Boomer Jim Phillips Cemetery

Boomer Jim Phillips Cemetery

Located on Red Oak Mountain near Red Oak Gap Church.

The following tombstone listings were previously published on Bonnie Phillips’ website and are being republished by permission.   The photographs that were published with the listings are no longer available.

HARRISON PHILLIPS-April 17 1883-June 16 1964
son of James “Jim” Phillips and Talitha Jones

JAMES “BOOMER JIM” PHILLIPS-1854-March 21 1911
son of Moses Phillips and Susannah Ward

MARTHA CARROLL PHILLIPS-April 28 1898-February 11 1955
daughter of Byrd Carroll and Elizabeth Byrge

TALITHA JANE JONES PHILLIPS-May 26 1860-July 17 1936
daughter of Cleveland Jones and Jemima Worley

One tombstone is unreadable, but since there is just one we thought we would include it so maybe someone would know of who it was.  This cemetery requires a four wheel drive to get to pretty much.

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