Family of Calvin Oskar CHAMBLEE and Lelah Frances WEEMS

Father:  Calvin Oskar Chamblee, born September 27, 1883 in Warrior, Jefferson County, AL; died January 20, 1960 in LaFollette, Campbell County, TN; married 1) on October 14, 1904 in Jasper, Jefferson County, AL, Lelah Frances Weems and 2) on December 12, 1955 Susan Martin; buried in Old Peabody Cemetery, LaFollette, Campbell County, TN.

Father’s father:  Robert Alexander Chamblee

Father’s mother:  Lugenia Catherine Foust

Mother:  Lelah Frances Weems, born June 23, 1886 in Good Springs, Walker County, AL; died December 19, 1953 in Briceville, Anderson County, TN; buried in Circle Cemetery, Briceville.

Mother’s father:  Joseph H. Weems

Mother’s mother:  Mary Ann (Nancy) Key

Children (all by 1st wife Lelah Weems):

Eufalah Chamblee, born July 6, 1905, Kimberly, Jefferson County, AL; married Jesse Wheat; died January 6, 1982.

Orlet Chamblee, born September 4, 1906, Kimberly, Jefferson County, AL; died in infancy.

Verda Chamblee, born February 17, 1908, Kimberly, Jefferson County, AL; married Ismal Pigman; died 1981.

Stephen Chamblee, born April 30, 1910, Kimberly, Jefferson County, AL; married Gladys Hubbard; died February 15, 1936, Coal Creek, Anderson County, TN.

Cora Mae Chamblee, born December 1911, Kimberly, Jefferson County, AL: died November 22, 1913.

Woodrow Weldon Chamblee, born July 26, 1913, Kimberly, Jefferson County, AL; married 1) Virgie Moody, 2) Lorraine Crawford; died October 16, 1982.

Cleo Eugene Chamblee, born April 10, 1916, Kimberly, Jefferson County, AL.

Kay Tee Chamblee, born February 11, 1918, MS; married Robert Russell; died December 10, 1985.

James Roscoe Chamblee, born September 9, 1920; married Louise Disney; died July 10, 1981.

Leo Belton Chamblee, born May 28, 1922; married Juanita Darby.

Joe Alex Chamblee, born February 8, 1925, Glomar, KY; married Edith Rachel Smith.

Billy Arista Chamblee, born June 28, 1927; married Barbara ?; died October 4, 1986.

[Original prepared by Frances Louvenia Chamblee Adkins, 1988.  Transcribed by Stephanie A. Hill from a photocopy in the genealogy vertical files at the Lake City Library.]

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