Index to obituaries from the Shelbyville Gazette in 1940

This index abstracts the obituaries that appeared in the Shelbyville Gazette in 1940. Selected obituaries will eventually be transcribed. These obituaries were abstracted, indexed, and transcribed by Martha Mendez. Translated for the web by Steve Carson, GSC Associates Historical Record Products. Click a name below to go to the transcription of that obituary. Only obituaries that have been transcribed have active links.

Adcock, Infant,,,Mar 7, ,1940,pg 7,Parents Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Adcock. Buried in Pressgrove Cemt.
Agent,Beulah,Ball,30,Feb 8, ,1940,pg 6,Buried Lone Oak Cemt. Husband William Agent. Mother; Dixie Ball. Sisters; Mrs. Elizabeth Vandiver, Mrs. Lola Hyde of Florence Ala, Mrs Lillie Porch of Diana, Mrs. Myra Abernathy of Anniston Ala, Mrs. Louis Gregg of Shelbyville. 2 brothers; John and Reavis Ball of Lewisburg.
Alexander, J. Henry,,58,Apr 25, ,1940,pg 7,Buried in Willow Mount. Wife not named. Mother; Mrs. Maggie Blankenship Alexander. Daughter; Mrs B. Arnold. 2 sons; Robert and Henry Alexander of Shelbyville.
Allen, Nell (Miss),,19,Dec 12, ,1940,pg 2,Buried in Odd Fellows. Parents; Jno. W. Allen. Grand parents; Mrs. W.A. Gore and Mrs. Jim Allen. 2 sisters; Misses Hazel and Pauline Allen. 2 uncles; Prof. Reuben Allen of Cleveland Tenn, Mrs. Jess Allen of Texas. 4 aunts; Mrs. Will Moorehead, Mrs. Ben Farris, Mrs. Stlla Hazlett and Mrs. Tom Anderton of this county.
Allison,R obert E.,,82,Apr 11, ,1940,pg 2,Wife not named. 2 daughters; Mrs. J.R. Shackleford Jr. and Mrs. Elwood Sanders. Brother Geo. W. Allison and 2 sisters not named.
Anderson, Billie Farrar,,6m,Jul 25, ,1940,pg 7,Buried in Willow Mt. Parents; Mr and Mrs. Mat Anderson.
Arnold, John William,,74,May 23, ,1940,pg 2,Buried Willow Mount. Wife not named. Sister; Mrs. Sallie Clark of Lebanon.
Arnold, Bettie,Jernigan,46,Feb 8, ,1940,pg 4,Buried Evergreen. Parents; Sam and Dora Prater Brown. Married to Morris Jernigan who died in 1924. Married in 1929 to H.F. Arnold. 6 daughters; Mrs. Lucille Gibson of Christiana, Mrs. Kirby Lee of Shelbyville, Mrs. Mamie Tate of Wayne Mich, Misses Aline Jernigan of Nashivlle, Thelma Jernigan of Shelbyville, Martha Jernigan of Christiana. Son Lipsey Raymond Arnold of Rutherford County. 3 sisters; Mrs. J.S. Lowe and Mrs. Andrew Hays of Nashvile and Louise Modral of Saginaw of Nashville. 2 brothers; Jim Brown of Murfreesboro and Weck Brown of Dallas Texas.
Arnold, Ozro Nowlin,,68,May 30, ,1940,pg 3,Buried Bedford Baptist Church Cemt. Wife Hattie Cummings Arnold. Daughter; Mrs. D.H. Nowlin of Greensboro N.C. . 3 sons; Robert, Elbert and J.D. Arnold all of Shelbyville.
Askins, Nancy Jane,Baker,70,Jan 11, ,1940,pg 6,Buried Rose Hill Cemt. 4 daughters; Mrs. Riley Jean of Taft, Mrs. G.W. Pittcock of Harms, Mrs. R.A. Swing of Petersburg and Mrs. R.L. Barnes of Fayette. 4 sons; Albert Askins of Shelbyville, Manley Askins of C"oldwater, Joe Askins of Harms and Acie Askins of FAyetteville. 2 sisters; Mrs. W.M. Simms and Mrs. T. Cartwright of Mulberry.
Ayers, Thomas (Mrs),Johnson,51,Feb 15, ,1940,pg 1,Mother; Mrs. Sam Johnson. Daughter; Miss Agatha Ayers. 2 sons; Jerry and Phil. Sister; Mrs. Brown Johnson of Shelbyville. Buried in family lot across from Shofners Lutheran Church.
Ayers, Delsie,Johnson,,Mar 14, ,1940,pg 8,Resolutions on the Death of. Died on Feb 9, 1940 Member of the Missionary Society of Shoffner Lutheran Church.
Ayers, Lizzie,,,Mar 28, ,1940,pg 8,Sister Mrs. W.T. Hickerson of Haley and a brother William Ayers.
Bailey, Richard Patrick,,72,Apr 4, ,1940,pg 1,Buried Oakwood Cemt. 2 sons; Joe Bailey and Merideth Bailey. 2 daughters; Mrs. Lester Williams, Mrs. Bruce Dunn of Tullahoma. 2 brothers; Eck and White Bailey. Sister; Mrs. Ross Frye of Tullahoma. Died in Tullahoma.
Bailey, Claudia ,Shriver,59,Aug 1, ,1940,pg 7,Husband John Bailey. Died in Quitman Miss. Daughter of Mr and Mrs. T. A. Shriver. Daughter; Claudia Bailey. 3 sisters; Mrs. Corrie Caruthers of Wartrace. Mrs. W. L. Weems of Shubuta Miss and Mrs. W. E. Debbs of Ala. 2 brothers; Sidney Shriver of Wartrace and Tom Shriver.
Barber, Jane (Mrs),,,Jan 25, ,1940,pg 1,2 sons; Tom Barber named. Widow of J. W. Barber. daughter not named. Lived in Meridian Miss.
Barrett, C. P. (Mr),,53,Nov 28, ,1940,pg1pg 4,Bedford County Agricultural Agent. Buried Willow Mt. Born in Hollandale, Miss. Married in 1915 to Sally Kelly of Lawrenceburg. 2 daughters; Mrs. W.L. Pennsworth of Memphis and Miss Evelyn Barrett a student at the University of Tenn. grand daughter; Patricia Pennsworth. Son Claude Jr. Mother; Mrs. B. H. Barrett of Miss. 3 sisters; Mrs. J. M. Dodd and Mrs. P. J. Stafford of Miss and Mrs. W. O. Cathey of Sheffield Ala. 3 brothers; R. B. Barrett of McCool Miss, Voine and Delma Barrett of Hollandale Miss.
Bartlett,Mollie,Greer,76,Aug 15, ,1940,pg 6,Buried Old Orchard Cemt. One son Willie Bartlette. Daughter; Miss Daisy Bartlett of Petersburg. 2 brothers; J.P. Greer of Huntsville Ala. Will Greer of Shelbyville.
Bates, Harvey,,45,Feb 1, ,1940,pg 4,wife not named. Daughter; Mary Edna Bates. Lived in Tullahoma. World War Vet. Died in Vets Hospital in Himes Ill.
Beachboard, L. E. (Mr),,63,Feb 29, ,1940,pg 1,Parents; T. G. Beachboard and Eliza Linch Beachboard of Bell Buckle. Wife; Sallie Beachboard of Harrel Ark. 2 daughters; Mrs. Louise Thomas and Miss Mary Beachboard. Son; Paul Beachboard. All children and wife live in Ark. 2 sisters; Mrs. Elora Bowman of Berkley Calif., Mrs. A. P. Zazzie of Calif. 3 brothers; B.S. Beachboard of Bell Buckle, T.E. Beachboard of Los Angles Calif, and Z.P. Beachboard of Winchester.
Bean, James J.,,76,Oct 24, ,1940,pg 3,Buried at Odd Fellows and AMasonic Cemt. Widow; Mrs. Emma Holt Bean. Son; Holt Bean of Nashville. Sister; Mrs. W. D. Wendell of Tullahoma. 2 brothers; Charles Bean of Long Beach Calif and Tom Bean of Tullahoma. Born in 1864. Parents; C. H. Bean.
Bearden, John Floyd,,61,Feb 22, ,1940,pg 3,Died Feb 14, 1940. Ada F. Bearden. 2 daughters; Miss Floy Bearden, Mrs. E.Jackson of Chapel Hill. 3 sons; Wilson Bearden of Flat Creek, Ross Bearden of Pleasant Grove and Allen Bearden of Texas. 5 sisters; Mrs. Jesse Jones of Lewisburg, Mrs. Mike Womack of New Market Ala, Mrs. Ed Long, Mrs. Y. B. LeCroy and Mrs. Ewell Williams Birmingham Ala. 3 brothers; W.E. Bearden, Cecil Bearden of Flat Creek, and R.C. Bearden of Nashville.
Bearden, Mac,,69,Feb 22, ,1940,pg 2,Wife Ellie Bomar. Moved to New Mexico 25 years ago to be near Wife's mother. They move to Wellington Kansas after the mother died. Brother W. N. Bearden. Sister; Mrs. Jose Williams of Flat Creek.
Bennett, Minnie (Mrs),,56,May 23, ,1940,pg 8,Died in Knoxville. Former resident of Shelbyville. Husband; W.M. Bennett. Sister; Mrs. Margaret Headrick of Nashville.
Bingham, William,,64,Jul 18, ,1940,pg 1,Parents; Deceased Grandville Bingham and Mrs. Delilah Fields Bingham. Formerly a magistrate of the 4th civil district. Wife; Mrs. Pearl John Bingham. 4 sisters; Misses Rosa, Bettie, Tolie and Roberta Bingham. 2 brothers; B. G and Sam Bingham all of Bell Buckle.
Bingham, Roy,,57,Mar 7, ,1940,pg 2,Buried Hazel Cemt. Wife Queenie Linch Bingham. 3 daughters; Mrs. Horace Hutson of Flat Creek, Mrs. Jim F. McKee of Hoovers Gap and Miss Frances Bingham of Bell Buckle. 2 sons; David Bingham of Miami Beach Fla and Robertt B"ingham of Bell Buckle. 1 brother; Palmer Bingham of Bell Buckle and a half brother not named.
Bird, Mary Madge ,Ferrell,34,Mar 14, ,1940,pg 2,Lived in Hobbs, New Mexico. Daughter of Sam K. Ferrell and Sarah Elizabeth Parsons Ferrell. Grand-daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Parsons of Deason Tn and the niece of the late Mrs. Will Landis. Daughter; Barbara Sue age 3. Sister; Mrs. Edward Paul Eaves of Berkley, Calif. Aunts; Miss Bette Ferrell and Mrs. Mary Hudson of Murfreesboro, Mrs. C.C. Tribble of Wartace, Miss Evelyn Parsons of Jacksonville Fla. Uncles; I. F. and Jim W. Ferrell of Murfreesboro, and J. B. Parsons of Stockton Calif.
Blackwell, Thomas L.,,71,May 9, ,1940,pg 6,Buried Bethel Cemt. Widow Sallie Blackwell. 2 daughters; Mrs. Ed Gambill of Berlin, Mrs. James Butler of Shelbyville. 2 sons; Clarnece and Lillard Blackwell. 2 sisters; Mrs. Myrtle Prince of KY and Mrs. J.F. Plummer of TX. 3 brothers; Ed Blackwell of Nashville, Luther Blackwell of Ft. Worth TX, George Blackwell of Shelbyville.
Blanton, Willie ,Owen,70,Apr 11, ,1940,pg 2,Buried in Simpson Cemt. Husband Vergil Duggan Blanton. Daughter; Mrs. Hattie Marshall of Nashville. 5 sons; Carrol Blanton of Chapel Hill. W. H. Blanton of Unionville, Richard Blanton of Unionville, Lee Blanton of Shelbyville. Eddie Blanton of Eagleville. One sister; Mrs. Mollie Bennett. 4 brothers; Albert, Henry, Hugh and Jesse Owen.
Blanton, Willie (Mrs), Owen,,Apr 11, ,1940,pg 7,Rover News; Husband; V. D. Blanton. Daughter; Mrs. Hattie Marshall of Nashville. 5 sons; Carroll and Huston of Rover, Richard of Nashville, Lee of Shelbyville, Eddie of Eagleville.
Bobo, Martha Letitia,,80,Sept 5, ,1940,pg 1,Widow of C.V. Bobo. Parents; Thomas and Priscilla Parker Roberts. 3 daughters; Miss Argie Bobo, Mrs. Grace Parker of Flat Creek, MArs. Horace Dickson of Pleasant Grove. 2 Sons; Tom Bobo of Shelbyville and Allen Bobo of Flat Creek. Sister; Mrs. Salie Reagor of Flat Creek.
Boyce, Jennie M. (Mrs),,39,Feb 22, ,1940,pg 4,Parents Mr and Mrs. Joe Boyce. Brother J.W. Boyce. 2 sisters; Mrs. C.E . Blanton of Rover, Mrs. B. D. Gentry of Eagleville.
Bragg, J. L. (Mr),,66,Sept 19,1940,pg 1,Buried in Evergreen Cemt. Wife not named. Daughter; Mrs. Bill Stanton of Corpus Christi TX. 2 brothers; W. J. Bragg of Woodbury and R.B. Bragg of Christiana. 3 sisters; Mrs. Robert Harris of Kittrell, Mrs. Ervin Ready of Milton and Mrs. C.L. McNabb of Deason.
Bragg, Lora Lee,,,Jun 6, ,1940,pg 3,Husband George Bragg. Daughter; Mrs. Basco Edwards. 5 sons; Sam, Clarence, Edward, Lonnie, and Donnely Bragg all of Shelbyville.. Buried Horse Mountain Cemt.
Brookshire, Jim,,,Sept 12,,1940,pg 1,Brutally beat to death in a field near Bell Buckle in April last year.
Brookshire,J im,,,Jan 18, ,1940,pg 1,2 men questioned in the death of Jim Brookshire.
Brothers, Lydia Mai,Powell,49,Nov 7, ,1940,pg 3,Husband; Dalls T. Brothers. 7 sons; Matt, Andrew, Mrshall, Jewell, Clyde, Bobbie and Dallas Brothers Jr. 2 daughters; Althia M. and Chrisrtine Brothers, all of Nashville. 2 sisters; Mrs. Bernice Stewart of Fosterville and Mrs. Oalasteen Blackburn of Shelbyville. 2 brothers; Artis Powell of Fosterville and Tom Powell of Toledo Ohio.
Brown,J immie (Mrs),Woodruff,39,Jun 20, ,1940,pg 6,Died in Nashville. Buried in Woodlawn Cemt in Nashville. Daughter Mrs. B.S. Johnson of Nashville. Father T.L. Woodruff of Shelbyville. 2 sisters; Mrs. O.L. Blanton and Mrs. J.C. Pittman both of Shelbyville. 2 brothers; Tom Woodruff of Ala, Floyd Woodruff of Murfreesboro. Grand daghter; Gail Johnson of Nashville.
Bumpas, John Elam,,69,Feb 15, ,1940,pg 8,Buried Rover Cemt. Wife Mrs. Addie Jackson Bumpas. Daughter; Mrs. Marvin Wood. 4 sons; Leonard, Guy, Hatton and Ralph Bumpas. 3 grand daughters; Edith and Jaunite Bumpas and Mary Parks Wood all of Shelbyville. 2 sisters; Mrs. Jack Phillips, Mrs. Martha Garrett of Eagleville. 2 brothers; Alex Bumpas of Rover and Hicks Bumpas of Milford, Texas.
Burrow, Luella,Reagor,,Jul 25, ,1940,pg 6,Husband; Hiram Burrow. . Parents; William and Ann Shofner Reagor. Half brother; James D. Reagor of New Mexico.
Buyse, Ina Leath (Miss),,,Jun 20, ,1940,pg 6,Buried at Daniel Cemt in Ala. Sister Mrs. Jesse Hicklin. Mother Mrs. Delia Muyse of Shelbyville. 4 other sisters and a brother not named. Died from a dose of Carbolic acid.
Byrd, Daisy (Mrs),,,Jun 13, ,1940,pg 8,Daughter, Virginia. Son: Stanley Byrd. From Va. Shot wife and shot himself. Husband Rev. K.H. Byrd.
Byrd, Rev  K. H.,,,Jun 13, ,1940,pg 8,Daughter, Virginia. Son: Stanley Byrd. From Va. Shot wife and shot himself. Wife; Mrs. K.H. Byrd
Calahan,E ugene,,5m,Aug 22, ,1940,pg 4,Parents Mr. and Mrs. L.B. Calahan. Died in Lewisburg. Buried in Willow Mt. Granson of Simon Warner of Shelbyville.
Campbell, Lucy Ann,Barnett,90,May 2, ,1940,pg 6,Buried Bethel Cemt. Widow of Jim Campbell. One daughter Mrs. Eva Brown. 2 sons; W.C. and T.O. Campbell.
