Transcribed obituaries from the Shelbyville Gazette, 1945

last update 29 June 2008
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Shelbyville Gazette - Dec 13, 1945 - page 6
Funeral Services For Billie Ray Ghee

Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon for Billie Ray Ghee, 5 at Rover Methodist Church, the pastor, Rev. Culver and Rev. R. S. Qualls of Lebanon officiating. Burial was in the family cemetery at Holt's Corner.

Billie took sick Sunday afternoon and was carried Sunday night to the hospital at Lewisburg Monday morning he was operated on for appendicitis, dying Tuesday evening at 6 o'clock.

He is survived by parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ghee; grandparents, Mr and Mrs. W. O. Davis, Mr. And Mrs. Will Ghee and great-grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Wills Davis and Mrs. Eliza Lamb.