his health. Buried at Burns Cemetery Wife; Annie Sudberry Hall. 5 daughters and 2 sons, among them Mrs. Edna March of Bell Buckle and Marshall Hall of Shelbyville.
Hathaway,Mollie,Fishback,81,Nov 12, ,1942,pg 8,Buried in Old Orchard Cemetery Widow of George Hathaway. Parents; Aletha Moore and John Fishback. Son; Fishback Hathaway. Daughter; Mrs. Thad Dorsey of Chattanooga.
Hay, Mattie ,Wesley,76,Jul 16, ,1942,pg 1,Buried in Willow Mt. Daughters; Mrs. Virgie Haskins and Mrs. Jane Caldwell of Shelbyville and Mrs. Algie Crowell of Jackson Street. 4 sons; J. E. Hay, Charles , Walter and Ernie Hay of Shelbyville.
Haynes, John W.,,78,Nov 26, ,1942,pg 7,Wife not named. Daughters; Mrs. E. H. Thomas of Vernon TX, Mrs. Willie Crick of Unionville and Mrs. James Stem of Rover. Son; H. R. Haynes of Shelbyville.
Hays, Harold D.,,25,May 14, ,1942,pg 2,Paretns; Mr and Mrs. Felix Hays of near Lewisburg.
Henley, Nannie,Swan,77,Jun 25, ,1942,pg 2,Widow of Burrell Henley. Buried in Willow Mt. Born in Warren County. Parents; Mr & Mrs James Swan. 2 daughters; Mrs. Norman Smith and Mrs. Lucy Damron. 5 sons; Howard, Willie, John and Stanley Henley all of here and Thomas Henley of Feather Falls Calif.
Henslee, Thomas Lloyd,,92,Apr 23, ,1942,pg 7,Buried in Bedford Cemetery Parents; Harris Henslee and Betty Dennison Henslee both of whom were from N.C. Born in Bedford County. Wife; Mrs. Kate Green Henslee. 4 daughters; Mrs. Eugene Smith, Mrs. Mary Cook, Mrs. Cecil Clanton, Miss Bertha Henslee. 6 sons; Jim, Frank, John Charlie, Arch and Lucian Henslee all of Bedford County except Lucian who is now in the United States Navy
Higgins, Walter Woodard,,57,Jun 18, ,1942,pg 2,Buried in Willow Mt. Born in Lincoln County. Wife died 2 years ago. Son; Gene Higgins. Daughter Mrs. Pruitt Stokes. Sisters; Mrs. Edith Moyer and Mrs. Elmer Caughran of Fayetteville. Grand-daughter; Doris Stokes.
Hill, Horace Greeley,,,Oct 22, ,1942,pg 1,Founder of Hills Grocery Store. Died in Nashivlle. Buried at Mt. Olivet. Parents; George M and Hulda Robert Hill of Sparta. Wife not named. Sons; Horace G. Hill Jr. 2 daughters; Mrs. W. E. Penick of New Orleans and Mrs. Wentworth Caldwell of Nashville. 4 grandchildren; May, Anne, Frances and Wentworth Caldwell Jr. 6 sisters; Mrs. Sallie Maxwell, Mrs. James Green, Mrs. Thomas Womack, Mrs. Lucy High, Mrs. Georgia Guliver and Mrs. E.J. Spain all of Nashville. 2 brothers; James B. and Nelson P. Hill of Birmingham.
Hix, William Claude Jr.,,25,Oct 22, ,1942,pg 1,Died Oct 14, 1942 at Decatur Ala. Buried in Flat Creek Cemetery Parents; Mr William Claude Hix and Mrs. Louise Love Hix of Flat Creek. Wirfe; Mrs. Jewel Davidson Hix. Son; Claude Davidson Hix. 4 sisters; Miss Jean Hix, Miss Gayle Hix, Miss Carolyn Hix and Mrs. John Bell all of Nashville. Brother; Ernest Hix of Memphis.
Hohgatt, C. Hershell,,,Sept 17, ,1942,pg 4,Died in Los Angeles Calif where he lived. Evangelistic singer who first visited Shelbyville in 1912.
Holder, Charles Raymond,,27,Nov 19, ,1942,pg 1,Died at Pearl Harbor on November 12. Wife; Mrs. Gracie Lee Wilhoite Holder. Mother; Mrs. Ed McAdams and step father; Mr. McAdams. Sister; Mrs. Sally Miller. 2 brothers; Joe and Jim Holder of Florence Ala.
Holland, Samuel,,,Oct 15, ,1942,pg 8,Colored citizen died Oct 8, 1942. Buried in Benevolent Cemetery Wife and 2 sons; Wille Lee Holland and Cecil Holland. Card of Thanks Nov 5, 1942 page 6
Hord, Roseila,,,Jun 25, ,1942,pg 1,Parents; William Watterson Hord and Sallie Myers Hord. 4 sisters; Mrs. Ross, Miss Betty Hord, Mrs. S.W. Hall of Shelbyville, Mrs. A.S. Cliff of Birmingham Ala. 4 brothers; Robert Hord of Handford Calif, Bryce Hord of Fresno Calif, Stanley A. Hord of Birmingham Ala, Watterson Hord of Detroit Mich.
