Will – GARNER, John, dated 1855

Will of John Garner, 1855:

Name of testator:  John GARNER

Date written:  February 1855 ( no day given)

Testator’s residence:  Anderson County, Tennessee

Executor:  Pleasant H. and Hugh Garner

Legatees:  Pleasant H. Garner, John Garner, Hugh Garner, Joseph B. Garner, Mary Fustan and children, Jane Henderson and her two children, James Brummit, Nancy Childs and children, James Garner’s heirs, Elizabeth Hendrix and children, Catharine Hendrix and heirs, Rebecca Hall and heirs, Rachel Aldridge and heirs, Synthia Fleming’s two children James Cox and Samuel Fleming, Moses Fleming, Hetty Calloway and heirs.

Slaves:  “all my black people”

Witnesses:  Tandy Monday, J. E. Tipton

Recording official:  R. H.Coward, Clerk

Anderson County Will Book 3, January, 1853 – June, 1859, pp. 314-15.

[Abstracted by Stephanie A. Hill with no corrections to spelling names from a photocopy of the microfilm in the genealogy vertical files at the Lake City Library.]

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