Little Leaf Church

Little Leaf Church

This is one of many historical articles on Anderson County and her people.

Clinton Courier News
Nov. 12, 1981.

County Historian

Now occupies third site

Little Leaf Baptist Church was organized in 1890

Members of Little Leaf Baptist Church, located at 228 East Tri-County Blvd. in Oliver Springs, are very interested in its history. Work had been done on this by Mamie L. Harper, church member-historian, and Snyder Roberts, area historian. The congregation would like to have other information, if available, and would appreciate help from any source.

It has been learned from information of Aunt Sally Gallaher that the church had its beginning in the Sulphur Springs area in 1890, with Brother Jim Staples as one of the leaders.

It later was reorganized under the guidance of the Rev. Mack Reynolds and a building erected on Reed’s Hill. This building burned; however the foundation remains.

The church was rebuilt at the present site under the leadership of the Rev. Grisson from Chattanooga, followed by the Rev. Golington. A reorganization took place in 1910 with the Rev. W.J. Peak as pastor, followed by the Rev. Swan.

A plaque is built into the outside wall of the present church with the following inscription:

Little Leaf Baptist Church
May 15, 1910
Rev. W.J. Peak, Pastor

The church, erected in 1910, was the attractive frame structure shown in the accompanying picture.

The charter members of the 1910 reorganization were Sam Cross, Adeline Crozier, Henry Crozier, Jack Crozier, Rosie Crozier, Margaret Curd, Emery Davenport, the Rev. Lee Davenport, Lucy Felkner, Roxie Gallimore, Mary Hall, Celia Hudson, Fannie Knaff, James Knaff, Jane Knaff, Liza Knaff, Ella Lynch, Will McKamey, Sara Shavers, Ann Staples, Granville Staples, Jenny Staples, Mary Staples, Tilda Staples and Will Willibay.

Pastors serving the Little Leaf church through the years include the following (given names are not known on some):The Revs. Mack Reynolds, Grisson, Golington, W.J. Peak, Swan, Fain, Ponds, J.W. Kyle, Clofton, H.H. McClain, J.C. Woods, Alonzo Sims, H.Y. Jackson, Macco Roddy and Charles Willis.

The beautiful brick structure now occupied by the Little Leaf church was completed in October 1964. The pastor at that time was Roddy. Deacons were W.G. Griffin, chairman; E. Martin, secretary; I.L. Cross, treasurer; C.C. Fritts, R. Henry, W.J. Hopper, U. Montgomery and W.W. Stallings.

Trustees were C. Lide, chairman; R. Eskridge; T.J. Galbraith; F. Hall; B.H. Hopper’ M. Harper, clerk; and W.J. Hopper, treasurer.

The pastor and members are now making plans for the 91st anniversary of Little Leaf Church to be held May 1, 1982. The Rev. C.F. Fugua is current pastor.

Many special days are observed. Sunday, Sept. 20, was the annual Women’s Day program with morning and afternoon services and covered dish noon meal. Speakers were Sister Laquata Foley and Sister Louise Warmsley, with special music by St. Mary’s Choir from Harriman and a poem read by Barbara Griffin.

Little Leaf is a growing and energetic church, and any bits of its history which could be contributed would add to its interesting background of nearly a century.

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