Hurt, Martha Loretta,,78,Jul 16, ,1943,pg 6,Husband; G.C. Hurt. Born in Bedford Co, but lived in Nashville for 50 years. Buried Mt. Olivet. Daughter; Mrs. Jesse Peak. Son; Ewing Hurt. 2 sisters; Mrs. Betty Hasty and Mrs. Frank Marshall.
Jeffress, Thomas Ewing,,68,Oct 29, ,1942,pg 5,Died at the Landis Store in Unionville of a heart attack. Widow; Mrs. Sarah Landers Jeffress. Son; Thomas Ewing Jeffress Jr. of Nashville. Sister; Mrs. E.C. Shearin of Eagleville. Brother; Douglas Jeffress of Unionville. Buried Methodist Church of Unionville.
Jennings, Newborn A.,,66,Oct 22, ,1942,pg 1,Prominent Wilson County Farmer. Lived in Watertown. Parents; Shedrick M. and Martha Jane Whitlock Jennings. Wife; Mrs. Lillie Whitlock Jennings. Daughter; Daughter; Mrs. Gilbert C. Smith of Anson TX. 2 sons, Andrew B. Jennings of Shelbyville, and Melda N. Jennings of New York City. Sister; Miss Sallie Jennings of Statesville. 4 brothers; Willie of Brush Creek, Hanibal of Greevale and O. F. and Marshal Jennings of Statesville. Buried at Cemetery in Watertown.
Jones, Henry H.,,66,Jun 25, ,1942,pg 1,Buried in Willow Mt. Died in Chattanooga. Wife; Mrs Argie Reagor Jones. 3 sisters; Mrs. S. K. Brantley Sr. and Mrs. Tom Dennis of Shelbyville and Mrs. Beulah Caruthers of Columbia.
Jones, William Turner,,74,Jun 11, ,1942,pg 8,Buried in Burns Cemetery Born in Webster County GA. Parents; Sam and Mary Cain Jones. wife; Laura Mildred Jones. 3 daughters; Mrs. Homer Hampton of Kannapolis NC, Mrs. Della Taylor and Mrs. Holmes of Shelbyville Mills.
Justice, John H.,,87,Oct 8,,1942,pg 7,9 children; Mrs. Ruth Bean of Detroit, Mrs. Mary Osborne of New Orleans, Mrs. Maggie Nowlin of Shelbyville, Mrs. Elizabeth Hodge of Shelbyville, Mrs. Jessie Wiseman of Hillsboro. 3 sons who live in Nashville, Henry, Roy, and Gannaway. one son William Justice is in the Army. One brother; Holbert resides in Jackson.
Kimery, Joseph Steele,,84,Dec 10, ,1942,pg 1,Parents; Edmond and Carolyn Greer Kimery who were natives of South Carolina. Sons; Andrew Kimery of Himesville, Lonnie of Detroit, Denis of Columbia, Greer of Houma Louisiana and Frank of Shelbyville. Daughters; Mrs. Sam Sanders of Wellington, Kansas, Mrs. Claude Ervin and Mrs. Wallace Ervin of this county.
King, William Thomas,,82,Aug 20, ,1942,pg 2,Died in Nashville. Paretns; John and Nancy Gentry King. 2 daughters; Mrs. Leonard Wood of Eagleville and Mrs. Bryan Clary of Longview. Son; Thomas Avery King of Longview. Wife died 3 months ago. Son; F. Z. King died 3 years ago. Buried in Willow Mt.
King, W. P.,,,84,Jul 16, ,1942,pg 4,Son; Artie King of Normandy. Wife not named. 2 daughters; Mrs. Joe Ashley and Mrs. Clarence Tanner of Wartrace. Sister; Mrs. Jennie Stephens of Cortner Station. 3 grandchildren; Jean Ashley, Mary Clair Tanner and A.D. King Jr.
Kingston, John Brooks,,77,Nov 12, ,1942,pg 1,Parents; William and Malinda Dowdy Kingston, natives of Marshal County. Owner of Anchor Mills. Wife; Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Brown Kingsotn. Daughter; Mrs. C. Eugene McKenzie of Chattanooga. Son; John B. Kingston Jr of Shelbyville. Brother; G. W. Kingston of Bedford County. Buried at Willow Mt.
Kubley, Ernest Jackson Holt,,47,May 21, ,1942,pg 5,Parents; Mrs. Alice Holt Kubley & the late Henry C. Kubley. Died at home in Jasper. Wife; Mrs. Dora Bele Kubley. Daughter; Dotty Lou. Uncle; Jack Holt. Buried in Wartrace.
