Will – RUTHERFORD, Julius, dated 1831

Will of Julius Rutherford, 1831:

Name of testator:  Julius RUTHERFORD

Date written:  July 22, 1831

Probate date:  Not noted

Recording date:  Not noted

Testator’s residence:  Anderson County, Tennessee

Executors:  James Melton, wife Rody Reatherford

Legatees:  wife Rody Reatherford; children Isaac, Jacob, Stenham & Robert Reatherford, Rachel Melton, William Reatherford, Joseph Reatherford, Sally Wilson, Michael Reatherford, Nancy Whitton, John Reatherford and Thomas Reatherford

Witnesses:  Isaac Miller, John B. Mitchell

Source:  Anderson County Clerk’s Docket Book, January 1830-January 1842, pp. 54-5.

[Abstracted by Stephanie A. Hill from the microfilm in the Clinton Public Library with no corrections to spelling of names.]

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