Campbell, Frank,,82,May 23, ,1940,pg 3,Sister; Mrs. John Powell. Brother; C.C. Campbell both of Dechard. Buried in Dechard
Campbell, Mattie,,,Apr 4, ,1940,pg 1,Died in Detroit Michigan. Shipped to Wartrace buried in Willow Mt. 2 sons; Lawson and William of Detroit. 3 daughters; Mrs. Joe Bailey, Mrs. Will Looney and Mrs. Roscoe Thornesberry of Shelbyville.
Carroll, W. B. (Mrs),Huffman,,May 9, ,1940,pg 6,Buried Wartrace Cemt. Died in Nashville. 2 sons' Gordon Carroll of Bell Buckle, Paul Carroll of Fairfield. Brother; Lonnie Huffman of Normandy. Sister; Mrs. Mattie Paty.
Carter, Granville Thomas,,63,May 23, ,1940,pg 1,Buried in Willow Mt. Parents; William Brownlow Carter and Mrs. Madora Pope Carter. Born and reared in Greenville Tenn. Wife; Mrs. Virginia Snell Carter. 2 daughters; Mrs. Clyde Tune, Mrs. Henry Thompson Jr. Son G.T. Carter Jr. Sister; Mrs J.N. Bales of Calumet Okla. 4 brothers; F.P. Carter Mountain View Okla, A.P. Carter of Greenville Tenn, Bruce Carter of Cornerville Ind. and J.T. Carter of Cordell Okla.
Carter, Maude,Lee,53,Jul 4, ,1940,pg 4,Husband; Horace Carter. Buried Shelton Cemt near Beech Grove. 2 daughters; Mrs. William Fox and Miss Geraldine Carter. 4 sons; William Carter of Nashville, Robert, James and Sewell Carter of Puncheon Camp. 4 sisters; Mrs. Oscar Gibson of Toledo Ohio, Miss Maggie Lee, Mrs. Elmer Eatona dn Mrs. Odie Butner all of Shelbyville. Brother; Chip Lee of Beech Grove.
Cassetty, Fred B.,,57,Feb 8, ,1940,pg 1,Daughter; Mrs. Thomas A. Marshall. Buried Mt. Olive. Fahter James Cassetty. Wife; Mrs. Elizabeth Holand Cassetty. Son' Fred J. Cassetty. Sister; Mrs. E.M. Dempsey. Brothers; Robert N. and James Cassetty of Nashville.
Cawthron, Robert (Mrs),Allen,24,Mar 7, ,1940,pg 2,Killed in Auto Wreck. Husband Robert Cawthron. Sister Mildred Allen.
Chilton, Elmore F.,,54,Oct 3, ,1940,pg 4,Wife; Margaret Farrar Chilton. Daughter; Mrs. Emma Jean Laws. Son: Elmore T. Chilton Jr. of Nashville and son W.B. Childton, Fort Oglethorpe Gr., (?). Died at his home in Nashville.
Chockley, Ernest Paul,,,Oct 3, ,1940,pg 1,Lived in Helena Ark. Buried in Mt. Olivet Cemt in Nashville. Wife not named. Mother; Mrs. Fannie Chockley, sister; Miss Johnnie Chockley. Brother; Ira Chockley of Nashville.
Clark, G. W. (Mr),,85,Apr 18, ,1940,pg 8,Buried in Hollywood. Wife Mrs. Lydia Little Clark who he married May 21, 1881. Daughter; Mrs. Carl Sims. 2 sons; Robert Little Clark and William Patten Clark and William Patten Clark of Warttrace. Brother; H.A. Clark of Spring Hill
Clark, Lydie ,Little,,Dec 5, ,1940,pg 1,Buried in Wartrace Cemt. Widow of G.W. Clark. Daughter Mrs. C.C. Sims of Murfreesboro. 2 sons; Robert and Patton Clark who resided with her.
Cleek, Izora Jane (Mrs),,76,Jul 18, ,1940,pg 2,Daughters; Mrs. Stella Eggleston in Tullahoma, Mrs. Luther Brown, Mrs. W.H. Smith. Buried in Hoover's Grove Cemt. 4 sons; Will, J.L and James Cleek of Tullahoma, Hubert Cleek of of Chicago Ill.
Cleek, Rebecca ,Gill,87,Aug 1, ,1940,pg 1,Widow of John Ridley Cleek Daugher; Mrs. William Woodard. Buried Mt. Herman. Son D. McClure of Huntsville Ala. Brother; Tommy Gill.
Clemmons, S. C. (Mrs),,,Jan 18, ,1940,pg 1,Robert S. Wright nephew of Robert Wright. Son; Robert Wright of New Mexico. Parents Harve and Margaret Trollinger. 1st husband Eugene C. Wright. 2nd husband S.C. Right brother of Robert Wright. 3 husband Mr. Clemmons. 6 children by first marriage, 4 children by second marriage not named. 2 brothers; Earnest Trolinger of Knoxville and Walter Trolinger of Memphis. Buried in Rosewell, New Mexico.
Cleveland, Robert M.,,84,Jan 11, ,1940,pg 8,Came to Wartrace in 1866 from Marietta GA. Wife Mrs. Elizabeth Watterson Ford of Michigan. Son Vanoy Cleveland of Smithville.
Cleverius, Minnie (Mrs),Gowan,72,Dec 19, ,1940,pg 6,Widow of Jas Clerevius of Flat Creek. Son Robert Clevious of Tullahoma, Frank Cleverius of Buffalo N.Y. and William Cleverius of California. Sister Mrs. George Hice of County Line. 3 brothers; R.B. Gowan of Tullahoma, Frank and Albert Gowan of Flat Creek. Buried Flat Creek Cemt.
Coble, Thomas Jacob,,69,May 23, ,1940,pg 1,Buried in Willow Mt. Prominent Physician and Civic Leader. Parents; Dr. N.B. Coble and promnent phyician and Mrs. Emma Elizabeth Gilliand Coble. Wife Mable Holt Coble. 2 daughters; Mrs. C.A. McLean Jr. and Mis Mable Holt Coble of Shelbyville. Brother; George Coble of Gallatin, Nephew; Neely Coble of Nashville. June 6, 1940 - page 6 - A life well Spent by Joe C. Green for Tom J. Coble
Coldwell, R. F. (Mrs),,,Jan 18, ,1940,pg 3,Buried Mount Olivet Cemt near Wartrace. Husband Mr. R.F. Coldwell. 3 sons; B.W., Andy, and Edward Coldwell. 2 daughters; Mae Coldwell and Mrs. Thomas Elmore of Rover.
Cook, George W.,,74,Oct 10, ,1940,pg 8,Buried in Lone Oak Cemt. Daughter; Mrs. Joe Richardson of Lewisburg, Mrs. Wilma Park of Nashville, Mrs. Claude Twitty of Ostella, Mrs. George Rutledge, Mrs. Charles Moser and Mrs. Roscoe Wade all of Lewisburg. 3 sons; Homer of Lewisburg, Udie of Nashville and Jack Cook of Shelbyville.
Cooper, Alice ,Howland,81,Aug 22, ,1940,pg 2,Husband Cicero Cooper. Parents; Wiliam and Mary Howland. 2 daughters; Mrs. Oscar Shofner of Flat Creek, Mrs. Joe Roseborough of Mulberry. Buried Willow Mt.
Cooper, Annie ,Moore,60,Apr 11, ,1940,pg 2,Husband; G.B. Cooper, Buried in the Unionville Cemt. 2 sons; James of Unionville Cemt. and Robert Cooper of Knoxville. 5 step children; Mrs. M.S. Batt of Chapel Hill, Mrs. Robert Bowden, W.A. Cooper, and Chas Cooper of Batn Rouge LA. Dr. J.B. Cooper of Columbia. 3 sisters; Mrs. W.O. Wheeler, Shelbyville, Mrs. G.N Brown of Unionville, Mrs. W.E. Faris of Harrisman. 6 brothers; George Landis, Bryant Lands, Prof R.C. Landis, Spencer Landis, O.B. Landis Ala and Willie Landis of TX.
Cooper, Mary Lizzie,,71,Feb 29, ,1940,pg 2,Daughter of J.W. and Sarah Wilson Osteen. Daugher Myrtle Cooper of Chapel Hill. Son; J.E. Cooper of Ray's Chapel. 2 sisters; Miss Clary Osteen and Mrs. J. W. Wheeler. 5 brothers; Marvin and Neal Osteen fo Nashville, Ed Osteen of Unionville and Alfred Osteen of Akron O and Will Osteen of Chapel Hill and a grand child, Mrs. Earline Cooper Demonbreun of Nashville.
Cooper, M. E. (Mr),,27,Mar 7, ,1940,pg 1,Parents Walter Cooper. Brother; J.E. Cooper. Sister Mrs. Selma Searcy. Wife not named.
Cooper, Betty (Mrs),,,Jul 4, ,1940,pg 3,Widow of John Cooper. Buried in Willow Mt. Died in Johnson City. Son; Rev. D.B. Cooper of Johnson City.
Covington, Ben,,,May 30, ,1940,pg 3,Died in Tulsa Okla. Wife; Miss Laura Berger of Winchester. Son Fred Covington of Tulsa. Sister; Mrs. William Call of Nashville. Twin Brother; Fred Covington of Indianapolis, Ind. Niece Mrs. John Campbell.
Cox, Maggie M. (Miss),,75,Aug 8, ,1940,pg 4,Daughter of Mr and Mrs. Thomas Cox. Cousins; Dr. George Morgan of Pulaski, Dr. A.J. Morgan of Cookeville, Mrs. Georgie Durrette of Dallas TX.
Craddock, Delilah (Mrs),Patterson,89,Mar 28, ,1940,pg 2,2 sons; M.H. Craddock of Evansville, Ind and G.M. Craddock of Shelbyville.
Cromer, Martha Emma,McGowan,78,Jun 13, ,1940,pg 3,Widow of former Sheriff J.G. Cromer. Buried in Smith Cemt. Parents; Elgin and Jane Knott McGowan. 3 daughters; Mrs. Alice Cromer Dies, Mrs. Pearl C. Johns both of Chapel Hill. 3 sons; Fonsie Cromer of LaVerne Calif, Wallace and Jack Cromer of Chapel Hill. 3 brothers; Dr. James McGowan of Claremont Calif, Frank McGowan of C"hico Calif and Joe McGowan of Julian Calif.
Cross, Buren,,32,Sept 12,,1940,pg 7,Wife; not named. 3 sisters; Mrs. Lucy Hill of Shelbyville, Misses Mary and Alma LeechCross of Mt. Pleasant. Buried in Lynnville Cemt (in Columbia?)
Crownover, Raymond Woodrow,,21,Jan 25, ,1940,pg 2,Died Jan 14, 1940 from auto accident injuries. Sister Ruth Crownover and Mrs. Edward Farris of Normandy, Mrs. Van Paigfe of McMinnville, Brother; Horace Crownover of Hillsboro.. Father; George Crownover of Hillsboro.
Daniel, William Stephens,,76,Oct 3, ,1940,pg 6,Buried Hopper Cemt in Marshall County. Wife former Miss Valrie Matilda Batton. Parents; Simpson Daniel and Nancy Hay Daniel.
Davidson, Oran,,46,Apr 25, ,1940,pg 7,Youngest son of Mr and Mrs. George Davis. Died in Daytona TN Hospital April 16, 1940. Buried at Decatur Methodist Church Cemt. Son Thomas Oran. Daughter; Margery Sue. 4 sisters; Mrs. Ed Dixon, Mrs. Ed Ledford, Mrs. Hugh Hasty, Mrs. Harve Robinson. 6 brothers; Ben, Cleve, Mitchell, Harrison, Hugh and Henry Davidson of Decatur, Ala.
Davis, Claudie Mai (colored),,,Jun 27, ,1940,pg 4,buried Mt. Ararat Cemt. Wife; Annie Bell Frazier Davis. Father; not named. 2 brothers; Samuel and Z.W. Davis Jr. 4 sisters; Rachel, Annie, Ruth, Jessie B. and Molly Kelso Davis.
Dean, Casper Milton,,78,Sept 12, ,1940,pg 1,Reared by Mr and Mrs. M. Troxler of Tullahoma. His father was killed in the Battle of Atlanta and his mother died shortly afterwards. Wife; Mrs. Anna Blackman Dean. 3 daughters; Mrs. J.B. Havron of South Pittsburg, Mrs. Aubrey Russell and Mrs. Georfe Gore both of Wartrace. 4 grandchildren; Dean Havron a teacher in Tennesse Military Institute, Sweetwater; James Havron a student in the University of Chattanooga; Miss Anna Lee Russell, student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and Miss Georgia Gore of Wartrace.
Dement, Albert M.,,,Aug 29, ,1940,pg 14,Empty Saddle Tribute Paid to A.M. Demtn by the Officers of Tenn Walking Horse Breeders.
Dement, Albert M. Sr.,,72,Mar 21, ,1940,pg 1,Died in Nashville, Buried Wartrace. Wife; Mina Preston Dement. 2 daughters; Mrs. Maude Brevard of Nashville and Mrs. George R. Shoffner of Knoxville. 2 sons; Miller Dement and Arthur Dement of Cortner. Sister Mrs. Martha Hogwood of Woodbury. Brother; Wilson Dement of Woodbury.
Dickens, Elijah B.,,67,May 30, ,1940,pg 3,Buried Crowells Chapel. 2 daughters; Mrs. Katherine Paschal of Shelbyville and Mrs. Mary Harris of Nashville. 2 sons; Thomas N. Dickens of Nashville. Brother; P. K. Dickens of Nashville.
Dickey, J. S. (Mr),,77,Apr 18, ,1940,pg 8,Buried Prosperity in Church Cemt in Lincoln County. Wife not named. Daughter; Mrs. Spencer. Grandchildren; Mrs. Alvis Nelson of Normandy and Charlie Spencer of Haley.
Donnell, Denton (Mrs),,,Oct 17, ,1940,pg 1,Sister; Mrs. J.F. Boyd. Nephew; Mr. Franklin Boyd. Niece; Mrs. Yourk P. Nicholson (both children of Mrs. J.F. Boyd). Died in Colorado.
Douthat, Carl,,,Mar 7, ,1940,pg 4,Wife; Julia Shapard Douthat of Santa Cruz, Calif. Her parents were; Mr and Mrs. E. Shapard. Her sister Mrs. May D. Morton of Chattanooga and an aunt of James L Morton Jr. of Shelbyville.
Douthatt, Juliet (Mrs),Shapard,,Aug 22, ,1940,pg 2,Died at Sana Cruz Calif. Parents Mrs and Mr Evander Shapard Sr. Husband Carl Douthatt who died some days ago. Daughter not named. 4 sisters; Mrs. Eugene AHaynes of Douglas Ga, Mrs. Eva Dayton fo Nashville, Mrs. May D. Morton and Mrs. Lawrence Polk of Chattanooga.
Driver, Ezekiel,,91,Feb 29, ,1940,pg 4,Wife; Sallie Barlow Driver. 3 daughters; Mrs. Zanie Crosslin, Mrs. Nannie Norris and Mrs Ella Crosslin all of Bell Buckle.
Dryden, Ellen (Miss),,90,Jul 11, ,1940,pg 1,Nephew; Deery Dryden. Buried in the family cemetery at Moore's Chapel. Parents; Thomas and Mary Dixon Dryden. Brother; Dr. D.M. Drydeen of the Petersburg Community.
Dyer, Sudie,Gambill,40,Jul 4, ,1940,pg 3,Buried Willow Mt. Husband; Ransom Dyer. 3 sons; Claude, Clarence, Teanie Dyer. Mother; Mrs. Annie Gambill. 2 sisters; Mrs. Eubis Prince and Miss Nola Gambill. 2 brothers; Robert and Bryant Gambill.
Dysart, Laura Clay (Miss),,39,Mar 7, ,1940,pg 2,Teacher in the Morgan Grammar school for 20 years. Born in Ala moving to Petersburg at the age of 6. Mother; Mrs. Benjamin Clay Dysart. 3 sisters; Mrs. M.P. Marsh and Misses Ethel and Edith Dysart all of Petersburg. Brother; Ben C. Dysart of Columbia
Earls, John W.,,75,Feb 8, ,1940,pg 6,Fosterville farmer. Buried Christiana Presbyterian Church Cemt. Wife; Mrs. Willie Earls, Survivors; Washinton Earls of Bell Buckle and Jim Earls of Foster.
Edwards, L. L. (Mrs),Covington,39,Nov 28, ,1940,pg 4,Died in route to Arizona in Ark. Buried in Willow Mt. Cemt. Father J.H. Covington. Sister Mrs. J.C. Register of Nashville. Husband L.L. Edwards. Son; L.L. Edwards Jr.
