Bible record of Tobias Peters

Family Bible records of Tobias Peters family:

This family bible data is from the collection of Nada Pendergraft.  Nada left “3000 pounds” of documents to her son Robert.  This information came to me from Beckie McElhaney who in turn received it from Robert Pendergraft.

I have tried to spell things exactly as they were in the Loretta B. Bingham transcription.  For example, the given name of the wife of James Peters was sometimes spelled “Rachel” in the family bible, and sometimes “Rachal”.  I followed these spelling variations very closely, but I did not indicate the variant spellings with sic.

Tobias C. Peters was the son of James Peters and Rachel McCart, and the grandson of Tobias Peters Sr. and Elizabeth Rachel Scarborough.  Tobias Peters Sr. and Henry Peters Sr. were the founders of the Peters family in Anderson County, Tennessee.  They moved from Greenbrier County, Virginia (now Monroe County, West Virginia) to Tennessee with the Scarbroughs in 1797.  I am descended from Henry Peters Sr. but not from Tobias Peters Sr.  Henry and Tobias were surely related and were possibly brothers, but exactly how they might have been related has never been proven.

PETERS records, copied by Loretta B. Bingham, from a Bible now in the possession of Hershal Peters, Battle Creek, Mich., a great-grandson of James and Rachel (McCart) Peters.   Some of this family lived in Missouri.   The Bible was printed in New York in 1854 by the American Bible Society and also states this Bible belongs to Tobias Peters.

James Peters and Rachal McCart was mar. 6-6-1882;

Tobias Peters and Mary Jane Wright was mar. 6-24-1869;

James Peters was b. 8-25-1798; Rachal was b. 1-17-1805.

The children of James and Rachel Peters:  Elizabeth, b.7-6-1823;  Rebecca, b.5-10-1825; Rutherford, b.11-14-1826;  Hannah, b.2-18-1828; Robert, b. 9-21-1829; Timothy C. b.12-1-1831;  Martha, b. 6-22-1833; Tobias, b. 5-27-1835; Teretha C. b.6-15-1837; Henry F., b. 9-13-1839; Telitha A., b. 11-11-1841; Adam Clark, b.11-6-1843; Millie Ann, b. 9-9-1846.

DEATHS:  Robert, 10-1-1868; Rebecca Davidson, 10-30-1869; Rutherford, 12-12-1873; James, 2-8-1874.

The record of the last four children of Tobias and Mary Jane (Wright) Peters:

7. William Asbury, b.10-3-1882;

8. Timothy Victor Hugo, m. 5-12-1885;

9. Clark Edmonson Wright, 2-24-1888;

10. Deborah May, 4-14-1890.

End of Bible records.

Following are family records:

the first 1870 (Hershal Peters’ father);

2. Absolom Barton Peters, b. 7-31-1871, d. 7-15-1923;

3. Annis Peters;

4. Robert Peters;

5. Ruhu Peters;

6. James Peters, b. 3-15-1875, d. age 21

From the obituary of Rachel (McCart) Peters:  she was the daughter of Hannah and Robert McCart of Morgan County, Tennessee.  James and Rachel lived near the Fentress and Morgan County, Tennessee lines.

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