The Town Crier, Lake City, December 24, 1956

Editor:  Bill Byrd, P. O. Box 194, Lake City, Tenn, Telephone 3613

Front page has a Christmas message by the Rev. M. W. Bodlien, Pastor of the First Baptist Church, a Christmas message by Paul Talbot and  an article entitled “Folklore.”

2nd page – Roamin’ Aroun’ with Uncle Jake and:

SPORTS TALK by Eugene Weaver

Lakers Edge Norris in Thriller for Sixth Straight Win…Two Home Grown Coaches (Gilbert and Robinson) Boys Battle.  Norris High’s Senators gave Lake City’s unbeaten Lakers their biggest scare of the young cage season Tuesday night as the Lakers slipped by Norris 61-57, in a game that was not decided until the final horn.  The Lakers led by ten points, 14-4, early in the first quarter only to see their lead change to a 19-18 clock at the first rest stop.  Hill, Elliott, and Kelley each got four points and Sammy Watts got two in the second quarter for a total of 14 as to a score of 12 for the Senators to give the Lakers a 32-31 halftime lead.  It was 45 all at the third rest stop, Kennie Padgett garnered five points in the fourth quarter as the Lakers went into a freeze to preserve their four point lead and give them their victory.  Coach Jim Gilbert worked his “B” team to a 66-55 victory with Hicks getting twenty points and Wormsley nineteen.

The Line-ups:  Lakers – Hicks 6, Hill 13, Elliott 13, Kelley 12, Padgett 9.  Subs – Wormsley, Foster, Bennett, Watts 2 and Cox 6.  Senators – Stooksbury 12, Archer 7, Wiggins 4, Hall 8, Phillips 24.  Subs – Lindsay 2.

“Beanpole” wishes you and yours a Merry Christmas.

Jim Smelcher Appreciation Project Completed

Listed below are the names of all those who participated in the Jim Smelcher Appreciation project.  The project was a big success and Dan Flinchem, Chairman, expresses his thanks to everyone.

Dr. R. B. Scott, J. N. Sharp, Paul Martin, Powells 5 & 10, Jack Portwood, 1st National Bank, M. M. Newport, Mrs. W. P. Flinchem, Chester Hicks, Bill Richards, Home Café, Ed Duncan, Knights Florist, Cox Funeral Home, Jiggs Winfrey, Rhea Harrell, Woody Ayres, Rev. Enos Herrin, Jack Brogan, W. R. Ridenour, John Burris, W. J. Lay, Billy Leach, Hobe Hamer, Bill Massengill, Frank Merwin, George Templin, Bill Brown, Esco Harmon, Lloyd Hall, Red Goins, Erby Foust, Community Hdwe., Bill Martin, Harry L. Watts, Thrift Shop, Mrs. Tommy Chambers, Kennith Hill, Harry Mitchell, Babe Cox, Doc Sweet, Charlie Job, Hood Wender, Mr. & Mrs. Ben Wilson, Wayne Pebley, John Bittle, Chris Bittle, Lawrence Luallen, Jim Ed Lawson, Willard Smith, Vic Ford, Ralph Alexander, Rev. M. W. Bodlien, Paul Riddle, Johnny Adkins, Edwards Service Station, Fox Café, Eugene Weaver, Dan Flinchem and The Town Crier.

Longfield Baptist Church to Have Christmas Program Tonight (Christmas Eve)

The Longfield Baptist Church will present their Christmas play on Christmas Eve at 7:30 p.m.  The name of the play is “Stranger in Bethlehem,” directed by Ernestine Cox and music by Cleo Massengill.  Recitations and songs will be given by the Beginners through the Juniors, directed by Miss Gladys Hatmaker.  For the conclusion, there will be a pantomime to “O Zion Haste,” given by seven Intermediate girls.  The public is cordially invited.


Tuesday & Wednesday-Dec. 25 & 26, Continuous Matinee Tues. 2 PM, Marilyn Monroe-Don Murray, “Bus Stop”

Thursday and Friday, Matinee Thursday 2 PM, Richard Widmark-Felicia Farr, “Last Wagon”

Saturday Double Feature, Joel McCrea in “The Virginian” and Lee Gorcey in “Jail Busters”

Monday, Jack Mahoney-Martha Hyer, “Showdown at Abilene”

New Years Eve Midnight Show, Bela Lugosi, “Bride of the Monster”

Tuesday & Wednesday, Jan. 1 & 2, Jeff Chandler-Dorothy Malone, “Pillars of the Sky”

Your Town Crier Reporters…Wanda Seiber, Medford, Margaret Foust, Island Ford, Troy Morgan, Oak Grove, Extend the Seasons Greetings…and will be back next week bringing your Community News.

