East Fork Cemetery

East Fork Cemetery

Located in Oak Ridge

The following tombstone listings were previously published on Bonnie Phillips’ website and are being republished by permission.   The photographs that were published with the listings are no longer available.

Information provided by Wanda Grubb

ALVINA KINCAID SEIBER-February 26 1823-August 28 1895
daughter of Clingan and Rutha Kincaid

ANNANIS MCKINNEY-March 27 1842-November 6 1920
son of Elisha McKinney and Mary Howard

PHOEBE SEIBER MCKINNEY-September 2 1844-February 15 1921
daughter of John Seiber and Alvina Kincaid

ELIZABETH SEIBER-February 23 1852-October 23 1923
daughter of John Seiber and Alvina Kincaid

son of Annanis McKinney and Phoebe Seiber

JOHN SEIBER-April 28 1816-May 25 1891
son of Samuel Seiber and Isabella Frost

WILLIAM A LOCKETT-June 11 1856-January 13 1885
son of William Lockett and Clariss Liles

ISABELLE COPELAND LOCKETT-June 25 1861-December 2 1940
daughter of William Copeland and Rutha Seiber



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