Farmer Cemetery


This cemetery is on property across the road from the old homeplace of Hugh and Laura (Bright) Farmer.  Hugh Farmer was the grandson of W. S. and Margaret Ann Farmer.  Hugh Farmer owned the property and sold it to Mr. Rusty York.  Mr. York built a fine home and this cemetery is beside the driveway.  He is deceased, and someone else owns the house now.
There are five graves but only three have names and dates on them.  There is a low concrete wall built around these graves.

My parents found this cemetery in August 1971.

W. S. Farmer
Born: Feb 3, 1830
Died: Sept 9, 1898

Margaret Ann Henderson
Born: Nov 14, 1828
Died: Aug 7, 1901

Abner M. Farmer
Born Oct 24, 1850
Died: Jan 21, 1885


 [Submitted by Brenda Farmer Foster]

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