Edwards, Weldon J.,,93,Mar 7, ,1940,pg 1,Confederate vet. Buried Cochrane Cemt near Eagleville. Son Robert Edwards and Walter Edwards both of Nashville. Died at the Confederate Soldiers Home where he lived since 1937. Wife; Eula Edwards. 6 daughters; Mrs. J.C. Helton, Mrs. C.A. Tankiersley, Mrs. E.F. Boone and Mrs. Addie Simmons all of Nashville, Miss Elizabeth Edwards of Philadelphia Penn and Mrs. E.W. Crowder of Los Angeles Calif.
Edwards, Emma (Mrs),,75,Nov 29, ,1940,pg 7,Brother Will Macon of Winchester where she died. Buried Willow Mt. Widow of R.W. Edwards. 2 daughters; Mrs. Frank McCoy and Mrs. D.G. Wiseman. Son; Robert C. Edwards. 5 brothers; Will and John Macon of Franklin County, Richard of Nashville, Homer Macon of Kansas City Mo and Harry Macon of St. Petersburg Fla.
Elder, W. R. (Mrs),Cooper,60,Aug 22, ,1940,pg 2,Husband W.R. Elder. 6 daughters; Mrs. Winston Gordon and Robert Benson of Detroit, Mich. Mrs. Lloyd McMahan of Shady Grove, Mrs. Hoyt Jarrell of Summitville. Mrs. Ervin Hastings and Mrs. Cora Evans of Manchester. 2 sons; Dr. Herman Elder of Cedar Hill, Tenn, Lionel Elder of Phcahontas. 2 sisters; Mrs. Jim Bowen of Cannon County, Mrs. Andy Esp of Ivey Buff. 3 brothers; Cleve Cooper of Pocaontas, Tom Cooper of Shelbyville and John Cooper of Rock Island Tenn.
Eley, Eliza (Mrs),Green,,Jun 13, ,1940,pg 3,Husband; B.W. Eley. Daughter; Mrs. Alvie Webb. 2 sons; Roy and Doyle Eley. 2 sisters; Mrs. L.C. Landers of Unionville, Mrs. R.M. Coffee of Greenville. Brother; W.C. Moore of Greenville
Elkins, E. H. (Mrs),,64,May 9, ,1940,pg 6,Buried Hazel Cemt. 3 daughters; Mrs. Allie Whitaker Bell Buckle. Mrs. W.T. Allen Unionville, Mrs. W.T. Allen of Unionville, Mrs. W.G. Shearin Eagleville. 3 sons; Robert and William of Bell Buckle, Clarence Elkins of Unionville. Sister; Mrs. John Gilliland.
Faulk, Caleb R.,,62,Sept 19, ,1940,pg 8,Died at home in Nashville. Buried in Bell Buckle at Hazel Cemt. Parents; Leander Faulk and the late Sallie Naron Faulk of Bell Buckle. Wife; Sallie Mashe Faulk. 2 daughters; Mrs. C.E. Jame of Stockon Calif. and Mrs. Margie Blakely of Nashville. Grand daughter; Miss Dolores Blakley of Nashville. Sister; Mrs. C.N. Parker of Nashville and his father; not named.
Faulk, Noble (Mrs),,84,Mar 21, ,1940,pg 4,2 daughters; Mrs. Aiken Chambers and Mrs. Walter Featherston. 2 sons; Ben and Will Faulk. 43 grandchildren and 30 great-grandchildren.
Faulkner, Thomas,,88,Jan 25, ,1940,pg 1,Daughter; Mrs. Elam Wright of Fairfield. Buried in Hazel Cemt. Parent; Mosely Faulkner who came to Bedford County from North Carolina. Brother; Charles Faulkner of Bell Buckle.
Fay, Rebecca,Cannon,92,Apr 11, ,1940,pg 1,Buried in Willow Mt. Husband; Robert Emmett Fay who served as escort to Gen Bedford Forrest during the civil war. She was the grand niece of Clement Cannon. 3 sons; Grover Fay, Minor Fay, Earl Fay, of TX and one sister Mrs. Zach Thompson.
Floyd, Mary L.,,90,Jan 25, ,1940,pg 1,Son in law; A.L. Moore. 4 daughters; Mrs. John Ray, Mrs. Hester Hart, Mrs. Rob Kelier, Mrs. A.L. Moore. 3 sons; John, Ike, George. Brother G.T. Pearson. Husband died in 1887 at Smith's Chapel. Died in Ala. Grandsons; Eugene Floyd, John Floyd Jr. Raye Hart, Floyd Moore, Jack Keller and grans-son-in-law J.C. Lorance. Page 4 Mt. Hermon News. Mother of Mrs. E.E. Hart and Mrs. Janie Moore. Buried Smith Chapel Cemt on Tullahoma Highway.
Floyd, Anne,Price,70,Feb 15, ,1940,pg 8,Buried at Smith;s Chapel Methodist Church Cemt. Widow of Cage Floyd. 2 nieces Mrs. Hollis Setliff of Fla and Mrs. Edd Horton of Lynchburg.
Foster, William Raison,,73,May 16, ,1940,pg 2,Buried Old Orchard Cemt. Parents; Mary Nichols and John R. Foster. Wife; Mrs. Tula Smith Foster. Son Floyd Foster of Indianapolis Ind. Daughter Mrs. Lee Hastings of Petersburg. 3 grandchildren; Billy, Jack and Charles Hasting. 3 brothers; Newton J. Foster of Shelbyville, Alton Foster of Salem Ind. Golie A. Foster of Petersburg.
Foster, J. Alton (Rev),,,May 16, ,1940,pg 1,Brothers; Newton J. Foster, Golie A. Foster and W.R. Foster who was buried last week. Died at the home of his son Rev. Haynes Foster in Salem Ind. Buried in Salem, Ind.
Foster, Joe S.,,76,Nov 28, ,1940,pg 7,Buried Family Cemt in Fairfield. Wife; Hattie Jane Kellar Foster. 7 daughters; Mrs. J.L. Taylor of Murfreesboro, Misses Jo Frances Foster and Delphia Foster both of Shelbyville, Mrs. Tom Mallard and Mrs. J.L. Throneberry both of Wartrace and Mrs. Clyde Martin of Shelbyville, Mrs. Pauline Kelley of Nashville. 4 sons; H.G. , Joe E , John W and Vannoye Foster all of Shelbyville.
Fox, Margaret ,Grammer,83,May 9, ,1940,pg 6,Widow of Andrew J. Fox who died in 1932. Daughters; Mrs. W.S. Hobbs of Culleoka, Mrs. A.V. Stipes, Mrs. Orma Farris, Mrs. A.V. Gilliam, Claude Fox of Chattanooga, Bryan Fox. Buried Campbell Station cemt. Brother; William Grammar
Freeman, James,,49,Jul 4, ,1940,pg 3,Buried in Willow Mt. Wife; Mrs. Katie Bess Freeman. 4 daughters; Miss Dolly Freeman, Mrs. Thelma Boland, Mrs. Nellie Wilhoite of Shelbyville and Mrs. Bertha Davis of Nashville. Son; Corbitt Freeman. Grand daughter; Betty Jean McAdams from daughter; Mrs. Rosetta Freeman McAdams. Brother; Ed Freeman of Shelbyville. 2 half sisters; Mrs. Rosie Burks of Beech Grove and Mrs. Cindy Waller of Manchester.
French, O. T .,,49,Sept 12,,1940,pg 1,Shot at his home near Bell Buckle by unknown person. Buried in Bell Buckle. Wife was Daisy Hathcock French who was also shot and killed. 2 sisters-in-laws; Mrs. Willis Shelton and Mrs. Verna Brothers. 2 brothers-in-laws; Claude and Neely Hathcock all of Bell Buckle. Survied by a son of a previous marriage; O.T. French Jr of Erin Tenn. Sister Mrs. Lizzie Coley of Camden.
French, Charles Pinkney,,85,Jul 18, ,1940,pg 7,Son; O.T. French of Bell Buckle. Buried Hazel Cemt. Born in Henry County. Daughter Elizabeth Coley of West Tenn.
French, Daisy ,Hathcock,56,Sept 12,,1940,pg 1,Shot at her home near Bell Buckle by unknown person. Buried in Bell Buckle. Husband was O.T. French who was also shot and killed. 2 sisters; Mrs. Willis Shelton and Mrs. Verna Brothers. 2 brothers; Claude and Neely Hathcock all of Bell Buckle. Survied by a step-son O.T. French Jr of Erin Tenn. Sister-in-law Mrs. Lizzie Coley of Camden. It is thought Neely Hathcock did the killing.
Frost, Bettie ,Martin,67,Nov 28, ,1940,pg 7,Widow of Joshua W. Frost. Died in Lincoln County. Buried in Booneville Cemt. First cousin of W.A. Frost of Shelbyville.
Frye, Nell, Dwiggins,,Apr 18, ,1940,pg 3,Husband; Guy Fry. Son Donald Guy Frye. 3 sisters; Mrs. Caruth of Chattanooga, Mrs. Mamie Anderson of Okla City, Mrs. Cassie Crawford of Petersburg. 2 brothers; Charlie and Harry Dwiggins bankers at Lakeland Fla.
Gant, William Elisha,,80,Oct 10,,1940,pg 1,Buried Willow Mt. Died in Nashville in his home. Judge for 40 years in Bedford County. Son of William Washington Gant and Galacia Connell Gant. Wife Mary Davidson who he married in 1887. 2nd wife Mrs. Ethel Williams of Nashville. 2 daughters by 1st marriage; Mrs. C.B. Ingle of Shelbyville. Mrs. E.O. McLean of Wartrace. 1 son; Eugene Gant of Birmingham Ala. 3 sons by last marriage; Terry of Nashville, Winston of Orlando Fla and Paul Gant of New Orleans LA.
Gant, Willima Clarence,,51,Nov 28, ,1940,pg 7,Buried at New Bethel. Wife; Mrs. Robbie Tucker Gant. Daughter Mrs. Paul Dryden. 2 sons; William Lee Gant and E.C. Gant. 6 sisters; Miss Mary Gant, Mrs Elliot Cooper, Mrs. Hettie Chapman, Mrs. Ada Patterson, Mrs. Charlie Patterson all of Bedford County and Mrs. Will Williams of Olutsee, Okla. 3 brothers; Tom, Ollie and Claude Gant.
Gavors, Adella,,70,Jan 11, ,1940,pg 4,Husband; J.T. Favors. 2 dauthers; Mrs. Ben Ray, Mrs. Ernest Cooper. Son Morgan Stallings of Oklahoma.
Gentry, William L.,,69,Nov 14, ,1940,pg 8,Buried in Simpson Cemt. Wife not named. 2 daughters; Mrs. Lynn White of Nashville, Mrs. Horace Edmonson of Chapel Hill. 2 sons; Roy and Jack Gentry of Lewisburg. 5 sisters; Mrs. Worth Brown, Mrs. Jno. Sanders, Mrs Bob Tucker, Mrs. George Tucker all of Rover and Mrs. Ruff Calahan of Chapel Hill.
Giles, Lemma,,72,Oct 31, ,1940,pg 3,Widow of Jim Kit Giles . Buried in Floyd Cemt. Daughter Mrs. Frances Giles Simpson of Rover. 2 sons; Paul and Claude Gile of Chapel Hill.
Gill, Shelby,,65,Sept 12, ,1940,pg 7,Farmer of Seventh District. Buried Willow Mount. Parents of Latn Gill and Mrs. Minerva Wade Gill. Wife; Mrs. Stella Gill. Daughter; Miss Lucile Gill of Shelbyville. Sister; Mrs. Ada Connell of Fayetteville.
Gilmer, Tom (Mrs),,,Aug 1, ,1940,pg 7,Husban Tom Gilmer. Sons; Willard Gilmer, Cordell Glimer of the U.S.Navy, and Craig Davis of West Virginia a son by a former marriage. Parents Mr and Mrs. J.C. Mozier. Brotehr Alec Mozier of Johnson City Tenn.
Giltner, G. B. (Dr),,77,Dec 19, ,1940,pg 4,Daughter; Mrs. Mary B. Crawford. Mayor of Murfreesboro from 1910 - 1918. Widow Mrs. Fannie Wood Giltner. Sister; Mrs. George W. Brien.
Glazier, R. E. (Mrs),,,Jan 11, ,1940,pg 4,Husband; R.E. Glazier. 3 daughters; Mrs. F.B. Cathy, Mrs. Brooks Bentley of Chattanooga, Mrs. Albert Warner of Huntsville Ala. 4 sons; Horace Glazier of Lewisburg. Walter Glazier of Huntsville, Milburn Glazier of Dayton and Clarence Glaizer of Nashville. Buried Spring Place Cemt.
Gordon, Felix,,30,Oct 17, ,1940,pg 4,Grand parents; Mr and Mrs. R.D. Gordon of Shelbyville and Parents; Mr and Mrs. Will F. Gordon of Lindsay Calif. Died in Lima Peru. Buried in Lima, Peru. 2 sisters; Mrs. Cecil Robertson and Mrs. Leo McIntosh. 2 brothers; Hoyle and Lacy Gordon all of Lindsay Calif. 3 Aunts; Mrs. Frank Bramblett of Wartrace, Mrs. Jim Nesbitt of Murfreesboro and Mrs. F.D. Cochran of Dallas Texas. 2 uncles; A.P. Gordon of Fresno Calif. and A.E. Gordon of Springville Calif. Card of Thanks Pg 6.
Gordon, Claus,,58,Aug 15, ,1940,pg 1,Wife; Mrs. Myrtle Stephens Gordon. Son; Richard Gordon. 2 daughters; Miss Audrey AMai Gordon, Mrs Mildred Hrrison. Parents; Mr and Mrs. R.D. Gordon of Shelbyville. Brothers; Will of Linsley, A.E. of Springville and Albert of Fresno Calif. 3 sisters; Mrs. F.D. Cochrane of Dallas Texas. Mrs. Jim Nesbitt of Christiana, Mrs. L.F. Bramlett of Wartrace. Buried Flat Creek Cemt.
Gore, Robert E. (Rev),,77,Feb 29, ,1940,pg 1,Buried County Line Baptist Church Cemt. Daughters; Miss Johnnie Gore a teacher at Radford VA, Mrs. Albert Prince Lynchburg, Mrs. Paul Farmer of Atlanta Ga. 3 sons; James K. Gore of Shelbyville, Paul Gore and Joe Gore of Wartrace. Wife not named.
Gourley,Kate,Clifford,50,Apr 4, ,1940,pg 2,Died in Nashville. Buried in Willow Mt. Widow of Charles McGregor. Father; John E. Clifford of Flordia. 2 half brothers; John M. Clfford of Lewisburg and Thomas Clifford of Lake Wales Fla. 3 half sisters; Mrs. Henrietta Scribner and Mrs. Dale Luna of Columbia, Mrs. Thomas Hazelett of Lewisburg. Step brother; Raymond P Wiley of New Castle Ind.
Gowen,________,,,Jan 18, ,1940,pg 3,Card of Thanks; Mrs. Finn Gowen, Ray Gowen, Louise Gowen, Mary Gowen.
Gowen,Florence (Mrs),,42,Mar 7, ,1940,pg 1,Husband T.K. Gowen, Brother in law Haskell Gowen of Flat Creek. Son Harlan Gowen. Buried in Calif. T.K. Gowen met Florence while living in California with his Uncle Ben Gowan.
Greer,Joseph Marion,,81,Aug 8, ,1940,pg 7,Only son of Joseph H. Greer and Mary Edminston Greer. Grandson of Joseph Greer, Revolutionary War soldier who won fame by carrying the message of the victory at King's Mountain to George Washington. Wife Minnei Butler Greer who he married 53 years ago. 5 sons; Joe Greer of Jefferson City,Claude Greer of union City, Hugh Greer of Detroit, Lewis and Vance Greer of Petersburg. Grand-daughter; Julia Joplin Greer of Union City.
Greer, Joel Henry,,68,Jul 4, ,1940,pg 3,Buried in Old Orchard Cemt. Wife; Mrs. Lillie Condor Greer. 2 daughter; Mrs. John Brown of Bledsoe, Mrs. Clarence Brown of Petersburg. 3 brothers; J.P. Greer of Huntsville, Ala, Will Greer of Shelbyville, Bud Greer of Texas. Sister; Mrs. Mollie Barrtlett of Petersburg.
Gregory, Dorris Ray,,3m,Oct 24, ,1940,pg 6,parents; Mr and Mrs. James Gregory
Grooms, William G.,,45,Jun 27,,1940,pg 1,Widow not named. 2 daughters; Mrs. R"obert Allen of Tullahoma, Mrs. Harry Stephens of Lawrenceburg. Son; James Grooms of Shelbyville. Half brother; J.R. Grooms of Winchester.
Haggard, W. D. (Dr),,67,Feb 1, ,1940,pg 2,Died in Fla. Born in Nashville Sept 28, 1872. Parents; Dr. William Haggard and Mrs. Jane Douglas Haggard. Buied in Mt. Olive in Nashville.