Kwapinski, Stanley Edwin Jr.,,,Oct 22, ,1942,pg 1,article on all the men in the Navy of which Stanley Edwin Kwanpinski Jr of Bell Buckle
Kwapinski, Stanley Jr.,,19,Jul 16, ,1942,pg 1,Died in the war. Father; Stanley Kwanpiski. Mother Irene Douglas of Bell Buckle who died 2 years ago. Brother; David of Bell Buckle and Antonio who is in the Navy. Sisters; Mrs. Willis Brockman of Nashville, Mrs. Lyle Owen of Pittsburgh PA and Miss Frances Kwapinski of Bell Buckle.
La Paglia, Peter,,33,Nov 5, ,1942,pg 8,Buried at Willow Mt. Parents; Mr and Mrs. Tlavtori La Paglia. Sister Mrs. Joe Cinninna. 2 brothers; Frank and Victor of New York.
Lamb, Charles Reedy,,72,May 14, ,1942,pg 2,Died at his home in Rutherford County. Buried in the Smotherman and Haskins Cemetery Paretns; Carroll and Fannie Lamb. Wife; Mrs. Lizzie Haskins Lamb. Daughter; Miss Clara Bele Lamb. 2 sons; Horace and Roy Lamb. Sister; Mrs. W. Ralston.
Landers, Virginia Bertha,Parker,36,Nov 19, ,1942,pg 1,Husband; Clyde Landers. Buried Rosebank Cemetery in Flat Creek. Parents; Ben Parker and Grace Bobo Parker. Daughter; Mary Grace Lander. Son: Glen Parker Landers. Brother; Leonard Parker. Sister; Mrs. Sam Rutledge.
Landis, Eva,Euless,86,Dec 10, ,1942,pg 1,Died in Osawatomie Kansas. Native of Shelbyville. Parents; Martin and Cassandra Euless. Daughters; Mrs. Nell Carpenter of Osawatomie Kansas and Mrs. Grace McMillan of Shelbyville. 3 sons; R.D. Landis of Denver Colorado, Albert and Salon Landis Osawatomie.
Lentz, Robert Lee,,70,Jul 2, ,1942,pg 2,Died at his home near Halls Mill. Buried in Mt. Lebanon Cemetery Parents; Elizabeth Lawwell Lentz and Jim Lentz. Wife; Mrs. Ellen Neeley Lentz. 2 sons; Robert and Homer of Shelbyville. Sister; Mrs. Obie Neese.
Leverette, William Albert,,34,Dec 24,,1942,pg 7,Father; Will Edward Leverette. Buried at Willow Mt. 3 sisters; Mrs. Bill F. Sanders, Miss Birtie Leverette, Miss Georgia Leverette. 2 brothers; Roy Leverette of Shelbyville and Abraham Leverette of Bell Buckle.
Luna, Mitchell,,65,Oct 8, ,1942,pg 7,Died near Lewisburg. Buried in Round Hill Cemetery near Belfast. Wife and Child in Cookeville, not named. 3 sisters; Mrs. Minnie Cazortt, Mrs. Lela Davis both of Lewisburg, Mrs. Ella McGaha of Tracy City. 3 brothers; Marshal Luna of Shelbyville, Don Luna of Lewisburg and Charlie Luna of Farmington.
Maupin, Edward Bowlin,,,Nov 26, ,1942,pg 1,Born July 15, 1886. Parents; Emma Shofner and Edward Bowlin Maupin. Grandfather; J. M. Shofner. Wife; Mary Kennedy Maupin. 2 sons; Edward B. Maupin Jr. and Kennedy Maupin. Aunt; Mrs. W. P. Cooper of Nashville. 2 cousins; Governor Prentice Cooper and Morton B. King of Shelbyville. Buried in Willow Mt.
Mayberry, William,,16,Sept 10, ,1942,pg 1,Parents; Mr and Mrs. Clifton Mayberry. Born in Quebec, White County. Sisters; Lila and Ila and a brother Carroll Mayberry. Slipped while trying to load a school bus. Cooper Lamb a school mate was driving. Buried in White County.
McGrew, Annie Dixon,Darwin,77,Oct 8, ,1942,pg 1,Buried in Willow Mt. Native of Ala. Parents; Sidney S. and Mary Lanier Darwin. Widow of Dr. Sam J. McGrew of Shelbyville. Sons; Sydney McGrew of Shelbyville, Henry McGrew of New Orleans LA. Brother; George Darwin of Huntsvile.
Mitchell, Robert H.,,96,May 21, ,1945,pg 8,Born in Bedford County, resided in Coffee for many years. Children; Dr. J.A. Mitchell, Harry Mitchell, Mrs. T. R. Dean, Miss Carrie Neil Mitchell, Roy Mitchell of Tullahoma and Mrs. Jean Pittman of Birmingham Ala. Buried in Maplewood Cemetery
Murray, Frances Cornelia,,82,Jan 8, ,1942,pg 7,Died in Moore County. Buried in Mt. Hermon Cemetery Parents; William Anderson Murray and Pa___ina Hale Murray. Last of 10 children. Nephew; T.W. Murray.