Page 3 – Advertisements by J. N. Sharp, Jr.; Ford Furniture Co.; Wenders and Lake City Flower Shop


Lake City High School Honor Roll (Second Six Weeks)


Straight A:  Linda Cooper, Mary Lee Perry, Joan Sharp, and Jo Annette Turner

B Average (nothing below a C):  Linda Adams, Jane Alred, Jodie Ayers, Mary Carol Braden, Nine Low Dogley, Susie Diggs, Mary Evelyn Foust, Linda Sue Foust, Carolyn Freeman, Nancy Henson, Marlene King, Lynda McMahan, Anna Lou Massengill, Dorothy Stamps, Sundra Ward, Dwayne Boccia, Jay Chambers, James Hollis, Mack Maples, Ronnie Sharp


Straight A:  Tommy Smith and Lucille Taylor

B Average (nothing below a C):  Jerry Adkins, Donnie Bratcher, Paul Crowley, James Daniels, Oscar Hicks, Jerry Disney, Paul Jackson, William Layne, Darrel Leinart, Ivan Mozingo, Douglas Padgett, Lynn Parks, Donald Perkey, Ernest Phillips, Glen Roberts, Ralph Wormsley, Sue Braden, Shirley Cox, Patsy Elliott, Eva Mae Foust, Joyce Foust, Phyllis Foust, Patricia Goodman, Peggy Henson, Janice Hill, Nancy Jarmon, Gladys Jobe, Wanda Leach, Phyllis Martin, Mary Lou Miller, Brima Owens, Carole Pebley, Nancy Faye Sharp, Bobby Shultz, Myra Turner


Straight A:  Annette Hatmaker and Carolyn McGhee

B Avergae (nothing below a C):  Rose Etta Brogan, Shirley Foust, Carolyn Jennings, Nora Ann Massengill, Judy Miller, Bobbie Jo Richardson, Eddie Brogan, “Jakie” Cox, Benny Kesterson, Robert Maples, Kenny Padgett, Betty Pace


Straight A:  Juanita Maples, Anna Lou Smith and John Wray

B Average (nothing below a C):  Joan Albright, Pauline Disney, Emma Sue Seiber, Anna Sue Sharpe, Wilma Sharpe, Mildred Smith, Pat Snodderly, Bobbie Jean Turner, Bill David Ayres, Harold Chambers, Wallace Foust, Bradley Johnson, C. L. Morgan, Homer Sharpe

Mrs. Bean’s Bible Class by Phyllis Duncan

The Bible Club which is made up of the members of Mrs. Bean’s Bible Class, met on October 9, 1956.  For the program, three stories were told of how people had overcome handicaps and remained happy.  For a project we bought shoes, socks, and a sweater for a needy girl.

Mrs. Hendren’s Bible Class by Wilma Sharpe

The officers of Miss Hendren’s Bible Club are as follows:  President–Robert Maples, Vice-President–Lula Carden, Secretary-Rozena Foust, Reporter-Wilma Sharpe, Program Committee-Linda Young, Shelby Martin, Micky Pebley, and Eddie Brogan.  The Club has been helping needy families by giving them food baskets.  It has also sent fruit baskets to the students who have had to go to the hospital.  For the programs the members of the club have discussed the customs of the Jewish holidays and the life of Moses.

Beta Club by Pat Braden

The Beta Club has met three times this year.  We had a talent show to help raise money for our annual trip to Nashville to the State Convention.  We also took money from our treasure to buy clothes for a needy student at school.  Our other project this year has been to give a basket of food to a needy family at Thanksgiving for which each member of the Club contributed 25 cents.  We hope to have a bake sale next spring to help with the cost of our trip.

Senior Class

The 1957 Senior Class has elected its Superlative Seniors to be placed in the annual, but the electives are being kept secret until the distribution of the “Blue and White” in the spring.  The staff has already collected more advertisements than any previous year.  These receipts, along with the magazine and Christmas card sales, are to finance our trip to Washington, D.C., scheduled for April 29.  We wish to express our appreciation to the towns-people and businesses of the surrounding area for co-operating with us by placing ads and giving their full support to our school.

Sophomore Class by Phyllis Martin

The Sophomore Class has had two meetings.  The first one was to elect officers and the second was to nominate a football queen.  We were very proud that our candidate, Sandra Hatmaker, was elected football queen for 1956.  Sandy is also president of our class.

Spanish Club by Kenneth Kesterson

The Spanish Club, sponsored by Miss Ida Gamble, has had one club meeting which consisted of a quiz program.  They were also responsible for the chapel program during the month of November.  Those members participating in the program are as follows:  Announcer-Donnie Perkey, Devotional-Wilma Collins, Piano Solo-C. L. Morgan, Tap Dance-Carolyn McGhee, Duet-Betty Pace & Pat Duncan, Reading-Mary Chris Raines, Medley of Christmas songs-Bill David Ayers.

Dateline:  Lake City

The newly opened vocational woodworking class at Lake City High School has formed a Trade and Industrial Club that is to be affiliated with the State and National T&I Clubs.  Club officials were recently elected.  They are as follows:  President-Harold Chambers, Vice-President-Paul Elliott, Secretary-Bob Massengill, Treasurers-Charles Braden and Jakie Cox, Sgt. at Arms-Bruce Harmon, Roger Morgan & Morris Braden, Reporters-Bobby Raines & Herbert Carden.  The club has voted to hold folk parties to finance individual projects and provide recreation for high school students for the county area.  These parties will include folk games, weiner roasts, Christmas parties, etc.  Mr. Gooch, club advisor, and other teachers from the LCHS will supervise the club and its activities.

The Town Crier, Lake City, Tennessee, Vol. I, No. 26, December 24, 1956

[Original owned and transcribed by Stephanie A. Hill with no corrections to spelling.]

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