Hale, F. B. (Mrs),Lisenby,53,Mar 28, ,1940,pg 4,Called T.B. Hale also in obit. 3 daughters not named. Son Frank B. Hale Jr. Mother T.J. Lisenby. Brother; J.B. Lisenby and 2 sisters; Mrs. Claude Landerson and Mrs. R.E. Harris.
Haley, Joseph C.,,77,Aug 1, ,1940,pg 7,Buried Evergreen Cemt. Lived near Barfield. Wife Mrs. Hattie Haley. 4 daughters; Mrs. C.C. Uselton, Mrs. R.C. Haley and Miss Emma Haley of Murfreesboro, Mrs. Ernest Fann of Shelbyville. 5 sons; Lonnie Haley, Oscar Haley, D.B. Haley, Lawrence Haley of Murfreesboro and Fred Haley of Lebanon.
Hall, Martha (Mrs),Smith,67,Jul 11, ,1940,pg 1,Widow of W.J. Hall. 2 daughters; Mrs. Alvah Alford of Friendship. Mrs. Leon Compton of Detroit Mich. 3 grand children Miss Frances Alford of Friendship. Miss Audrey Compton and Mrs. Bruce Silvernail of Detroit MIch. 1 great-grandchildren. Sister; Mrs. Joe Crick of Shelbyville. Brother; W.J. Smith of Shelbyville.
Hargis, William Alexander,,72,Aug 22, ,1940,pg 2,Physican in Davidson County. Buried in Granville Cemt. in Grandville. Graduated Vanderbilt. Wife; Mrs. Alice Burton Hargis. Daughter; Mrs. Arch Combs of Donelson. 2 sons; Paul Hargis of Donelson and Wayne Hargis of Nashville. 6 brothers; Hugh S. Hargis of Cookville, Dr. Franik Hargis of Wartrac, John, James, and Talmadge Hargis all of Granville.
Harrell, Mary Elizabeth,,62,May 30, ,1940,pg 3,Husband; R.M. Harrell. Buried Hazel Cemt. 3 daughters; Mrs. G.C. Gordon, Mrs. Carson Barrett of Bell Buckle, Mrs. Stailey Neely of Shelbyville. Assume 3 sons; Fred, James and Orman Harrell of Bell Buckle.
Harris, Ruth,Shofner,69,Apr 11, ,1940,pg 2,Died in Rutherford Hospital. Buried Evergreen cemt. Parents Finis and Betty Reeves Shofner. 8 daughters; Mrs. J.C. Malone of TX. Mrs. Erskine Wood of Murfreesboro. Mrs. W.L. Evans of Marietta GA, Mrs. Hugh Hooper of Milton, Mrs. R.E. Barter of Bangor Me, Mrs. Hugh Martin of Madison TN Mrs. L.L. Bardy of Jefferson City TN and Miss Mabel Harris of Nashville. 4 sons; Ewing Harris of Okla, L.D. Harris of Christiana, Paul and Will Harris of Murfreesboro. Sister; Mrs. C.H. Young of Shelbyville. 2 brothers; E.J. Shofner and Walter Shoffner.
Harrison, Oscar A.,,,Apr 4, ,1940,pg 2,Wife; Mrs. Ola Gibson Harrison. Daughter; Mrs. Herman Fisher. 2 sisters; Mrs. Alex Kidd and Mrs. Beacher Horton. Buried Woodlawn Cemt.
Harrison, Kansas Siota,,83,Jun 20, ,1940,pg 1,Buried in Pressgrove cemt. Children; J. Region Harrison, Ernest Harrison of Lewisburg, Walter Harrison of Bell Buckle, Mrs. John Hester, Mrs. R.T. Moore and Mrs Mrs. W.R. Jones of Morristown.
Hart, Letha Ellen (Mrs),Turpin,63,Mar 7, ,1940,pg 4,Buried New Hermon. Widow of Mr. Hart. Daughters, Miss Mamie Hart, Mrs. L. Allison of Shelbyville. Sons; Ewell Har of La Blanca TX, Dewey Hart of Mt. Hermon. 2 brothers; George Turpin of Calif and T.M. Turpin of Mt. Hermon.
Hart, E. E. (Mrs),,,Jan 25, ,1940,pg 4,daughter; Mrs. Janie Moore of New Market Ala. Buried Smith Chapel on Tullahoma Hwy. Mt. Hermon News
Hatcher, Wilella (Mrs),Stepp,26,Oct 24, ,1940,pg 6,Husband; J. Harvey Hatcher of Tullahoma. Parents; Mr and Mrs. W.A. Stepp of Bell Buckle. Married to Mr. Hatcher July 29, 1939. Sister; Mrs. Raymond Brinkley of Florida. Buried in Bell Buckle Cemt.
Hathock, Jewell ,Woods,42,Mar 28, ,1940,pg 4,Only daughter of Jesse Robert Woodes and Mrs. Hattie Dillinger Woods of Temple Texas. 3 daughters; Mrs. Joe Swain, Misses Kathryn and Margaret Hathcock all of Bell Buckle. Husband; Nealy Hathcock. Son; Private Shirley Hathcock of Coast Artillery at Forth Barrancas, Penascola, Fla. Buried Hazel Cemt. Brother in law J.A. Whittmore of Highland Calif. Father J.R. Woods of Temple, Texas.
Haynes, Nancy Ann,,86,Apr 18, ,1940,pg 8,Buried Haynes Cemetery. Widow of Vincent Haynes. Survived by Homer Bumpus (no relationship told), Step daughter; Mrs. John Holden of Eagleville. 2 step sons; C.C. Haynes, Bill Haynes of Bono, Ark.
Hazlett, Hattie,Darnell,62,Oct 31, ,1940,pg 6,Buried Old Orchard Cemt in Petersvurg. Husband G.O. Hazlett. Children; Mrs. Sallie Brown of Belleville, Mrs. Cecil Neece of Lewisburg and Mrs. Lilliam Rodgers of Chapel Hill, Arthur Lee, William, Clarence, Marcus Thomas, Clyde and Claude Hazelett all of Lewisburg. 2 sisters; Mrs. Alice Pigg and Miss Sallie Darnell. Brother; Thomas Darnell all of Richmond of Bedford County.
Hefner, ennie ,Trail,70,Oct 31, ,1940,pg 6,Native of Shelbyville who moved to Forney Texas when she was ll years old. Daughter; C.R. Clark in Dallas Texas. Grand daughter; Carold Clark. 4 brothers; Alex, Will, Newton of Forney and Scott Trail of Kaufman. 5 sisters; Mrs. W.M. Groves, Mrs. C.L. Chapman, Mrs. W.P. Thomasof Forney, Mrs. J.T. Shipley and Mrs. Helen Garner.
Hensley,Ann (Miss),,21,Jun 20, ,1940,pg 4,Mother; Mrs. Eva Hensley. Lived withMrs. Joy McNatt on Lewis Ave.
Hess,Mary Frances,Reese,81,Aug 1, ,1940,pg 7,Son; John F. Hess and D.F. Hess both of Nashville. Brother; D.A. Reese of Lawrenceburg. Sister; Mrs. Betty Gregory of Shelbyville. Buried Mt. Olivet Cemt. Lived and died in Nashville.
Higdon,William N.,,37,Jul 25, ,1940,pg 7,Injured in auto accident near Sanford N.C. Wife Louise Higdon. 3 children; James William, Lewis and Joyce Higdon all of Sanford. Mother; Mrs. G.A. Higdon. 4 sisters; Mrs. Cleo Todd, Mrs. Cuba Rushing, Mrs. Lula Timberlake and Mrs. Vernie Gammon all of Murfreesboro. 3 brothers; Luther, Claudius Higdon of Nashville and Paul Higdon of Murfreesboro.
Higgins,Walter (Mrs),,53,Jun 20,,1940,pg 1,Buried Willow Mt. Husband; Walter Higgins. Daughter; Mrs. Pruitt Stokes. Son Gene Higgins. Grand daughter; Doris Stokes. Mother; Mrs I.B. Whitaker of Mulberry. 2 sisters; Mrs. Robert Motlow of Mulberry and Mrs. Lawton Shannon of Dyersburg. 4 brothers; Mac Whitaker of Fayetteville, Mark W"hitaker of Chattanooga and Coleman and Holland Whitaker of Petersburg.
Higgs,E. Monroe,,67,Feb 29, ,1940,pg 2,Died at Eugene Darnell home. Buried Mt. Lebanon Cemt. Daughter; Mrs. Grace Blackwell of Diana. 2 sons; Marion Higgs of Frankewing and Fred Higgs of Lewisburg.
Hillis,Corner,,58,Jul 4, ,1940,pg 8,Died in Auto accident. Wife; Laura Sandlin Hillis. Son; Leon Hillis of St. Louis MO. 3 brothers; Alvin, Will, and Durge Hillis. 1 sister; Mrs. John Word of Minor Hill. Buried in Minor Hill Cemt.
Hinkle,D.E. Jr. (Mr),,,Mar 7, ,1940,pg 2,Parents; Mr and Mrs. Rev D.E. Hinkle of Fayetteville. Former Vanderbilt students. Buried in Clarksville.
Hix,Mollie (Mrs),Dance,80,Jun 13, ,1940,pg 3,Buried Oakwood Cemt in Tullahoma. Widow of T.I. Hix. Parents; John Sara Price Dance. 3 daughters; Mrs. Ed Ray, Mrs. Claude Carrol of Tullahoma, Mrs. Right Standfield of Birmingham Ala. Son Edward Hix of Normandy.
Hobson,Bettie (Mrs),,80,Dec 5, ,1940,pg 1,Buried in Mt. Olivet Cemt. Widow of Nicholas F. Hobson in 1901. 4 daughters; Mrs. Wilkes Northern and Mrs. O.L. Nichol of Nashville, Mrs. J.E. Thompson of Shelbyville, Mrs. C.J. Thompson of Knoxville. 2 sons; W.C. and Nicholas Hobson Jr. both of Nashville.
Hockett,Norris Earl,,,Jun 13, ,1940,pg 8,Born May 9 to Mr and Mrs. Burrell Hockett. Was a triplet and died suddenly. Brothers; Morris Burrell Hockett and Dorris Murrell Hockett. Has 3 other brothers and sisters.
Hogue,Annie,,59,Feb 1, ,1940,pg 3,Died Camp White at the home of her son not named.
Holden,Sam L.,,43,Sept 19, ,1940,pg 8,Buried in Hayes Cemt near Midland. Wife Mrs. Eddie Douglas Holden. Father; G.W. Holden. 8 children not named. Several sisters; not named.
Holt,William J.,,86,Dec 25, ,1940,pg 1,Son; C.D. Holt who lives in Nashville. Brother; Joe HOlt of Estill Springs. 2 grandsons; Parker and Clayton Holt of Nashville.
Holt,Louise Elizabeth,Bush,69,Mar 28, ,1940,pg 2,Buried Maplewood Cemt. Husband Frank Holt. Brother; Larkin Bush of Wartrace.
Holt,Commodore F.,,72,Jun 27, ,1940,pg 8,Died in Nashville. Wife not named. Uncle Pope Sagely of Beech Grove. Teacher for over 50 years at Middle Tennessee Schools.
Holt,George W.,,62,May 16,,1940,pg 4,Lived in Fla. Buried Jenkins Chapel. Vet of Spanish-American War. Wife not named. Daughter; Mrs. Louise T. Baxter.
Holt,Tull,,62,Feb 29, ,1940,pg 2,Parents W.W. and Sue Motlow Holt. Wife; Miss Bessie Warner of Estill Springs. 3 children; Mrs. Lawrence Burdette, Bert and Jim Holt of Nashville. 2 sisters; Mrs. J.J. Bean of Lynchburg and Mrs. Thurston Farrar of Flat Creek.
Hood,Ella,,67,Oct 10, ,1940,pg 1,Died in Chattanooga. Buried in Willow Mt. Widow of the late Joe Hood who died in 1937. daughter; Mrs. Pauline Christie of Chattanooga. 3 sisters; Mrs. Bettie Gray of Nashville, Miss Alice Harbin and Miss Edith Harbin of Huntsille. 5 brothers; George, Ira, Rudolph, Morton and Martin of Huntsville Ala.
Hooten,Boyd,,35,Feb 8, ,1940,pg 4,Buried Bedford Cemt. Parents; Calvin and Jennie Gaither Hooten. Reared by his Uncle A.B. Gaither. Wife Ruby Prince Hooten. 6 children; A.B. Calvin, Hazel, Mabel, Jenny and Fred Hooten. Aunt; Mrs. Jno Haggard. 3 Uncles; A.B., Jim and Lee Gaither.
Hoover,Ben P.,,62,Apr 11, ,1940,pg 1,Wife Mrs. Lou Coop Hoover. 3 sisters; Mrs. Ben Heath, Mrs. Harvey Jones of Chapel Hill, Mrs. Effie Vncent of Shelbyville. 4 brothers; Albert of Bell Buckle, Frank of Chapel Hill, H.F. Hoover and Oscar Hoover both of Shelbyville. Buried Willow Mt. Pall Bearers were Carney Hoover, Franklin Hoover, James Hoover, Dr. G.C. Hughson, Drennon Coop, Robert White Coop, Dolphus Knox, Gallagher Arnold.
Hughes,Janie ,Arnold,59,Oct 17, ,1940,pg 3,Husband; Jas R. Hughes of Nashville. Daughters; Mrs. Walter Massie, Mrs. W.M. Stence of Nashville, Mrs. Joh Lynch of Bell Buckle, Mrs. Lonzo Watson fo Shelbyville. 2 Sons; Jas C. Hughes of Nashville, Fred Hughes of Shelbyville. 2 brothers; Charlie Arnold of Detroit, Tom Arnold of Donelson. Sister; Mrs. Ellen Herrod of Murfreesboro. Buried in Willow Mt.
Hurt,John William,,69,Apr 11, ,1940,pg 2,Buried Horse Moutain Cemt. Widow not named. 2 daughters; Janie and Louise Hurt. 4 sons; M.C. Hurt, Emmit Hurt, J.W. Hurt Jr., and James C. Hurt.
Hutchinson,Vera Lee,,23,Mar 7, ,1940,pg 2,Husband; Robert Hutchinson. 3 year old son; Bobbie Hutchinson. Buried Blue Hill Church in Warren County.
Hutchison,John Marcus,,69,Feb 1, ,1940,pg 1,Buried Willow Mt. daughter; Miss Lena Hutchison. Son; Oscar Hutchison. Brother; Will Hutchison. Sister Mrs. Mamie Barnes of Fayetteville and several nieces and nephews.
Hutton,Josiah Lawson,,79,Jan 4, ,1940,pg 1,Buried Rose Hill. Nephews, Clark, Wilkinson, Robert, John D. Frank and Lawson Hutton. Parents; John P. Hutton and Mrs. Frances M. Clark. Born March 11, 1860. Wife; Mrs. Miss Pierre Coleman. Daughers; Beverly Douglas, Mrs. Lon P. McFarland. 2 grand children; Coleman and Beverly Douglas.
Isom,James G.,,59,Apr 18, ,1940,pg 3,Buried at Haley. Wife; Mrs. Mabel Jolly Isom. 2 daughters; Miss Melvin Isom of Haley, Mrs. Paul Brown of Chattanooga. 2 sons; Raymond of Gilbertsville Ky and Wiley Isom and two grand-daughters.
Jacobs,William Templeton,,44,Nov 21, ,1940,pg 1,Wife; Mrs. Elizabeth Davis Jacobs. Son William Templeton Jacobs Jr. Father W.M. Jacobs near Beech Grove. Buried Beech Grove Cemt.
Jamison,Virginia Alice (Miss),,75,Apr 25, ,1940,pg 1,Niece, Mrs. R.H. Wheeler. Buried in Wartrace Cemt.
Jarrell,Robbie (Mrs),Kelly,45,Apr 18, ,1940,pg 3,Parents; W.A. and Clemmie Buchanan Kelly. Husband; Burns Jarrell. 2 daughers; Mary Louise and Nancy Jane Jarrell. 3 sons; Robert Burns, Ensley and Julius Jarrell all of Rover. Sister, Mrs. H.R. Hamilton of Fayetteville and a brother; W.C. Kelly of Eagleville.
Jenkins,Claude (Mrs),,,Mar 28, ,1940,pg 3,Resolution of Respect. Died Jan 21, 1940. From Shofner Lutheran Church.
Jenkins,Claude (Mrs),,,Jan 25, ,1940,pg 1,2 sons; Ewin Memphis and Gordon of Waynesboro. Daughter; Mrs. Oscar Hasseler of Croghan NY. Brother Ernest Burrow of New York. Sisters; Mrs. Fannie Reagor of Shelbyville and Mrs. P.H. Bitinger of Lions Fall, N.Y. Buried in Shofner;s Lutheran Cemtery.