Naron, John W.,,88,May 14, ,1942,pg 4,Buried in Willow Mt. Wife; Mrs. Sara Jane Coop Naron. 4 daughters; Miss Annie Naron, Miss Lilie Naron and Mrs. Paul Hariston of Bedford County and Mrs. J. B. Draughn of Nashville. 4 sons; Virgil, Hugh, Rache and N. D. Naron all of this county. 2 brothers; Frank Naron of Nashville and R. D. Naron of Bedford County. . Parents; Richard Davidson Naron and Sara McMillan Naron.
Neely, Lavesta ,Benson,34,Nov 19, ,1942,pg 4,Husband; Herschell B. Neely. Parents; Mr and Mrs. William Mathew Benson. Daughters; Margaret Ann and Eva Jean Neely of Nashville. 5 brothers; George Henry Benson of Murfreesboro, Claude of Rucker, Jack and Everette of Antioch and Oda Benson of Akron Ohio. 3 sisters; Mrs. Alva Thompson, Mrs. Joe Jakes, Mrs. Chas Smithson of Murfreesboro
Nichols,Dossie,Henley,81,Jul 2, ,1942,pg 5,Widow of Joe Nichols. Buried in Harts Chapel Cemetery. Parents; William G. Henley and Gishchil Meisenhammer Henley. 3 daughters; Mrs. Lillie Smith of Estill Springs, Mrs Annie Holden and Mrs. Susie Cathey. 2 sons; Jim and Sam Nichols.
Nowlin, John W.,,,Jun 4, ,1932,pg 1,E.W. Nowlin was bound over in the death of his brother John W who was clubbed to death around March 28 or 29. Son; J. H. Nowlin.
Nowlin, John W.,,,Aug 13, ,1942,pg 1,Jury refused to indict Ernest W. Nowlin brother of John W. Nolin who was found dead on March 29, 1942 by his son J. H. Nowlin of Tullahoma.
Olney, Mary Helen,Martin,83,May 28, ,1942,pg 4,Buried at Woodlawn in Nashville. Sister; Mrs. B.L. Long of Shelbyville. Brother; James Martin. half sister; Mrs. Walter Nelson of Oklahoma City and 4 half brothers not named. Daughter; Mrs. H. B. Groves of Nashville where she died.
Parker, Garry Benjamine,,5,Jun 25, ,1942,pg 2,Son of Mr and Mrs. Leonard Parker of Flat Creek. Grandmother; Mrs. Grace Parker. Brother; Hugh. 2 sisters; Patricia and Judith. Buried in Flat Creek Cemetery
Parsons, J. E. (Mr),,72,Dec 24,,1942,pg 1,Buried in Willow Mt. Son; Morris Allen Parsons. Daughter; Mrs. Robert Overall. Grandchildren; Martha Anne and June Overall, Morris Allen Parson Jr. Brother; Joe Parsons. Sister; Mrs. Cassie P. Robinson of Birmingham of Ala.
Patterson, Mary Catherine,Hart,76,Sept 10, ,1942,pg 1,Husband; B. M. Patterson. Died in Mt. Hermon Community. Buried in Mt. Hermon Cemetery Parents; Sam and Rachel Morris Hart. Son; Lee Patterson.
Paty, Mattie,,79,Dec 24,,1942,pg 1,Buried at Milton. Widow of Jim Paty and formerly resided at Wartrace. Brother; Lonnie Huffman of Normandy. Nephew; Bernard Huffman of Shelbyville. 2 nieces; Mrs. George Crenshaw of Shelbyville and Mrs. Ira Hitt of Tullahoma.
Paul, James Ollie,,67,May 14, ,1942,pg 2,Lived in Chapel Hill. Buried Swanson Cemetery . Parents; MMr & Mrs James Paul. Wife; Lula Hasting Paul. 2 daughters; Mrs. Lillie Mae Shepard of Chapel Hill, Mrs. Pauline Galbreath of Lewisburg. 5 sons; Clifford, Bennett and Basil Paul of Chapel Hill, Robert Paul of Murfreesboro, Arnold Paul of Shelbyville. 3 sisters; Mrs. Estell Jacobs and Mrs. Lena Potts of Nashville, Mrs. Ola McCormick of Detroit Michigan. Brother; John Paul of Columbia.
Phillips, Delia ,Hastings,81,May 7, ,1942,pg 2,Widow of F. G. Phillips. 2 daughters; Sam Aaron of Franklin , TN and Mrs. Albert Parker of Shelbyville. 4 sons; Will, Arthur, Luther and James Phillips. Sister; Mrs. Ben Phillips all of Bedford County. Half sister; Mrs. Hattie Nelms of Petersburg. Parents; Robert and Elizabeth Bryant Hastings.
