Anderson County News – 1912

Following are several miscellaneous articles from various early issues of the Anderson County News printed in 1912.

From March 16, 1912:

Paying Warrants.  Trustee Taylor has funds on hand to pay school warrants to registered No. 359.  He does not expect to cancel many warrants until July.

Submits to Sentence.  Wm. Cross who was given three years in the penitentiary last Friday for murder, withdrew his appeal Thursday afternoon and will submit to the sentence imposed.

Democrats to Meet.  Chairman Beasley has called the Anderson County democrats to meet in convention here next Saturday March 28, at one o’clock.  Matters of interest to the party will be discussed and a large delegation is expected to attend.

Spring Opening.  Lewallen, Miller & Company will have their Spring Model and Millinery Opening next Thursday, March 21.  They are showing some pretty designs in ladies’ headgear this spring and Miss Hardin has arranged some pleasant surprises in her department for opening week.  The Bischof garments are of neat and attractive design as usual.

Three Years in Pen.  Frank Carter, a negro living near Powells, was given three years in the pen by the Knox county criminal court this week, for obstructing the Southern Railway tracks by tying horses to the track.  The company paid the claim for the first animal killed, but when the second claim was presented, they investigated the matter and had him convicted.

Reward Offered.  The bondsmen of W. S. Smith, former trustee of Fentress county, have offered $1,000 cash for his capture.  Smith left his home in Jamestown several months ago and was short several thousand dollars in his accounts.  He had served ten years in the offices of sheriff and trustee and was very popular in the county.  His bondsmen were Fentress county citizens and they had to make good his shortage.

Curfew Law.  Some of the parents have called Mayor Hall’s attention to enforcing the Curfew law.  The ordinance imposes a fine of $25.00 on all persons on the streets or places other than their premises between the hours of 10 p. m. and 4:30 a. m. unless a good and sufficient reason can be given the officers for such violation.  Several boys and young men of the town have been violating the ordinance and the city council will take steps to have it strictly enforced.

Building Season.  Several new houses are slated for early erection, among the list a new local depot.  H. C. Slover will remodel the Dr. Rees property; C. M. Watts will finish improvements on his dwelling on Depot Square; S. M. Hendrickson is building a neat cottage in North Clinton; E. C. Cross is improving his residence property on Washington Avenue.  A number of new residence are contemplated for early erection and there will be something doing in the building line here during the dry summer season.

Civic Federation Club.  Some of the ladies of Clinton are very much interested in organizing a civic club to beautify and keep the streets of the town clean in a general way.  Nearly every town in East Tennessee has a club looking after such matters and there is no good reason why the ladies of Clinton shouldn’t get together and do something [in the] spirit for public health and improvement.

Lanier Exercises Postponed.  The Lanier Literary Society of the Clinton High School, on account of rain, postponed their exercises at the Auditorium Thursday night till next Monday night, March 18th, at which time the program will be put on, if not rainy weather.  The Society, which is composed of sixth and eighth grade pupils, have arranged their exercises with much care and rehearsal and they feel it would be an injustice to present the program under disagreeable weather conditions, as they expect a good audience.

Transfer Books.  The Teachers Library composed of several hundred volumes have [sic] been transferred from the court house to the Clinton Library rooms on [the] third floor of the postoffice [sic] building and as soon as the books can be arranged the library will be open to the public.  By combining the two libraries the public will have advantage of a large variety of choice literature and new books will be added by subscription funds and donations, from time to time, making one of the best libraries of this section.

Local Notes.  …Sheriff Smith will take to Nashville this week Grover Knott who will be placed in the reform school for killing his cousin, McKinley Gadson, in the Fourth district.  The boys were cousins and pupils of the colored school where they had a quarrel.  They met in the public road a few days later and the Gadson boy was fatally stabbed in a fight.

Tilda Cates, a white woman, will be taken to Petros this week to serve a year in prison for stealing chickens at Oliver Springs.  The Whitaker boy who was also convicted of the same offense will be sent to the reform school at Nashville.

About thirty-five rafts were received here this week for the Knoxville Furniture Company.  They now have timber enough on hand to keep the mill running through next October and more logs are to come on next tide.  They employ sixty people and their weekly pay roll means a big thing to the local trade.

The Southern Railway officials say they will assist the Boys Corn Clubs in every way possible in promoting the success of the clubs.  Prof. Duggins has received an encouraging letter from Col Thaxton of the industrial department regarding the boys organization in Anderson county.

…Announcement has been made of the approaching marriage of Dr. P. P. Claxton and Miss Mary Johnson of Nashville.

The Knights of Pythias will meet in regular session Monday night, March 18.  Several members will go to Clairfield Saturday night the 23rd, to witness the installation of a new lodge.

The Commercial Club directors met last Friday in the library room and endorsed Prof. Duggins’ plan to secure the East Tennessee State Normal  for Clinton this summer.  A guarantee expense fund was also subscribed.

J. B. Huff shot and killed A. J. Hixson at Wolf Creek Monday, following a dispute over some land.

…To encourage the Boys Corn Clubs of the Second district Congressman Austin has offered the following prizes:  For best ear of corn $50, second best $25, third $15 and fourth $10.

Sheriff Smith has sixteen prisoners in jail, but three will be sent to penal institutions this week.  He will have a dozen boarders to keep this summer and the squad will be given a chance to trim their muscles on the public roads.

…George Golden, a Southern Railway trackman, had his toe badly mashed this week by one of the men while driving a spike.

T. S. Kincaid has been very ill this week with partial paralysis in the arm.  He was reported much better yesterday…

A Pleasant Surprise.  On last Friday evening several young people of Clinton gave Misses Bessie and Lela Stokes a surprise party.  The amusements of the evening were various games and music.  Several solos were rendered.  Everyone enjoyed the evening to a great extent.  Those present were:  Misses Pearl Bowling, Eula Miller, Ruth Argubright, Helen and Margaret Kincaid, Mabel Lewallen, Myrtle Linebaugh, Lela and Bessie Stokes.  Messrs. Ernest Young, Leath Miller, Wayne Coward, Will and Ed Bowling, Sam and Fletcher Ross, Dr. Broyles, Everette Lewallen and Will Stokes.

Teachers Meeting.  Following is the program of Teachers meeting to be held April 6, 1912, at the Clinton High School Auditorium:

10:00 a. m.   Devotional Exercises.

10:15   Lecture.

10:45   How can a teacher most prfitably spend his vacation – J. L. Johnson.

11:00   Chamberlain’s Standards in Education – Prof. A. C. Duggins.

Noon recess.

1:30 p. m.   Reading as a means of culture – Miss Edith Baker.

1:45   Kemp’s History for Graded and District Schools – Prof. Henry Clark.

Notice.  I will be at the court house in Clinton on Saturday, March 30, for the purpose of examining  all persons who wish to be released from working the public roads and paying poll tax.  Joe M. Cox, County Physician.

Advertisement:  Dr. F. W. Browles, Dentist.  Office, Second Floor, Union Bank Bldg., Clinton, Tenn.

Advertisement:  For Sale.  Three room cottage in North Clinton; has water service in yard; electric light line on the street and centrally located.  Easy terms.  See G. L. McAdoo, Clinton, Tenn.

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