Obituary – Daugherty, Clive

Sheriff Daugherty Killed In Raid

Gun Blazes As Officers Surprise Three

Cleve Daugherty, 38, sheriff of Anderson county for the last five years, was shot and killed at Piney, a small community near Knox coun…ty line about 8:30 Wednesday night as he and five deputies attempted to halt three men they belived to be transporting whiskey.A charge from 12 gauge shot-gun fired at close range struck Daugherty in the side and back of the neck.He was dead when deputies reached him.Richard Rose, 25 was arrested after he was felled by a blow on the head by Deputy Sheriff J. W. Butcher. He is held in jail here with bond.Together with Fred Williams who was captured early Thursday morning at his home in the Cooper Ridge section.Officers are seeking his 17 year old Jesse Williams in a warrant chargeing murder.Shortly after officers returned here with Daugherty body a large armed posse led ? Coroner W.R. Hicks returned to the scence and began searching the hills near Piney.Blood hounds were bought from Knoxville ?? in the search.Daugherty had recived a “tip” that 25 half gallon jars of whisky were to be delivered in the road at Piney Wednesday night.He took five deputies and went to the designated place, having the deputies form a circle on each side of the road .As three men came up with sack across their shoulder the sheriff jumped from hiding telling the men they were under arrest.He grabbed the one in the front and scuffled with the man a shot was fired just behind them.It killed Daugherty.

Deputies Butcher and ??? young Williams was the one fired the fatal shot, and said his father was with whom Daugherty was scuffling with.The three sacks, dropped by the men as the gun battle beagn, where brought to the jail here.The 15 jars of whiskey five in each .

Daugherty is survived by his widow, one daughter, Inez, three sons, Clarence, Jack and J.C., mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. ? Daugherty of Petros.Funeral services wil be Saturday morning at 10 o’clock at the First Baptist church, Rev. R. L. Smith and E.L. Wilson conducted the services.Burial Sunset cemetery.

Anderson County News July 1933

[Transcribed by Susie Bullock]

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