Philpot, J. D. (Mr),,74,Dec 31,,1942,pg 1,Buried in Willow Mt. Born; March 10, 1868. 1st wife Mary Reed. 2nd wife; Hattie Haslett. 4 children; Mrs. Cecil Simmons, Mrs. Jesse Phillips, Mrs. Murry Fisher and Mrs. Euless Philpott. (all children by first wife)
Philpot, Ona Elizabeth ,Tribble,60,Jul 9,,1942,pg 1,Husband; Ed L. Philpot. Buried in Willow Mt. Born Jan 18, 1882. Parents; Campbell Riley Tribble and Rhoda Ann Tribble. 2 daughters; Mrs. Frank C. Fowler of Cookeville and Mrs. Charles W. Broiles of Mount City. 2 sons; Whitney and Edmund Philpot. Grandson; Charles W. Broiles Jr. 3 brothers; Edgar, Cad and Riley Tribble.
Pickle, Virginia,,85,Jan 8, ,1942,pg 1,Sons; Robert Pickle and Joe Pickle of Lewisburg, Sam Pickle, Dee Pickle of Ohio, Goerge Pickle of Texas. Daughters; Mrs. Shirley Word and Mrs. John Show of Near Lewisburg, Mrs. Clarence Harrison of Shelbyville, Mrs. J.B. Smith of Fayeteville, and Mrs. Fred Woodard of Florida. Step-son; Frank Pickle of Petersburg. 2 brothers; John Sweeney of Belfast and A. S. Sweeney of Nashville. Sister; Mrs. Maxie Roach of Fayetteville.
Pope, Nancy Jane,,85,Oct 8, ,1942,pg 7,2 daughters; Mrs. Fanny Webb of College Grove, Mrs. Robbie Lamb of Unionville. 2 sons; Granville Pope of Shelbyville and Norman Pope of Rockvale.
Prosser, Grover C.,,59,Jul 9,,1942,pg 7,Paretns; Mr and Mrs. James Doak Prosser pioneer residents of Moore County. Wofe; Mrs. Myrtle Kimes Prosses of Howell. 6 brothers; Joe Prosser of Roscoe TX, James Prosser of Knoxville, Tom Prosser of Decatur Ala, John Prosser of Pulaski, William Prosser of Knoxville, Herbert Prosser of Shelbyville.
Ray, Helen Montez ,,23,May 14,,1942,pg 1,killed in a car wreck while riding. She was a Camp Forrest Army Nurse. Mother; Mrs. Mary S. Ray of Lewisburg
Reaves, Ed,,81,Jun 11, ,1942,pg 1,Died in Davidson County hospital. Buried at Willow Mt. Wife; Mrs. Agnes Womack Reaves. Parents; Mr & Mrs Moses Reaves. 3 daughters; Mrs. Lillian Bledsoe of Old Hickory, Mrs. Minnie Davis of Richmond and Mrs. Tom Alexander of Shelbyville. 2 sons; George Reaves of New Hermon and Albert Reaves of Booneville.
Robertson, Hattie ,Finney,65,Aug 20,,1942,pg 1,Husband; Joe Robertson. Daughter; Miss Margaret Robertson. 2 brothers; O. F. Finney of Shelbyville and Dr. E. B. Finney of Winchester. 2 sisters; Mrs. Geo Thorogood and Mrs. T.J. Quarles of Cowan. Buried at Cemetery in Winchester
Robertson, Joe (Mrs),,,Oct 15,,1942,pg 2,Resolutions on the death of by the members of the Bedford County Education Association.
Robinson, Ben F.,,77,Nov 12, ,1942,pg 1,Parents; Thomas J. and Elizabeth Ann Marsh Robinson. Wife; Martha Elizabeth Brown Robinson. 2 sons; Charles Clark Robinson and Frank Robinson. Daughter; Mrs. James Whiteside.
Rodes, J. E. (Mrs),,,Jan 8, ,1942,pg 6,Died Dec 26, 1941. Died of blood poison and Double pneumonia. Husband; James Rodes. 3 sons; Douglass, Jimmie and Billy Rodes. Aunt; Mrs. D. M. Farrar andUncles; J. A. and R. C. Dysart all of Richmond. Buried in Old Orchard.
Runnels, Tennie,,86,Jul 2, ,1942,pg 4,Widow of Bode Runnels who died in 1924. son; Beatey Runnels who moved from Oregon to live with his mother. Daughter; Mrs. Sheaf La Vine of Los Angeles. Buried at Bell Buckle Cemetery
Shofner, Austin W.,,,May 14, ,1942,pg 1,missing in action after the battle of Philippines. Parents received a telegram and a silver star was awarded to his son; Austin Conner Shofner. Wife not named
Shofner, George Franklin,,88,May 28, ,1942,pg 1,Buried in Flat Creek Cemetery Wife; Mrs. Eula Williams Shofner. 2 sons; Roscoe Shofner and Porter Shofner. 3 daughters; Mrs. Nora Ramsey of Viola, Mrs. Margaret Reeves of Merion Ala, Mrs. Katherine Patton of Lookout Mt. TN.
