Cumberland Mountain Baptist Church Cemetery “The Swag”

Cumberland Mountain Baptist Church Cemetery “The Swag”

The following tombstone listings were previously published on Bonnie Phillips’ website and are being republished by permission.   The photographs that were published with the listings are no longer available.

MARGARET ASLINGER-January 25 1941-August 25 1942
daughter of Isaac Aslinger and Bertha Moody

IRENE BEACH-January 10 1923-January 27 1923
daughter of Franklin Beach and Berlena Duncan

EARL BRIDGES-born and died January 22 1941
son of Harvey Bridges and Lula Marlow

JAMES AND RUBY BRIDGES-born and died December 13 1942
children of Harvey Bridges and Lula Marlow

JOHNNY BRIDGES-born and died February 29 1929
son of Harvey Bridges and Lula Marlow

MILDRED BRIDGES-November 5 1941-November 11 1941
daughter of Harvey Bridges and Lula Marlow

ZEHEDEE CARROLL-December 9 1873-September 1897

MAUDIE DUNCAN-February 16 1900-September 16 1901

WILLIAM DUNCAN-November 9 1867-February 21 1936
son of Martha Duncan

ELIZABETH TACKETT HAWKINS-October 26 1902-March 3 1985
daughter of Michael Tackett and Vina Wilson

LEVI HAWKINS-February 15 1896-January 23 1979
son of Columbus Hawkins and Cynthia “Granny” Massengale

MAUPIN HILL-May 20 1851-July 25 1928

ELSIE PATTERSON KENNEDY-March 18 1897-May 26 1916
daughter of John Patterson and Mary Daugherty

EMMALINE “EMILY” PHILLIPS KENNEDY-August 20 1848-November 22 1914
daughter of Moses Phillips and Susannah Ward

JOHN KENNEDY-September 14 1908-June 27 1916
son of Sterling Kennedy and Effie Patterson

MARTIN KENNEDY-January 22 1845-January 1 1923
son of Martin Kennedy and Rachel Ward

MITCHELL KENNEDY-January 7 1905-January 14 1905

EDNA MARLOW-February 28 1934-April 18 1934 d
aughter of Otis Marlow and Gladys Grimes

OTIS MARLOW-November 17 1913-January 25 1946
son of William Marlow and Susan Ward

WILLIAM MARLOW-March 26 1856-July 23 1928
son of Thomas Marlow and Peggy Wilson

SUSANNA “SUSIE” KENNEDY PATTERSON-February 25 1867-April 17 1945
daughter of Martin Kennedy and Emmaline Phillips

THOMAS PATTERSON-January 1 1860-October 12 1918
son of Matthew Patterson and Icifanya “Icie” McGhee

HOWARD REYNOLDS-May 18 1871-February 27 1941

NANCY DAUGHERTY REYNOLDS-November 30 1883-April 22 1970
daughter of Silas Daugherty and Martha Bunch

LAURA TACKETT DAUGHERTY-June 12 1909-May 15 1928
daughter of John Tackett and Emily Marlow

PATRICIA ANN VOWELL-August 8 1940-October 2 1941
daughter of Clyde Vowell and Jeanette Bolton

TERRY VOWELL-August 20 1948-January 1949 son of Clyde Vowell and Jeanette Bolton

SUSAN WARD -October 21 1875-April 4 1937
daughter of Eli Loveday Ward and Louisa Tucker

HOWARD WILSON-January 2 1910-February 2 1910

ABRAHAM WILSON-November 29 1865-November 29 1937

MARTHA BULLOCK WILSON-September 16 1865-August 2 1951
daughter of Francis Bullock and Amelia “Millie” Wallace

CORA WILSON HATMAKER-January 8 1908-October 14 1926
daughter of Henry Wilson and Ardelia Phillips

MARY LEE BRATCHER-October 21 1943-October 24 1943
daughter of Ernest Bratcher and Bertha Hawkins

RONALD LEE BRATCHER-July 21 1944-July 30 1944
son of Ernest Bratcher and Bertha Hawkins

BELL WILSON-1895-1909

ETHEL MARLOW-born and died March 31 1938
daughter of Starl Marlow and Martha Brown


DELBERT MARLOW-born and died in 1941


HASKEL BOLTEN-born and died 1918

HUGH DAUGHERTY-born and died 1918

MARY V MARLOW-born and died 1933

RUTH BOLTON-born and died 1919

JAMES MOODY-1875-1925
son of James Moody and Mary Roysden

LARRY JOE SEIBER-1948-September 2 2004
son of Joseph Seiber and Martha Wilson

There are also a set of twins that are known to be buried here, Geraldine and Joyce “Jarsey” Phillips. While they have no stone presently we are aware of their resting place.

Geraldine and Joyce “Jarsey” Phillips were born 3 April 1941 and died 14 April 1941. Cause of death undetermined, 7 month pregnancy. They were daughters of Flem Phillips (1907-1959) and wife Dora Wilson Phillips (1907-1997).   Source: Tennessee Death Records, 1908-1959.  The parents, Flem & Dora are buried in Norris Memorial Gardens, Anderson County, Tennessee.  Updated information provided by Mildred Phillips Treadway.

There were several funeral home markers that were unreadable in this cemetery.



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