Link Phillips Cemetery

Link Phillips Cemetery

The following tombstone listings were previously published on Bonnie Phillips’ website and are being republished by permission.   The photographs that were published with the listings are no longer available.

Information provided by Adam and Bonnie Phillips

LOUIS BYRGE-May 11 1927-December 16 2001
son of Calloway Byrge and Emily Arthur

MARTHA IPOX BYRGE-April 12 1947-December 28 1995
daughter of John Ipox and Lona Jane Byrge

MARIVIC ABAGA NOLAN-March 28 1960-March 10 2002
daughter of Tomasa Fontillas Abaga

EDWIN “ED” JOSEPH NOLAN-November 13 1957-March 10 2002
son of Edwin Nolan and Bertha Martin

daughter of Lincoln “Link” Phillips and Polly Patterson

WALKER EDWARD PHILLIPS-November 8 1917-March 21 1994
son of Mark Phillips and Annie Daugherty

LINCOLN “LINK” PHILLIPS-May 28 1862-April 23 1927
son of Moses Phillips and Susanna Ward

POLLY ANN PATTERSON PHILLIPS-August 4 1852-February 2 1932
daughter of Nancy Jane Patterson

OWEN PHILLIPS-about 1919-1928
son of Benjamin Franklin Phillips and Sallie Belle Duncan
(information provided by Barbara Phillips Haumesser)



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