Simmons, Evelyn Joan ,,17 d,Sept 17, ,1942,pg 2,Father; Coy Simmons. Mother; Mrs. Simmons died at the Bedford Hospital Sept 1, 1942. Buried was in Willow Mt. beside her mother.
Simmons,L era ,Whorley,25,Sept 3, ,1942,pg 8,Buried in Willow Mt. Parents; Mrs. J. F. Whorley of Petersburg and the deceased the deceased J. F. Whorley. Married for 7 years. Infant daughter; Evelyn Joan. Husband; Coy Simmons. Brothers; Raymond and Herman Whorley of Petersburg and Charles Whorley of Nashville.
Smotherman, L. R.,,62,May 28, ,1942,pg 5,Wife; Alpha Smotherman (Barnes?) Buried Evergreen. Daughter; Mrs. John Joss of Shelbyville and Mrs. Perry Hunter of Nashville. Sister; Mrs. Richard Garrett of Rockvale. 2 brothers; Gleaves Smotherman of Rockvale and John D. Smotherman of Nashville.
Stacey, Sidney (Mrs),Mullins,84,Nov 12, ,1942,pg 7,Brother; Mannon Mullins. Buried New Hermon Cemetery Parents; Nettie Pearson and David Mullins. Son; Ollie Stacey of California. 2 daughters; Mrs. E.G. Stokes of Nashville, Mrs. C. N. Kimbro of Singleton.
Stallings, erushia Belle,Norwell,73,Dec 24, ,1942,pg 1,Widow of James Newsom Stallings. Parents; Elizabeth Campbell and Elijah Norwell nates of Bedford County. Step mother; Mrs. George Miles of Lynchburg. Son; E.L. Stallings. 2 brothers; W.E. Norwell of Chattanooga and Everett Norwell of Fort Lauderdale Flordia. 3 sisters; Mrs. Georgie Durham, Uplands Calif, Mrs. Lola Haskins of Sewanee, Mrs Ruby Coble of Lynchburg. Grandson; James Stalling who is in the army in Wshington State. Buried at Bedford Cemeteryery.
Statum, Amanda Letitia,,78,Jan 8, ,1942,pg 4,Buried McEwen Cemetery Died in Petersburg. Brother; John Statum of Texas and California. Parents; Mr and Mrs Jessie Statum.
Street, Aaron Parker,,53,Jul 2, ,1942,pg 4,Buried at Rose Hill Cemetery in Fayetteville. Parents; Parker and Josephine Webb Street. Born in Lincoln County. Wife; Miss Lillei Bell Neece who survives him. 3 sisters; Mrs. Henrietta Solomon, Mrs. O. L. Miller and Mrs. Ora McClusky all of Fayetteville. 2 brothers; T George and John Street both of Fayetteville.
Summerford, Arthur Coy Jr.,,2,Sept 17, ,1942,pg 7,Died at St. Thomas Hospital. Son of Mr and Mrs. Coy Summerford. Sister; Anne. Grandparents; Mr and Mrs A. C. Summerford of Falkville Ala and Mr and Mrs. T.S. Self of Warrior Ala.
Sutton, Hiram,,95,May 21, ,1945,pg 8,Lawrence County's oldest citizen. Buried at Mimosa Cemetery twice married, wife and children not named.
Sutton, John Westley (Dr),,80,Jul 23, ,1942,pg 6,Physician of Bedford and Lincoln Counties for 40 years. Born March 15, 1863. Parents; Dr. William Elgin Sutton and Elizabeth O'Neal Sutton. Buried in Willow Mt. Wife; Gwynn Rosson Sutton. Daughter; Mrs. William D. Hoover of Bell Buckle. Grandson; William D. Hoover Jr. and a nephew, George Sutton of Washington D.C.
Taylor, Amos Hill,,32,Jun 4, ,1942,pg 1,Second Lieutenant in the US Army and former resident of Bell Buckle. Died near Baltimore Maryland. Buried in Hazel Cemetery Father Amos Hill Taylor Sr. who died in 1909. Mother; Mrs. T.H. Wood now living in Bell Buckle. Grand father; the late W.B. McQuiddy. Wife; Miss Gladys Farmer of Russellville KY. 3 year old son Thmas Taylor
Throneberry, Ida ,,67,May 7, ,1942,pg 4,Husband; J.R. Throneberry. Daughter; Mrs. Martin Glodo of Manchester. 2 sons; J. W. Throneberry and E.C. Throneberry both of Wartrace.