Jewell,Helen Williams,,7,Feb 1, ,1940,pg 4,Parents; Attorney General John J. Jewell Jr. and Mrs. Jewell of Murfreesboro. Grandparents; Mr and Mrs John J. Jewell of Lebanon and Mr. and Mrs. J.N .Haynes of Bloomfield KY
Johnson,W. Thomas,,,Dec 19, ,1940,pg 6,Buried in family cemt near Rover. Paretnts; W.Thomas Johnson and Jerusia Reed Johnson orginally from Rutherford County. Wife; Mrs. Elizabeth Garrett Johnson. 1 daughter; mrs. Era Crosslin. Sister; Mrs. George Joyce of Murfreesboro. Half sister; Mrs. J.D. Tarpley of Shelbyville.
Jones,Mary,Green,71,Mar 28, ,1940,pg 2,Widow of R.L. Jones former superintendent of Memphis city schools. Son Horace G. Jones. 2 sisters; Mrs. Andy Jones of Cookieville and Miss Bessie Green of Murfreesboro. 5 brothers; Joe Green, Los Angeles, Calif, D.R. Leslie and George Jones of Chattanooga and Booker Jones of Georgia. 2 grand-children R.L. and H.G. Jones of Murfreesboro. Buried in Evergreen.
Jones,Selma,,22,Mar 28, ,1940,pg 2,Milk truck driver. Parents Jim JOnes. Buried Clark Cemt near Midland. 4 brothers and 7 sisters not named.
Jordan,Annie,Hendrix,83,Jun 13, ,1940,pg 3,Stepsonp; H.B. Jordan. Buried in Lone Oaks Cemt. Step-daughter; Mrs. Flemmie Winsett of Rockvale. step-sons H.B. Fletcher and Newt Jordan of Marshall County. Sister; Mrs. Lou Heath of Shelbyville and BRother Rev. T.M. Hendrix of Marshall County.
Joyce,Berry D. Sr.,,86,Feb 29, ,1940,pg 2,Lived in Jasper Ala. Bured Rose Hill Cemt in Columbia. Parents; Anderson Joyce and Mrs. Elizabeth Stammer Joyce. First wife; Della Curry of Carrolton Ala who died. 2nd wife; Miss Emma Taylor. son J. Clarence Joyce by 1st wife. 2nd Norman Mansfield of Chattanooga, B.D. Joyce of Mobile Ala., Frank Joyce of Birmingham Ala. 6 brothers survive; John Joyce age 90 of Fayetteville, Isom Joyce age 84 of Flat Creek, George Joyce age 82 of Murfreesboro, Lee Joyce 77 of Shelbyville. Anderson Joyce age 74 and Wilburn Joyce age 70 both of Deason.
Justice,J.B. (Mr),,29,Oct 31, ,1940,pg 4,Buried Willow Mt. Step mother Mrs. John Justice of Fair field. Wife; Mrs. Jean Leonard Justice. Father and Step mother; Mr and Mrs. Jno Justice. 5 sisters; Mrs. Mary Asburn of New Orleans, Mrs. Claude Bean of Detroit Mich, Mrs. Jesse Wileman of Hilsboro, Mrs. Maggie Nowlin and Mrs. King Hodge both of Shelbyville. 4 brothers; Will of Washington DC of Gannaway of Birmingham Ala, Roy and Henry of Nashville.
Kercheval,Mollie (Mrs),McKinney,81,Feb 29, ,1940,pg 2,Son in law; J.N. McCord, Mayor of Lewisburg. Buried in Lone Oaks. Parents; Co. and Mrs. C.C. McIinney. Husband was W.K. Kercheval who was editor of the Marshall Gazette. He died 25 years ago. Daughters; Mrs. J.N. McCord and Mrs. Roy Galloway. Sons; Fred and Howard Kercheval of Lewisburg. Sister; Mrs. Lillian Greer of GA and 3 grand-daughters; Misses Mary McCord, Gladys and Kathleen Galloway of Columbia.
Keyar,Nellie Emeline,,,Dec 5, ,1940,pg 1,Parents; Mrs. Nancy Blaine Keysar and Jno. C. Keysar. Sister Miss Addie Keysar. Brother; Abner Keysar of Nashville. Buried Hazel Cemt.
Kimbro,Charlie Newt,,71,Dec 5, ,1940,pg 1,Buried Willow Mt. Parents; Riley Kimbro and Margaret Robinson Kimbro. Wife; Mrs. Ola Stacey Kimbro.
Kimmons,Nannie,,75,Jan 11, ,1940,pg 6,Brother; Tom Kimmons. Sister; Emma Sharp of Christiana.
Kimmons,Thomas,,74,Feb 1, ,1940,pg 1,Sister; Mrs. J.D. Sharpe of Murfreesboro. One niece, One nephew not named.
Kimmons,William (Mrs),,,Jul 25, ,1940,pg 6,Brother and sister in law Mrs. A.J. and Dr. A.J. Kimmons. Died in Hopkinsville.
Kimmons,Thomas,,74,Jan 25, ,1940,pg 1,Sister, Mrs. J.D. Sharpe of Murfreesboro. 1 niece and 1 nephew.
King,Mattie (or Hattie),,,Oct 31, ,1940,pg 6,Husband Robert King. Died near Poplins Cross Roads at her home. Buried in the family cemt. Daughter; Miss Fannei May King.
Knott,James William,,85,Mar 28, ,1940,pg 2,Son; Deceased W.B. Knott. Parents; Albert Frizer and Malinda Haskins Knott. Married Miss Jimmie Tarpley in 1879. She died in 1936. Daughter; Miss Mary Knott. 3 sons; Bascom Knott, A.F. Knott and J.S. Knott. 2 sisters; Mrs. C.V. Neal, Mrs. T.J. Jackson of Shelbyville.
Kwapinski,Irene (Mrs),Douglas,42,Jul 11, ,1940,pg 1,Husband; Stanley Kwapinski. Native of Giles Countye. 3 daughters; Mrs. Mary V. Owen of Springfield. Miss Clara Jo of Nashville and Frances Kwapinski. 3 sons; Antonio, David and Stanley Kwpinski. Parents Frank Douglas. 3 sisters; Miss Clara Douglas of Pittsburg PA, Mrs. William Wyatt and Mrs. Theodore Hintor of Southside TN. 2 brothers; William and Henry Douglas of Bel Buckle.
Lamb,Jimmie (Mrs),McGuire,73,Feb 15, ,1940,pg 1,Parents; Dr. Calvin D. McGuire. Widow of Horton C.l Lamb who died 37 years ago. 3 daughters; Mrs. Roy Carter of South Pittsburg and Mrs. Hugh Moores of Fayetteville.
Landis,Abb (Mrs),Lowe,82,Dec 5, ,1940,pg 4,Widow of the late Abb Landis former owner and publisher of the Nashville Banner. Parents; Mr. Cuthbert Burney Word and Elizabeth Ann Phillips. Married in 1880. Sister; Mrs. Elizabeth Chafin of Nashville and her daughter Mrs. Henry A. Bradshaw of Florence Ala.
Lane,Thomas,,68,Aug 22, ,1940,pg 2,Died in Marshall County. Buied Round Hill Cemt near Belfast. Married to Leila Coffey daughter of Mr and Mrs Sherman Coffey. 1 son; Sherman Coffey.
Lawrence,John Thomas,,67,Aug 1, ,1940,pg 7,Married Janie Wood in 1900. 5 children, 3 survive Mrs. E.L. Cashion Leachville Ark, Mrs. S.G. Thompson and Ira Lawrence of Lewisburg. Later married Annie Mai Craig Oct 16, 1929. 3 step children; Misses Helen and Lilyan Stevenson of Shelbyville and Wilbur Stevenson of Panama. Sister; Mrs. R.B. Isley of Lewisburg. 3 grandchildren; Marvin Lee and Joe Franklin Cashion of Leachville, Ark and Buford Crumley.
Logan,Boyd Rutledge,,66,Jan 18, ,1940,pg 3,Buried Willow Mount. Parents; R.B. Logan and Mrs. Ruth Rutledge of Booneville in Moore County. Wife; Mrs. Birdie HIx of Flat Creek. 2 sisters; Mrs. Mary Clark, Mrs. Fannie Rowlett of Dresden Tenn. 3 brothers; Bill of Mulberry, Claude of Lynchburg and Dave of Birmingham Ala., Card of Thanks Feb 8, 1940, page 6.
Logan,Rutledge,,,Jan 25, ,1940,pg 2,Letter Forum from Mr and Mrs. A.L. Parks of Kansas of Mo.
Loughry,William Lough,,53,Jun 20, ,1940,pg 8,Died in New Orleans LA hotel. Burial probably in the National Cemetery in Murfreesboro. Was in the United States Navy until a year ago. Parents; Willie and Sally McAdoo Loughry. Niece; Mrs. R.M. Ward in Murfreesboro. Sister Mrs. Marie Bearden of Shelbyville. 2 brothers; E.E. Loughry of Nashvile and Jodie Loughry of California.
Lovett,J. Louis,,61,Dec 5, ,1940,pg 2,Buried Hickerson Station. Widow, Mrs. Ada Lovett. 2 sons; Boyce Lovett of Battle Creek, Michigan, Louis Lovett of Summerville S.C. and Daughter; Mrs. Earnest Garner of Manchester. 3 step grandchildren; Mrs. Walter Starkey of Fayetteville, Carl King, Cliff King of Ohio. 3 sisters; Mrs. Adrain Gibson of Fla, Mrs. Sim Waldrep of Shelbyvlle and Mrs. Hiram King of Richmond.
Lowe,Hattie Mae,,55,Nov 28, ,1940,pg 7,Daughter Mrs. Roy Haithcoat with whom she lived. Buried Willow Mt. Son; Coy Lowe. 2 sisters; Mrs. Ora Koonce of Shelbyville and Mrs. Dessie Crane of Kanas City Mo. 3 brothers; Will Reed and Clifton Reed of this place and Joe Reed of Manchester. Card of Thanks Dec 12, 1940 - page 4.
Lynch,James B.,,50,Jul 18, ,1940,pg 3,Wife; Mrs. Bertha Davis Lynch. Daughter; Frances Lynch. 4 sons; Albert Lynch,Rozelle Lynch, Henry Lee Lynch and Sam B. Lynch. Brother; Ed Lynch.
Maddox,John R.,,84,Feb 15, ,1940,pg 2,Parents; Thomas F. and Amanda Nance Maddox. 3 daughters; Mrs. Sally M. Harris of Whiteside, Mrs. N.B. Wood of Orlin, Fla, Mrs. O.P. Poag of Horatio Ark. 4 brothers; Robert Maddox of Ky, Thmas W. Maddox of Valley View TX, Clarence Maddox of Antler Ark and J.N. Maddox of Murfreesboro. Grandchildren; Mr and Mrs. Morton Thompson and Miss Mary Harris of Shelbyville.
Marsh,Josephine ,,,Jan 18, ,1940,pg 1,Fatally stabbed by Lucy Jones in Bell Buckle. (colored).
Martin,John Thomas,,,May 2, ,1940,pg 6,Captain John Thomas Martin who died here at Noon on Sunday at the home of his daughter Mrs. B.E. Dunn. Buried Gallipolis, Ohio at the home of his sister; Mrs. Julia Watts. He was a boat captain on the Ohio River. Foster son Harris Doepping of Shelbyville. 3 brothers; Dr. F.H. Marin of Warren Ohio, Capt Harry Martin of Point Pleasant W. VA and James P. Martin of Gallipolis Ohio.
Martin,George W.,,65,Jan 4, ,1940,pg 1,Daughters; Mrs. J.I. Bell, Mrs. Edwina McDaniels. Wife; Mrs. Dona Jackson Martin. Sisters; Mrs. J.W. Frost, Mrs. R.P. Millard, Miss Cassie Martin. 2 brothers; Andrew and W.E. Martin. Buried in Savannah in family plot.
Massie,Tennie,Clemmons,63,May 16, ,1940,pg 2,Widow of J.T. Massie. Son; Walter Massie. Buried in Willow Mt. Daughters; Mrs. Thomas N. Gregory of Murfreesboro and Mrs. Claude Thompson of Shelbyville. Sister Mrs. Amanda Laws of Greenville, TN. Brother; Isaac Clemmons also of Greenville TN.
McAdams,John C. (Prof.),,80,Dec 12, ,1940,pg 5,Prof. John C. McAdams colored educator and lawyer. daughter; Joanna McAdams McDonald of Chicago. Son: J.C. McAdams Jr of Crockett TX. Buried in Willow Mt.
McAdams,Belle (Mrs),,78,Mar 28, ,1940,pg 2,Daughter; Mrs. William B. Barker in Nashville. Sister Mrs. W.E. Stewart of Fayetteville. Buried in Head Springs Cemetery.
McClanahan,Sam Ralston,,64,Feb 22, ,1940,pg 3,Lived Rutherford County. Buried Sharpesville. 2 daughters; Mrs. John Ledbetter of Shelbyville, Mrs Ella Hanson of Murfreesboro. 2 sons; Bradley McClanahan of Nashville and Paul Ralston McClanahan of Murfreesboro. Brother; Mathew M. McClanahan of Murfreesboro.
McCoy,Abner,,57,Apr 25, ,1940,pg 1,Buried at Whitwell near Chattanooga. Daughter; Mrs. Carl Ballast of Denver Colo. Sons; Carl and Bob McCoy.
McCreary,J.D. (Mrs),Story,65,Feb 29, ,1940,pg 2,Brother; Henry Story of Shelbyville, Martin Story of Macn GA. Lived in Molean Ga and Buried there. Aunt of; Mrs. Andrew Goodrum, Mrs. John Johnson, Aubrey Story. Husband not named.
McDowell,Sam (Mrs),,,Jun 13, ,1940,pg 1,Widow of Sam McDowell. Niece; Mrs. Ollie Stacy. 2 nephews; Bert and Harry Calhoun of Shelbyville.
McFarlin,Lizzie (Mrs),,73,Nov 14, ,1940,pg 8,Died in Ark. Moved to Ark 60 years ago. Sister Mrs.Letsie McFarlin Tribble of Rogers Ark. Father; Will McFarlin.
McFerrin,T.S. (Mr),,62,Dec 19, ,1940,pg 6,Died in Rutherford County. Wife not named. 2 daughter; Miss Annie Mary McFerrin, Miss Ruth McFerrin of Maryville. Son: Thomas McFerrin Jr. 2 sisters; Mrs. Walter Rogers of Christiana, Mrs. A.B. Ransom of Nashville. Half-sister; Mrs. Minnie Gill of Nashville. Half-brother; Sanford McFerrin of Maude, Okla.
McGee,Walter,,55,Mar 14, ,1940,pg 2,Died in Toledo Ohio. Brother-in-law of Frank Yancy. Parents; Will McGee and Mrs. Mary Bomar McGee. Wife Mary Yancy McGee. 2 sons; Walter and Yancy McGee. 2 sisters; Mrs. Virgie Johnson of Nashville and Mrs. Dennis Phillips of Cairo Ill. Brother Emmett McGee of Nashville.
McKay,James Arthur ,,63,Feb 1, ,1940,pg 4,Buied in Willow Mt. 2 sons; James McKay and Billy McKay. 2 daughters; Mrs. B.B. Bonicamp and Miss Mildred McKay. Brother; W.W. McKay of Miss.
Melson,Will,,68,Mar 7, ,1940,pg 2,Wife Mrs. Alice Thompson Melson. 3 daughters; Mrs. Will Haynes, Mrs. Will Roberson and Mrs. Mrs. Bob Sutton. 5 sons; Earl, Samuel, Clark, Verna Lee and R.V. Melson. 2 sisters; Mrs. Jeff Patterson of Nashville and Mrs. Tom Reed. 2 brothers; Eugene and Levoy of Chiago Ill. Buried Willow Mt.
Middleton,Georgie (Mrs),,65,Feb 15, ,1940,pg 2,Widow of W.R. Middleton of Unionville. 4 sons; Joe Middleton of Scottsboro. Charles of Tuscumbia Ala, Edward of Huntsville Ala and James In Mississippi. Step-son John of Shelbyville. Died in Scottsboro.
Miller,James O.,,72,Sept 12, ,1940,pg 7,Buried at the Bethbirei Church cemt in Lewisburg. Wife; Mrs. Mary Lou Glenn Miller. Son; Graydon Miller. 3 brothers; Len and J.L. Miller of near Lewisburg, William Miller of Shelbyville.
Miller,Emmett,,54,Feb 22, ,1940,pg 1,Parents; Raymond and Ann Miller. Moved to California 15 years ago. Sister; Mrs. Will Newsom of Detroit Mich., Mrs. Alvis Lokey of Chattanooga, Miss Carnie Miller of Long Beach. 3 brothers; Max and Carl Miller of Nashville. A.E. Miller of Birmingham.
Mittwede,Bertha Celeste,Hauk,56,Jun 20, ,1940,pg 6,Native of Cullman Ala. Lived in Nashville for the last 24 years. Husband; M.A. Mittwede. 4 sons; Edgar M., Otto P. and Harry L. Mittwede of Nashville and William C. Mittwede of Shelbyville. 2 daughters; Mrs. Virgil A. King and Miss Virginia Mittwede both of Nashville. 1 brother; Clemons Hauk of St. Louis. Buried Mt. Olivet Cemt.
Molder,Sam,,75,Feb 29, ,1940,pg 2,Buried Pleasant Valley Church Cemt. in Marshall County. Wife; May Parsons Molder. 2 daughters; Mrs. Sara Haskins, Mrs. Ruth Clayburn of Marshall County. Sons; Horace Molder of Rich Creek and Hugh of Wilhoite Mills. Uncle of Mr and Mrs. W.W. Molder and Mr and Mrs. E.M. Molder both of Shelbyville.
Mooneyham,Esther May,,9m,Dec 19, ,1940,pg 4,Daughter of Mr and Mrs. George Mooneyham. Buried in New Bethel Cemt.
Moore,William Doak,,63,Jul 18, ,1940,pg 6,Died from auto accident injuries in which Corner H. Hillis was killed. Buried in family cemt at Center Point. Paretns; William B. and Lady Pigg Moore. Wife; Mrs. Senia Rainey Moore. 3 sons; Paul of Shelbyville, ross and Fred Moore of Old Hickory. 1 daughter; Miss Mildred Moore. 5 brothers; Jessie, Al, and Henry Moore of Petersburg, J.D. Moore of Delina, Edd Moore fo Lewisburg. 3 sisters; Mrs. Mary Smith of Memphis, Mrs. Joe Thomas Petersburg, Mrs. Carrie Reed of Nashville.
Moore,G.W. (Mr),,84,Nov 21, ,1940,pg 6,Buried in Old Orchard Cemt. Wife not named. Daughter Mrs. George W. Marsh. Sons; R.R. Moore of Troy Ill., O.E. Moore of Shelbyville, J.B. Moore of Petersburg, W.B. Moore of Fayetteville, S.R. Moore of McMinnville. Sister; Mrs. Ellen Moore Wells.
Moore,Mary J.,,84,Feb 8, ,1940,pg 1,Widow of C.C. Moore. Sons; Earnest, Lee, Robert and Frank Moore. Daughters; Mrs. Carl Kleim, Mrs. Cora Parks, Mrs. Walter Harrison, Mrs. Price Godbey. Buried Willow Mt.
Morton,Dr. J.L.,,,Jun 6, ,1940,pg 5,Memorial Service at Bedford County Jail.
Morton,James Lytle ,,60,Jun 6, ,1940,pg 1,Buried in Family Cemt near Longview. Physician and Political leader. Parents Hugh E. and Nancy Johnson Morton. Married to Miss Lottie Williams of Nolensville. 2nd wife Miss Mae D. Shapard of Shelbyville. Son; James L. Morton of Shelbyville. 2 brothers; John J. Morton and R.H. Morton of Fall Creek. Sister; Mrs. Nannie Barber of Fayetteville, Ark.
Mosely,Ollie (Mrs),Fields,,Nov 28, ,1940,pg 4,Son; L.F. Mosely. Widow of H.D. Mosely. Daughter Margaret Cochrane of Johnson City. Parents; L.P. Felds and Mary Thomas Fields of Fairfield. 4 nieces; Mrs. Frank Jacobs of Bell Buckle, Mrs. Will Griffith of Wartrace, Mrs. Ethel Newman of Dallas Texas, Mrs. Carmine Crawford of Mt. Pleasant. 2 nephews; J.M. Euless of Fresno Calif and F.L. Euless of Dallas Texas.
Mullins,Mannon,,81,Oct 10, ,1940,pg 3,Buried in New Hermon Cemt. Daughters; Mrs. Hulda Weaver of Tullahoma, Mrs. Lillian Snell of Flat Creekk, Mrs. Betty McEwin, Mrs. Jesse Dean and Mrs. Maggie Anderton of Tullahoma. 7 sons; Guy Mullins of Tullahoma, Fred Mullins of Lynchburg, William and Luther Mullins of Missouri and Arthur Mullins of TX . Parents; William Mullins and Martha Marlow Mullins.
Mullins,William Eugene,,54,Aug 1, ,1940,pg 7,Buried in Evergreen Cemt. Wife; Mrs. Ann Lou Gray Mullins. Daughter; Mrs. Albert Ray Thomas of Shelbyville. Son; Eugene Ransom Mullins of Murfreesboro. 2 sisters; Mrs. John A. Aiken of Murfreesboro TN, Mrs. W.W. Heath of Christiana. Brother; George W. Mullins.
Murphey,Ellen (Miss),,88,Feb 22, ,1940,pg 3,Buried Wartrace Cemt. Last member of her family. Nieces Mrs. John V. McCall of Texas, Mrs. George Campbell of Springfield, Misses Olivia and Mary Alderman of Wartrace and R.J. and C.B. Murphy of California.
Murphy,Ann (Mrs),Anderson,36,Jun 27, ,1940,pg 4,Drown in Dayton Ohio. Buried in Unionville Cemt. Father; Jim Anderson of Unionville. 2 sisters; Miss Myrtle Anderson and Miss Ethel anderson both of Nashville. 2 brothers; Yeargan and John Leonard Anderson of Los Angeles California.
Myers,Lizzie (Miss),,80,Nov 28, ,1940,pg 1,Parents; William and Mary Jane Davidson Myers. Grandfathers; Abram Myers and John Q. Davidson. Cousins; Stanley Thompson and Miss Dump Thompson. Sister; Mrs. J.R. McCravey of Forest Miss. Nieces and Nephews not named. First Cousins; Mrs. T.F. Bates, Stanley Thompson and Vance Davidson of Shelbyville, Albert Hooser, Mrs. J.L. Walker and Embree Arnold of Wartrace.
Neely,Ellie,Lentz,60,May 23, ,1940,pg 3,Buried Mt. Lebanon Methodist Church Cemt. Husband R.A. Neely. 3 brothers; Thomas, Arthur and Joe Lentz.
Nichols,Charlie ,,48,Feb 15, ,1940,pg 4,Died of Pneumonia. Wife and 4 children not named. Shipped to Ellington MO for burial.
Nichols,Huff,,34,Jun 20, ,1940,pg 7,Parents; Moseley Nichols and the late Ruby McNeal Nichols. Buried Old Orchard Cemt. Wife; Mrs. Lena Huff. 2 sons; Lester Huff and Don Gibson Nichols. brother; Franklin Gibson Nichols of Shelbyville.
Noah,Thomas Adrain,,68,Jun 13, ,1940,pg 3,Buried in Rose Hill in Fayetteville. Widow; Mrs. Sadie May Noah. Daughter; Mrs. L.K. Williams of Shelbyville, Mrs. Clyde Bills of Lewisburg, Mrs. Earnie Lee Bills of Belfast and Mrs. James Jones of Shelbyville. Sons; Clyde R. Noah of Nashville. Thomas Noah of Shelbyville and Louis and John Noah of Bedford County. 3 sisters and 3 brothers not named.
Norris,Thelma,,35,Jul 25, ,1940,pg 6,Husband; Charles Norris. 5 small children not named. Buried in Willow Mt.
Norton,Nannie,Ashley,81,Mar 28, ,1940,pg 1,Parents; Sandford and Martha Jakes Ashley. 3 brothers; W.S. Ashley of Shelbyville, J.S. Ashley of Manchester, O.N. Ashley of Columbia. Son-in-law W.B. Ashley of Beech Grove. 2 grandsons S.P. Norton and Medicus Norton of Calif.
Norvell - Smith,Mary ,Burr,91,Oct 10, ,1940,pg 7,Buried in Hazel Cemt. 1st husband John Spencer Norvell. 2nd husband; Jasper Smith. 2 sons; Capt Eugene Norvell of Atlanta, John S. Norvell of Bell Buckle. 2 grand children; Mrws. Louise Burks of New York City and Don Norvell of Bell Buckle. 3 great grandchildren; Richard Burks of Atlanta and Jane Burks of New York City. (only 2 named)
Nowlin,John Washington,,59,Sept 12, ,1940,pg 7,Buried in Willow Mt. Wife Mrs. Linnie Kingston Nowlin. Daughter; Miss Margaret Nowlin of Shelbyville. Sons; Edgar, Fred, Roy and James L. Nowlin of Shelbyville, J.W. Nowlin of Chattanooga and Bryant Nowlin of Rome Ga. Brother; Swanson Nowlin of Norris.
Orr,John Ewell,,74,Aug 15, ,1940,pg 3,Buried in Pleasant Valley Cemt. Parents; John Rufus Orr and Mrs. Lucinda Shaw Orr. Wife; Maggie J. McGowan who died in 1927. Marrie Miss Dovie Gregg in 1931. Daughter; Mrs. Neal Womble of Shelbyville. 2 sons; Robert Orr of Unionville and John Orr of Lake City. Sister; Mrs. Lela Osteen of Oklahoma City. Brother; Sam C. Orr of Shelbyville.
Orr,John Ewell,,,Sept 12,,1940,pg 7,Card of Thanks; Mrs. John Ewell Orr, Mr and Mrs. Robert Orr, Mr and Mrs. Neal Womble, Mr and Mrs S.C. Orr, Mr and Mrs. R.S. Orr, Mrs. Kate Orr, and eight grand children.
Osteen,Rufus Brandford,,47,May 30, ,1940,pg 1,World War Vet. Wife Gladys Scott Osteen. Son C.W. Osteen. Father Geo W. Osteen of Chicksha Okla. 4 sisters; Mrs. Earl Locke of Shelbyville, Mrs. Paul Wallace of Petersburg, Mrs. Foly Bell, Mrs. Charles Jasper of Chickasha, Okla. 2 brothers; George C. Osteen of Okla City and Jno. Richard Osteen of Shelbyville.
Parker,John William,,44,May 16, ,1940,pg 2,Buried Willow Mt. Widow not named. 2 daughters; Mrs. Vopial Warren of Chestnut Ridge and Mrs. Horace Parker. 4 sons; Norman, Johnnie, Paul Edward and J.C. Parker all of Shelbyville.
Parks,May,Logan,,Jun 6, ,1940,pg 1,Parents; Berry Logan and Mary Parker Logan. Husband A.L. Parks. Died in Kansas City Missouri. Married in Dec 1885. Grand daughter; Miss Jacquelin Parks of St. Louis Missouri. Deceased son; Captain Hugh Parks. Buried Kansas City.
Parks,May,Logan,,Aug 1, ,1940,pg 7,A.L. Parks wrote "In Memory of My Beloved Wife May Logan Parks". Born; May 9, 1886 in Bedford County. Father Berry Logan a soldier of note. Mother was the daughter of the late Reverend Joseph Parker. They were married in 1885.
Parks,A. Lee,,75,Dec 25, ,1940,pg 1,Died in Kansas City Missouri. Married to Miss May Logan who died a few months ago. Brother; Dennis Parks of St. Louis Mo. Grand daughter; Miss Jacquelyn Parks of St. Louis Mo. Buried in Kansas City. Parents lived in th old Joe Kimery farm.
Parsons,Jake M.,,80,Sept 12, ,1940,pg 7,Well known farmer. 2 sisters; Misses Prudence and Fannie Parsons. Brother; A.R. Parsons of Stockton Calif.
Patterson,Herschel Porter,,72,Feb 15, ,1940,pg 7,Buried Willow Mt. Died Feb 7, 1940. Wife Willie Meador Patterson. 2 sons; Elbert and Cleburne. Granddaughter; Olivia Patterson. Sister; Mrs. Essie Lee Payne of New Orleans. Brother; Finis Ewing Patterson of Des Moines Iowa.
Paty,Zula,Muse,74,Jul 25, ,1940,pg 1,Husband; R.M. Paty. 8 children; Mrs. Lion Mann of Atlanda Ga, Mrs.Lynn Mayfield of Glasgow Ky, Mrs. E.H. Barksdale wife of Dr. Barksdale of Nashville, R. Morris Paty Jr. who is in China, Dr. Raymond R. Paty of Birmingham Ala, Dr. Harold E. Paty of Nashville, John Collins Paty of Elizabethton and Wayne Paty of Bell Buckle. Sisters; Mrs. T.N. Kinnebrew of Atlanta, Mrs Mattie Elkins of Lexington Okla. Buried Hazel Cemt.
Paul,Horace E.,,42,May 16, ,1940,pg 2,Buried Willow Mt. Wife not named. Daughters; Hazel, Dorris and Ruby Jewell. 2 sons; Carl and William. 2 sisters; Mrs. Henry Shapard of Chapel Hill and Mrs. Floyd Galfraith of Columbia. 5 brothers; Basil, Bennette and Clifton of Chapel Hill, Robert of Murfreesboro and Arnold of Shelbyville and his parents Mr and Mrs. J.O. Paul of Chapel Hill.
Peebles,Clay Dyer,,44,Jun 6, ,1940,pg 1,Parents Mrs. Clay Peebles Sr. and the late Dr. Peebles. Wife; Mary Tune Peebles. Mother; Mamie Dyer Peebles. Brother; Edwin Peebles.
Pendergrass,Tennie ,Brown,33,May 23, ,1940,pg 3,Husband I.B. Pendergrass. Buried Hurricane Grove Cemt. Mother; Mrs. J.W. Walls. Step-father not named. Brother; Bud J. Brown.
Posey,Fannie Elizabeth,Waters,54,Dec 12, ,1940,pg 5,Daughters; Mrs. L.B. Bledsoe, Mrs. Ruth Curtiss and Miss Flssie Posey. 2 sons; Albert and Elmer Posey. Buried Willow Mt. Parents; Carolyn Helton and Robert Waters. Husband; Henry Posey. Sister; Miss Ann Waters. 2 brothers; Boss Waters of Shelbyville and Tom Waters of Nashville.
Posey,Charley,,66,May 30, ,1940,pg 3,Wife; not named. 3 daughters; Mary, Maragaret and Pearl Posey. 2 sons; Robert and Charlie Posey.
Potts,J.B. (Mr),,77,Jun 20, ,1940,pg 8,Daughter; Miss Mary Potts. Wife; Mrs. Jennie O'Neal died several years ago.
Preuit,Frank,,79,Jun 20, ,1940,pg 8,Buried Oakwood Cemt. Born near Decatur Ala. Wife Mrs. Willie Irvin Preuit. Daughter; Mrs. E.I.Hitt of Tullahoma. Son; W.B. Preuit of Houston TX. Sister Mrs. Forrest Sims of Cullman Ala.
Price, Charlie,,56,Jun 6, ,1940,pg 4,Buried in Hurricane Grove Cemt. Son James Price of Hurricane Grove community.
Prince, Elizabeth,,9m,Apr 18, ,1940,pg 8,Parents; Mr and Mrs. H.L. Prince. 2 brothers; Knox and Orin Prince. 1 sister; Julia Virginia Prince.
Prince, Orrie (Mrs),Hix,62,Aug 29,,1940,pg 2,Husband Eustace Prince. Died Aug 21, 1940. Buried in Bomar Cemt. Daughter Julia Prince. 2 sons; Clyde Princed of Tullahoma and Robin Prince of Shelbyville. Sister; Mrs. L.J. Green of Endsley Ala. Brother; Huh Hi8x of Washington D.C.
Prince, Pete,,69,Jan 4, ,1940,pg 2,Buried Crowell Chapel. No survivors other than several cousins.
Ray, Nannie ,Cole,72,Mar 28, ,1940,pg 1,Buried at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church Cemt. Widow of Mark Ray Sr. who died in 1902. 4 sons; Giles Ray of Shelbyville, Jesse Ray of Gladeville, Mack Ray of california, Ivy Ray of Texas. 2 brothers; Willie Cole of Murfreesboro and Walter Cole of Shelbyville. 2 sisters; Mrs. Hogan of Rober and Mrs. Thomas Foster of Shelbyville.
Reagor, Nora ,Whitworth,,Feb 15, ,1940,pg 7,Husband; J.C. Reagor. Moved to Rutherford County in 1908. Son; Clyde Reagor. 2 daughters; Mrs. T.N. McCord, Mrs. Paul Tipping. Grandson; Paul Tipping Jr.
Reed, Guy (Mrs),,31,Apr 4, ,1940,pg 2,Buried in Willow Mt. husband, 3 children (none named) and mother; Mrs. Sadie Clanton.
Reed, G. N. (Mrs),Woosley,65,May 23, ,1940,pg 3,Buried New Hope Cemt. Husband G.N. Reed. Daughter; Louise Reed. 4 sons; Clyde, Edward, Jean Reed of Shelbyville and Hubbard Reed of Chattanooga. 2 sisters; Mrs. Mary Reynolds of Fla, Mrs. Annie Brown of Shelbyville. 3 brothers; A.W. Woosley of Shelbyville, Frank Woosley of Chapel Hill, C.P. Woosley of Rowesville.