Tillman, Samuel Escue,,95,Jul 2, ,1942,pg 2,Brig. Gen Samuel Escue Tillman. Parents; Lewis and Mary C. Davidson Tillman. Originally from Bedford County. Died in Southhampton, Long Island, New York. Buried at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Daughter; Katherine Tillman Martin of South Hampton Long Island, New York. Brother; A.M. Tillman who was a former United States district attorney of Washington D.C. Other brothers who died before General Tillman were; Col. James D. Tillman of Fayetteville TN, Lewis Tillman of Knoxville TN, Judge G. N. Tillman of Nashville and Comdr. E.H . Tillman of Washington D.C.
Trolinger, Ellie,,67,Dec 31,,1942,pg 1,Parents; Joe and Martha Thompson Trolinger died when she was 6 years old. 2 first cousins survive; Henry Trolinger of Doixon and Stanley Trolinger of Waverly.
Tucker,Nora,Russell,52,Jun 18, ,1942,pg 2,Buried in Nolensville Cemetery Husband J.T. Tucker. 2 daughters; Mrs. J.B. Coleman of Triune and Mrs. Oscar Warren Jr of Nolensville. 3 sons; Earlon of College Grove, Leonard of Franklin and Aubrey of Nashville. 2 sisters; Mrs. John Trott of Shelbyville, Mrs. Tom Epps of Nashville. half sister; Mrs. Mary Tatum of Lewisburg. 3 brothers; C. L. Russell of Jackson, George Russell of Shelbyville and Willie Russell of Rock Fork. Parents; George and Martha Russell near Eagleville.
Turpin, Susan Emily,Wilkes,,Jul 30,,1942,pg 1,born Nov 1, 1864 in Bedford County. Buried Mt. Hermon Cemetery Parents; William P. Wilkes who came to TN from VA and Sarah Norman Wilkes of Bedford County. Husband; Thomas M. Turpin. 2 sons; Ernest Turpin of Shelbyville and Hobson Turpin of Calif. 3 brothers; Joe, Ott and Dwight Wilkes. 2 sisters; Mrs. Mary Runnells and Mrs. Lula Collier.
Vincent, Robbie (Mrs),Holden,33,Sept 17, ,1942,pg 2,Husband; Robert Lee Vincent. Buried at Smotherman Cemetery in Rutherford County. Mother Louise Lamb and dec'd father; Luther Holden who died in 1934. 4 children; Harriett, Jean, Martha Nelson, James Carl. 5 sisters; Mrs. Louise Halmontaller, Mrs. Guy Beasley, Mrs. Grady Haynes, Miss Margaret Holden and Miss Bernice Holden. 3 brothers; Don Holdenof Toledo Ohio and James and Grady Holden.
Walker, J. Porter,,55,Jul 2, ,1942,pg 2,Died at Dallas TX on June 18, 1942. Buried in Manchester Cemetery his former home. widow; Mrs. Lavye Lawrence Walker. Mother; Mrs. Bettie Walker of Manchester. Niece; Mrs. Lee Baker of Sparta. Nephew; Frank Porter Moore of Manchester. first cousin; Mrs. L. W. Arnold of Shelbyville.
Walker, Minnie Vinning,Bunn,58,Apr 23, ,1942,pg 1,Native of Lincoln County. Parents; Mr & Mrs John A. Bunn. Husband; O. C. Walker. Daughters; Mrs. T. G. Hill of Shelbyville and Mrs. Rubye Griffith of Washington D.C. Son; Rev. A. A. Walker of Greensboro NC. Brother; W. J. Bunn of Fayetteville. Sister; Mrs. J. H. Weir of Thomas Okla. Buried in Willow Mt.
Wallace, William Lee,,54,Sept 24, ,1942,pg 3,Died in Nashville hospital. Buried at Mt. Olivet. Father; F. O. Wallace. Wife; Mrs. Martha F. Wallace. Daughter; Miss Nina Ruth Wallace. 2 sons; Lee Cowan and William Long Wallace. Mother; Mrs. Alice A. Wallace, all of Nashville. 2 brothers; C.O. Wallace of Nashville and V. H. Wallace of Cleveland Ohio.
Walters, Edna Earl,Crowell,46,Nov 26, ,1942,pg 7,Husband; Sherman Walters. Died Nov 18, 1942. Buried Bedford Church Cemetery in the 18th district. Parents; Robert Crowell and Martha Ann Capley Crowell. 3 daughters; Mrs. Edgar Darnell, Mrs. Earl Rollins and Martha Ann Walters of Shelbyville. 4 sisters; Mrs. Argie Aronld of Toledo Ohio, Mrs. Dennis Harris, Mrs. Ann Sanders and Minda Crowell of Shelbyville. 2 brothers; Newton Crowell of Nashville and Zed Crowell of Shelbyville.
Walton, Jesse A.,,78,Sept 10, ,1942,pg 8,Died at his home in Franklin County. Native of Wisconsin but moved to Franklin in 1885. Widow Mrs. Elizabeth Templeton Walton. Daughter Elizabeth Walton both of Winchester. 3 sons; J.A. Walton Jr and George Walton, both of Pittsburgh PA and Maynard Walton of Maryville. Buried in Winchester Cemetery.