Rees, Alton H.,,48,Sept 19, ,1940,pg 7,Wife; Mrs. Aline Bolander Rees. Daughter; Miss Inez Rees both of Detroit. 2 sisters; Mrs. Lee Hayes and Mrs. Gene Bobo of Shelbyville. 3 sister in laws; Mrs. Jess Mullins, Mrs. Clay Towry and Mrs. Mark Houston. Brother in law John Bolander all of Lincoln County.
Riggs, Adam,,57,Aug 8, ,1940,pg 4,Buried in Willow Mt. Parents; William K and Minnie Curtis Riggs. Wife not named. Daughter; Mrs. Baxter L. Cook of Murfreesboro. 2 sisters; Misses Sue and Jessie Riggs both of Nashville. 2 brothers; William and Derry Riggs of Murfreesboro. Step mother Mrs. Ruth Riggs Nashville.
Rittenberry, Hiram H.,,66,Apr 11, ,1940,pg 1,Wife not named. Daughter Mrs. Tom Reese. 2 sisters, Mrs. Mike Yancy and Mrs. J.S. McConnell. 2 brothers; John and Will Rittenberry and one sister-in-law Miss Sallie Vernon. Buried in Willow Mt.
Rittenberry, Hiram,,,Apr 25, ,1940,pg 4,Card of Thanks from, Mrs. Hiram H. Rittenberry, Mr and Mrs. Tom Reese, Sally Vernon.
Rogers, Robert H.,,73,Feb 22, ,1940,pg 3,Formerly of Bell Buckle. Died Fresno Calif. Wife; Jeannette Rogers. 4 children; Mrs. Vordie Ivy, Mrs. Clatey Rogers of Indianapolis, John Rogers of Los Angles and Robert H. Rogers Jr. of Clovis Calif. Buried Clovis Cemt.
Rucker, Reed,,,May 2, ,1940,pg 8,Bell Buckle news; Lived in Nashville. Mrs. Rucker was formerly Miss Louise Williams, daughter of Mrs. Williams of Bell Buckle.
Russell, A. L. (Mr),,47,May 23, ,1940,pg 1,Buried Wartrace Cemt. Mayor of Wartrace. Wfe; Mrs. Jessie Dean Russell. Daughter; Miss Annie Lee Russell. Sisters; Mrs. Lee Senter and Mrs. Gus Wood of Chattanooga. 2 brothers; Tom Russell of Phoenix, Ariz and Eugen Russell of Nashville. Card of Thanks May 30, 1940 page 6 - Mrs. Aubrey L. Russell and Annie Russell.
Sanders, Scott,,84,Jan 4, ,1940,pg 1,Niece Mrs. Edwin Shapard. Brother; William Sanders. Buried Willow Mounty
Scales, Alton David,,2,Aug 22, ,1940,pg 2,card of thanks. Baby of Mr and Mrs. Walter Scales. Isabelle (sister?). Mrs. Wenona Scales and Vassa, Mr and Mrs. C.A. Molder and family (no relationship told). Page 4 obit. Died in Nashville. Grandparetns Mr and Mrs C.A. Molder. Buried in Pleasant Grove Cemt. Sister; Isabelle Scales. Grand mother; Wenona Scales. 4 aunts and 1 uncle not named.
Sehorn, Lena Melissa,,79,Sept 12,,1940,pg 1,Died at home of her daughters; Mrs. Allen S. Kimbro of Nashville. Grand-daughter; Mrs. Pauline Stephens of Chicago.
Sharpe, Maggie,Jackson,38,Oct 31, ,1940,pg 6,Husband Clarence W. Sharpe. Buried Spring Hill Cemt. Mother; Mrs. Lula Jackson of Nashville. Brother; Thos. Jackson of Unionville. Sister; Mrs. Marvin Martin. Several brothers and sisters not named.
Shaw, Ernest ,,56,Oct 24, ,1940,pg 6,Buried Swanson Cemt. Daughter; Mrs. R. Cole of Nashivlle. Sister; Mrs. Edgar Turner of Shelbyville. 4 brothers; Herbert and Lynn Shaw of Nashville and Will and Clifton Shaw of Chapel Hill.
Shaw, Samuel Tilden,,63,Sept 12,,1940,pg 2,Died at Poplin's Cross Road. Buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery. Wife; Mrs. Minie Orr Shaw. 1 daughters; Mrs. Kimery Grissom of Poplins Cross Roads. 1 son; Robert L. Shaw of Shelbyville. Sister; Mrs. Robert Eldridge of Ky and 2 brothers; W.S. Shaw of Oklahoma and T.E. Shaw of Clinton Ky.
Shearin, Newton, Frederick ,66,May 2, ,1940,pg 1,Lived Van Alstyne, TX. Brother; W.T. Shearin of Fayetteville. Died in Fayetteville. Wife not named. 2 daughters; Mrs. J.R.D. Moore of TX, Mrs. J. W. Herberling of Los Angeles, Calif. 3 sons; not named.
Sheffield, John S.,,88,Jan 25, ,1940,pg 1,Died in New Mexico. Daughter; Mrs. Guy Faris of New Mexico. Widower of Cora Landis of Unionville. 4 children; Mrs. Chrystine Presley of Oklahoma City, Okla, Mrs. Lorene Selman of Texico, New Mexico, Mrs. Lois Faris of Clovin and a son J.R. Sheffield of Bremerton Washington.
Sheffield, John S.,,88,Feb 1, ,1940,pg 1,Daughter; Mrs.Lois (Guy) Faris of Clovis New Mexico, Mrs. Chrystine Presle of Oklahoma, Mrs. Lorene Selman of Texico New Mexico, and son J.R. Sheffield of Bremerton Wash. Died Jan 18. Wife Mrs. Cora Landis of Unionville since 1898.
Shofner, Robert N.,,75,Aug 15, ,1940,pg 7,Died in Nashville. Buried Spring Hill Cemt. Parents; Albert Jenkins Shofner and Eran Landis Shofner. 3 daughters; Mrs. S.M. Cherry, Mrs. H.C. Laughren and Mss Gladys Shfner. 2 sons; Robert R. Shofner of Nashville and Alvin L. Shofner of Richmond. 2 brothers; Joe T. Shofner of Nashville and D.J. Shofner of Haley Tenn.
Short, Mary ,Cline,43,Dec 5, ,1940,pg 2,Husband; Edward Preston Short. Buried in Odear Cemetery in Franklin County. Born in Knoxville; Parents; James Hamilton Cline and Caldenia Rutherford Cline. 2 daughters; Miss Mary Esther Short and Miss Julia Anne Short. 2 sons; Charles Preston Short and Paul E. Short. 2 sisters and 2 brothers of Knoxville not named.
Shriver, Berry D.,,65,Mar 7, ,1940,pg 1,Retired Nashville attorney died in Nashville. Buried Mt. Olivet Cemt. Wife Mrs. Bessie Harvey Shriver. 2 brothers; Thomas A. Shriver of Nashville and Sidney Shriver of Wartace. 4 sisters; Mrs. John Carothers of Wartrace, Mrs. W.E. Dabbs of Toxey Ala, Mrs. W.L. Weems of Shubuta Miss and Mrs John Bailey of Quitman Miss.
Simmons, Gus T.,,74,Oct 3, ,1940,pg 4,Son: Horace Simmons. Wife; not named. other children not named.
Sipsey, L. M. (Mr),,66,Feb 22, ,1940,pg 3,Wife; Willie Smellshear Sipsey. Daughters; Mrs. Bertha Hollinsworth and Mrs. Addie May Burr both of Georgia. 2 sons; Arie Sipsey and Mark Sipsey.
Smalling, Mary (Miss),,88,Feb 29, ,1940,pg 1,Niece Mrs. Lillian Murdock, Mrs. Fred Hoover of Shelbyville, Mrs. Will Buchanan of Bell Buckle, Mrs. J.A. Ritter of Nashville, Mrs. Mary Clark of Gainesboro, Mrs. J.A. Goodpasture Bristol. Nephews; Clarence Smalling of Bell Buckle, Arthur Smalling of Knoxville.
Smith, Willie (Mrs),,47,May 16, ,1940,pg 4,Buried Willow Mt. 3 step sons not named
Smith, Adna (Mrs),Smotherman,60,Jul 4, ,1940,pg 8,Buried Smotherman Cemt. Daughter of Joe S. and Josephine Smotherman. 4 sons; Brandom and Felix Smith of Christiana B.T. Smith of Knoxville, Monroe Smith of Key West, Fla. 2 daughters; Mrs. John Sledge of Christiana and Mrs. Roney Schenck of Chattanooga. 3 brothers; E.F. and J.D. and L.J.T. Smotherman all of Christiana. Sister; Mrs Annie Smotherman of Bedford County.
Smith, J. Newton,,65,Feb 1, ,1940,pg 4,Buried in Wartrace Cemt. Wife Mrs. Grace Smith. Daughter; Mrs. Frances McConn, of Fla. Son; J.N. Smith Jr. of Allen Park Mich. 2 sisters; Mrs. Della Cunningham, Mrs. Lettie Jones of Wartrace. 2 brothers; Edd Smith of Linden and Ollie Smith of Bell Buckle.
Smith, Fulton (Mrs),,31,Apr 11, ,1940,pg 2,Buried in Mt. Herman. Husband and 4 small children, Virgie Lee, Dottie Marie, Harold and Bobbie. 4 brothers; Will, Ed and Floyd Eslick of Winchester and Mai Eslick of Fayetteville.
Smith, Floyd G.,,36,Jan 4, ,1940,pg 1,Buried Willlow Mt. Native of Lincoln County. Wife Roberta Swing Smith. 2 daughters; Helen and Nelda Smith. Father; Harve Smith. Sister Mrs. Joe Moore. 4 brothers; Leonard, Clarence, Clyde and Emmett Smith.
Smith - Norvell,Mary,Burr,91,Oct 10, ,1940,pg 7,Buried in Hazel Cemt. 1st husband John Spencer Norvell. 2nd husband; Jasper Smith. 2 sons; Capt Eugene Norvell of Atlanta, John S. Norvell of Bell Buckle. 2 grand children; Mrws. Louise Burks of New York City and Don Norvell of Bell Buckle. 3 great grandchildren; Richard Burks of Atlanta and Jane Burks of New York City. (only 2 named)
Smotherman, Joe C.,,87,May 2, ,1940,pg 6,Lived in Christiana communnity. Buried in the Clements Cemetery in Davidson County. 2 daughters; Mrs. F.A Garner, Miss Rose Smotherman of Christiana. 3 sons; E.W. Smotherman of Wartrace, W.L. Smotherman of Nashville, and H.H. Smotherman of Dayton, Ohio. 2 sisters; Mrs. John Hill of Barfield, Mrs. W.C. Pope of Link.
Smotherman, B.H.,,45,Jan 11, ,1940,pg 6,Buried in Haynes Cemt. Sister; Mrs. J.C. McCord. 2 brothers; Grover of Bedford County, W.M. Smotherman of Madison TN
Smotherman, Cassie,Carlton,65,Feb 8, ,1940,pg 4,Widow of Robert Lee Smotherman. Buried Cawthron Cemt. Mrs. Leverette was reared by Cassie Smotherman. 4 sisters; Mrs. Dora Holden, Mrs. J.E. Lovorn, Mrs. Sallie Douglas of Unionville, Mrs. Florence Baugh of Gladesville. 2 brothers; Kit Carlton of Unionville and Crockett Carlton of Triune.
Snell, James Wiley,,81,Jan 18, ,1940,pg 1,Reverend died near Flat Creek. Buried in Flat Creek. Wife Dell Friddle Snell. 3 sons; Albert Lee of Los Angeles Calif, Oscar J. Snel and Thomas Edward Snell both of Chicago Ill. Daughter; Mrs. Ed Roper of Trussville Ala. Brother; Charlie Snell of Shelbyville.
Snell, Clarence,,,Oct 17, ,1940,pg 1,Daughters; Mrs. Alfred Farrar wife of Dr. Farrar of Shelbyville and Miss Anne Snell a student of Vanderbilt in Nashville. Wife former Miss Estelle Moore the daughter of the late Arch G. Moore. Parents; Thomas Moody Snelland Alice Carlisle Snell. Sisters; Mrs. Granville T. Carter Sr. and Mrs. Tom Rowzee Sr and one brother; Moody Snell. Wife died in 1938.
Snell, Albert F. (Dr),,,Jan 4, ,1940,pg 1,Moved in fall to Cleveland Ohio. Son Dr. C.H. Snell of Ohio.
Snell, George Calvin,,62,Jan 4, ,1940,pg 1,2 sons; Newman and Robert of Nashville. daughter; Mrs. Floyd Gentry. 6 sisters, 3 brothers, 3 grand children. Buied Piagah Cemetery near Singleton.
Sorrells, W.T.,,24,May 9, ,1940,pg 1,Mother; Mrs. Gladys Moore of Bledsoe. Buried Shelbyville Cemt. Wife; Mrs. Marie Anderson Sorrells. 3 sisters; Mrs. Evelyn Moore, Mrs. Virginia Curlee, Mrs. Edith Newsom. Brother; Ray of Shelbyville (no last name listed on Brother).
Sparks, Gabe (Mrs),,,Oct 3, ,1940,pg 7,Resolution on the death of Mrs. Gabe Sparks who died Aug 26, 1940. by Missionary Society.
Sparks, Gabriel (Mrs),,67,Sept 12, ,1940,pg 7,Buried at Shofner's Chapel Church Cemt. Parents George and Mary Jenkins Slater. Grand-daughter of William Jenkins.
Spence, Bertha (Mrs),,49,May 16, ,1940,pg 2,Buried Midland Cemt. Husband Rencher Spence. 2 daughters; Mrs. Lady Powell of TX, Mrs. Susie Mae Walker of Nashville. 2 step-sons; Ira Spence of Vannata and Ernest Spence of Murfreesboro.
Stem, Nancy ,Smotherman,82,Nov 29, ,1940,pg 7,Buried in Cawthon Cemt. Daughter; Mrs. Effie Bowen of Rucker. 3 sons; R.L. Stem of Wayside, J.W. Stem of Lebanon Pike and Jimmie Stem of Bedford County.
Stephens, Jemimia Katherine,,74,Aug 22, ,1940,pg 2,Parents Dr. J.P. McManus and Nancy Anderton McManus. 2 daughters; Mrs. Myrtle Fulton of Nashville, Mrs. Carmie Warren of New Hermon. 5 sons; Louis Srtephens of Chattanooga, Clarence Stephens of Ooltawah, Berry Stephens of Fat Creek, Ed Stephens of Shelbyville, Lacy Stephens of Richmond Va. 3 sisters; Mrs. Nettie McClinnie of Flat Creek, Mrs. Alice Metcalf of Chattanooga dn Mrs. Sallie Regan of Tullahoma. 1 brother; D McManus of Tullahoma.
Stone, J. B. (Mr),,84,Sept 12, ,1940,pg 7,Daughter A.H. Carpenter of Haley. 4 sons not named. Buried in a wooded hill top plot selected by Mr. Stone and marked with a monument during his life.
Sutton, Clarence Lee,,59,Mar 7, ,1940,pg 1,Buried Hart's Chapel. Wife Matilda Tucker Sutton. Daughter; Mrs. Ocie Goodall of O. (?), 3 sons; Cecil, Finley and Lucain Sutton.
Talley, Bertha,,57,Feb 15, ,1940,pg 7,Parents James and Margaret Talley. Buried Old Orchard Cemt. 4 sisters; Mrs. Annie Harris, Miss Ella Taley and Mrs. D.B. Lane of Petersburg, Mrs Jim Perry of Huntsville. 4 brothers; Edwin Talley of Tyrone Okla, Charles Talley of Fayetteville, Clarencre Talley of St Louis Mo and Boone Talley of Shelbyville.
Tate, Hall (Mr) Sr.,,,May 16, ,1940,pg 1,Lived in VA. Wife; Eliza Poole Cleveland Tate who was a sister of Jesse Cleveland. Son and daughter not named.
Taylor, W. A. (Mr),,,Apr 4, ,1940,pg 4,Buried in Mulberry Cemt. Wiife not named, Daughter Carmack Russell. 2 sisters; Mrs. Eugene McGee and Mrs. Ray Tucker of Fayetteville.
Taylor, James B. (Squire),,57,Sept 19, ,1940,pg 2,For 16 years a member of the Rutherford County Court. Wife; Mrs. Fannie Powers Taylor. Daughter; Miss Ruth Taylor of Eagleville. 3 sisters; Mrs. T.L. Taylor and Mrs. B.T. Taylor of Eagleville and Mrs. Adelia Sudberry fo Chapel Hill. 4 brothers; J.R. and Clarence Taylor of Fort Worth, Texas, Frank Taylor of Akron Ohio and W.C. Taylor of Rover Tenn.
Temple, Ella (Mrs),Wilkinson,,Jul 11, ,1940,pg 1,Husband; Will Temple. Orginally from Winchester. 1 daughter; Mrs. James H. Reed Jr. Son; James Preston Temple . Sister; Miss Berta Wilkinson.
Thomas, Birdie ,Bailey,73,May 9, ,1940,pg 1,Buried in the Mulberry Cemt in Lincoln County. Widow of George C. Thomas of Howell Station. Parents; Mr and Mrs Cullen Bailey. 3 brothers; Hardie Bailey of Mulberry, Clyde Bailey of Nashville and Will Bailey of Fort Worth Texas. Sister Mrs. Geo P. Evans of Shelbyville. Adopted daughter; Mrs. Garnett Liggett of Chattanooga. Cousin Mrs. W. A. Frost.
Thomas, Walter C.,,67,Mar 7, ,1940,pg 1,Died in house fire. 2 daughters; Mrs. Thomas Cartwright and Mrs. Robbie Stallings. 2 brothers; George Thomas of Davis Okla and Jno. E. Thomas of Welford Okla. 2 sisters; Mrs. Carrie Canterberry of Mongomery Ala and Mrs Logan Ray of Nashville.
Thompson, G. E.,,58,Feb 29, ,1940,pg 8,Wife Jennie Roberts Thompson. Son; Estell Thompson of Shelbyville. Grand-daughter; Beverly Thompson. 2 half sisters; Mrs Ruth Broome of Centerville and Mrs Agnes Johnson of Dalhart of TX. 3 brothers; Charlie of Tullahoma, Jim and Eugene of Eartrace. Buried in Willow Mt.,
Thompson, Tennie,Parsons,80,Jan 11, ,1940,pg 4,Buried Willow Mt. 7 sons; Robert, Jake, A.B. Bell and Herbert of Shelbyville, Bright of Bedford County and Marvin of Nashivlle. 2 daughters; Mrs. Beuna Wiliams, Mrs. Henry Hank of Arkansas. 3 sisters; Mrs. J.B. Molder, Mrs Pink Wheeler and Mrs. E.C. Foster. Brother; G.N. Parsons.
Thompson, Robert Eugene,,63,Dec 25, ,1940,pg 1,Buried in family Cemt near Wartrace. Wife; Mrs. Reba Conwell Thompson. 2 brothers; Charles Thompson of Tullahoma and James Thompson of Wartrace. 2 half sisters; Mrs. Thomas Brown of Shelbyville and Mrs. Clyde Johnson of Oklahoma.
Tiller, Maria Elizabeth,,95,Feb 1, ,1940,pg 1,2 sons; John Thomas and Benjamin Timothy of Flordia. Husband Rev Benjamin Franklin Tiller died 60 years ago in Memphis. Buried Willow Mt.
Tillett, Delana (Mrs),,90,Jun 13, ,1940,pg 3,Buried Bomar Cemt. 5 daughters; Mrs. Ethel Brinkley of Tullahoma, Mrs Mary Williams, Mrs. Lizzie Wise, Mrs. Addie Wise, Mrs. Josie Reynolds of this county and 4 sons; Emmett, Arthur, Andrew and Joe Tilletts.
Troop, William,,47,Oct 10, ,1940,pg 3,Parents; Mr and Mrs. Thomas Troop. Wife; Dora Gray Troop. Son; William Troop and 4 daughters not named.
Turner, Joseph H.,,70,Apr 11, ,1940,pg 2,Widow not named. 2 daughters; Mrs. Frank Harris of Ohio and Mrs. Archie Cooper of Shelbyville. 3 sons; Edgar, William Henry and Joseph Robert Turner. Step daughter; Mrs. Julia Savage Hampton of Nashvillle. Buried in Willow Mt. Young daughter who died in Jan 12, 1940.
Turner, J. Ben,,80,Feb 8, ,1940,pg 6,Buried Lone Oak Cemt. Married in 1882 to Miss Mary Ann Blackburn Thomas. 2 sons; Roy Turner of Farmington and the late Clyde Turner. 2 brothers; S.J. and John Turner of Lewisburg.
Vance, Dixon C.,,62,Feb 8, ,1940,pg 1,Parents; Rev. Daniel B. Vance and Mrs. Bettie Brewer Vance. Never married live with 89 year old mother and sister Miss Zora Vance. Sister, Mrs. Roy Freeman. 3 brothers; D.B. Vance, Jr. and Philip Vance of Chatttanooga nd Gray Vance of Bell Buckle.
Vandergriff, Robert D.,,,Dec 19, ,1940,pg 1,Wife not named. Daugher; Mrs. Gladys Novelty of Chicago. 2 sons; Raymond of Chicago and Robert Lee Vandergriff of Shelbyville.
Wallace, Elizabeth (Miss),,75,Apr 25, ,1940,pg 2,Buried in Burns Cemt. Half brother George Wallace of Waco Texas.
Wallis, John Pratt,,82,Apr 11, ,1940,pg 2,Buried Houston Whitworth Cemt. Wife not named. Daughter; Mrs. Jack Neil of Deason.
Wanamaker, Charles,,,May 2, ,1940,pg 6,Wife;Former Miss Ray Johns of Murfreesboro. 2 brothers; Frank and Albert Wanamaker of New York. Sister not named. Sister in law Mrs. O.H. Davis of Shelbyville. Buried Colorado Springs in Colo.
Warden, Jim,,86,Mar 7, ,1940,pg 2,Buried in the Booneville Cemt. Second wife not named. Daughter by first wife Mrs. Bob Carroll of Booneville.
Warren, John W.,,76,Aug 8, ,1940,pg 6,Died on Chestnut Ridge. 2 daughters; not named. 2 sons only son T.T. Warren named.
Watkins, Albert Gallatin,,92,Nov 28, ,1940,pg 7,Son; Horace Watkins. Buried Watkins family cemetery at Midland. Mr. Watkins reared Gladys Royal an orphan until she was 12 years old. Then she moved to California and married and was the motehr of the famous movie actress, Loretta Young and of Sallie Blaine, another picture actress.
Welch, Sarah Malissa,Welch,86,Aug 29, ,1940,pg 2,Buried at Bedford Cemt. Parents; Frederick Brown and Matilda Cunningham Brown. Married J.J. Delk and after his death married Dave Welch. Daughter; Mrs. Will Cleek. Son; John Delk of Shelbyville. Brothers; Benjamin Brown of McEwen, Tenn.
Wells, Emmett,,61,Jan 11,,1940,pg 1,Buried Woodlawn. Wife; Mrs. Sadie Burger Wells. Son; Thomas Emmett Well Jr. Daughter; Mrs. Robert D. Fulsher Jr. 3 sisters; Mrs. H.L. Moore, Mrs. D.M. Street, Mrs. Jennie McTaggart. Brothers; E.J. and H.J. Wells. 2 half brothers; Will S. and O.D. Wells.
West, Nina,Sharp,75,Mar 7, ,1940,pg 2,Died in Murfreesboro. Buried in Evergreen. Widow of Dave West. Sons, Walter, Sam and Will West all of Murfreesboro. Daughter of Cannon and Boone Families. Parents; Anderson and Agatha Winfield Sharp of Bedford County. Grand daughter of General Robert Cannon. Husband; Jeff D. Nelson. Sons; N.T. Nelson of New York City, Boone Nelson of Chattanooga. Daughter Mrs. Gladys Nelson Krainger of Nashville. Sister Mrs. Aldah Thompson of Decatur Ala.
Wheeler, John Martin,,44,Nov 14, ,1940,pg 3,Died in St. Louis. Buried in Pressgrove. Wife not named. Daughter Audrey Anne Wheeler of St. Louis. Paretns Mr and Mrs. W.N. Wheeler of Bell Buckle. 3 brothers; Oscar, Elmer and Horace Wheeler of Detroit Mich.
Wheeler, Riley J.,,64,Mar 7, ,1940,pg 2,Buried at the Wheeler Cemt. Husband Riley Wheeler. Daughter Mrs. Gertrude Wilkerson. Son Amos Wheeler. Sister; Mrs. Lewis Shumaker of Fla. 3 brothers; Joe Green of Calif, Dave Green High Springs Fla and Tom Green of Shelbyvile.
Wheeler, Darling (Mr),,88,Feb 15, ,1940,pg 7,Buried Pressgrove Cemt. 2 daughters; Mrs. J.R. Landis of Nashville, Mrs. Callie Dobson of Lawrenceburg. 2 sons; George of Nashville and J.R Wheeler of Eagleville. Sister; Mrs. Lida Harrison. Brother; Pink Wheeler of Shelbyville.
White, Fonsie,,54,Jul 4, ,1940,pg 4,Buried in Simpson Cemt. 4 sons; Alfred, Clyde, Claude White of Christiana and Earl White of Rover. 5 sisters; Mrs. Howard Jernigan of Decatur Ala, Mrs. Sercy Reed of Unionville, Mrs. Frank O'Brien of Christiana, Mrs. Alfred Carlton of Eagleville, Mrs. Sam Logue of Chapel Hill and one brother Polk White of Columbia.
White, Howard Russell,,11,Dec 12, ,1940,pg 2,Parents Mr and Mrs Jesse White. 3 sisters; Mrs. Louise Liggett of Palmetto, Pauline and Mable White. 5 brothers; James, Jesse, Jr. Douglas, Billy and Bobby White. Grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Wroth Brown of Rover and Mark White.
Whiteside, John Finley (Dr),,86,Apr 25, ,1940,pg 6,Buried in Hazel Cemt. Retired Pharmacist. Parents; Thomas C. and Mrs. Margaret Robinson Whiteside of Shelbyville. Last of 11 children. Married to Miss Ella White over 30 years ago. 2 daughters; Miss Martha and Miss Margaret White. Son; John Finley Whiteside Jr. all of Nashville.
Williams, Carl (Mrs),,,Aug 29, ,1940,pg 6,Died of a fatal car wreck. Father and step mother; Mr and Mrs. Ollie Gant. 2 sisters; Misses Mamie and Ruby Gant. Buried in Willow Mt.
Williams, Beulah Snoddy,,68,Mar 14, ,1940,pg 1,Widow of Charles G. Williams who died 14 years ago. Son; George W. Williams of Baden N.C.. Brother; James Snoddy of Shelbyville. Grand-daughter; Miss Rosemary Williams of Nashville. Daughter in law; Mrs. Hollis A. Williams.
Williams, J. W. (Mr),,92,Feb 1, ,1940,pg 4,Parents; Clem and Tabitha Barnes Williams. 8 children not named. Grandchild; Mrs. Henry Brown. Nieces; Mrs T.G. Jennings, Mrs. T.L. Thompson and Mrs. R. S. Landers.
Williams, Felix (Dr),,79,Apr 18, ,1940,pg 3,Sister-in-law Mrs. B.A. Clary Sr. of Bell Buckle. Dr. Felix Williams lived in Hot Springs Ark. 50 years ago he married Miss Cora Gannaway, daughter of the late John Gannaway and Mrs. Rex Tarpley Gannaway of Unionville. . Sister Mrs. Ada Hyde, Brother Browning Williams. 4 daughters not named.
Williams, Judith Ann (Miss),,16d,Jun 27, ,1940,pg 4,Parents; Issac and Mablel Wade Williams. Buried New Herman Cemt. Grandparent Mrs. Roy Wade
Williams, William Joseph,,64,May 30, ,1940,pg 3,Buried in Round Hill Cemt in Marshall County. Wife Mrs. Beulah Williams. 2 daughters; Mrs. Henry Coldwell of Farmington, Mrs. J.W. Mooningham of Shelbyville. 5 sons; Leonard of Normandy, Louis of Decherd, Lloyd of Norfolk of Va, Luther and Leldon of Shelbyville. 3 brothers; Tom, Wess and E.C. Wiliams of Hartsell, Ala.
Williams, W. D.,,81,Jan 11, ,1940,pg 1,Died in Union City. Buried Eastview Cemt. Wife; not named. Sons; Dixon Williams and J.T. Williams. Daughter; Mrs. Ottie Mae Lapointe of Alexander LA; 3 half brothers; Joe Robinson, Charles Robinson and Harvey Robinson all of Shelbyville.
Williams, Nora (Mrs),Whitset,,Oct 10, ,1940,pg 7,Husband Ollie Williams. Daughters; Mrs. Sadie Phifer of Pleasant Grove, Mrs Bessie Arnold, Mrs Mattie Powell and Mrs. Gladys McCarty of Bell Buckle, Mrs Bonnie Grubbs of Wartrace, Mrs. Ruby Darnell of East Chicago Ind. 4 sons; Hulbert and Joe Williams of Farmington, Clarence Williams of Shelbyville and Russell Wiliams of Bell Buckle. Sisters; Mrs. Lutie Massey of Petersburg, Mrs .Etta Petty of Luna. Brother; Luther Whitsett of Farmington.
Wiser, Walter,,64,Mar 28, ,1940,pg 4,Buried Fair Hill in Coffee County. Wife, 8 daughters, 6 sons - not named. Out of 14 children four sets of twins.
Womack, Luther E.,,59,May 23, ,1940,[g 3,Mother; Mrs. T.M. Womack who survives. Wife not named. Sister; Mrs. Eustace Williams. Buried Willow Mt.
Womble, Ethel,Pierce,61,Jan 11, ,1940,pg 6,Widow of John Everett Womble. Buried in New Herman Cemt. 3 sons; Roy Womble of Flat Creek, Charles Womble of Petersburg. Everett Womble of Centerville. 3 daughters; Mrs. Mattie Newsom of Shelbyville, Mrs. Fannie Reed of Himesville, Mrs. Lee Wise of Pulaski. 3 brothers; Arthur Pierce and Ross Pierce both of Singleton and George Pierce of Flat Creek. 3 sisters; Mrs. Alma Raiderof Nashville, Mrs. J.W. Edwards of Elk City Okla, Mrs. Betty Bledsoe of New Herman and 24 grandchildren.
Woodard, Effie ,Hart,34,Feb 15, ,1940,pg 8,Husband P.B. Woodard of Moore county. Buried Mt. Herman Cemt. Parent; Mr and Mrs. Will Hart.
Woods, Thomas Harry,,73,Oct 24, ,1940,pg 3,Prominent physician of Bell Buckle. 1st wife Miss Jenny Murphey. 2nd wife; Mrs. Ruby McQuiddy Taylor. Mayor of Bell Buckle at one time. Father in law Elder W.B. McQuiddy. Step-son; Amos T. Taylor of St. Petersburg Fla. grandson; Tommy Woods Taylor. Buried in Hazel Cemt.
Woodward, Rebecca,Palmer,60,Aug 22, ,1940,pg 2,Husband; G.R. Woodard of Palmetto in Marshall County. Buried Temple Cemt. Daughter; Rebecca Ellen Woodward. 4 sons; R.E. Woodward, Jess Woodward and Ford Woodward of Palmetto and Gerge Woodward of Dennison TX. 3 brothers; Claibe and Jim Palmer of Farmington and Joe Palmer of Shelbyville.
Woosley, Samuel G.,,53,Jul 4, ,1940,pg 1,Killed in Auto accident. Lived in Nashville. Buried in Willow Mt. Brother; the late H.L. Woosley of Shelbyville. Wife; Mrs. Pearl Shearin Woosley. Brother K.H. Woosley of Atlanta.
Woosley, Walter,,,Jan 18, ,1940,pg 3,Card of Thanks. Mrs. Walter Woosley.
Wortham, Sam,,65,Mar 28, ,1940,pg 2,Wife Mrs. Edna Wortham. Daughter; Mrs Horace Molder, Sister; Mrs. Sam Locke of Columbia. Brother; Tom Wortham.
Young, Alice (Mrs),,,Jun 20, ,1940,pg 2,Richmond news. Buried in Old Orchard Cemt. beside her husband who died 18 years ago. No biological children. Raised Carson Foster.
Young, Emma,,64,Jan 18, ,1940,pg 3,Widow of Robert Young. Son; Kames Young of Wheell and Robert Young of Nashville. 1 daughter; Mrs. Alta Cook of Mt. Lebanon. Brother; Thomas Haynes Unionville, 1/2 brother; George Earnhart of Nashville. 3 half sisters; Mrs. Mary Adcok of Longview, Mrs. Hatty Blanton of Union Hill and Mrs. Maggie Rowland of Haskins Chapel.
Young, Mary ,Snell,67,Mar 14, ,1940,pg 1,Parents; James T. and Sarah Averitt Snell. Husband; Ernest Young. Daughter; Sarah Young. 3 sons; Leonard Young of Atlanta Ga, Forrest and Herbert Young of Murfreesboro. 1 Brother; Tom Snell of Nashville.
Young,E mma,,,Feb 8, ,1940,pg 8,Mt. Lebanon news. Daughter; Mrs. G.R. Cook. 2 sons; James Young of Sims Spring and R.W. Young of Nashville.

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