Ward, Billie Jane,,,Aug 20,,1942,pg 4,Infant daughter Mr. and Mrs. Horace Eugene Ward. Buried in Willow Mt.
Waters, William Paul,,50,Jun 25, ,1942,pg 4,Buried in Willow Mt. Died of self induced slashes. Wife; Mrs. Sarah Waters. 5 sons not named.
Weatherly, William,,51,May 7, ,1942,pg 2,Died at VA hospital in Montogomery Ala. Buried Maple Hill Cemetery in Huntsville. Wife; Mrs. Lucy Moore Weatherly. Son; Edward Weatherly. 5 sisters; Mrs. Agnes Haden of Atlanta, Mrs. M. W. Hurst, Mrs. Horace Esslinger, of Huntsville, Mrs. Hoyt Raby of Shelbyville and Mrs. Phillip Green of Grand Forks N.D. Sister-in-law; Mrs. Jean Weatherly.
Webb, Morgan,,89,Jul 9,,1942,pg 1,Wife; Mrs. Laura Shofner Webb died years ago. 3 daughters; Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Warren Waite, Mrs. Tina Morgan. 2 sons; Floy Webb of Shelbyville, Morgan Webb of Bethel Kansas.
Webb, Morgan C.,,89,Jul 16, ,1942,pg 4,Died July 8, 1942. Buried at Jenkins Lutheran Church grave yard. Surviving are Mrs. Harry Thompson, Mrs. Warren Waite and Mrs. Tina Morgan of Shelbyville. 2 sons; Floy F. Webb of Shelbyville and Rev. Morgan C. Webb of Bethel Kansas.
Wheeler, John Watson,,,Oct 8,,1942,pg 7,Buried at Wheeler Cemetery Parents; Mrs. Martha Maxwell and W.D. Wheeler. 6 daughters; Misses Alice, Bertha, Reba and Vesta Wheeler of Rays Chapel, Mrs. Walter Little of Unionville, Mrs. James Hopper of Shelbyville. 2 sons; Bill and Newt Wheeler of Rays Chapel. Sister; Miss Ann Wheeler.
Whitaker, Vina,Bailey,50,Sept 24, ,1942,pg 3,Fell dead in a store in Manchester. Daughters; Mrs. John Moore from Birmingham Ala and son Edward Biley of the U.S. Army in Australia. Mother; Mrs. Bettie Keele. Sisters; Mrs. R.B. Owen of Nashville and Mrs. Newman Wiser of Wartrace. Brother; Newton Mankin of Nashville. Half sister; Miss Jewell Keele of Manchester. half brother; Pvt. Sam Keele of Ft. Dix N.J. Buried in Birmingham.
Whorley, Lola,Troop,33,Jul 2, ,1942,pg 2,Husband; Clifford Whorley. Died in Marshall County on Jun 23, 1943. Buried at Old Orchard Cemetery 2 sons; C. W. and Thomas Whorley. Parents; Charlie and Mrs. Maggie Archer Troop. Brother; Otis Troop. 3 sisters; Miss Maybelle Troop, Mrs. Bud Brown and Mrs. Hatton Petty all of Petersburg.
Williams, Clifford Franklin,,55,Dec 17, ,1942,pg 6,Buried at William Cemetery at Midland. Wife; Beuna Thompson Williams. 4 sisters; Mrs. Nora McLanin, Elizabeton TN, Mrs. Daisy Molder of Shelbyville, Mrs. Eunice Holden of Christiana and Mrs. Stacy Hutchinson of Murfreesboro. 4 brothers; B. M. Williams of Murfreesboro, J. C. ay Williams of Raleigh NC, Horace Williams of Toledo Ohio and James Williams of Baltimore Maryland.
Wilson, Sarah,Helton,39,Jul 16, ,1942,pg 6,Husband; Jesse May Wilson. Buried Shofner Church. 6 children; Morton, Lera, Rufus, Harold, Aline and James Wilson of near Petersburg. Father; Red Helton of Fayetteville. Severl brothers and sisters not named.
Wood, Sallie ,McCorkle,,Oct 22, ,1942,pg 1,Died in Gadsden Ala hospital. Buried in Willow Mt. Daughter; Miss Sallie Shepperd Wood of Centre Ala. Native of Shelbyville. Son; William Wood of Chattanooga.
Woodard, T. M. (Sr),,71,Jul 2, ,1942,pg 4,Died in Nashville at a nursing home. Native of Robertson County where he married Katherine Connell who died 12 years ago. Buried White Bluff Cemetery 2 sons; Rev; Fred C. Woodard, pastor of Waverly Place Methodist Church in Nashville and Thomas M. Woodard Jr. professor of science oat Vanderbilt University. Daughter; Mrs. John F. House of Nashville. Sister; Mrs. Bess Miles and Mrs. Eunice Draper both of Springfield. Brothers; Jim Woodard of Springfield and Hubert Woodard of Nashville.

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